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  1. Hey Guys, I think training on some units is important. I'm not a huge fan saying that training is essential or important on something like a Minelab Gold Monster 1000. This unit was originally designed to be used by people that couldn't even read/write, so it has to be super user friendly and easy to use. I think training on many detectors like the higher end PI's and such are important and will speed up your success, but also just as important is understanding where to prospect, what to look for and various "gold" indicators. Sometimes, this could be more important, being i
  2. Hey Steve, Excellent write up for sure. I'm still on the fence, but 100% agree with what you mentioned about most of the gold being smaller and larger gold far and few in-between. However, In the last couple of years I have found some whoppers at depth, max depth with the GPZ 7000 (faint whispers) that I'm pressed to say nothing but the GPZ 7000 would have found them, unless you had a huge aftermarket search coil on a GPX 5000, maybe. No question I will be using a Minelab GPX 6000 and doing a lot of testing and probably using the GPX 6000 as my primary prospecting and exploring
  3. Hey Gerry, Great article. I had some great times hunting tailing piles in Alaska thanks to Steve H. and Moore Creek and many other locations. I never had the fortunate luck of hitting anything super big, but a few ounce to two ounce specimen pieces were still great finds with handfuls of small nuggets and specimens. In the dry arid desert regions of the Southwest, you can also hunt drywasher tailing piles. I have had great success hunting them in certain spots with many sizeable nuggets that were just too big for the old-timer and even more modern day drywasher screens.
  4. Hey Condor, Boy does that bring back memories. I can still remember that trip like it was yesterday. I've been back several times, once when the GPZ 7000 first came out. It was a good spot for sure, I took a nice handful of nuggets from just that one spot. Congrats on those beautiful finds, hope you find many more to come. Rob
  5. Hey Gerry, I have to agree with you, the days of us hard working dealers being supported from the Manufactures is long gone. In my honest opinion, the US is not the primary market anymore for gold nuggets, coins or relics. Places like Africa/Asia and Europe have much greater markets for all detectors and I feel like the major manufactures are more focused now in those regions. I talked to a dealer in Africa about 2 weeks ago, they have no shortages of metal detectors over there, but we can't even get a unit here in the US. I have backorders from 4-5 weeks ago still waiting.
  6. Hello All, Here we are again, a partner and I placering a dry creek bed. The process of placering is to remove all the overburden (rocks, gravel) and process or work the paypayer/bedrock. We are doing that by using rakes, shovels, crevice tools and then using metal detectors to scan the paylayer and bedrock for gold nuggets. This process is back breaking hard work, but can be very rewarding in the right locations. As you can see in this video, we hit a nice crevice that had a hidden beauty in it, a 3/4 ounce gold nugget. The nugget was wedged below the hardpack gravels and w
  7. Hey Reese, Thanks. Ya, agree you have great books, for anyone that don't own the Nugget Shooter's Guide, it's worth the money. Great info, tons of color pictures! Anyone looking for Reese's great book, we have them in stock. Rob
  8. Hey Lunk - I have to agree with your statement below. It would have been nice to see a small coil a year after the release of the GPZ 7000, not 5 years later like the NF Z Search coil now. However, later is better than never I guess. I also have found so much gold with the stock Minelab 14x13 GPZ 7000 coil, I'm very happy. I really like the new small NF, more for the weight and a slight sensitivity edge. However, as you mentioned about coil prices going through the roof, this new coil I believe will be $1100-1200 MAP 😞 I'm excited to see what the new GPX 6000 will bring. The l
  9. Hey Bud, I'm going to consider doing some more, but I'm so darn limited on free time. Thanks for watching. Rob
  10. Hello All, A forum member sent me this question after I posted one of my videos. To answer his question, years ago I started to make a video series, but only ended up getting like one video up about "What to Look for in the Field." This video might help some to ID handstacking, which is very common in areas that have been placered mined. You might need to turn the volume up a tiny bit. Rob: Nice job with the latest video. As a beginner I am always interested in learning more about identifying favorable terrain. Do you have any video or still shots of what the general area
  11. Hey Guys, Agree, the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and any Pulse Induction really is a good solid combo. Thanks for watching. Rob
  12. Hello All, Here in this video a partner and I have been working (placer mining) a dry creek bed for gold nuggets. This process including digging down, raking and metal detecting the paylayer and bedrock for detectable gold nuggets. We were using the Minelab Gold Monster 1000, Minelab GPZ 7000 & Garrett AT Pinpointer along with various hand tools for digging. We dug a lot of old rubbish, not shown in the videos to preserve time and boredom This is part 1 of the entire video, the second part will be up soon. If you like our video, please Subscribe, Like and follow u
  13. JP - I'm gagged also! I guess we will let others tell us about it .... Rob
  14. Hey Guys, My experience was different than yours, my x coil outperformed it and that’s why I’m selling it. Seems no one wants them in Australia I haven’t got any enquires about it. MC30 - I find this hard to believe, customers from Australia are calling here and looking for them, as they are out of stock in locations in Australia. This would only make me think they are selling very well and customers are trying to get them from different regions to supply the demand for them. I would have NF check out the coil you have, I think it could be faulty from what you're saying a
  15. Mc30 - I have only been out one trip with the Z Search coil. From what I can see here in Arizona, the NF Z Search is more sensitive to tiny nuggets or dinks. I could still hear many of them with the Minelab 14x13, but they were much more obvious with the NF coil. I had no issues with EMI whatever, my coil was really stable and smooth. I know mine is working well, picked up over 16 Grams the first trip. If you're looking for a lighter coil, a bit more sensitive to small targets, easier to pinpoint with and can get into tighter spots, then the NF coil will work great for
  16. Hey Steve, What an awesome post and much needed positivity on the forums. It's always been a dream of mine to visit Australia, problem has always been lack of time. If I ever did, JP would be the first person I would consider for a trip or honest advice on how to go about it. I have followed JP since he first started posting on the forums and has always been a wealth of information. He's even visited Arizona a few times (outings) and was so friendly and helpful to all the people that talked with him. I think he spent his entire time (rather than metal detecting himself) hel
  17. Hey Guys, I understand all the ins/outs of the patch leads and coil. I guess the moment you ask a general question, the assumption is you don't know anything. I have been using and selling these products for over 25 years, so I would consider myself an expert on what I use and sell. I know this all started when someone thought I was trying to talk down about X-coils and that wasn't the focus, but more we finally have a searchoil available for the GPZ that just plugs in that is not a Minelab coil. This is what I have hoped for over 3 years now. I heard rumors of Coiltek, NF a
  18. Hey Guys, Great comments from all you and Thanks for the better explanation about the patch lead. I'm still a bit stumped, Nugget Finder is not endorsed by Minelab, but they somehow got around and built the cable that will just plug right in. This would be nice for X-coils, Coiltek or anyone else that would like to design coils for the GPZ or future detectors. I 100% agree about aftermarket coils, their company loyalty to Minelab and the fact with them, Minelab is selling many more detectors. I'm still selling Coiltek, Nugget Finder and Detacc searchcoils for detectors
  19. Hey Guys, JP - The coil was super quite, but kind of expected that with a small coil. I didn't take it around anywhere I felt there was a problem with EMI, I was pretty much in the outback of Arizona with minimal to no EMI (electrical, airplanes, microwave towers and such). Dave - We can agree to disagree. If the X-coils were "plug right in" I would be selling them. I had the same opportunity to sell these coils here in the US. I think the X-coils put the fire under other companies to either build additional coils for the GPZ 7000 or not. I personally think originally if the
  20. Hey Jasong, I just got off the phone with my rep to clarify. It was my understanding and I just make the correction and posted above about it, that Coiltek right now is the only manufacture endorsed by Minelab. I mis-heard that NF was also endorsed on this new coil, but I was wrong as of now. My rep is going to inquire more from Minelab Australia, but as of now, Coiltek is the only manufacture that is endorsed by Minelab. This does not mean any other manufacture such as Nugget Finder, X-Coils, Detacc, NEL or whomever don't make great products. I guess it's more of being backed
  21. Hey Dave and Phrunt, I appreciate your comments. However, my business ethics over the years don't have to be explained, I think all my customers would say I have been upfront, honest and gave them the best service and advice any dealer could give. That being said, I'm not sure about your selling techniques, or if you even sale. When anyone calls and tells me they damaged a $8000 metal detector due to a modification error/issue, then it's only fair for me to tell anyone out there to be careful and make sure it's worth the potential risk. I have never told anyone not to inquiry,
  22. Hey Guys, For the people, Yes and I'm not going to say names or exact numbers. I have been a dealer for almost 25 years, so there are customers that had units burn up, had to purchase completely new detectors were purchased. As you see, there is already a friend and forum member that stated one person had two units burn up. Please keep in mind, I can't speak for someone else, just know there were issues/damages from modifications. These were not faulty coils, but rather a "modification process" that allows you to use a aftermarket Minelab coil on a Minelab metal detector. I just
  23. Hello All, Had a great time testing the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil today on a wash I haven't hunted in some time. This small coil for the GPZ 7000 is much lighter, more sensitive and easier to pinpoint small targets with. I was super impressed with the new coil, wish I had a few dozen in stock. I also love the fact you don't have to modify anything, just mount and plug in like a stock GPZ coil. I have already had 3 customers burn up their $8000 GPZ 7000 by making some wiring mistakes on adapters for aftermarket coils. In my opinion, I don't recommend anyone void
  24. Hello All, Well, here we go all, going to test the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The coil is super light, well built and includes a lower shaft. This coil will plug right in, no modifications needed. I will be carrying these coils once they become available from NF. I don't have a solid MAP price yet and already have a good amount of pre-orders and pre-down payments to hold some of the first ones in the US to be sold to the public. I know this is going to be a solid searchcoil for the GPZ 7000. I'm super excited to test the
  25. Thoughts? Customer sent me this, looks more like a Military unit. Not the GPX 6000 look I expected. A prospecting store in Australia has this info, a customer sent it to me to check out - https://tryhardprospecting.com.au/is-this-the-ultimate-sdc-aka-mf5/
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