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  1. Congratulations on the nice ring! Athletic areas can be very productive depending on who is using them. For example, I wouldn't waste effort looking for gold at a children's field on the field, but the sidelines to curbs where adults spend tons of time are prime areas for that kind of park. Parks that are used to host community events are potential producers. I particularly like the "after 5" drink fests the many Jaycees in the area put on. The "movie in the park" nights are worth a look too. You got it, 5-6 inches max in clean areas, most of the time. Moderate to heavy trash at older parks worked in layers. The really trashed out parks in layers of depth and discrimination. In both cases working high to low. When I've found a patch worth working bare I like to pull all the clean repeatable signals first.Then second pass take those signals I think are trash but hard to positively ID as such. By the third or fourth pass it's mostly trash, sometimes junk jewelry, but never gold jewelry yet. You need to test your unit on deep/fringe signals (whatever that is for your soil). You may be shocked what happens. V3i will ID low or as iron. Deus tends to drive tone higher before dropping out, ime. You want a unit that runs 12Khz at a minimum, IMO. Earrings and thin chains bang harder with higher frequencies. 18khz is an excellent frequency for most jewelry hunting. I don't feel I need anything more than 22.5khz for a park. If it's that small I need a 45khz unit to find it, I don't want it.
  2. Um, Sputnik 1 launched Oct. 4 1957. I've said that before too. Pretty sure those images were photographed by aliens and fell into human hands back in 1947 at Roswell
  3. So beautiful.... the country, the rock formations, the gold, the story. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do it. Sincerely. Excellent.
  4. Fake. Argernomic? Not a word in any language. And who would trust XP to waterproof your phone? They going to replace it when it drowns? Look at their current waterproof solution... I regret buying that POS accessory. A glorified Ziplock baggie to protect an $800 dollar controller. Trust them with your new $1K Apple? Wireless underwater... think they worked that out without a wire antenna? I doubt that. I'm not the worlds spelling bee champion, but multiple spelling errors smacks as totally amateur and not professional ad copy. Mobile capitalized in mid-sentence, control with 2 lower case letter l's, and then carbonix...wtf material is that non-word? Honeycomb texture arm cup on a water unit? The French ought to be engineering speed boat hulls. I'm sure they'll win every competition with that sweet looking low drag design. Colors all wrong. Company logo errors...never! But for me, the nail in the coffin is the font is atypical of XP marketing literature and style. I can identify both fonts with enough comparison and time, but off hand, this one has poor/almost zero kerning (the space between letters), and compare the lowercase a and e... not the same! There's no way this font is XP's standard font used across all their official marketing material I've ever seen. And it's certainly not as slick as typical XP graphic design. I pay attention to this crap. So, perhaps I'm wrong, but I call this - bullshit to stir the pot. To the creator... Go back to graphic design 101. Do not pass Go.
  5. Jacked around at a parking lot edge with the 4x6 shooter coil yesterday. Been there many, many times for fast 30 min hunts using larger coils.This time I slowed down to 1 foot per second sweep speed and went for co-located and masked Dug two nickels and a dime. They were stacked and nearly on edge at 3-4". V3i read them as 64-62 depending on sweep angle. Nickels normally read 19, Dimes 72-74 (can't recall...lol) I find lots of targets like this and the read/soundsolid, generally. Found a ringpull with no tail at about 4" - 2" under a medium sized bent nail. I could clearly hear a non-ferrous down there...again, depending on sweep angle. Solid ID coming from one direction, choppy from the other. I used to analyze alot, but not nearly as much anymore. There is an intuition that comes with experience for sure.
  6. I wonder how robust the connection between the handle and controller are? I wonder if a guy falls in the muddy field if it might snap at the top of the handle. Would like to see a detail image of that area from side view and on plane.
  7. Keep "irritating" us with your reports. Congratulations on the half dime.
  8. I'd sell it and sit. On paper, the Equinox looks mighty good for the money. Even if you were an early adopter of the Nox and there happens bugs, you still have 4 detectors, like me, so I wouldn't be disgruntled by it as I might if it were my only unit. The reality is I usually just keep whatever I buy even when I should return extra items purchased, so I doubt I'd get around to selling anything I currently own. Someone else can deal with that. My kids can just have it or sell it when I die. It's likely going to be my 5th unit, so in my case, bugs? Pshhhht!, who cares? I mean, really.
  9. Not me. It's Not me. I use my tools and it shows. I never consider resale value, only my own entertainment value. Scratches and dents, to me , are like scars that tell stories of adventure.
  10. Minelab would clean house in the market if they produced a wireless discriminating pinpointer to pair with the Equinox. Then keep the whole package under a grand. Pick up the ball XP dropped with their pinpointer. That could be a potential knockout combination punch. Can you imagine? Maybe they're working on it.
  11. Thanks. I'm still waiting on rain. We had a few inches recently but it did little to to soften things up. I haven't seen my own sod crack so badly before. I haven't had to mow the grass but only twice all summer and it's been 3 weeks since I last mowed. I'll update when I have another go at it. Good hunting to you.
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