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  1. Come on, we need some more information about this machine or at least this technology! 😁
  2. So cool! I’d love to say i’ve named a detector! What ideas have you guys got?
  3. Edsped


    Let’s just say most rings don’t fit my pinky and that one is too big for my thumb! BUT it’s only 3.55g!!
  4. Edsped


    Went for a couple of under water sessions with the Equinox 800 this week, it’s become a lot easier with the new headphones as they are so much louder under water 👍
  5. Edsped

    Future Of Nokta & Makro

    Personally i’d Love to be able to take my equinox below 3m so a solid waterproof multifrequency detector waterproof further than 3m could be very tempting, the Anfibio looks cool Because it can be retracted to a diving configuration, it’s definitley a detector I would consider. As some of you may be aware, Fisher is releasing a new Pulse Induction detector that can essentially discriminate iron according to the videos, if Nokta/Makro could do that then that would be amazing because you are very well distributed and have service centers world wide unlike fisher which is why I can’t consider them. oh and a waterproof flashlight on all your detectors!
  6. If anyone is interested I can make/ supply them in a diy format of course. 😊
  7. The headphones and land and sea shaft are from www.detect-ed.com They are piezo based but have high volume throughout the tonal range 👍👍
  8. Got in the water on the weekend with the Equinox for the first time in months (been too cold) and had a blast 😁 I’ve finally got some good waterproof headphones for the equinox that are really acceptable under water volume wise 👍👍
  9. Edsped

    Expecting 'n' Detecting

    Yep I totally understand that feeling, essentially sometimes we get spoiled beyond what we could even imagine and it becomes our new threshold/ reference point for a “good day” and it can feel like nothing that big is ever coming your way again. Good news is after a little break (and holding your new treasure on a daily basis) you get reinspired. I’ve gone a while without properly detecting and I’ve got to the point where I’m so keen for some gold that I’m driving a few hours today to try and get it!
  10. Edsped

    Dithering On 6" Coil

    Have you ever tried scrubbing your driveway with a toothbrush? Thats what a 6” coil at the beach is, I honestly can’t see how it could be functional. The 11” coil is already overly sensitive so small foil so exentuating that tendency whilst reducing volume of ground covered just seems like a totally terrible idea 😂
  11. Edsped


    I’ve got one set up already, I’ll PM you 👍
  12. Edsped


    The o-ring is actually built into the equinox if you take a look In the jack, that ring of plastic seats itself against it 😊 the mono will ensure that the main speaker shuts off as In some circumstances I couldn’t get it to shut off when using some speakers/piezos when using a stereo plug. Im setting up a website as we speak actually but just tell me what exactly you are after and I can make it work with the equinox connector no worries I’m sure. but you can always use a standard 3.5mm male to 1/8inch female with the equinox, you don’t need to have a specialized equinox connector unless it’s getting wet or to protect it getting yanked out 👍
  13. Edsped


    I can make up pretty much any variety of connectors if anyone is interested or wants custom phones 👍 I'm getting in some phones and adding the waterproof connector onto them so I I can use good speakers whilst wading with the control box under water 😊
  14. Edsped


    I really like the equinox in the water, I’ve been struggling with the speaker type Hungarian phones under water but I’ve put together some piezo waterproof headphones that are actually pretty good in an out of the water. This is everything gold (and platinum) that I’ve found in th water with the equinox 👍
  15. Edsped

    Nox Carbon Fiber Rods

    I’m having a small batch of carbon shafts CNC’d, they can be fully retracted and easily used for snorkeling/diving and easily chucked in the car but still goes full length 👍 Obviously slop free too if anyone is interested feel free to DM me, I think I can be competitive even for anyone overseas (I’m in Australia 🇦🇺) 👌