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  1. I spend a lot of my time looking for gold in rivers and streams, I call a sunbaker anything thing that is immediately visible as it is naturally positioned, without covering of gravels. Even if it is a meter under water.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to bring us these great stories from around the world. I hope you get the chance to produce more of them!
  3. Looks like some serious weight in those specimens! Do you have any more pictures of the largest one? Looks like it's richly studded with gold
  4. Yes indeed, my trusty old gold bug. About 10 years old now...
  5. Thanks Simon, I figure it's only fair for me to post about my outings. I know I only manage to get through the time between gold hunting trips by living vicariously through reading other people's stories! The creek has both rugged and more gentle parts. But it has plenty of boulders, hence my friend recently bought a 3.5t mean mother which!
  6. So I managed to squeeze in another half day outing to my spot up in the mountains. More digging and moving boulders uncovered another 3 pieces of gold for 1.5g. The larger piece is 1g and is quite coarse / rough for this area. The black material is slowly being dissolved by hydrochloric acid. The first photo shows the creek. A little bit of water with a lot of boulders. Historically this creek has produced nuggets up to 12oz, I'm sure under one of the boulders there will be one for me. Will probably be a month before I get time for another look. I'm trying to finish building my house extension in my spare time and my two young daughters keep my busy....
  7. I've had a standard Fisher gold bug for close to 10 years I've used this for a bit of coin hunting but mostly gold detecting. Has paid for itself many times over. Have also had a minelab sovereign and excalibur 2 that have well and truly paid for themselves. I Bought a second hand minelab SD2200D couple of years ago, that's still in the process of being paid for. I think it comes down more to how much treasure there is to find in your area than what detector you use... Up to a point.
  8. Frinds willing to help... For an equal share of the gold! Going again in a few days. Hope the have more to report. Happy New year's eve!
  9. John, looks like you do your exercise getting to and from the gold! I do mine digging for the gold. Admittedly while my gold is generally a little bigger than what you find now, you win for overall weight as you seem to go out more consistently pull some grams.
  10. Thanks John, hope you're having a good holiday break too. As you can see in the photo we're hard at work digging and winching boulders. Perhaps if you got into some of that you'd find multi gram nuggets again! But it's terribly hard work!
  11. Found with gold bug and equinox. But either detector could have found these. It's easy once the bedrock is cleared.
  12. Here are two photos of gold found over the last two trips. This gold was found by removing the gravel in the steam bed and exposing the bedrock. The bedrock was then detected. On both trips several of my gold hunting friends came along. The bigger nugget was 5g and very tricky to recover. Lodged deeply in a crevice under white water. The other pieces total 1.3g. I hope to have time for one more outing before I have to go back to work. I'll keep you posted. Merry Christmas!
  13. Thanks for your comments guys. I've promised myself that once I've found enough gold to cover the cost of this detector and coils I'll upgrade to a later model PI. Or a dredge...
  14. Finding gold is like drugs, and I quote - I used ta do a little but a little wouldn't do it So the little got more and more... Simon, cold is just subjective!
  15. So today I decided to take my old SD2200D coupled to my 17x10 coiltek mini ufo coil up a local creek that I has been very heavily detected. I also took along my Fisher gold bug with its 5 inch coil. My plan was to walk right up this creek detecting with the SD on the way up and then the gold bug on the way down. We have not had any decent flooding for a looooong time so any exposed bedrock has seen multiple coils by now. My plan was to target deeper areas with the Sd and then try to find some missed crumbs with the gold bug. So long story short I got a 0.6g and a 1.2g piece. Both were on the edge of bedrock areas where deeper gravels start. Having not had the sd and it's selection of large coils that long I was surprised at the comparatively small pieces it was able to detect.(when compared to the massive coil). I ran out of time to use the gold bug much but I've used it a lot in this area before so wasn't expecting much. Thanks for looking!
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