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  1. A question for the crowd. The coming coil range is very exciting for those that will have an Axiom. And good on Garrett for allowing it. VERY good move in my opinion. Does anyone know (or surmise) if the big coils will suit the timings of the Axiom? I’m guessing they worked well on the GPX 5000 as it was almost infinitely variable with its settings. Be interesting to hear the thoughts of those with some detector/coil/electronic knowledge (which is definitely not me 🤪).
  2. GPX6 is doing just fine on the gold. Equinox 800 is doing just fine on the coins, jewellery at the local haunts but that is only occasionally. Beach a couple of times per year. Waiting for the next gen CTX if it ever happens. Faster separation, better discrim to depth and hopefully a much bigger percentage of ‘I don’t need to dig a hole in this public area because I already know it is a crap target’ 😊 But watching the Manticore and its 2D system with interest.
  3. Not sure if this has been asked, sorry if it has. Will the Equinox coils work on the Manticore? Is that a known yes, an unknown or a known no?
  4. With regard to posting a comment, attaching an image and finding gold - I reckon you’re doing pretty damn good Harvey! 😉 Hope your health improves to allow a lot more prospecting 👍🏻
  5. Not for me. Patiently waiting and hoping for a CTX upgrade. Even the Manticore is not doing it for me but will be interested in how end users find it.
  6. Agree 100% The ridiculous variety of audio options is tying the end user up in knots and I don’t think it is working to keep us buying Minelab products. We are looking at other detector manufacturers or aftermarket products. I found the WM08 to be a great option that allowed the end user to use their own, favourite headphones, earbuds or sports headphones. Why it has not been continued with the GPX6, Eq 700 & 900 and the Manticore I can’t work out. They already had the transmitter and receiver. It wasn’t redundant like BT LL already is. Why not use it 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Others certainly care and have certainly mentioned it but have given up hoping for one 😕 The 6X10 or whatever it is on the Gold Monster would be perfect on the Nox. And they already have the design, the mould, etc. Surely it would be an easy adapt??? Maybe not 🤷‍♂️ Frustrating.
  8. Out of interest Steve, how many of these were you involved with re: testing/development?
  9. That’s harsh. JP doesn’t build them or work on the quality control line. Like Steve H, he can only suggest and advise, it is up to Minelab what the final outcome is.
  10. And I think this is exactly why the majority of us stick around. Thanks for all you have done and hopefully continue to do 🙏 The extra competition can only mean good things for detectorists and the Axiom feels like genuine competition. I am really hoping someone near me buys one and I get to have a play and make some comparisons in my ground. Look forward to seeing more Axiom nugget pictures on here very soon 👍
  11. I see Gerry has already responded. 1 thing to add is that Garrett have 3 DD options straight off the bat. I actually really like the DD on the GPX6 but hate the size/shape. A little 10X6 option would've been a great addition. Hopefully that comes from the aftermarket teams but Garrett have sure made a statement by having 3 mono/3 DD options at release.
  12. Brother in law advised he saw a vid of a bloke warning the same thing. Got a bacterial infection that ate away a lot of his mouth/cheek. Good practice to avoid.
  13. Hi GS, thanks for checking it out more. I did get on their U.S. website and went through to checkout but it then said that it could not be shipped to my location. All good, we have 2 distributors here in Oz and one currently has $300 off as a bit of a deal. Unfortunately I don’t want to purchase right at the moment due to REALLY high river levels. With only a 1 yr warranty I don’t want to buy until I can commence using it 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Hi TTT, Glad to hear it is going well. Just wondering who you purchased through - Detect-Ed or underwater.com.au ? Are you using in salt or fresh mainly? Cheers, N.E.
  15. Just Minelab haters trying to start more BS. In the past few weeks I’ve taken the GPX6 back to a spot I’ve got quite a few specimens before and with a bit of raking got some more. They are tiny. You can see on the one I’ve zoomed in on that there is only a smattering of gold in it but the GPX6 picked it up fine. The audio has made no difference at all to sensitivity, IMO.
  16. Can't see that this has been posted elsewhere. Looks good 👍 https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2022-07/1535800.A.Axiom_manual.pdf
  17. A recent and interesting vid. Even features a DP forum member towards the end... @Gerry in Idaho
  18. That is certainly intriguing. Phrunt has some fairly decent hills in his area. I do too actually but I never go up there with a detector. Perhaps it is just closer to our intergalactic visitors 😂
  19. No WesD, haven't actually and it is a good point. It is one of the reasons that I am so far keeping my 'good coil' even though it has the fine cracks. They are certainly not affecting performance in any way 👍
  20. Blimey, that level of noise on silent threshold is crazy! Never had anything like that here out in the field except right under power lines. And the noise at 2.30 mins on your vid is like if I turned mine on inside my house 😳 I'm glad your speaker issue is fixed but yes, either your detector has some other sort of EMI issue or the EMI in your areas and the USA in general is just next level! Absolutely, a better size coil will make a big difference in the DD functions usability. I like the function on the GPX 6000 but hate the coil size. Garrett obviously worked this out pretty quick to be providing a couple of different DD size options on the Axiom right out of the gate!
  21. Used mine for a decent amount of time last evening with speaker and headphones. To be honest, I don’t think there is any difference between speaker and headphones now. The ‘fix’ certainly hasn’t been an EMI fix as EMI was still an issue at times with a couple of noise cancels required. But, the real nuttiness when using the speaker and tilting the detector on its side seems resolved. Certainly hasn’t affected performance as multiple tiny pieces of lead shot and other crap found. 1 decent, disfigured lead slug (22-250 projectile or something) was found deep in some wet, red gravels. Thought I was onto a nice bit 🙄
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