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  1. Hello to u all Gents... Glad to hear about this new update and progress..my question:- Is this update to deal only with salty and aggressive soils( red clay) or work better also with mild soils... with my regards... Lutfi...
  2. Hello Mr Fred... You are right in all u said and you and Mr Steve gave me hope through giving knowledge and advice's..and through searching web i came across this link ( www.latlog.net) witch can give me instant reply of GPS Coordinates through click and move mouse cursor on location i need ...thanks to u a lot.. Lutfi...
  3. Hello Mr Fred... Thanks lot to u Mr Fred for ur responds and kindness and sorry not to be on line from that time..that what is the help exactly i m looking for and actually i know nothing about that degrees and its scale and if its possible to give an example on my map (red sea) this would help me a lot and sure will read on longitude and latitude.. Helping others will send u back more goodness.. Lutfi...
  4. Hello Mr Steve...( The Man with the Big Heart) Yeah and much thanks to u for ur kindness and careness. my problem i dont know how to analyze the map to use it with my garmin navigator .. i need map to use it with GPS device so not wasting time.. much thanks Lutfi..
  5. Hello to u all.. Im seeking help from u for how can locate gold areas by using satellite or google map in northern and east Sudan bcz its my country and from that areas.. and if u have any updated special map from Sudan or any way of special searching through websites or satellite.. thanks for all help.. Lutfi...
  6. lutfi

    JP On GPZ 19 Compared To GPZ 14 - With Video!

    In brief words MR Steve you learn me what is gold prospecting! realy i mean that..when u said (The settings that JP uses for large gold in his deep red Australia soil simply do not translate to the light gray soil of northern Nevada (for example). The ground is different, the gold itself is different - the settings will be different.) me and my people we spent years and years with zero yield simply bcz we use the others sittings regardless of their soil and gold.. our soil is similar to northern Nevada but not light its dense.. need help.. much thanks to u Steve..
  7. lutfi

    GPZ In Mild Soils To JP

    Hi JP & all Gents... First So much thanks and i do appreciate ur honesty and helpful manner.. you just give me the light ( ur experience ).. one thing didn't understand ( If there is no X signal in the soils you are working then you won't hear the X signal if the X balance is out,) i need to simplified to me). I think this what exactly happen to me( If there is X signal present and the Ferrite Balance is out then the X signal can mask target signals without your even being aware,) VERY VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION:- this would help me a lot JP.. IS this mean that if there is asignal from ( aferrit like material) while moving the coil on the ground that mean the gpz ground balance is out?!!! bcz this happen to me many times during working there is a signal from black stones on the ground!! that mean wasting my time a lot!!! Last what is better GPZ. gold mode setting for the solid nugget in the mild soil if the Gen/ NOR. not ok for solid nugget as u said :-(For instance a 1/2 ounce solid nugget will give a better response in General Difficult than in General Normal) With my regards.. lutfi
  8. Hi to u all Gents... My Qus. to JP and others experts.. What are the optimum conservative setting Pls in numpers .for GPZ in mild soils.usind both 14" and 19" coils.( are there any differences bwt mild & difficult soils ..sens.threth hold..volum ..et ) Very important question is :- the ferrite ring to be use for ground balance only or also when changing gold mode.. Thanks to all..