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  1. Hey Reg, Wow, what an impressive nugget. Just make you think of all the big gold nuggets during the early gold rushes that were melted down. Here in California, the Motherlode State, reports of nuggets well over a thousand ounces were found during the early gold rush days. I'm sure all of these huge gold nuggets were just melted back then, no real collector value to them. Just makes you think if someone got lucky to unearth one of those bad boys today that just hiding under a few inches of dirt, what kind of collector value it would bring? Great nuggets guys. Rob
  2. Thanks for all the comments. This year just seemed different, hot and super humid at the same time, normally it's either really dry heat and up to like 118 degrees during the peak of Summer or super humid during the Monsoons. We seemed to get a combo of both this year, maybe it's just age .... Haha I think back when I first started, early 90's and we would hunt year around with no problem. I remember days during the Summer coming back to fill the hydration pack several times and then back into the field. We are just a few short months from prime time Southwestern US weather. Until then, wishing everyone health and wellness to give the goldfields hell one more year! Rob
  3. Hey Guys, Well I'm not sure if it's just un-motivation, heat, humidity or what, but it's been a slow summer prospecting for me to say the least. Prior to the summer, up to about May-June a partner and myself were still out hitting the goldfields religiously. I put down the GPZ 7000 for a bit and wanted to give the Minelab GPX 6000 some time, so that is just want I did prior to Summer rolling in. In just a month or so on the weekends I rounded up a nice little batch of nuggets, roughly 1.66 ounces, mostly smaller gold. I was getting really adjusted to the lightweight unit and its ability to find small gold really well. Well, now its summer, heat up to 110-115 plus high humidity, my interested drastically dropped. I have been out a few early mornings before the Sun popped up hitting some new spots in hots for a new location or patch. I found 3 lonely nuggets in 3 new locations, really thought one of them would pan out into a good spot. I couldn't tell you how many lonely nuggets I have found over the years in new washes, benches or hillsides where I spent the rest of the day thinking I was onto something. Many of the spots over the years I have returned thinking I must have missed something or just overlooked the obvious ... NOPE just not there (or within detector capability to find). I'm excited for the cool weather to roll upon us soon. There's a lot of new stuff to play with, including the new Garrett Axiom metal detector, Coiltek GoldHawk coils for the GPX 6000, Nugget Finder coils for GPX 6000 (coming soon), along with the Nugget Finder 17" Elliptical for the GPZ 7000. We carry all of these items for anyone that might be looking at some point, look us up if you don't have a source already. Here are a few pictures of some of the gold I rounded up, nothing to write home about, but it still gets the "Gold Bug" biting. P.S. I remember an old prospecting buddy, now passed once saying "Every Summer as you get older gets worse!" I think I'm starting to understand more as I get older, the Summer seem longer and hotter, maybe it's just comes with age .... Keep the coils swinging, Rob Rob's Detector Sales
  4. Hey mn90403 - Good Question about Bob. He was affiliated with Arizona Outback for years, but I knew him prior to that. The last I heard he moved to CA to fish, but I would only guess he was still detecting. I honestly couldn't tell you, but Bob was a good guy and hopefully he's enjoying retirement, fishing, gold and whatever else makes him happy. Rob
  5. This is a fact. I had a customer years ago call me and said the coil I sold him was junk, the ear broke off and it was cheaply made. We went back in forth for days about this, finally I told the guy to bring it back so I could see it. He said, "Look at that gap, that is why it broke, I had to tighten it down." I happen to noticed he didn't have the teardrop washers on the shaft attached, and he didn't realize that and tightened it down super tight, breaking the ear. Just make sure you don't loose your shaft washers, this customer apologized and said they must have fell off and he didn't even realize it when he changed to the new coil It happens, Rob
  6. Hey Jasong, I think you purchased it from us. Ya, Doc and I had a long discussion via email about this very subject. I sell a bunch of both of them, but if someone is concerned, then probably should purchase the original Minelab version. I have used both over the years, never seen a huge difference on the ground I hunt, but I'm sure it could play an important role in properly ground balancing the GPZ on much more mineralized ground (high iron/feromag minerals). ** Something Important to Customers - The ferrite rings are super fragile, many have just tossed them down on the ground and shattered them. It's best if you place them gently on the ground, "don't toss" them or there is a high change of it breaking into pieces. Some have covered them in various material to protect them, even electrical tape. Rob
  7. Hey Art, Here are my thoughts, at least here in Arizona. When the Minelab GPZ 7000 originally came out, with the first firmware update, there was no Ferrite ring included with the detector, nor was it available. It wasn't until a year or so later, the Ferrite ring was included in the detector and the firmware was updated (new purchases or available to download). For 2 years solid, I found some of my best gold with the GPZ 7000 and never used a Ferrite ring. I would just do the normal balance in the "Auto" mode and start hunting. I actually found in my opinion some of my smallest gold and largest with the original firmware and felt later one after the additional firmware updates I was finding smaller and not as deep. This might just by in my mind, but I remember finding smaller gold with the stock 14x13 back then. I have used the Ferrite ring over the years and do carry one with me for the most part, but haven't really seen a huge difference using it vs. not using it. Now when it comes to Ferrite rings, they say the color ID's the Ferrite ring. However, some have claimed Doc's don't do the same as the Minelab one and I haven't found any truth to this. I have even brought this to Doc's attention years ago, but I still have customers that claim the Minelab one works better than any aftermarket one. Just some thoughts on this. Rob
  8. Hey Steve, I agree, Coiltek knocked it out of the park with this coil and their very robust design. I also have to say Minelab hit a "Home Run" with the Minelab Equinox Series, 600 and 800 metal detectors. Looking forward to future reports from you on this new NOX coil. I haven't been able to use mine much due to time restraints, but they are selling like hotcakes! I just got another very large batch of them in, but they are moving quickly. I have them listed on Ebay and my online store if anyone don't have a lead on them already - https://www.robsdetectors.com/?s=Coiltek+Nox&post_type=product The new Coiltek GoldHawk coils are here, been working on pre-orders the last couple of days. We also have all of those coils available, but everything is moving quickly. I just got word NF coils have been delayed a bit longer here in the US, so I'm guess some of those customers might pull the trigger on the new Coiltek's. Keep the coils swinging, Rob
  9. Hey Guys, Here is my Nuggethunting Channel, not much drama, just raw footage of digging nuggets, what I like to do. I don't need to put on an act, act fake, nor trying to get millions of views or make money. That being said, it was more to help others, but there is always a million critics out there. https://www.youtube.com/user/Nuggethunting/videos As several mentioned, it just draws attention to where you are. There are many just looking to follow others, it's human nature, but part of the gold business. You will find some work hard for their gold, while others try to find any easy way to find gold off of someone's else's hard work. This could be in videos, landscape pictures, following others, GPS locators, GPS from pictures and on and on .... I guess realistically we have done the same, most of all of us, we have chased where the old-timers already done the work, so in a sense maybe in all fairness we have all done it to some degree. Like my old friend & mentor, Jim Straight once said, "Silence is Golden!" Rob
  10. Hey Reese, Sounds like you are doing well, great to hear. Curious, where you are digging by hand, are you finding anything digging down through the layers or is most of the nuggets on bedrock or near bedrock? Looks like you have hundreds of pieces from the area. Rob
  11. Hey OneGuy, Why did you part with the GPX 6000? Is the SDC 2300 with the small Coiltek coil working the best there? I know the SDC 2300 is super sensitive even with the stock 8" round, but with the Coiltek 10x5 it's better on small gold and bedrock hunting in my opinion. Congrats on the nice haul of gold nuggets! Wishing you much more success. Rob
  12. Hey Deathray, Yes, I was on vacation for about 4 days, but back at the "Salt Mine" now. Give me a call when you get a chance and we can talk more. I have boxes of Coiltek GPX 6000 coils to now ship out. Rob
  13. Hey Guys, We have been a long time Detech dealer and this is one of the more popular coils Nuggetshooter's use for higher mineralization, discrimination (if your detector has it) and more coverage per swing. As you can tell, they are also very popular for the coin/relic/beach guys for good discrimination and depth. Rob
  14. Hey Guys, Ya, Gerry is a stand up guy if you can get through his humor ... LOL On another note, I do recommend anyone using their local dealer if they have one. If not, their are plenty of us dealers online (Rob's Detector Sales, Gerry's Detectors, Arizona Outback, Doc's Detecting & NuggetShooter to name a few that I highly recommend and are friends with. Any of these guys will treat you right and we also support each other. Like Steve mentioned, there is plenty of business out there for all of us. Keep that searching low and slow, Rob
  15. Hey Steve and All, Exciting news for sure, glad Garrett finally did it. I have always been a supporter of Garrett, but they always seemed a bit behind the big guys. That being said, I think the MAP will be touching $4k is what I'm guessing, several thousand cheaper than a GPX 6000. I was hoping the new Garrett would be around $2500 - $3000, as the Minelab GPX 4500 at $2499 before it was discontinued was flying off the shelf. Either way, great to see Garrett in game and Thank God they finally agreed on a Military Discount. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos Steve. Rob
  16. Hey Scott, Thanks for the kind words. I have so much video footage I have never had time to upload. I'm on a very slow internet connection, so it takes forever for me to upload videos. Anyone wanting to view any of them can always check out my channel here - https://www.youtube.com/user/Nuggethunting/videos Hope all is well on your end Scott. Rob
  17. Hey Gold Catcher and Valens, Ya, 95% of the time these are my settings and I have found nuggets under a grain on bedrock or near the surface with these settings. I never found that I need to really crank it up, but rather bring it down to keep her quiet or when I experienced much hotter ground or an abundance of hotrocks. Valens - This is a new area that we are prospecting/exploring. There is no reports or anything really written about gold being in this area. Rob
  18. Hello Gold Catcher, I normally always run High Yield & Normal Soil. I run my Sensitivity from 10-14, normally no higher, but keep Auto Smoothing OFF. I've had great luck with these settings and really listen to those faint signals. I prefer to run a very smooth, quiet detector and listen for faint signals than to crank everything so high that you have to pick faint targets out among the extra noise. Keep in mind also, most of the gold we are finding here is at or near the surface to about 1-2 foot max. I love the NF 12" Z Searchcoil, so this is normally what I'm running all the time. I might consider the NF 17" if it comes out. Swegin - Ya, it's not pleasant for sure, but doable during the early to mid morning hours. Rob
  19. Hey Guys/Gals, Here in the Southwest, it's now hot (over 100+ degrees) and higher humidity due to the Summer Monsoon storms. That being said, many are still out roaming the goldfields during the early morning hours in hopes for a few gold nuggets. A friend and I are still out and about, hunting in the morning hours until the heat/humidity or the storms run us out. Spending most of the time in the gully bottoms, the bedrock can get as high as 140-150 degrees making it difficult to stay on the ground too long. This has been a weird year, we have yet to see a single Rattlesnake to date. I have seen just about everything else, lizards, small rodents, bugs and other snakes, but no Rattlesnakes to boot. I'm not sure if it's the drought or what, but normally my friend and I would run across dozens of Rattlesnakes by this time. I'm not complaining, just seems weird this year, but maybe we just have been lucky to miss them. On another note, I stumbled across this nice gold nugget a few weekends ago. We were metal detecting with the Minelab GPZ 7000's in a new area and I got this faint signal right in the center of the wash bottom. I almost didn't dig it, as I haven't found a single nugget prior to this targets, so normally I'm not going to dig deep targets right out in the center of any gulch unless I have a reason to believe there is gold. I guess I have to be happy about this one, it was well over a foot deep on bedrock. The nugget was just over 1/4 ounce in weight, nothing huge, but sure was a surprise to say the least! The nugget lead us into a new area that has potential and paid for gas (almost $6/gallon). A few other smaller gold nuggets were also found not shown. Keep in mind, hunting this time of year, make sure you hydrate well, wear light clothing, pack enough liquids, wear sunscreen, gloves, hat and snake gaitors. These are just some recommendations for all the years of searching the desert regions during the Summer. I also recommend also hunting with a friend if possible and carrying 2-way radios so you can communicate back in forth and tell your buddy when you find that big gold nugget! Wishing you all a beautiful gold nugget under that searchcoil. Keep it swinging, Rob
  20. Hello All, I just received back a like new, Minelab GPZ 7000 that a customer purchased from us, but the customer ran into a financial situation and ask if the unit could be returned. I can't sell the unit as new now as the box has been opened, but the unit is like new. I can send pictures, serial number or whatever someone needs to any serious buyer. The unit is stock, comes with all the stock items, original box and free shipping/insurance within the US. We do not sell nor ship outside the US. The Minelab GPZ 7000 in my opinion is still the most powerful overall metal detector for gold. Minelab GPZ 7000 new - $8499.00. We are selling this unit for $7999.00, which is a $500 savings, still has the 3 year warranty and the unit is like new. We will also offer a lifetime support on the detector if the buyer has any trouble, questions or needs any support along the way. Contact us my email or phone - Text message - 602-909-9008 Email - rob@robsdetectors.com
  21. Hello All, I know there was a handful of people still searching for the new Coiltek 10x5" Elliptical Searchcoil for the Equinox series. I just received another large batch of them if anyone is still searching for one. This is one hot searchcoil for small gold, working in tight locations, much better pinpointing and more. Here is a direct link for anyone still searching for one - https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-10x5-nox-searchcoil-equinox-series/ Wishing you all great success out there! Rob
  22. Hey Reg and Others, This is an honest and open question for customers here in the US, like myself, that are not willing to make a "cable adapter" to be able to use a X-coil. "Is there anymore, including X-coils Manufacture that are now including the adapter or have someone that makes them that can guarantee the adapter or warranty on the GPZ 7000?" I'm sure if X-coils could ever make their own adapter, even include with purchase of an X-coil, they would have sold hundreds, maybe thousands of coils. It was my understanding at some point that if Minelab found out a GPZ was uses with an X-coil they were voiding the warranty. This might be different now, couldn't tell you either way, just more hear say. Rob
  23. Hey Guys, Swegin - You are right, but those customers are becoming less and less. The support and training is valuable to a point, but the flip side is - customers feel they don't need the support, training and such anymore and just purchase where they can get the absolute best deals. That being said, Gerry and I appreciate everyone's continued business with us. Gerry - I have to agree, I remember the days of getting 20+ hats, gloves, bags and such per order. I don't even dare to ask about a freebie, heck they now charge us for shipping .....
  24. Hey Steve, Hope all is well for starters. I'm commenting on this statement - I have to agree, even though each year my sales continue to increase, I could say I'm blessed. However, it's a continual hussle each year, more advertising, more training, more shows and more bundling. I think at some point when you start giving too much away (products, time, energy and such), it's time to throw in the towel. It's not like the old days, where most of the manufacture truly appreciated your hard work and sales for them. I get more and more calls each year of customer that purchase from Amazon, as they can get the detector in some cases the same day and use incentives from Amazon. If I had to start over today, I would just say NO. The little guy can't compete again the big box retailers anymore, the profit margins are slim (worse than ever seen). Anymore selling online or owns a physical storefront know where I'm coming from. Wishing any of you a ton of success during these tough economic and troubling times. Rob
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