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  1. Thanks for all the input, Steve. I'll likely go with the ATX due to it's ability to help me hunt beaches/prospect/relic hunt, as all of these things are within 1.5 hours max in any direction. The weight will likely be a smaller issue, but I know the coil selection will be the elephant in the room. The prices for them compared to ML/White's equivalent is ridiculous, almost lunacy. I'd be down for ordering one if Garrett made packages with the coil(s) I wanted when I bought the machine. But I can't see spending 450$+ on a coil to help me in my particular area whilst ML and White's comparable ones are 1/3-1/2 the price. If only Garrett understood the struggles! Thanks again!
  2. I pretty much broke it down in my head to those two detectors and the ATX. The SDC would be amazing, but with the price tag, lack of coil selection, and the fact I don't plan on prospecting all the time I think it would be overkill as I'd want something I can also use elsewhere! The TDI SL seems alright with the nice coil selection but like you said, most people aren't super impressed with it. Plus, it's not water proof, so I can't use it near the river without risk. The ATX seemed to be the better choice for me being middle ground, however, I've seen a lot of posts about the ATX not working as well in hot rock locations, as you lose a lot of depth/sensitivity when you balance out the rocks(which is kind of the point) and the magnetite is horrid where I've seen the most gold pulled out. Plus, the weight... Though I think I want waterproof, the only thing Id really need that for is if it rains or I drop it in the river. Swimming+detecting never really worked for me. I love all the choices out there, I hate the choosing. Thanks, Steve!
  3. I was looking to see if anyone had suggestions about a detector I could go with for prospecting here in Maine. I have seen one topic on this site about this subject, someone who had a Makro Racer. In my experience VLF of any sort don't work around here, there are so many large hot rocks and hot soil they don't stand much of a chance. I'm nearly certain you will need a PI detector to find anything in the good areas(less touched). I have seen many nuggets in this area, even in the heavily hunted Swift River. I have not personally seen anything over 1/2 ounce, but I'm certain there are some. There are plenty of "picker" sized nuggets but most of the gold is in very small pieces. I'm not certain even if I bought a nice PI detector it would be worthwhile, hence why I am here! I've heard many times the largest amount of the gold is eluvial or even the alluvial from old river beds. I've seen people pulling 1/8-1/4oz nuggets out of the clay near, but not in, the river, well outside the high water mark. So there are nuggets up here, not loaded, but here. The terrain to the areas untouched are harsh, so I was looking for a lighter detector. Very steep jagged landscape. In the end, my question is, with so many hot rocks is it worthwhile to buy a decent PI to detect pickers and maybe some nuggets, or spend the same amount and just buy a dredge? If it's worth the while, any suggestions on a detector under 3k?(not sure if I should bother with waterproof or not) Thanks!
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