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  1. Totally agree I have both the Legend and the Deus 2 on pre-order. But after reading the Deus 2 manual I'm seriously thinking about just dropping the order on the Legend. If the Deus 2 beats the Legend to market good by Legend order. I already have an Equinox 800 and haven't had any of the issues people talk about with the build quality. Other than build quality being possibly better on the Legend I can't see any reason to get it. It's highly unlikely the Legend is going to outperform the Equinox on it's first try (I could be wrong). The Deus on the other hand appears very well thought out and has a bunch of advanced features I really look forward to using. And yes it also has a clock! If a person is on a budget I can see taking a chance on the Legend. But if it's not why not just go for the sure thing, which is the Deus 2. I have more confidence that the Deus 2 will be up to the performance standards of the Equinox than I do the Legend.
  2. Wonder how long the GPX 5000 is going to stay in the lineup. It's been out what 10 years now I'm guessing. I hope if they do discontinue it that it gets replaces with something we can still use for beach and relic hunting. Be nice to see it go in a GPX 6000 housing and still have all the timings of the 5000 with iron disc. I know the market is relatively small for beach and relic use but I sure would hate to see it disappear. There are places I hunt that taking anything but a GPX is a waste of time.
  3. I just bought a used 4500, it should be here in the next few days and if it has a good battery I'm happy to sell it to you. I have 2 already and don't need a 3rd.
  4. Wow very impressed with the Deus II. If it performs as well as the manual leads me to believe, I may not need another VLF detector. There are some advanced functions that are going to take a few 100 hours to master IMHO.
  5. Not really a fan of long narrow coils. Actually just sold a Whites XLT Bigfoot coil.
  6. Nice used Minelab etrac for sale with stock 11" and 5" coils. RnB battery, stock battery and AA battery holder, charges, box and manual. Strap is missing on arm cuff no headphones. $850 shipped to lower 48
  7. You could have a bad coil. I just lost one at DIV, acted very similar. Every time I moved the coil cable it freaked out. Come to find out the wires had broken right were it went into the coil. All those years of setting the machine down and then readjusting it to hunt wore the wires out.
  8. Phasetechnical.com.au is where I got the kit but I don't see them listed anymore. I would write them and see if they still sell them. I got mine about a year ago.
  9. I've had the same issue with 2 of my batteries. It seams to happen when they get charged. They're working fine and then you charge it and they're all of a sudden bad. I had 2 go out back to back and figured it was the charger. So I bought a new charger and no problems since. I fix both batteries with a repair kit sold by a company in Australia. I can probably find the info if you like. If you're not good and electronic repairs you can probably find a local shop to do the repair with the kit. Kit has all the instructions.
  10. Do you mean the 7.4 volt battery? Didn't know they made a 12 volt.
  11. The whole bashing thing cracks me up. The person digging a bottle cap on the beach with the Equinox and the other person throwing the Apex. The beach is one of the places the Apex actually does pretty good. Bottle caps have been a non-issue for me since day 1 on the Equinox. You can either use the pull back method or crank the iron bias up. Speaking of iron bias, I don't recall seeing any setting for that on the Legend, unless their answer to that is the iron probability meter. I really never had much faith in those meters in my mineralized soil though. Nokta Makro has made some pretty bold claims. I hope they don't end up eating crow in the end. Multi IQ is all about how the signal is processed, I don't know how Nokta Makro could replicate Multi IQ in the Legend but maybe they did or did it better. As we saw with Multi Flex it's just not the same as Multi IQ. The Apex isn't even as good as most single frequency detectors let alone Multi IQ. With the exception of the beach.
  12. Here's what I use. Monoprice, same as the Tarsacci. I like them because they sound good and I can mount the module right on the headphone to keep the wire out of the way. Also they plug straight into the module without have to add an adapter.
  13. Nice bunch of tokens. I love finding tokens, Congratulations!
  14. When both these new machines are available to the public I would beware of any initial claims of one being better than the other right out of the gate. Or better/worse than the Equinox. I think any testers that release any head to head comparisons better have at least 50 plus hours on either the Legend or Deus 2 before any conclusions are drawn. I know personally I had my I initial doubts about the Equinox being anything special. Kept going back to the trusty Deus because I couldn't wrap my head around the multi IQ. Could be the same with either the Deus 2 or Legend. Especially with the Deus 2, looking through all those programs available can be a little intimidating. But the real performance will come from all the backend adjustments you can make to the stock programs. That isn't something you can learn in a few hours. There's going to be a lot of YouTubers trying to be the first to post results. Anything more than open box reviews are goung to be highly suspect. It's not like we're getting a simple Vanquish or Apex this time around. Turn on and go will probably work for some stock programs. But like I said the magic is in all those other adjustments that can be made and those need to be implemented over hours and hours of field use. I personally never use stock programs on either the Deus or the Equinox anymore. Learn the machine with the stock programs and then open it up and see what it can really do. Look forward to the seeing and using the new machines. It's going to be an exciting end to 2021.
  15. Nokta Makro probably just obsoleted all their other detectors with the Legend. I can see owning a Simplex at $254 but why would you buy an Anfibio $765 or Kruzer at $635 when you probably have all the features of those 2 packed into the Legend Pro and then some at $765. I had a multi Kruzer and only ever used 3 and 4 tone modes.
  16. where was the live event? I registered for it and got no notice via the email I used.
  17. Last week I spent the whole week in Virginia at the Diggin in Virginia Event. DIV 50 was spread over 4 different farms which comprised of thousands of acres. 5 days 10 hours a day metal detecting, what a dream. I don't attend too many metal detecting events, it's just not me. But DIV is different and offers sites you just can't get on otherwise. Now although some of these farms have been hit by DIV upwards of 10 times, they are still giving up relics. Most of the DIV digs take place in Culpeper County Virginia and is known for it's very hot dirt. VLF detectors struggle in this environment so a PI like the GPX, TDI or ATX are preferred. But you always get the person that can't afford or is unwilling to spend the money to rent or buy a PI and will take a go at it with a VLF. DIV 50 was no exception. I saw many people metal detecting with VLF's I even had a gent check a target for me in the woods that was using a White 6000 DI. I had just dug part of a Shako hat pin and got another signal under a tree root and couldn't tell if it was big iron or big brass (the rest of the hat pin) so had him check it for me, it turned out to be iron. So VLF's will do ok in the woods or in thick iron patches, but out in the fields it's GPX all the way. Right tool for the right job, so come prepared. I always take the GPX and either the Deus or Equinox as backup. If you decide to go, make sure you know your metal detector well. We talked to a group that all had GPX's and didn't find a single relic. They spent their time digging nails. It doesn't matter if you have the best metal detector in the world, if you don't know how to use it, chances are you aren't going to find good stuff. That goes for VLF detectors as well. If you know your machine you can find stuff in the hot Culpeper dirt. Knowing your machine and how to make changes for the soil can mean the difference between success and failure. On this particular DIV, it being 50, some of us figured it may be the last. So my group decided to concentrate on the fields where we knew the Confederates camped prior to the Union Army moving in for the Winter of 1863-64. Other than going to a Union Camp for a day where you have a chance at digging some nice bottles of finding a whole Shako hat pin. We spent our time on a strip of land that boarders a creek where the Confederates camped. On day 2 we went to a part of the farm we hunted last Fall and was finding Gardner, ring tail sharps and 69 caliber round balls. These are all considered bullets used by the Confederates. the camp was located on a hillside that sloped toward a wash that ran into the creek. Last year I hunted that wash and was finding numerous 69 caliber round balls in and amongst the modern fencing and wire pieces. So I decided to hunt my way down the hill towards the bottom of the wash. As I approached the bottom of the wash I started hearing all the wire signals on my GPX and slowed down to investigate each one. I finally got a good solid signal and dug a ring tail sharps. Next signal not more than than 2 feet from the sharps bullet I got a signal that sounded like wire but wouldn't break up so I decided to dig it. When I got down about 12 inches I got my pin pointer out and got a signal in the bottom corner of the hole. I though due to it's orientation in the hole it was most likely a piece of wire. But got my hand digger out anyway to complete the recovery of the target. To my surprise it was a CS tongue, I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would find one. To make things even better I got the excavation of it on video. Some other highlights of the trip were finding fuses for artillery shells, artillery shell fragments and one of the other guys in my group found a pewter CS saddle shield which is also a very rare find. I had a great time and have made some good friends at DIV over the years. There are a great bunch of people that put together DIV and an even greater bunch of people that attend them. Some of these people have been attending since the very first one and are willing to share their knowledge with anyone who asks.
  18. Yea I prefer the WM08 plugged into a good pair of headphones. The wireless headphones just have to much delay for my liking. Tried to use the Minelab supplied headphones about a week ago and it drove me nuts. It's almost like the audio blanks out at times.
  19. My Equinox isn't going anywhere even though I plan on getting the Deus. The Equinox is a proven performer.
  20. The technology is already there for divers to communicate with each other under water. I would assume XP is using similar technology for the coil and remote to communicate.
  21. Price above $1500 wouldn't surprise me either. The Deus 2 looks to be in a league of it's own. Given Nokta Makro may have something up their sleeve. But it's highly unlikely going to be wireless and waterproof. The Deus 2 just may be the only general purpose metal detector anyone needs.
  22. Pretty dang amazing. The waterproof wireless totally caught me off guard. Now what's the price? Looking forward to getting my hands on the new Deus 2.
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