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  1. Eric winds the coils to suit quick delays.....the photo's just show the physical design only.
  2. Hello SGD, I am currently waiting to hear back from Eric Foster regarding a suitable coil for the TDIBH. Eric and I keep in regular correspondence but I know he’s recently moved house and recovering from quite a serious illness. The coil I’m trying to purchase is a 10” centre mount coil that is suitably wound for delays as low as 10uS. The coil is identical to that used on the Aquastar detector. I’m not sure if Eric has the right shells. The photo attached is from the Aquapulse website but shows the same design. Centre mount coils offer superior stability in the water. An 8” coil is also possible. As soon as I hear back from Eric then I’ll update this thread. All his coils are fully potted with epoxy. The second photo shows the design of the 8” coil Tony
  3. Diameter starts at 2” and just under 4” length ....certainly would allow for a very decent sized battery which would be good for water work with long hunt times. One draw back is losing the nicely streamlined OEM battery pack.
  4. Some of the best Underwater cylindrical enclosures and fittings come from Blue Robotics...high quality and very high depth ratings. Check out their range.....impressive. Perfect for an 18650 cell setup. https://bluerobotics.com/store/watertight-enclosures/2-series/wte-vp/#tube
  5. I wonder if Fisher has 100 people to sell the AQ to within the USA........Rick ??
  6. Simon.....you are not helping my resolve at all....👍👍👍
  7. Funnily enough, the perceived restrictions on the AQ Limited (depth rating and battery life) would not bother me one bit because this is a tool that I would most likely use on the hard pan at low tide....no need to worry about depth ratings and a careful battery swap out after 3 hours is fine. I’m currently well over my retrieval abilities in deeper and rougher water with the Excalibur......let alone the TDIBH with that “too big a coil” for rough water. Boy oh Boy.....$1500 is a very good price 😋 and a smart move by Fisher. But as you all know....I’m unlikely to get the unit.......right 😇 Certainly would like to try one out down under......I’ve been using beach/water PI’s since my Goldquest SS back around the early 2000’s. Damn you Fisher for tempting me yet again !! 🤯
  8. Personally, I would love to know the depth capability on a buried US Nickel in neutral beach sands. The signal needs to be a definite change in threshold that an average person should hear. Even better.....a blind test on a target that “might” be in a given small area. In real life detecting, operators don’t know where deep targets are so testing should replicate this. Kudos to Fisher....they really got their act together after all and in difficult times 👍 Tony PS....Benchmark for a buried Nickel as described in the test procedure above (where the operator does not know that a target even exists) is approximately 15” to 16” with the TDIBH @ 14.4v with GB off / GAIN at max / Delay at 10uS
  9. I have used both units....From my in ground tests and records, the TDIBH is clearly superior in depth. A 12” target seen by the Infinium will be seen at 15” with the TDIBH running the higher voltage pack. The stock TDIBH battery will still have a clear advantage over the Infinium. I used to also run a Garrett Sea Hunter MK2 and it pipped the Infinium in depth......straight PI over the GBPI won out (in white coral sands). Currently......the TDIBH @ 14.4v is as deep as you will get from any detector (for typical beach hunting) including any PI from Minelab. I don’t have to deal with any magnetic black sands locally. I’d like to test out the TDIBH in true black sands with GB on.
  10. Oh boy.... with all this talk......we’re getting uncomfortably close to the $3,000 mark Hey, but it’s no problem to me because I’m not getting one......just like I said earlier 😇 Thats right.....not getting one......said it right on this forum in black and white !! I don’t “Need” the AQ...........😍😍😍😍 Tony
  11. The reason a higher level of water ingress is required is due to static v dynamic water pressure. Detecting in surf and waves generates a high level of dynamic water pressure. I used to surf and had many 50m rated watches leak on me.....usually the result of wiping out. As soon as I moved to 100m to 200m rated watches, I never had another problem with water killing them. A decent wave crashing over you in only 3 feet of water will subject the control box to a high level of dynamic water pressure. I’m guessing the unit would be safer in 15 feet of calm water where the static water pressure would be less likely to force its way in.
  12. Curious to know what troubles you have had with the TDIBH? Let me know if I can help !! Tony
  13. An unlikely purchase for me...... My beaches are generally mineral free due to base coral sands I physically can’t dig any deeper in the rough water than with my Excalibur at full power I will not use a water detector with minimal ingress protection I don’t want to spend unnecessary energy and time digging a wide range of iron and iron/alloy targets I let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting for me and tend to hit areas that I know have had most sand removed and the heavy targets are in range My TDIBH has enough firepower for me if the need arises and it’s good to 30 feet Crappy Aussie dollar, shipping, tax and an exorbitant dealer markup doesn’t help But I’m glad detectors such as the AQ exist.......and never say never 🙈
  14. I used to have about 5 detecting websites “Bookmarked”.........now I only have just the one 👍
  15. Simon......sorry to disappoint you but you’ll have to wait until the 16th to see the release......about 3 am your time 😂 Im slightly better at 11pm on the 15th......👍
  16. The Detech coils may be waterproof but if fully submerged then flotation may become a problem. Ideally, a fully potted coil would be best for water work, especially in deeper water. Another potential problem for non potted coils is water pressure compression on the coil shell could generate false signals and worse still, rupture of the coil housing. Just as an FYI...fully potted means a solid epoxy filled coil, typical for water/diving based detectors such as the Excalibur, Sea Hunter, Aquapulse. I am in the process of trying to acquire an epoxy filled coil so stay tuned. I have decided not to pursue a smaller land based coil for my TDIBH as I’m not confident the single turn GB control will do the job. Tony
  17. There are “many” full time, part time, hobbyists and amateur detectorists who are struggling to swing heavy Minelab PI detectors.....good balance can only go so far before arm, elbow, shoulder, neck or back pain creeps in. A good deal of these people would gladly move to an overall lighter detector platform and would happily accept “some” performance drop by moving away from a Minelab.......because now they can hunt for 10 hours a day instead of 5. It’s a case of not if, but when, Minelab sees this opportunity.......and fills it. The TDI SL physical platform is there already........just needs to be tweaked under the hood 👍 If the performance was right up there with Minelab then someone’s going to have their lunch eaten 😳 Minelab has very deep pockets.....I also suspect they could probably counter “rival” machines should the need arise. I can only imagine what future tech / prototypes they already have in the works with some ready for market !
  18. What he said 🔝 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  19. The pack I use sits snugly in the battery housing area....no padding needed. The orientation of the pack is important (see photo). Just hook up the battery and then gently slide in the battery pack.......the pack doesn’t move around at all 👍
  20. And too much sensitivity (Excalibur as an example) will incorrectly null on good targets. Often these good targets are at the fringe of detectable range but not always. Plenty of learning when it comes to beach hunting.......if you’re not learning something every time you go out then I’m afraid you’ve been asleep at the wheel 😳
  21. Those flat, featureless beaches can be overwhelming. You just need to be sure that you are in a high traffic area which will be relative to low and high tides. If there are some low areas or depressions then so much the better. And finally, if you have found an area described above then dig a few test holes......you don’t want “quicksand”. The sand needs some bulk to it...... coarse/larger sand or shells will keep targets in range. I detect in bare feet if it safe enough and the texture of the sand between my toes will dictate where I go. Don’t hunt large areas if it’s not productive......zig zag down the whole beach until you find that first heavy target. Light weight targets don’t count as their origins could be from anywhere. You want coins, preferably green and crusty, lead sinkers (if too many then the beach may not be a popular swimming beach). Be prepared to walk and detect for miles until you find that area Mother Nature has waiting for you. Gold will be your reward. Hopefully this will get you started.....the above concepts have served me well for 20 years. Tony
  22. And here’s me thinking the Flux Capacitors (used for Time travel) might be in the Time Ranger Pro...........😂
  23. You mean on the “Time Ranger Pro”.........maybe Steve can check for those special capacitors 🤫
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