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  1. On 7/6/2020 at 9:32 AM, midalake said:

    UGH, Hate trying to keep separation. My hunting style is coil glued to the carpet. 

    I think the intent here is to let the wave and swell motion move the coil across the sea floor as this will reduce the salt signal as the coil and salt water “target” move as one. I always do this when possible as it’s also less fatiguing. In my rough hunting conditions, sometimes I say to Mother Nature....”so where are you taking me this time?” On more than one occasion, I have been swept along and detected a nice gold ring that I probably would never have detected over.

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  2. 4 hours ago, cudamark said:

    I found those lower sensitivity settings greatly reduced the depth capabilities. I tried it on several targets that I found in all metal and sensitivity maxed. I then lowered the sensitivity and found many signals disappeared when set at 5 or lower.

    Okay, having not used the AQ, it sounds like the Sensitivity function impacts the detector far more than other PI detectors that I have used.

  3. 42 minutes ago, Skullgolddiver said:

    You're right...Unluckily I tried any way to set the lowest delay with scarce results despite 50% Gain.

    I hunt in a strong salty area, where is really hard to keep quiet the machine even at 17uS.

    I finally managed good results only raising up to 20uS and despite using GB on to skip coins, I finally used with full gain and rock solid treshold the Tdi.

    Surprisingly, our loved gold rings don't disappear with higher delay with this machine...The scary thing is the GB knob cautious use regard the black hole!

    This is intelligent use of the PI detector......having a stable machine will get more gold rather than running quick delays that will have a PI screaming all day long. I don’t care if I miss some small scraps of gold because the bigger pieces won’t be missed.

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  4. I fully understand.....I will still always choose a setting that has both a good response to most gold and minimal response to salt. If that means running at 20us to 25uS then I’m okay with that. With high salt content and quick moving saltwater then sometimes it’s the only choice and it’s a smart move. There’s a reason why detectors such as the discontinued Tesoro Sand Shark had a minimum start delay of about 25uS......you might miss the really smaller gold but you’d always hear the bigger gold and with a nice even threshold to make hours of saltwater detecting pleasurable. Depth on larger and higher karat gold rings are usually not disadvantaged with a slower delay (typically around the 15uS to 20uS) mark. 👍

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  5. Hello Ray

    I would love to get a V3i before they disappear forever......I certainly don’t need one as my XL Pro and MX7 is all I need really......and of course I would purchase from the USA directly ?

    I hope you are keeping well down in Tassie 👍


  6. When a detector box is opened and batteries put in to test the unit and a coin is waved in front of the coil......technically.......it is now used and second hand.....used detectors can be sold out of the USA  🤫

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  7. The price on White’s detectors in Australia was absolutely outrageous and I emailed the company letting them know exactly that. I managed to buy all of my White’s detectors from US dealers who were not supposed to do so but they were good to me. The number of Aussies looking to buy White’s products generally didn’t have this luxury and when they saw the local prices couldn’t run to Minelab fast enough. White’s would have made some significant inroads into the Australian market by either selling directly from the USA or asking for a please explain from Aussie dealers for the exorbitant markups. I know we don’t have the volume of sales when compared to the US but that doesn’t account for the price differences. I got my TDIBH from the US for about $1500 Australian dollars.....local dealers here wanted about $2300. I saved $800  !!!




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  8. 32 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    A lot of bottle caps will have a ferrous “edge” to the signal if using tones. But some just sound good so you have to dig them. My deepest signal so far was a quiet little tone in sand. Over ten scoops later there was the bottle cap. I started getting the ferrous edge when I got close, but by then I was determined to see it with my eyeballs.

    I swear that the Corona bottling plant is just down the road from me and not in Mexico.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Compass said:

    Thank you Tony, Good to see someone with both detectors who could verify this. 2" is significant since the Beachhunter is no slouch when it comes to depth.

    Well I don’t own the AQ 🙁.....just going on Joe’s videos and targets used.

  10. A while back. I posted a question about the AQ and bottlecaps so that has been answered for me !

    Bottlecaps are a nightmare down here on my beaches but the Excal does very well on these. I have dug as many 200 in one long hunt. If anyone finds a tactic to dealing with these on the AQ then please update. We also have many $1 and $2 coins which are lost in their thousands on the beaches and in the water. These “goldies” are comprised of 92% Copper, 6% Aluminium, 2% Nickel which will be high conductivity on any detector. Are these sorts of targets ($1 and $2)  sacrificed on the AQ in the pursuit of gold? (Assuming not running in AM)
    I usually average $1500 per year with these coins alone and they give a good indication of how popular a beach is and by their condition, a recent drop or not.


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  11. That’s a nice pile of targets......On coin and ring sized targets, the TDIBH is about 2” behind the AQ at maximum depths attainable. I really enjoy mine (TDIBH) but would prefer a smaller coil of about 10” or so for hunting in the water. On the beach itself then the 12” coil is fine. 

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