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  1. Is this designed to be an external battery pack because I can't figure out how that will fit inside the TDIBH battery compartment ? Tony
  2. I am guessing not all in series....maybe a 4 series and two parallel.....AKA....... 4S2P......?
  3. I am still "wowed" by the rock solid threshold with GB Off....but it is sensitive enough to let you hear "microscopic" changes when something really deep is there.......? For the record.......the small plastic tabs that need to be removed from inside the battery compartment lie where the back end of the two outer batteries sit. Tony.
  4. Well I sat down and re-visited the 4 x 18650 batteries for the TDI Beach Hunter and managed a successful battery boost.....It's a snug fit but went in better than expected. Now someone probably has another version but here is my Ghetto version ! I needed to remove most of the White's battery holder to reduce the overall height otherwise the 18650 holder would sit on the floor of the White's holder. All that's really needed is the end part to make the electrical contact. The two outer batteries are quite secure inside the detector as they snug up against the battery compartment housing. 1. Cut down AA White's battery holder 2. Trimmed down 18650 battery holder 3. Removal of two small plastic tabs from the "roof" of the detector's battery compartment (easy and very neat) 4. Bit of hot glue to bring the two holders together but doesn't need to be super strong. 5. Soldering of 18650 leads to contacts on the White's battery holder And for the record.........the depth increase on my gold ring is a solid 1.5" to 2" over the standard 12v pack. Range has jumped from 14" to 16" with GB off and everything else at max.
  5. Thanks Steve for those links.......I try to avoid creating new threads without duplication !
  6. I have discovered that 4 x 18650 cells cannot fit into the battery compartment without Dremmeling that area and that is something I won't do. The battery compartment has 4 or 5 internal ribs that run down the whole length and this is what prevents those batteries from fitting. It looks like it has to be a maximum of 3 x 18650 cells which of course won't get us to the fabled higher voltage and better depth of detection..........anyone know what a realistic depth increase would be from that extra 3.7v cell? Thanks, Tony
  7. Okay, back from the beach and did some basic tests.... Nice clean white sandy beach so it would GB "the same" across the whole pot setting. No GB needed but a noticeable depth increase when GB engaged. Now, the GB "hole" changes when testing a gold and platinum ring so I really don't know where to set the GB to maximise coverage and limit the "hole"....and then with the pulse delay skewing results even further. Am I reading into this too much..................seriously thinking of keeping GB off unless it is really needed for those rare black sand spots. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........?
  8. Tom and Steve.......appreciate the feedback which all makes sense to me. Maybe it is more prudent to run as a straight PI (GB off) if no GB is actually needed. Some more experimenting is needed but at least I know what the issue is. Thanks again, Tony
  9. My TDIBH got here door to door from the USA in 6 days which is great....thanks again to Gerry at Gerry's Detector's ! I did some basic tests on my back lawn (which is devoid of any metallic targets to at least a metre). I did notice that no GB was needed which is what I would expect but interestingly if the GB was left at "4", the detector would barely detect my gold ring. As soon as the GB was turned higher or lower, then the ring was detected at great distance. I know I can run with no GB (straight PI) but the depth was slightly improved with GB engaged. I am wondering that when I hit the beaches, which down here are generally mineral/black sand free, where should I leave the GB if it's not required? I will most likely bury a target and dial in the GB (assuming it's not actually needed for a proper GB) which gives the best response but I am very wary of a setting that might not see the target ! I am new to the TDI SL platform so any tips is much appreciated. Thanks, Tony
  10. Well that is some good news.......mine is due this Friday so I will put it through some beach tests this weekend. Thanks for the update, Tony
  11. Please keep us updated if they get back to you with a diagnosis. Can I ask what battery you were running at the time (please feel to PM me on this matter ?) Thanks, Tony
  12. That's not what I wanted to hear.......hope my unit is okay as it is a 20,000 mile round trip !
  13. Great news....mine is inbound from the USA !! Tony PS....Thanks to Gerry
  14. What's the retail price on these in the UK? Thanks, Tony
  15. Thanks Gerry for that piece of potentially good news. I have just bookmarked your Webpage and if things do work out, then you will be my first choice for anything I need from the USA. Thanks, Tony
  16. I shall have a good look when I go down to my local electronics store. I have also seen mini alliagtor clips that have an adjustable screw that provides extra security. There are also those female spade style connectors that could possibly be used...just find the right size and maybe very lightly crimp if necessary. ..........just need the detector first ! Hoping they will be for sale soon as they are available for pre-order by a few dealers in the USA.
  17. My plan is to use the 4x18650 holder (secured with 3M velcro to the inside of the battery compartment) and then connect directly to the detector's battery contact points via insulated mini alligator clips. It might be a bit tricky to reach down there to the contact points but it is possible. Failing that, then still use the 4x18650 battery holder (electrically connected within the standard AA holder)....and then slide on in. Standard AA holder will need some modding so the 18650 pack can fit in okay (height clearance). We shall see......?
  18. Dear Mr White....? Us Aussies love White's detectors and now that we no longer have an AUTHORISED White's dealer here in Australia, can you please relax the conditions on your White's dealers in the USA to allow them to sell directly to us............pleeeeezzzzz.....? Yes we have some general 3rd party detector sellers but not that long ago, one of them went bankrupt whilst still selling detectors that many people never got ! Thanks for your consideration... Tony
  19. Tom, If we were to provide suitable new coils to White's for fitting then would our warranty remain intact. Would we get a credit on the stock dual field coil? Thanks, Tony
  20. If only there was a way to connect/solder a generic power lead to the actual internal detector's battery contacts and then use whatever custom NiMH or Li-Ion battery pack that will fit inside the battery area. Thoughts on using a high quality silver based epoxy/adhesive to electrically connect a power lead to the detector's battery contacts ?
  21. Tom, Thanks for the battery information.....The 3D printed packs will hold the 3 x 18650 cells but how is the 16V pack done? I'm guessing another custom build using the standard penlight AA holder? Where does the printed pack need modifying with the Dremel, and what run time can be had with the 3 x 16850 at 3400mah? Thanks, Tony
  22. In the overall scheme of things, a HI/LOW switch is far from a deal breaker, especially on the beach where I will retrieve all targets except those with a large "signature", such as tent pegs and beer cans. Having said that, I will dig up full beer cans....? Tony
  23. Was hoping for an 8+ hour run time......there are options out there. The White's NiMH battery pack is 2200 mah.....if the draw on the TDI is 0.5A then the maths doesn't look too good as far as run time goes....4 hours max !
  24. We need a Lithium battery system...... a run time of 4-5 hours with the standard NiMH pack isn't enough when you are out in the water and the car is a mile away for a battery swap. Might have to try one of those 3 x 18650 (3400mah) battery setups. There is a guy who 3D prints the battery pack (For units using the standard 8 AA Penholder) but will this fit the TDI (Beach Hunter) case ? Tony
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