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  1. Not exactly gold, but needless to say the Gold Monster went crazy! No problem picking it up at 18" deep. 28 lbs. Neal
  2. I bought my GM1000 at the Anchorage Cabela's about this time last year, it was the only one in stock. $799 Always check when your in the store, online inventory is not always correct. Neal
  3. Finally got out with the new Gold Monster at Jack Wade Creek in AK for 3 days over the 4th. Ran it mostly as ML states in the turn on and go default settings. I was surprised with it's ease of use and accuracy. Dug bullets, shell casings, scrap brass, misc. iron and steel junk, 2 penny's and a dime, but no gold. Only ran the large coil and did notice what at times seems to be excessive falsing when bumping large rocks and even at times foliage. The falsing is more of an issue when using headphones. I could live with the falsing but it seems strange to me that ML would produce a detector that would have excessive falsing issues at the default turn on and go setting. Anyway, I plan on using it more and with the small coil before passing judgment on the falsing issue. Also plan on tying the wire to the shaft as recommended by phrunt to see if that helps. Really like the auto ground balance, hot rocks were not a problem. Neal
  4. Nice find Joseph....and you found a gold "J" pendant, how neat is that? Neal
  5. Why would any dealer sell them for less than MAP, when most every dealer has waiting lists and cannot get fast enough from the mfgr.?? Isn't $899 MAP?
  6. I'll wait and buy from a local dealer when they get stock, still a little early here in AK anyway. Was hoping for the Cabela's bucks to help fund my gun addiction.
  7. For Alaska Cabela's customers, got this today. Looks like they're blaming Minelab. We apologize for not being able to get this item to you in AK. Unfortunately this does ship directly from the manufacturer and they choose not to ship it out of the lower 48 states. Sorry for any disappointment this may cause.
  8. I too called in the order, was finally told that if I paid an additional $21.00 for frt. ($922 total) they would ship it to me, that was 8 this am, have yet to receive the promised confirmation email. Will believe it when it arrives. I was ready to threaten to no longer buy any guns from them if they wouldn't place the order!
  9. Cabela's says they can't ship the E800 to Alaska or Hawaii, Li Battery issues. Won't ship to store neither. I'm trying a work around will post if it works.
  10. Looking to order one but none to be found. AMDS locally, no go, Cabela's won't backorder them. Prefer to buy locally, will get on AMDS list, even though they have no idea when they'll get any. Minelab must have realized by now they priced the 800 to looooow, leaving lot's of $$'s on the table. Neal
  11. Just published, free to the public. Geologic Map of Alaska Neal
  12. Can't wait for video's!! Keep up the good work Dale, and gang. Neal
  13. Great Video! Nice to see Sandra detecting and getting the 's too and she's much easier on the eyes than Dale and Tremaine! Thanks guys for all the great videos, keep'em comin'! Neal
  14. Planning a few visits to Chicken and the Jack Wade Creek area again this summer. Taking an ATX, GMT & Dredge/Highbanker. Beautiful country! And I hear the Busby's will have more prospecting options this year. I'm sure I'll see a few GPZ 7000's up there pounding the tailings piles. Neal
  15. Steve you should forward this to Rep. Don Young's office. He was on the radio last week saying how much he dislikes the BLM and EPA in Alaska and how he and the Republican led house and hopefully the Senate are going to do everything in their power to fight these types of changes and to cut BLM & EPA funding when and where ever they can. He says Obama's trying to lock up as much land as possible before leaving office. Aknugget
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