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  1. Thanks Nugget Hunter NZ. I will keep coil away from water from now on.
  2. So does the coil simply stop work with water ingress? I have had mine in water a few times, probably around 20 cm, no obvious problem from water. I do have the issue falsing when knocked but expect this is not water related. Out of warranty unfortunately.
  3. There has been another way for Minelab (Codan) to assist paying for a detector - if you own their shares. They're doing pretty good at the moment, I imagine gold hitting a high in AUD and getting close to highs elsewhere is helping with the detector sales.
  4. Nugget Finder Coil (or Coils?) for the Zed. Asked the question if known when expected, mid year was response. Longer than I hoped, but good to get an indication of time frame. Whether this was accurate info, I have no idea - only providing what I was told.
  5. Advised by Minelab dealership expected mid year. Have no further info on how definite this is, but gives a clue on wait time.
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