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  1. Yep. And I just noticed your GPX 6000 Gold 'running total' on the side panel under your name - nice!
  2. If using a Bluetooth receiver of some description (APTX Low Latency of course) do you then need a booster of some description or will the receiver run a speaker directly? My guess is you need the booster to 'drive' the speaker? Electronics are not my strong point! 🤪 JP - personally do you use a B&Z/speaker arrangement with the 6000 or just plug in wired headphones? The B&Z to give extra volume seems redundant as the 6000 has plenty of volume? OR, as with the GPZ, is there some benefit to running audio controls lower on the 6000 to maintain a stable machine and then boost the
  3. This is the stuff that gets cut and paste to create a whole new 'extra' users manual. My mother bought a 6000 a few weeks ago. She had used a QED for 18 months and not found any gold and ironically we both sold our QED's within days of each other and got our 6000's within days of each other also. She has been out 3 times now for 8 nuggets, 1 nugget and 5 nuggets - all small but all satisfying 🙂 Others in the group using 5000s got very little or nothing on the different days. She was telling me the other day that she does not use the Threshold as she hates listening to it. O
  4. The Elite range are a spiral wound coil. The Commander range are a bundle wound coil. Bundle wound coils will be quieter in hot ground than a spiral wound. So your Commander coils should be quieter even though they may not be as sensitive to small gold as your friend's Elite. The DD coil will be even quieter again but will lose even more sensitivity and depth. It may seem illogical but the coils you already have may give you the edge as they will be quieter. And as you are just beginning it may be easier to just learn with what you have and upgrade when you are conf
  5. To answer this question specifically, I would have thought the 2 coils you already have. The bundle wound elliptical first and if still struggling with hot ground, then use the DD. To go to a spiral wound coil is only going to liven up your already hot ground, yes? Another question though - have you found gold in this ground with the coils you already have? Cheers, NE.
  6. And doing a noise cancel? It is so quick and usually very effective. Did you try the DD?
  7. Teddy Long Legs - such a way with words 😆 I'm very surprised you let that stay up Steve. I'm even more surprised you liked it 🤣
  8. Just home from footy. With the 11” and when turned off in Normal and turned back on again it remains in Normal. Same if you turn it off in Difficult, it stays there when turned back on.
  9. Hope this thread seems like a good idea. One thing I noticed yesterday using the 14" DD. I put it on and set it to Conductive Ground Cancel. At some point I turned off the GPX, had a break and turned it on again. After ?? mins/hours I noticed the GPX was in EMI Cancel mode. I tested this a couple of times. When the GPX 6000 is turned off in Conductive Ground Cancel mode and then back on again it does not remember that it was in CGC mode - it returns to the Default of EMI Cancel mode. Hot tip - check what mode it is in when turning on with the 14" DD attached and set it
  10. Very sad to hear that Norm. I do hope that any potential therapies that are available to you are helpful in managing symptoms and improving quality of life. I'm not sure what Palliative Care services are like in the US but here in Aus it is better to be linked-in well before you think you need them as they can provide lots of assistance, advice, equipment and support for the client and their families. A lot of people are shocked when we bring up Palliative Care so early because they think it means they must not have much time. We have to reassure them that PC isn't all about dea
  11. Thanks for this little bit. Hopefully not needed but handy if it is.
  12. If you haven't read Steve's 'Novel' then do yourself a favour - thanks Steve for taking the time 😉 Spent the day with the 6000. Coil on the ground from about 9.30 until 5 p.m. with a half hour break. Over 2 small areas at different locations that we have totally flogged with GPZ's, a QED, a 5000, an Equinox 800 and a Gold Monster. Areas are probably 5 metres X 15 metres each. Quite a few targets today that just shouldn't be there!! 11 of them lead shot too 🤔 At some stage this morning I had a fleeting thought of disappointment that what I had spent 8K on was not big
  13. Got to spend an hour with mine last evening. Thanks to JP for sending it out so promptly 👍 What do you do with a new detector? Put it in Normal and turn the Sensitivity to 10!! 🤣 Went to a local spot that has been a very small gold spot - one that I have described here when using the GPZ and Monster. Found 1 little piece of quartz that could only be described as having a splash of gold on it. Got tomorrow off so will get out and test properly with more regular settings, undug targets and swapping between settings to see what works best in my ground. Ergonomics
  14. I tried to find this pic a few weeks back when this thread was alive and kicking. It just popped up tonight on Facebook. I have no idea whose it is but the pic has been doing the rounds for a few years now. Bloody nice setup. Especially if, like me, you also like your fishing 😉
  15. " I still say the experts can't get it right with previous technology. JP is finding nuggets with the 6000 on his flogged ground." Perhaps you are forgetting the unknown that we have at the moment - the possibility that there is actually new tech in the 6000. Whether it be in the brains or in the coil. I can only imagine that is the reason that JP is finding gold in severely flogged ground - not because he didn't know how to get the best from a 5000 or a GPZ. But that's just my guess 🙃
  16. I’d have to disagree with the second part of your comment. I’ve found the SDC an absolute beast with regard to handling mineralisation. Better than the GPZ 7000 and QED. I’ve never directly compared it to a 5000. I thought everyone found it ridiculously good in mineralised ground/hot rocks? Small stock coil is certainly a limitation on depth although I thought the timings that it ran also contributed to this? Eric - I hope that within 3 weeks I can provide some feedback to undug gold signals compared with the 7000, 6000, 5000, SDC and Equinox. I’ll have to think about
  17. Really? Who is the guy? Minelab engineer? I thought he looked more like Chuck Norris than Russel Coight 🤔 😉
  18. Get a little 150 watt inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter and take your 240 volt charger with you.
  19. Announced by Miner's Den just a little while ago that it will be in stores late this week or early next. Not sure about other dealers in Oz? Can US dealers announce anything? Getting close now 🥳
  20. I think I have missed that somewhere. Has X-coils changed hands?
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