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  1. Back in the days before pin pointers and the variety of shovels we have today. I used a brass probe and a long screw driver to did up my coins. I did that for years but now I would only do that in a yard or somewhere I couldn’t dig a plug. I love using a shovel in fields but not in populated parks.
  2. Hi, I read what you guys said about checking out signal in the 11 - 14 range. Last weekend was my first time out this year and our club went to a local “hunted out” park. My first coin was a solid 12 and down about 7 inches. Remembering what you guys said I dug it up and sure enough it was buffalo nickel with no date of course. The guy next to me was also using a 800 Enquinox got a solid 13 hit and dug up a V nickel. Thanks to guys I was paying more attention to the 11-14 range. As always that were those darn tips off of the old ring pull tabs to deal with.
  3. Looks awesome and will put it on my wish list. Guess I better get out and starting finding coins to add to my allowance so I can get one of the first ones for sale. ?
  4. Technology be as it may I love my equinox 800, works for me!!!
  5. Wow, Tesoro is gone and now Lost Treasure. It is a sad way to start the new year. I was even lucky enough to have an article posted in Lost Treasure. Sad day for our hobby to lose both of them.
  6. Happy New Year to everyone also,. I agree with schoolofhardNox no matter which machine you use. Enjoy your machine and especially your time detecting. I find researching new machines, reading metal detecting forums or talking with others about detecting to be one of enjoyable part of this hobby. To me this is even more than a hobby, it’s a way of life!!!
  7. Welcome from another Bay Area person, Vallejo. Happy hunting and let me know what area of the Bay you have hunted. If your interested I below to a couple of clubs either metal detecting or hunting for gold. I can send you the information.
  8. Good luck, I agree to use park 1 or 2 to start. My son and I had a chance to hunt an orchard and we used field 1 and or 2 even though we were close to some building. The Equinox’s worked great and had good depth. I agree hunting close to a house or in the yard Park 1 or 2 would be your best bet. Hope to see you found some great finds.
  9. I have to confess I only belong to 2 or 3 forums and only just started reading forums. I started in hopes of finding more hunters in the Tennessee and or Kentucky area around Fort Campbell. Plus I like reading what other have found or advice on metal detector equipment to buy. I am sure that most of the members of our local club don’t belong to.a forum. Which is to bad.
  10. Phrunt your righti I can’t wait to get the new larger coin. I have the smaller coil but the ground is so hard here I am waiting for the first rain so I can go out and use it.
  11. Well the bottom part broke and they sent me the top I told ML I needed the bottom part so they sent it but never asked for the top part back! So I have a whole set as a back and you can never have enough extra parts, ?
  12. I broke the stand part of the cuff. My dealer contact ML and they sent me the cuff, so I contact ML and the second time I got the stand. I took the broken one and expoxed it together and works great. So now I have a back cuff and stand. ML was fast in sending out the replacement part and didn’t ask for the cuff back. Got to admit I like their service and love my NOX 800.
  13. Hi Thanks for the replies. Hunting with my son was a great time and the excitement of finding coins that old was like adding frosting on a cake. The Equinox 800 is a great machine
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