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  1. Thanks for your comments guys. I've promised myself that once I've found enough gold to cover the cost of this detector and coils I'll upgrade to a later model PI. Or a dredge...
  2. Finding gold is like drugs, and I quote - I used ta do a little but a little wouldn't do it So the little got more and more... Simon, cold is just subjective!
  3. So today I decided to take my old SD2200D coupled to my 17x10 coiltek mini ufo coil up a local creek that I has been very heavily detected. I also took along my Fisher gold bug with its 5 inch coil. My plan was to walk right up this creek detecting with the SD on the way up and then the gold bug on the way down. We have not had any decent flooding for a looooong time so any exposed bedrock has seen multiple coils by now. My plan was to target deeper areas with the Sd and then try to find some missed crumbs with the gold bug. So long story short I got a 0.6g and a 1.2g piece. Both were on the edge of bedrock areas where deeper gravels start. Having not had the sd and it's selection of large coils that long I was surprised at the comparatively small pieces it was able to detect.(when compared to the massive coil). I ran out of time to use the gold bug much but I've used it a lot in this area before so wasn't expecting much. Thanks for looking!
  4. Delnorter, I think I will dig the crevice next time I'm up there. I'll buy a good winch for the boulders. The unknowns with the crevice are a, will it continue for any useful length into the bank and b, will there be gold. Both questions can only be answered one way. And matt, yes the gold has very nice character.
  5. Had an outing with a good friend to a Local creek yesterday. We dug a huge hole and moved some big boulders and found the 1.3g right at the start of the process. Diligent detecting elsewhere in the creek produced the other two. The 1.7g was right at the start of a crevice that seems to run under a virgin bank... Might dig that out some time but there are some fridge size boulders in the way. Cheers for the fun day out buddy.
  6. Hi there, has anyone here used geophysical surveys to define a buried river chanel?
  7. Beautiful location and fantastic gold. I've got a real soft spot for crystalline gold
  8. Hi phrunt, 1.2g is better than nothing, makes for a low hourly rate $ though!
  9. With yesterday being fathers day I went down to my claim with my dad. Targeted the same spot as last time where I got 3.2g in an hour. This time we spent almost 4hrs and did a huge amount of digging but only managed to find 1.2g. Including a little specimen, which is a bit more rare for that area.Such is life, golden day out with dad though.
  10. Thanks for your kind remarks folks, this gold is from the Marlborough region in the South Island of NZ.
  11. Although I could be persuaded to get an equinox 800😉
  12. Interesting about the coil covers, I used to get white ones and then later when I got a replacement coil it does not fit the white covers anymore. Not sure what the change was about, no change in performance seemingly. I still really rate the gold bug as a detector despite having seen in action and used a number of other (late model) detectors. Largely due to the local geology and my style of gold digging.
  13. That gold bug is almost 10 years old and still going strong. Have yet to find a way to kill it. 100s of trips under its belt if you include land based relic hunts.
  14. Some additional photos of the gold, including close ups of the largest one which I believe shows some remnants of crystal character. Quite rare in Nz
  15. Hi guys and girls, My wife is due to give birth to our second child next weekend so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick trip up to the local gold field to find some gold. We'd had a fresh dusting of snow on the higher hills the day before and so my very pregnant wife, daughter and mother in law decided to tag along to try and find some snow. We drove up to the same spot I last went to on our claim with my 2yo daughter. I was dropped off at the creek and the ladies continued on up the hill for a snow/picnic adventure. We arranged to meet back at the road in 1.5hrs time. The spot I chose has a 1.5m high gravel/clay Bank resting on bedrock. Flooding has exposed the bedrock at the base and on our last trip we were successful in finding gold by removing the remaining material off the bedrock and detecting the nooks and crannies. This time I applied the same method and soon found my first piece of perhaps 0.3g. There were some very large worms in some of the gravely clay which were very impressive! Some almost half a meter long! So I managed to get 6 pieces for one hours digging and detecting. The largest was 1.6g and the total weight was 3.2g. A perfect quick mission before baby arrives. Alas the ladies didn't find any snow. Cheers
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