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  1. I will not purchase any “water machine” with a depth rating below 30 feet. I currently have my Excalibur but I have a near “new” Garrett Sea Hunter XL500 that has been extensively modified and checked over in detail. The unit never saw much use judging by its original condition……has all new circuit parts and Lithium batteries. Yes it’s in a big heavy Ikelite case but built like a tank and rated to 200 feet. I’ll make a thread on it shortly 👍 They don’t make them like they used to. Here are a couple of photos of “the beast”
  2. I really need (want) to try one of these out West…….in some iron infested locations 👍
  3. Thanks Steve…..when I’m out prospecting, I have no style 😄 It was more the lightweight and durability that appealed to me plus the cost is reasonable. The jack connection you mentioned is a concern though…..might have to send the company an email. Thanks for the replies.
  4. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224402933805?hash=item343f75082d:g:Ks0AAOSwOyNfjNF6 Maybe make an offer……he is an ex Whites detector dealer (Australia).
  5. I’m after a durable and lightweight set of headphones for warmer weather. I run a speaker with my 3500 but have the need for headphones sometimes. I want an “on ear” set. I’m looking at getting the Telex Airman 7 Listen Only headphones. The link is below…..love to hear any pros or cons. Impedance is 150 ohms…..thanks. https://www.sportys.com/telex-airman-7-listen-only-headset.html
  6. Well actually my Whites XL Pro came from Australia…….👍👍👍👍
  7. I think “volume of sales” has a lot to do with pricing in Australia. When a dealer in the USA can sell a 100 detectors compared to an Australian dealer who might sell 1 of the same unit then US margins can be a lot less. I have only bought one new detector in Australia during the past 20 years…..Minelab Excalibur which is actually slightly cheaper here in Australia. All my other purchases have come from the USA…….great dealers, prices and service every time 👍
  8. One thing I do know is the WINDIER and DRIER the conditions, the worse the EMI is.
  9. Damn it…….I hate it when you’re right 😄
  10. ……and that’s why they will struggle to gain sales here (again). I can’t recall seeing the last detector not made by Minelab here in Australia……prospecting, land, beach or water. We’re a tiny market here so the likes of Garrett will never be too concerned and Minelab sales will continue unabated. The ridiculous dealer prices will only strengthen Minelab’s market share……if that’s possible considering where they are already at !
  11. I’m in the Plantar Fasciitis club as well……..tried many things before finally seeing a Podiatrist. The first thing she noticed was a severe “heel strike” in my gait. I’ve been working on this to lessen the heel impact and to get more of the initial landing towards to the front half of my foot. It has improved a great deal already but I have to be aware of how I walk or the old style will creep back in.
  12. Respectfully disagree with that first paragraph but I applaud your unbridled enthusiasm 👍
  13. For the MX7, I’ve got the stock 950 but also the flat bottomed 6” Concentric coil…….I’m going to try out that combination and see how it performs. The MX7 is an absolute powerhouse little machine and an absolute credit to White’s…..not many tried this machine but those that did really sang its praises. Thanks for the information. 👍
  14. Steve……reading your Tesoro LST review now 👍
  15. Just as a side note…..I can get a cheapish “new in box” Tesoro Lobo Supertraq. Aside from no warranty, etc…..is this a unit worth considering. Steve…..I was going to put this question under the Tesoro forum but left it here as it’s relevant to the thread. Yeah I know……I’m clutching at straws with the whole VLF idea but I’d like to cover more than 5 square metres an hour 🤬
  16. Come on guys…….I just want a VLF to go: ”Beep”…….Gold 👍 ”Beep”……Gold 👍 ……..and with a rock solid threshold and nice “nulls” on iron. I’ll dig the 22 lead slugs if I have to 😄 Im trying to find a photo I had of the area……you can see where lightning has struck the ironstone outcrops and fused the area together……like a giant arc welder.
  17. Thanks all……I agree the MX7 is worth a shot. Based on the MXT circuitry might be okay but I have heard that the MXT can struggle in bad ground…..but I’m talking bad ironstone ground. I may have to switch out the 6” Concentric coil to a smaller DD as Jeff suggested. Failing this then it’s time for a 6” coil on my 3500…….so long as the smaller coil/windings don’t get lit up by the hot ground. 👍
  18. Maybe no one else wants them…….Limited model that is. 🙈
  19. Chet…..awesome information as well. I’ll be putting these ideas to the test in coming weeks. I’m pretty handy with a PI but have to admit that I have never nugget hunted with a VLF…..although have heard of those that persevered back in the day when that was all that they had to swing. Small coil and low GAIN……
  20. Thanks for the great information……I might just take out what VLFs I have and see how we go……not dedicated nugget machines by any stretch of the imagination but worth a spin. 6.59khz and 13.8khz here we come.
  21. From what I can gather, higher frequency VLF detectors are more suited for smaller gold but ground mineralisation may be something to factor in. Would there be a “better” frequency for nuggets 1 gram and above in heavy ground? I’m not too concerned if I miss sub gram nuggets if there is a better suited frequency. The old Garrett Groundhog circuitry was legendary in this country…..I think it was around the 15 kHz mark. Is this frequency range a good starting point or do I need to consider other things such as better ground balancing capabilities or Garrett’s extra coil voltage. My Minelab PI units will be mainstay detectors but as mentioned in another post, I have ground littered in man made iron junk and the ground mineralisation is severe. There are plenty of nuggets in the 1 gram to 5 gram range (maybe bigger) but the iron signals are as dense as 5 per square metre 🤬 Thanks for any ideas.
  22. …….especially if using a concentric coil. A DD coil will lose a bit of accuracy from my observations.
  23. My XL PRO has a needle/meter and the ID accuracy on it is unbelievable. How do they get that resolution when the digital ID on my MX7 can dance around a few numbers……which is still very good btw.
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