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  1. Seriously....? https://www.metaldetector.com/whites-tdi-beachhunter-extreme-pulse-waterproof-metal-detector
  2. Actually the $1000 threshold has now gone so it is 10% GST on anything that arrives into Australia regardless of age. The savings are still very good though. White's detectors have such a huge markup here in Australia when compared to other imported machines.
  3. And it's now about time White's dealers in the USA were allowed to sell directly to Australia ! I buy my White's stuff from the USA anyway....drop ship through Oregon (I think) and then onto Australia. Even with the added shipping cost, savings are around 30% minimum.
  4. Steve and tboykin, Thanks for that information......local beaches down here can be a mixture of both with some showing nice golden/white sand on top but a good distinctive layer of black sand about 6" - 8" down (kills the VLF machines). I nearly always dig deep "test" holes to see if I am dealing with this "crappy stuff" because from the surface, you would never know it's there and can't work out why your detector is behaving so squirrelly! I sometimes wondered where a machine will GB to....the top surface (being neutral) or the black magnetic stuff further down? Oooohhhhh White's..........you're killin' me.....? Luckily it's winter down here so I can wait (a bit)... Tony
  5. Well if it turns out to be the TDI SL board then am I right in thinking that the overall depth won't be much more, if any, when compared to the Surfmaster Dual Field? Obviously some more operational flexibility with the extra controls on the SL. What else am I missing? Tony
  6. Yes, I posted it on Page 5 of this thread....scroll down a bit and you will find it.
  7. We need this to market now......actually yesterday....are you paying attention
  8. Maybe White's is waiting for Fisher to make the first move......????????????
  9. Manual attached White's TDI BeachHunter Owners Guide
  10. Thanks Matt.......that was my thinking as well.......with the detector needing a direct link for battery power. I can relax now.......not going mad after all. Tony.
  11. ....so nothing connected to the actual detector? How is the detector powered, such as the LED display? Man I feel stooooopid......trying to visualise this....
  12. Okay....I am probably over thinking this but how is the connection made for the GPX machines? Is there a 5 pin power/audio cable from the GPX control box to the transmitter mounted on the detector? Thanks, Tony
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