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  1. I use oziexplorer and have just today finished creating and calibrating a huge number of detailed goldfield maps whilst locked in with covid restrictions. Ive been using the online state geological maps (australia based) which have a lot of data such as old mines, geology ,topography etc. but have used google earth overlays too and that worked well. found it fastest to take a screenshot of GE image or map and , edit the map in ms paint, then calibrate it with Oziexplorer. Its pretty accurate ,but there may be better stuff out there. works well on my android phone n tablet t
  2. No good about the lack of stock for your shop JP, hope that resolves itself soon. Hopefully you keep posting info on your gold hunts and finds here too, when you get the time. There has been much useful info and entertainment in them. Thanks, GC
  3. Codan is releasing their full year results and doing a webcast presentation on august 20th. Perhaps some further gpx6000 info will be included in the preso.
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows custom coil builders for the nox? Thanks
  5. Keep posting JP! love it I shall live vicariously through you while locked down unable to detect in Vic Hope you make a good wage out of it for your crew too cheers
  6. Thanks for taking the time to report on your adventures JP. Great info and the consistency of you finding gold is incredible. Cheers, GC
  7. off topic but love the 4wd rig Reddirtdigger, im very jealous.
  8. anyone used the 14x9 in Oz? im yet to find any gold with it in victoria / australia. I always get it with the std 8inch
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