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  1. And in Oz a pressure bandage for snake bite ( and know how to apply it) preferably carry a PLB if out of Cell phone range, I carry a CB to contact my wife and have the Sat phone and EPERB ( out of our boat) back in the vehicle (not handy if I am 2miles out.) Plus GPS and Gaiters etc.
  2. Erik, Make sure you can quickly ditch your detector if the snake wraps around your coil/shaft ( Quick release Bungee clip and wireless Headphone/speaker help)
  3. Re (There will be a lot of people who won't fork out for the 12 inch,) I could be in this Group Re( but probably will for a bigger one, or a 10 inch.) I find very very small gold with the standard coil, What could be the expected benefit with the NF 10 inch or the X Coil 10 Inch other than weight eg faster to find the gold in the dirt after you have dug it out of the hole. ( me, it takes ages for very small gold) Or with a more sensitive smaller coil a faster swing. Or smaller size to get between rocks/bushes ( not a major consideration for myself)
  4. For me it was the ML 4500 had the most success over the years, but still have great memories of the ML3000, ML2100 and the ML GT16000 also great machines in their day, compared to the gold machines memories between/after (Z). Re Coin detectors have had a number of ML units but like OneGuy like the Tesoro Golden Sabre.
  5. Hi Ryan, a friend put up this Youtube Vid, it may help:
  6. Re (What interested me was the orange swing arm on the detector?) Mate has a similar orange DIY swing arm, made out of electrical conduit available in Oz.
  7. Re (My solution & the absolute best pin pointer I’ve ever used is the Gold Monster 1000 with it’s smallest coil and a shorter shaft) In the Good old days of the ML 2000, 2100 and the 2200 I used a ML 1600 with the control box on my belt and a 6inch coil on a small shaft in a hammer holster on my belt as a pin pointer.
  8. In Oz when prospecting we leave our 21’6” Traveller Tandem Caravan in the bush unattended and have an MT600 Plus au GPS Tracker, connected via an RF switch to a 1m mobile phone aerial on top of our Wingard TV aerial. At the time ( maybe 3 years ago) I though that as well as 3G, this unit had the most 4G frequencies available so maybe a bit of future proofing for Oz. I just set the tracker up in the Geo Fence mode so if the Caravan moves more than 100 yards I get and SMS, thought about getting SMS message sent via the Tracker via a movement detector ( any movement outside the door of the van
  9. Hi Chris, Great result. Re (Research, time, and lots of boot miles) Last trip, 2 days leisurely driving to get there ( ditto return), 9 days camping in known gold area, 2 mornings detected/walked for 4 hours into the distant hills for virgin ground with a zero result, so concentrated on known areas for the rest of the trip. In a similar situation a friend looks for new areas in the morning and known areas in the afternoon, me I would probably only do this if I was in the gold fields for a month or more. I think if you are finding gold in a know area on a daily basis you ar
  10. Good Trip mn, well done, don't know about detecting in the moonlight in mid 80's though, in Oz I would be wary of not seeing a Joe Blake ( snake) and standing on it.
  11. Hi Knomad re ( only 1/2 inch long magnets with the hole and plan on stacking them) I can only get magnets with a hole around 1 inch by 1/4 thick in Oz ( Or 1 inch magnet without the mounting Hole) Appreciate your source if possible, otherwise will look at stacking also. Thanks Peter
  12. I realised ML had their own patented Wifi Transmiiters ( in their detectors) and Receivers but did not appreciate that the Wi-Stream Protocol was proprietary as well. As one WiFi 2,4Ghz Transmitter on the market uses a 34 channel frequency hopping transmission to get crystal clear audio. Ml could use different Frequencies, any number of Channel hops with variable timing for there proprietary hand shake. Just a pity there is not an ML option of a WM08 Transmitter.
  13. Hi Am, I realise that a transmitter is built into the Nox, just wondered if someone has come across a Wifi unit that would hand shake with the WM08.
  14. My question is not a substitute for the WM08 , what I would like to do its match it with a non ML Transmitter, is anything available? Background: Wifes 2300 did not come with Bluetooth Headphones like the Nox or a better, the Z's WM12 speaker with Headphone jack. I have set up an ebay Bluetooth Transmitter on the 2300 and a ebay Bluetooth receiver connected to the dealer supplied amplifier carried in her back pack to drive a speaker on her shoulder. The Transmitter and Receiver are the Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR which I understand is faster with less latency that the Bluetooth V4 or V5 but
  15. A bit similar but not club orientated a town in WA Oz has purchased a lease to have tourists get interested in gold detecting and stay longer in their town. Probably the first town in Oz to do this. https://www.farmweekly.com.au/story/6371824/gold-rush-lures-new-prospectors/
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