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    Making one of a kind gold nugget jewelry, camping/traveling, using any method I can to find gold, annoying a liberal when practical

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  1. You are 100% correct. Along with either the miners exemption or Maintenance fee you must also file assessment work with the BLM and also have that original paperwork recorded at the County recorders office......First part is due by Sept 1st and last part is due by Dec 30th.
  2. When I started it was $240/OZ, but that is another story. The way I look at it is a Dollar is not always a Dollar. BUT an ounce of gold is ALWAYS an ounce of gold. So, yes I would. That being said, I don't get out looking for gold that much anymore but I certainly still deal with gold on a daily basis. Personally I like the price/stability around where it is these days......
  3. In one area of a claim I have there are normally two small ponds, they have now turned into one small lake.....Here in Foresthill there has been 17.91 inches of rain just in February so far.... crazy weather for sure
  4. Great new on the nugget, It was a fantastic spring like day for sure
  5. wow, Goldsmiths have been around 6000+ years. That is amazing
  6. WTG Peg..........That's great take one nice nugget out of the Poke and replace it with a bigger one. Great meeting you the other day
  7. Its not dry enough right now. It's even raining a little today.
  8. Clark, I finally got around to cabbing some of this beautiful material. Clark, PM your address and I will send a nice big cab to you
  9. hi Fred, Nice home away from home, glad to hear your wife is joining you......nice gold too
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