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  1. Haha, I have 2 DJI Phantom 4's with their own camera, but there are drones made that will carry this sucker. I would get a new Phantom 3 or used Phantom 4 in that price range. Don't get a cheap one, you'll regret it later. I think I will get the new P4 Pro soon as it has a better and bigger sensor. And yes, dredging is banned in Oregon now. I went to Idaho last season but didn't do so well there. Might try it again this season different location...not really sure yet.
  2. The grip is awesome, used it today. I edit with Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Mini. Little 4K editing monster.
  3. Thanks man...good to hear it did so good for you guys! It is a beast...
  4. The Handegard passed away in Nov. I did a tribute video for him on my YT channel. "Bearkat4160".
  5. Well folks and fellow prospectors, I recently sold 20 oz's of my dredging gold (still have lots left, lol) and bought me a Canon Cinema camera. The Canon C300 Mark II with a Canon 18-80 Cinema zoom lens. There are two things I love to do... Mine for gold underwater and shoot video!
  6. For those curious, I flew my drone over the Gold Hill Pocket gold mine in Oregon and filmed it. The same we are discussing in this thread:
  7. Hi Oregon Jim, I have found 1.6 oz's of gold nuggets along the Klamath with just my Infinium from 2008-2011. They are there, if I left any, lol. Got to swing it for many hours a day to cover as much ground as possible to hit some nuggets. As well as a lot of research. I kinda slowed down on detecting since I find so much more gold with my 6" dredge. Usually a detecting trip to the gold fields does not pay for gas like dredging does. I now just consider it a relic hunting trip that I might find a gold nugget here and there.
  8. Yea Fred I tried to find some, so I had to reshoot that scene couple times with my hands over the lids. Got impatient...thanks man.
  9. And heres the short documentary I filmed of the search and discovery:
  10. Thanks for the kind comments folks...had a slow last 2 weeks but I found 14 dwt yesterday and almost the same today right next to where the previous bonanza was. Hope I can hold out until the end of the season...by body is getter weary, lost 10 lbs already and I didnt have the weight to start with to lose, lol. My mining partner sold his dredge and retired from dredging so I moved mine up on that killer deposit so I get to keep it all now instead of splitting it.
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