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  1. Hi Ryan, a friend put up this Youtube Vid, it may help:
  2. Re (What interested me was the orange swing arm on the detector?) Mate has a similar orange DIY swing arm, made out of electrical conduit available in Oz.
  3. Re (My solution & the absolute best pin pointer I’ve ever used is the Gold Monster 1000 with it’s smallest coil and a shorter shaft) In the Good old days of the ML 2000, 2100 and the 2200 I used a ML 1600 with the control box on my belt and a 6inch coil on a small shaft in a hammer holster on my belt as a pin pointer.
  4. Volume Limit on the Z, from the Manual.............. The Volume Limit sets the maximum volume for target signals. When detecting, the sound produced by a target can be very loud. Adjust the Volume Limit to ensure that loud targets do not hurt your ears. The Volume Limit has a range of 1-20, with a preset of 12. And of course a lower Volume Limit will reduce the difference between small and big targets. When using the WM12 and headphones I have the volume limit at 7, reason being I have Tinnitus and do not want sudden loud sound to make it worse. Am wondering does this low settin
  5. Re (It's really easy to get it in and out and you don't even know it's there. ) I'll buy one to try, but I cannot see its easy to find that slot on your back with the end of say a 750mm pick handle. And the Sharp corner edge of the 100mm (4") scraper blade side of the pick rubbing on your back as you walk for x hours. But its worth a try and Thanks Nenad for the info.
  6. In Oz when prospecting we leave our 21’6” Traveller Tandem Caravan in the bush unattended and have an MT600 Plus au GPS Tracker, connected via an RF switch to a 1m mobile phone aerial on top of our Wingard TV aerial. At the time ( maybe 3 years ago) I though that as well as 3G, this unit had the most 4G frequencies available so maybe a bit of future proofing for Oz. I just set the tracker up in the Geo Fence mode so if the Caravan moves more than 100 yards I get and SMS, thought about getting SMS message sent via the Tracker via a movement detector ( any movement outside the door of the van
  7. Re (Or maybe some WM12's are different than others.) My WM12 does not cut out at all, however I detect with the Z on the left and the WM12 is on the right shoulder.
  8. Don't know how I would go, finding the loop ( on my back) to slide the pick handle down, but I suppose practice makes perfect maybe in front of a mirror at home. Carried the pick on my shoulder when I had the 45, now that hand has the hipstick. https://www.bunnings.com.au/toughbuilt-modular-hammer-loop_p5820995
  9. Hi Nenad, Re the Pick Holder, Whats with the loop hanging down, is that a Velcro strap to go around the Pick Handle?
  10. re ( The idea of the wireless module is to be wireless...) Comparing Twin WM12's( Wireless) with Twin Speakers (wired) from an SP01, I understand same signal comes out of both speakers, But Not so with the WM12's , One WM12 operates as the Master the other the slave so the sound in the slave is slightly delayed.
  11. Hi Chris, Great result. Re (Research, time, and lots of boot miles) Last trip, 2 days leisurely driving to get there ( ditto return), 9 days camping in known gold area, 2 mornings detected/walked for 4 hours into the distant hills for virgin ground with a zero result, so concentrated on known areas for the rest of the trip. In a similar situation a friend looks for new areas in the morning and known areas in the afternoon, me I would probably only do this if I was in the gold fields for a month or more. I think if you are finding gold in a know area on a daily basis you ar
  12. My Set up as mentioned above, maybe the speakers could be mounted up higher for better effect, but would need a 90 deg plug into the WM12, ditto SP01 out
  13. My Setup I had 2 additional tabs sewn onto the front Z harness shoulder straps just below the Plastic D rings that the plastic bracket/Bungee cord connects 2. Tryout 1 WM12 on Top RH Tag(Loop) with the SP01 on the other top LH tag(Loop), with the Twin speakers on the lower tags and my CB in a Bum Bag. Tryout 2 WM12 on Top RH Tag with the CB on the other top LH tag, with the Twin speakers on the lower tags and my SP01 in a Bum Bag. Velcro Strips/plastic ties keep cables in position. I detect left handed with the Z and use a long handle pick ( one handed) to dig RH
  14. Good Trip mn, well done, don't know about detecting in the moonlight in mid 80's though, in Oz I would be wary of not seeing a Joe Blake ( snake) and standing on it.
  15. Hi Knomad re ( only 1/2 inch long magnets with the hole and plan on stacking them) I can only get magnets with a hole around 1 inch by 1/4 thick in Oz ( Or 1 inch magnet without the mounting Hole) Appreciate your source if possible, otherwise will look at stacking also. Thanks Peter
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