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  1. At the 2:00 mark..........I couldn’t help but think that it could “flat line” 😳
  2. Tarsacci was badly falsing in between the targets so sensitivity was way too high. Other machines were nice and quiet which means they probably had some power to spare ? Good test really especially swinging in between targets to gauge falsing.
  3. And here’s me swinging my XL Pro...........and loving it 👍
  4. “A man can never have enough detectors”..........obviously you haven’t met my wife 😳
  5. You are welcome......how’s the ground in your area ? If it’s quiet then the TDIBH might be viable ???
  6. Okay....results are in.....and it was an ugly experience for sure. No matter what setting I tried, even with low gain and increased pulse delay, the old girl screamed her head off. The ground was quite mineralised so in benign soil then things might be okay but in traditionally mineralised goldfields then it is a futile exercise. The GB didn’t stand a chance and I think I scared off most of the wildlife In the area......time for a cold beer to steady my nerves. Now in parts of the USA, a lot of gold bearing ground is in much, much milder soils so that might work out. Do your homework before venturing to new ground......if it’s anything but benign ground.......don’t take the TDIBH 👎
  7. What I will do is take my TDIBH to an area of high mineralisation.....it’s not too far from home, maybe a 20 minute drive. Just waiting for the weather to cool off first. I will put it through it’s paces and we’ll see what happens....stay tuned !
  8. Separating high and low conductors when looking for a wide range of nuggets (sizes and purity) is risky as the crossover point ties in with where the GB is set. The TDIBH has the power but the GB range/resolution will be problematic in highly mineralised ground.....which down here is very widespread. In milder ground then it might be okay but if you are serious about nugget hunting then there are much better options out there.
  9. And this is why I got the Whites TDI BeachHunter almost 2 years ago. An actual unit in an actual box with actual performance. I feel the performance of the AQ probably wasn’t going to surpass that of the TDIBH but was going to “have to cost” at least twice as much.........and that would have dire consequences. I just have this bad feeling about the whole AQ project. ...............and I genuinely hope I am completely wrong with everything I have just said ! In the mean time, my TDIBH is sniffing out gold way down in that lovely deep layer of compacted shell and fine limestone. Don’t sit on the fence deciding or waiting what to use......get the best you can today
  10. Only deeper if conditions allow for the TDIBH to be maxed out.....in surf and waves then it has to be detuned and then you have the 12” coil to deal with. The SHMK2 is a better choice in these conditions. On the lower beach and hard pan then the TDIBH is probably the best there is.....for now.
  11. Checked my records from my previously owned SHMK2 with the big coil..... my wedding band was detected at 14”. The TDIBH running at the higher voltage (14.8v) detects the same ring at 18”......I also found that the bigger coil was only slightly deeper than the 8” coil with about 1.5” depth gained on coin/ring sized targets. The SHMK2 is one of the few detectors that I regret selling. The toughness of it and the confidence in the (leak proof) battery area and that little powerhouse 8” coil in the surf and waves is the best in the business. I remember that the male pins on the headphone connector are quite delicate and I broke one off. I had a spare set of headphones which I swapped out.....another SH strength in its overall design. In rough ocean conditions, the TDIBH with the big coil is a bear to use and has to be powered down via Gain or Pulse delay. I can see myself acquiring another one of these great Garrett units.👍
  12. With the extra voltage pack, the TDIBH is a good 3” to 4” deeper than the SH MK2. The hardwired TDIBH coil helps get some extra punch over a removable coil cable.
  13. Thanks for that......so this one (4S2P) from Batteries Direct would suit the TDI Pro. I have the 4S1P for my TDIBH.......half the one pictured. Ouch...they want $166 for the pack !
  14. And I’m hoping you don’t let any smoke out of the TDI........👍 Tony PS....is the TDI PRO powered with those standard barrel connectors and the SL the standard Whites AA holder?
  15. Respectfully disagree with all of that........although the video was good.
  16. Decided to hold off on the TS.......you can buy new units but in reality there is no warranty as such. Well there is, but no one can do the repair work if needed. I would have thought that dealers would be selling these off cheaper than they are, which is to say the prices remain unchanged since Tesoro’s demise 😔 Tony
  17. Couldn’t agree more Steve with all of the above......I’ve tested some big gold and platinum rings and depending where the GB point is set, some of these rings are only picked up at 3” to 4”😳 GB Off is sensational though and that is all I run (and all I ever will) with the TDIBH on the beach. I’ve seen the results with GB engaged and it isn’t pretty. With the GB on then you will absolutely miss some gold and platinum, big and small. Personally, I just can’t accept that. Additionally, our $1 and $2 coins are high conductors and they really add up.......I detected over $1000 alone last year In just these coins that people drop everywhere on the beach and in the water. So at the end of the day, I have to dig the whole range of conductivity from low conductors to high conductors so the two tone GB on is pointless if I’m going to dig all targets......and with the dreaded “holes”. Tony
  18. I did try the TDI......worked very well BUT the amount of iron targets of all sizes was crazy.....couldn’t separate easily with the 12” coil. Also the range of iron and iron alloy targets and their sizes means probably missing some good targets. There is gold and old silver to be found which gives a nice spread on the conductivity range so I need to be digging all low and high tones if I do GB. Thanks Tony
  19. Thanks Steve, I think I might have to pick up one of the last remaining stocked Tiger Sharks from the USA.........otherwise I’ll never truly know..........😋 Keep you posted if I get one Thanks Tony
  20. Hello Steve, TDI was GB off. The guy running the ATX was quite experienced, mainly prospecting but knew how to set it up for beach work. The ATX needed the Sensitivity turned down in order to get a smooth threshold. We agreed that all detectors had to have sensitivity set at whatever level provided a smooth threshold and didn’t false in the general target area. Initially the ATX was set with sensitivity too high which lead to multiple false signals. Once the ATX was adjusted then the threshold was smooth and all falsing stopped.......but the signal depth was about 3” below the TDI which ran smoothly at max Gain and 10us pulse delay. Tony
  21. I’ve been doing some freshwater hunting with the Excalibur lately but I’m finding that the old girl nulls quite a bit due to the lake floor being quite mineralised...it is a clay base. I can turn the Sens into Auto but that really dumbs the unit down and depth really suffers. I have been thinking of getting the Tiger Shark but not sure if the GB will be effective enough and whether it can handle the minerals. The Excalibur in PP is quite effective but there is too much iron junk to contend with. Any thoughts out there....... Thanks Tony
  22. We reduced the buried target depth at 1” increments.....it sure took some time to do ! Started out at 18” buried depth and then worked our way down to 15” where the ATX found the target. Tony
  23. Any prospecting version will have to deal with Australian ironstone....the stuff from Western Australia is legendary. Small pieces will jump an inch to a strong magnet, will deflect a compass needle and outcrops struck by lightning will fuse together into a smooth mass 😳 But it is often a good sign of gold being nearby.......generally speaking, VLF’s go to these areas to die a painful death and you will find more gold swinging a golf club. Tony
  24. I tell my wife that golfers are allowed 14 clubs to play a round of golf and metal detecting is no different.....................I’m still only allowed 4 “clubs” 😩
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