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  1. Re (Equinox has better discrimination that could be useful in junky nugget areas.) Agree with/without Discrimination (Nox800) in Thrash'ie areas. Depending on the concentration of rubbish I will use either the standard or 6 inch coil. Have found coins and gold in such locations. This detector will complement a future Gold detector, eg 2300,4500,5000, 6000 or 7000 ( I have a 7) Along with your GB2.
  2. I use the Swing Arm and Hip stick when using the standard and NF Z coils, but only use the Hip stick when using the 10 Inch X Coil, its just that much lighter/maneuverable.
  3. Hi Gs5000, Last week went detecting with a friend who wears a similar rig to you in warm weather ( Page2), in his case, Cap, Sunglasses,T shirt, shorts, boots plus gloves and a 6000. I am wary of snakes when detecting, this area was uneven ground(hills/gullies) with low scrub and trees. Me, Cap with lower wrap around sun shield material that Velcros under my nose with Sunglasses (you cannot see my face), Long sleeve shirt, gloves, jeans, gaiters and boots and a 7000 and Harness.( would probably give a young child a fright if they saw me detecting) He, a lot more experienced bushman than myself. Me, Have a sun cancer check every 6 months with burn offs. And the days effort, Lead shot of various sizes and rubbish. All the best out there.
  4. Great setup Gs5000, also great country to detect in. I have a Shower/Toilet Tent mounted on the side of our Landcruiser for when my wife goes bush with me ( plus Portaloo etc)
  5. $3500 for a 40 hr week, that will be hard to stop. But why do the need to use Mercury, for loose gold in a river bed?
  6. Its a concern, next year will be our first year in umpteen that we don't have a Backup detector ( previously a ML4500 for the last 10 years, then a 3000 and prior a 2200) its a 2200km approx trip to get there. Some 7 years ago a mate had issues with his 4500 and it was around a 15 day turnaround to get it repaired and returned to the bush and ML gave it priority service.
  7. I think I saw a comparison on the same test patch with a Z, and from memory the Z with the standard coil was as good as, if not better, I think where the 6000 shines is the below .05 gm nuggets and smaller which are not included at the test patch
  8. Not suggesting for Logs, But I advertised a Minelab Pin Pointer for sale. A potential buyer rocked up with 2 railway line sleepers in a 7x4ft trailer and asked me to find the nails, because they did not want to ruin their saw. They had a number of sleepers to check out. Found a couple of nails with the PP and the deal was done. In their opinion was cheaper than a detector. ( to me a lot slower and easier to miss a nail than using a detector)
  9. Have a Mavic pro and Goggles but as Karelian says above (A complex but enjoyable process), but in my case learning how to fly it, not so much in analysing the ground below .
  10. Hi Nenad (Phase Tech), I heard that SP01 production has stopped. To me, there is still great potential for future sales with some 2nd hand units selling for more than the original purchase price. Can you outsource the production and QC and you do the final checkout? Peter
  11. JP re (This one is the best value for money as it is Tx and Rx all in one. https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Gecen-Compatible-Headphones/dp/B07YCFHMXQ/ref=sr_1_224?keywords=APTX+receiver&qid=1636142067&sr=8-224 I then run a cable from the receiver to my booster and amplify out to (Twin speakers in our case on the shoulder)speakers.) Does this setup have less/more EMI than using the 6000 speaker. Your settings Auto1/Normal/Threshold or Manual gain 10 or..... Thanks
  12. Arky re ( but the 7000 will stay in the arsenal. May add a smaller coil to it though.) Am very happy with my 10 inch X coil ( weight and performance) but suggest you see a comparison between the 10 inch and the 8 Inch X- Coils.
  13. I recall in the early days with my ML4500, detecting for the day, then putting the 4500 battery on charge via a rear 12volt power point at the rear of our Landcruiser on the way back to camp. Left the battery connected over night, in the morning the battery was not charged. Turned out it was a blown fuse in the charge lead. Replaced the Fuse and used a spare nearly charged battery for the days detecting. A couple of days later did the same thing charged up on the way home. However I did check the battery charging when I got back to camp. There were no lights on the battery indicating it was charging, and another blown fuse. To me what was happening was that when I was starting the cruiser with the 4500 battery in parallel with the starting battery it was helping to turn the engine over and excessive current was blowing the 4500 charge fuse. No more charging the battery on the way home. This problem could have been eliminated with a diode in the 4500 charge so current can only flow one way to the 4500 battery and not from the battery, and may well have been included in later 4500's and probably in the 5000 and 6000. Now always charge my 7000 over night back at camp. Re my overnight charging in the back of the cruiser, maybe the battery should be outside in a tin box, just in case of fire, but no problems in the last 5 years. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-07/lithium-batteries-in-phones-laptops-cordless-causing-house-fires/12483756.
  14. I think for serious newbies in Oz with limited $ the Pup (2300) is a better choice than the young dog (6000) or the old dog (7000).
  15. I like this style of pick, see below, my pick is made out of a Plow disc (super strong and thin), On my pick I have welded a Gal Tube 600mm long to the head and flattened the handle to an oval and taped it up. The pick is carried on my Back on my Z harness above the V see below for the carrier…( but without the fabric attachment) Pick Holder https://www.bunnings.com.au/toughbuilt-modular-hammer-loop_p5820995 Off the shelf purchase in Oz, US? ( Longer/ bigger picks are available) https://www.gold-diggers.com.au/cc-picks-faith and https://www.gold-diggers.com.au/cc-picks-discoverer ( no commercial involvement with this company or manufacturer)
  16. Like the Vid above, Thanks for posting. Re the 6000 and Ground Noises and Hot Rocks, with more sensitivity, am probably going get some of this with a 10 Inch Xcoil on my Z, ( minimal with the standard coil) so will be looking at ground balancing on Hot Rocks to minimise it.
  17. I think if we lived in the US I would downsize to the 6000 from the Z and probably sell SWMBO's ML 2300 and our backup ML 4500, for 2 x 6000's, ditto if we only detected in Vic Golden Triangle and South Australia, but with visits to WA in the future as in the past and health holding up will still use the Z with NF and xcoils.
  18. James re (. I became aware of issues from a couple of prospectors in the Pilbara that blew their boards but so far so good for me.) Question did they do their own patch leads? or get an experienced person to do the plug/socket/patch lead?
  19. I have found very small pin head size gold with the Z but wondering with the introduction of the 6000 what I have missed. Have read about the successes of the 10 Inch x-coil by Simon (phrunt) and Dave ( davsgold) and positive x-coil comments from jr (beatty)and AraratGold on this and other forums along with comments on the X-coil Facebook site. Was also influenced by the test comparisons between the standard Z coil and the NF 12 ( have one) and the potential wait time for a 10 Inch NF coil, so have purchased a 10 Inch X-coil, its in the mail (DHL). X-Coils give a detailed DIY on how to make a patch lead and in a past life working in Computers/Telecommunications, I could make up one myself but prefer to get a pro to do the job for $150Aud.
  20. And in Oz a pressure bandage for snake bite ( and know how to apply it) preferably carry a PLB if out of Cell phone range, I carry a CB to contact my wife and have the Sat phone and EPERB ( out of our boat) back in the vehicle (not handy if I am 2miles out.) Plus GPS and Gaiters etc.
  21. Erik, Make sure you can quickly ditch your detector if the snake wraps around your coil/shaft ( Quick release Bungee clip and wireless Headphone/speaker help)
  22. Re (There will be a lot of people who won't fork out for the 12 inch,) I could be in this Group Re( but probably will for a bigger one, or a 10 inch.) I find very very small gold with the standard coil, What could be the expected benefit with the NF 10 inch or the X Coil 10 Inch other than weight eg faster to find the gold in the dirt after you have dug it out of the hole. ( me, it takes ages for very small gold) Or with a more sensitive smaller coil a faster swing. Or smaller size to get between rocks/bushes ( not a major consideration for myself)
  23. For me it was the ML 4500 had the most success over the years, but still have great memories of the ML3000, ML2100 and the ML GT16000 also great machines in their day, compared to the gold machines memories between/after (Z). Re Coin detectors have had a number of ML units but like OneGuy like the Tesoro Golden Sabre.
  24. Hi Ryan, a friend put up this Youtube Vid, it may help:
  25. Re (What interested me was the orange swing arm on the detector?) Mate has a similar orange DIY swing arm, made out of electrical conduit available in Oz.
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