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  1. I actually understood most of this as I have read plenty of basic PI theory. But surely the Flux Capacitor must play a big part in all of this 😉
  2. Thanks for all of this interesting information...... So, in essence, it’s the culmination of the; 1. The square boxy bit with the buttons and knobs 2. The round thingyamejig at the bottom .........and everything in between. It appears that Minelab do make a good version of the above and manage to keep all of the smoke from escaping. Tony
  3. Okay all you propeller heads...... When it comes to PI detector power, it’s Amps that matter first.....correct ? Minelab PI’s: Operate around the 7.2v but draw close to an Amp White’s TDI: Operate at 12v to 16v but draw about half an Amp So voltage is “electrical pressure” but Amperage is “the rate of electrical flow”....... What controls the Amps........just the MOSFET Steve......didn’t know where to post this question so feel free to move as needed. Thanks Tony
  4. I’d like to try this coil on my TDIBH
  5. Yep, that was a great read alright. One 👍 isn’t really enough so here’s 👍👍👍👍 Thank you Michael Tony
  6. Thanks for the detailed response, much appreciated. Detech do a nice 8” or 11” mono.......11” is tempting as a good size for the beach and (potentially) gold fields...if I go down this route. Coiltek also do a nice 9” Elite mono. I don’t use the TDIBH in the water so a light floaty coil is no problem at all. I shall update if this goes ahead. Thanks Tony
  7. Thanks everyone for these replies, sounds like a smaller mono is the right direction. Any thoughts on a larger DD coil ?? Tony
  8. Hello Rick Yes, it is hard wired but I have opened the case a few times and to hook up another coil isn’t too difficult, although it’s not something I’d do on a regular basis. Finding the best coil is where the research comes in. Thanks Tony
  9. I recently tried out my TDIBH on some fairly mineralised ground and it was a disaster......no setting of the GB or Gain would calm the machine down. My question is what sort of coil might work well......Mono....DD....concentric......and what size? The stock 12” Dual Field is sensational on the beach but that’s all it’s good for. I’d like to try a large DD to see if it could tame the bad ground...but the single turn GB may still not be enough? Love to hear from the experts Thanks Tony
  10. Thanks Gerry.....Will PM you. Tony PS.......I have that very nice TDI Beach Hunter that you sold me in 2018. It sure has found me some nice gold on the beach 👍
  11. Let me know if you want to shift an SD or GP.......looking for one in nice condition if possible. A 3500 would be nice ! Thanks Tony
  12. Let me know if you decide to upgrade.....what sort of condition is the 2200 in ? Thanks Tony
  13. I am betting this would find some bigger deeper gold missed in Australia And most likely all the way from NZ........👍
  14. At the 2:00 mark..........I couldn’t help but think that it could “flat line” 😳
  15. Tarsacci was badly falsing in between the targets so sensitivity was way too high. Other machines were nice and quiet which means they probably had some power to spare ? Good test really especially swinging in between targets to gauge falsing.
  16. And here’s me swinging my XL Pro...........and loving it 👍
  17. “A man can never have enough detectors”..........obviously you haven’t met my wife 😳
  18. You are welcome......how’s the ground in your area ? If it’s quiet then the TDIBH might be viable ???
  19. Okay....results are in.....and it was an ugly experience for sure. No matter what setting I tried, even with low gain and increased pulse delay, the old girl screamed her head off. The ground was quite mineralised so in benign soil then things might be okay but in traditionally mineralised goldfields then it is a futile exercise. The GB didn’t stand a chance and I think I scared off most of the wildlife In the area......time for a cold beer to steady my nerves. Now in parts of the USA, a lot of gold bearing ground is in much, much milder soils so that might work out. Do your homework before venturing to new ground......if it’s anything but benign ground.......don’t take the TDIBH 👎
  20. What I will do is take my TDIBH to an area of high mineralisation.....it’s not too far from home, maybe a 20 minute drive. Just waiting for the weather to cool off first. I will put it through it’s paces and we’ll see what happens....stay tuned !
  21. Separating high and low conductors when looking for a wide range of nuggets (sizes and purity) is risky as the crossover point ties in with where the GB is set. The TDIBH has the power but the GB range/resolution will be problematic in highly mineralised ground.....which down here is very widespread. In milder ground then it might be okay but if you are serious about nugget hunting then there are much better options out there.
  22. And this is why I got the Whites TDI BeachHunter almost 2 years ago. An actual unit in an actual box with actual performance. I feel the performance of the AQ probably wasn’t going to surpass that of the TDIBH but was going to “have to cost” at least twice as much.........and that would have dire consequences. I just have this bad feeling about the whole AQ project. ...............and I genuinely hope I am completely wrong with everything I have just said ! In the mean time, my TDIBH is sniffing out gold way down in that lovely deep layer of compacted shell and fine limestone. Don’t sit on the fence deciding or waiting what to use......get the best you can today
  23. Only deeper if conditions allow for the TDIBH to be maxed out.....in surf and waves then it has to be detuned and then you have the 12” coil to deal with. The SHMK2 is a better choice in these conditions. On the lower beach and hard pan then the TDIBH is probably the best there is.....for now.
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