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  1. Let’s be thankful that Garrett salvaged what they could from White’s. White’s didn’t “sell out” to Garrett. The White’s business model couldn’t be sustained financially for a number of reasons, of which some were likely beyond their immediate control. I’d prefer to celebrate the awesome machines they produced over many years and that will continue to find good stuff in the ground and water for a long time to come. They were also in business for over 70 years which is quite remarkable for any company let alone one making “just” metal detectors.
  2. These parts are very hard to track down…..there was an ex Whites dealer here in Australia who had one or two but I think they have gone.
  3. …….and feels the frustration of another pull tab at 10”
  4. Wow…..at this rate, I can see the older, bullet proof SD and GP machines making a comeback….not that they ever fully disappeared anyway.
  5. Yep…..he modded my XL500 to do just that. I think the pulse width is around the 300uS mark (I’ll have to check my notes somewhere). I believe the AQ1B is similar.
  6. Or just do a search on the model right in this website. If you got to “AHRPS” website…..Monte will chime in big time for you.
  7. Awesome result really and a lot of individual digging to get all those nuggets 👍 What sort of total weight do you think you have?
  8. I used to play golf off a handicap of about 9. My set of golf clubs were old and pretty beat up but when I bought them new they they were top of the line. I was at the driving range and the pro shop talked me into trying the latest fancy Driver which I happily took down to the range. Teed up the first golf ball and sent it sailing about 260 metres with a slight draw (right to left flight path). I hit a few more with similar results so I was liking this new club. A short time later I pulled out my old Driver that looked like it had been used for demolition work and actually had a small piece missing from the club face………..teed up the ball and launched it about 275 metres straight as an arrow to the far end of the driving range 😳 ………….reaches for SD2100.
  9. I’ll keep this short…….sort of. I’ve got a nice prospecting trip coming up soon with a couple of awesome sounding fellas from the USA. The ground we will be hunting will be quite mineralised and generally devoid of man made junk. The potential for bigger nuggets is good plus obviously smaller ones. They will be bringing their 6000 and 7000 machines which will be well suited to the area. I will be swinging my GP3500 with either the 14” or 18” mono. I know the 3500 like the back of my hand and wouldn’t be using it if I felt it wasn’t an effective tool. My backup is an SD2100. I have never owned a more recent detector but if I was to buy a new detector today (for my conditions) then it would probably be the 7000. I'm still reasonably fit and strong. Now these two fellas from the USA have use of my campers hot water shower each day……if there’s any laughter or giggling when I fire up the 3500 or 2100 then those boys can go wash in a muddy puddle…….😁 Steve…..I cannot fathom how any sane person could misinterpret anything that you have ever posted regarding the Axiom / 6000. Gold does funny things to people…..balance and logic just flies out the window. At the end of the day, I will use a machine and coil that is biased toward bigger and deeper gold (that is the ground I seek). I am totally comfortable with missing very small gold whilst looking for the bigger stuff.
  10. Yep, queue up just like they do for a new Apple product release. I can see the mile long line of people outside my Garrett dealership eager to grab themselves an Axiom……great product but no so great price……..🤔
  11. I’ve still got over $100 in damaged $1 and $2 coins……I think they can be exchanged by banks?
  12. Knowing my luck, the scoop would fling back taking my eye out or it would pull my pants down around my ankles…..😳
  13. Damn you’ve got some nice toys……I’ll need to find my dream patch before I spring for those big ticket items. Maybe next month when the big gold trip begins.
  14. I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve dropped across the goldfields…..damn impossible to find if you leave ‘em behind. I’ve tried a retractable lanyard but that never seems to work out for me. I could just be more careful but that’s not going to happen.
  15. Well you’re doing the man thing and boasting about size, size, size……all I got the other day was a little nugget scoop 😳
  16. Many years ago, I finally bought a tumbler to clean up about 10 years worth of all the coins from the beach and water……I spent no less than two full days tumbling the coins in a mixture of sand and vinegar. Off to the bank coin counting machine with two heavy duty duffel bags that I struggled to carry. I was at that counting machine for over an hour……..final tally was just under $4000 👍 Those were the days when everyone carried coins to the beach…..not so much now. In hindsight I should have hired a cement mixer and cleaned the coins in one go.
  17. I hate visiting Graveyards…..😳 But when I’m long gone from this world, I’ll still be reaching for my White’s.
  18. I use an off the shelf 3 x 18650 cell battery holder. The cells are protected Panasonic 18650 that I charge on an external battery charger. Probably the easiest setup there is. Joe has way more electrical know how than me and can safely build his own battery pack using an inline BMS for unprotected cells. I use the same battery setup in my old Garrett Sea Hunter. Fire away with any questions but I’ll leave the expertise with Joe for technical matters……especially with Lithium cells. Just make sure that the battery holder is in Series and not in parallel.
  19. Good information……I guess they’re a one way death trap for anything that flies in there or think it might be a good home.
  20. Actually, I’ve changed my mind. White’s deserves its own single forum preserved forever. I think they were the greatest metal detector company ever. Yes, they lost their way a bit towards the end and forces beyond their control 🇨🇳 contributed to their demise. Greatness never lasts forever. But I can understand Steve’s view and that the tidying up and backend work running a popular website is necessary.
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