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  1. Actually, when all is said and done, I can have a good laugh regarding Minelab's business model....afterall, I've ever only bought one new Minelab detector ever......and that doesn't look like changing anytime soon. My new Excalibur was bought new for $1599 back in 2018, and now they want extra $700 for it !!!
  2. Talk about rubbing salt into wounds....you guys get a 15% discount and we get a 25% price rise.....💩 BTW......all my T-shirts are now sold out 🙂
  3. Saw this shipment at the local dock this morning.......looks like plenty more to be offloaded from the ship. Those small jars of Vaseline just won't cut it.
  4. I've pre-ordered a 1000 of these T-shirts......I don't think it will be enough. Shows the back of the T-shirt......and then the front.
  5. That is a serious coil to swing.....I've gone back to using the Coiltek 14" DD on my GP3500. I found that the open 18" Detech DD was a little "grabby" on the sand...mainly due to having three leading edges. The flat Coiltek skims the sand nicely but can suction stick to the very wet sand. Depth is very similar between these two coils. Happy hunting !
  6. I’m guessing all the care and quality designed components and manufacturing probably goes into Codan’s HF radios and transceivers. Codan equipment is very well regarded in Australia……I guess when you’re dealing with equipment that may relate to a life or death matter then quality and reliability isn’t something that is compromised. When it comes to metal detectors then maybe not so much. The problem is a GPZ7000 costs the same as two high end HF radios !!!
  7. Why stop at 40........50 is a nice round number.
  8. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/fisher-coin-strike-r117/
  9. Could well be.....I mean there are plenty of quality made electronics coming from China....Apple comes to mind. It really depends on companies deciding the "quality" of their products. Chinese company could make a GPZ7000 for $500 or $5000 depending on what parameters their client companies set for any given product. I wonder where my GP3500 was made ?
  10. What's to stop Minelab ceasing all detector production in Malaysia........and moving everything to China 😬
  11. I meant to ask how your Manticore compares to the GPX on pure depth?
  12. Makes perfect sense.....that is some serious dedication to get the deep silver.......and gold as well 💪 My beaches are relatively clean down here....surface hairpins, bottle caps and tent pegs are my main enemy. Happy hunting.
  13. SOHK, Can you not use minimum DISC (on your DD coils) to take care of the bottlecaps and iron targets. I run my GP3500 just "clicked" out of All Metal. There is no loss in depth and the caps, hairpins,and fish hooks are blanked out. You are an inspiration for other Minelab PI users on the beach 🙂
  14. That's the equivalent of about $900 USD......I think they are paying around $1600 USD in the USA !!!! That's close to $2500 in Aussie dollars......holy moly.
  15. Strange indeed......even with shipping, the NZ price is cheaper to the tune of $400 on that "awesome" sale price of $1800 Aussie dollars....🤑
  16. And then take another 15% GST of that NZ price....might get a backup Excalibur. No GST into Australia if it's under $2000 Aussie..... Better be quick though. Might see what their Black Friday sale will be like 🙂
  17. Here's the Excalibur II on "sale" for $1800...down from the "normal" $2000 price. The problem is the Excalibur could regularly be purchased for between $1750 and $1799 until the new price jumped to $2000.
  18. And then there will be those constant 10% to 15% "Sale prices" from dealers......buyers thinking they are getting a good price but forget the jacked up new base prices. Minelab really are clueless......or not ?? 🤔
  19. And here's the rest of us mere mortals looking for ANY excuse to buy a new coil 🤑
  20. Looking at your wash settings......next time I would use a gentle rinse cycle and maybe just a dash of fabric conditioner.
  21. Get up at 1am......grab a coffee.....try and be in the water by 2am......swell and waves have been knocked flat by strong offshore winds....so strong that dry sand is blown 50 metres into the water......the feel of coarse sand and shells under my feet supercharges me......the Excal is finely tuned....I grip my steel sand scoop in eager anticipation........a few angry seagulls harmlessly dive bomb me......normal people are still in bed snoozing away.........the Excal jumps into life........the sand in my scoop melts away revealing another stainless steel ring.......I swear briefly....the gulls now decide to leave me alone........life is good.
  22. She probably tried to kick old Paddy’s severed bronze head down the road which was probably razor sharp after being cut off……and it clearly didn’t end well for her. I think Paddy had the last laugh but would like to be reunited with the rest of his body.
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