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  1. That is a good place to start, When you are setting up the machine to suit that patch dig a few of the rusty items and adjust your Disc so it only just knocks them out and then take it from there, Hopefully you should be able to knock out 70% + of the junk but remember high gain will work against you in a junk filled site, Good luck and let us know how you get on,
  2. In an area like that I set the machine as high as it can go while remaining smooth and not chatty and then back it off by about 1/3rd on the Gain and fit a 9 or 6" concentric coil because they ID Iron better than a DD, It's not a perfect solution but it works a lot better than giving it the full beans using a DD.
  3. At the time I made this thread 4 Years Ago a lot of Whites product were missing from their site, This was due to their Admin doing upgrades to their site. Needless to say everything missing was reinstated.
  4. One thing I noticed about some of the good older machines apart from the obvious power some of them had is when it comes to ground balancing you could GB the ground as best as possible but where not all magnetic soils can/could be wiped out completely where the machine still gives off a very slight noise or rise/drop in the threshold you could/can fine tune those signals out with the use of the DISC control so those faint rises etc all but vanish, Also machines like the TDI series you can adjust the GB to the point where is will filter out unwanted target as a crude form of discrimination, The bottom line is, It does not matter if it is a 40 year old VLF or a modern PI machine the GB system is most definitely a filter system, And on all VLF's and PI's there is a cross over point which is often referred to as the HOLE where some items just fall in to the same setting as the Ground balance setting and they totally Vanish out of sight from the detector, where as in dryer or wetter soil those targets can come back in to view for the detector, This is why you can hunt the same ground over and over and still keep finding stuff whether it be a new detector of an old one, Auto GB systems have good and bad points but locking them when you can is still the best way to go. If your ML machine is still compensating when the GB is Locked then that is not such a good thing, If it only monitors the ground then that's a good thing while it is locked, But not if it is making adjustments because the whole idea of locking it is to stop it adjusting, As I said before ML did the same thing with the Sovereign GT where you could turn the Iron Mask off but it kept running in the background which was the one thing that ruined that machine in Iron infested ground along with s few of their FBS machines which was behind the reason I changed brands, because in my soils the Iron mask takes away about 95% of the machines usefulness. J.
  5. Cool thanks for that, It's looking like a winner if those pictures are anything to go by, So good luck to White's, I hope they sell as many as they did with the GMT's.
  6. Don't the GMT Coils fit the 24K ?? Seems a bit odd because the 48khz coils from the GMT goldmaster fit the original 50khz Goldmasters and vice versa, So why don't they work ? from the looks of those pictures it looks like a keeper,
  7. Yeah that's right and how did whites react ?? They closed down the forum and lost all the info and posts and then opened some other weird site as a replacement which made hard to find anyone because our accounts were deleted, And their Sales web site got revamped and is a PIA to use compared to their old site, What ever happened to "If it ain't Broke then Don't Fix It" ??? Cutting off the public areas will only damage the brand,
  8. It's a bit like when old Yellow died, None of us know whats going on behind the scenes but I am sick of all their new machines being built on the chassis of the Treasure Mate, no matter if it is the treasure mate or the MX'sport and even the 24K, Same Shaft, Same Pod, There is not one machine that says Buy Me ??, nothing to get excited about, Just Same same same, The prices have gone up and up even though they have saved money cutting production costs by using the same chassis and other parts, There was a time when you could tell which whites machine a person was using from 50 feet away but the only thing that sets them apart is the colour of the shafts, They seem to think that a detector is all about the software and it's not that is just the internals of it, With their current designs If you look at one then you have seen them all, Even the coils from the black box design got morphed over to fit the new models, There are only 3 Whites machines I would buy and they are 1 or 2 more MXT's or/and The MXT AP and another GMT and the 808, Any of their machines that uses the MX sport style pod just fills me with dread and flash backs of 2 or 3 years ago Which nearly all of their new machines from the treasure pro/mate upwards, I just hate all the lies I got told about many products, and if I want anything made by whites I normally by it second hand from ebay because there is no way am I handing over every spare Dollar I had like I use too, I use to live and breath whites products But I now buy second hand Items if I need or want anything from whites. I am over It, fingers crossed that Nokta and Minelab keep the Dream Alive,
  9. They do listen and then they build what one of their Kid designers dream up, Like Stuffing an average detector in to the Childrens range of detectors and then try to tell professional users this is the machine we have been waiting for, The reason some of their older models have lasted nearly 20 years is because The Whites of Yesterday use to work with users and Prospectors alike and if it wasn't right they would fix it and this could go on for a year or two, But nower days they take our Ideas and twist them in to what they think we mean and wonder why we have little or no interest, Don't bother writing letters and stuff because your concerns will end up in the bin before you have clicked SEND. The best thing you can do is go with brands from the EU and AU who are still making inroads and not living on past glories.
  10. It was a horrible time for one and all, I tried to warn people and those that thought I was anti the new machine went ahead and bought it anyway and we all know how that went, The lack of response and the smarta** comments that owners got from certain quarters did not help and the total lack of willingness to listen to folks along with insisting on still sending new machines with the same problems where even the software numbers could not be relied upon did the most damage, But one field tester gave it above average reviews where people had to decipher his code by what was not said thinking that it was the machine for them. I really hate the fact that in the end I had to jump in Boot and All in order to get someone to listen and not just pay Lip Service, This was the real reason it all got out of hand, So much could of been avoided if someone had taken on board that some end users Actually know a thing or two about detectors. It's was a very sad time for all involved including White's because they are such a big part of detecting history and it was Whites who found me my First Gold and many extremely old coins, and I still feel to this day if it was not for Whites then I would never of made those finds.
  11. The MX Sport Saga was a dreadful time, because it was Me who first worked out what was going on/Wrong with it and all the other stuff that went on that I never posted, just about ruined detecting for me, And I resigned to the fact that I own the last truly great Detector Whites made, And after all that went on and how things were handled verbally etc that when I hear about a new machine from them is shortly followed with me saying a few cuss words to my self, The down side of it all is that I championed Whites and done my best to help others with their new Whites machines, But now I don't even bother reading many posts on forums under the Whites banner, I am Angry at whites because they destroyed all that I believed in and undone all the hard work I did, Resulting in me giving away my brand new GMT and selling my New unused TDI's, Without going in to details, my personal views about Whites detectors are normally said in private, I still love my MXT All Pro and I still believe that it is a heck of a Machine,
  12. Why all the Conspiracy theories, I have been a member here for years and just vanish for a few months or a year at a time, ?? My Self I have good reason to do so Having had open Heart Surgery late last year and the Death of my Mom this year, It's been a rough time and life takes over and steers you where it thinks you should be instead of where you want to be, I did not plan on either of these events but those are the Cards I was Dealt, So I gotta live with it, No one knows whats going on in this guys life, And it's wrong to think the worst about someone just because they haven't shown up in a while, This past year for me has proven to me that I am not Bulletproof and God Beats with a Big Stick, As for what or why, I am not going to comment about this guy for a simple reason, None of us know what is round the next corner and my troubles are a prime example of how powerless we humans really are. It's best to enjoy your life and those who you share your life with and worry about making the most of the good times we share with those who really matter, J.
  13. The good thing is On the News they just said Gold has just hit over $1500.00 per OZT,,
  14. I like the ATX because it is a repackaged Minesweeper which is fine with me but the weight is an issue, and over here the price has rocketed up, where it is cheaper to buy a GPX4500, They need to rethink this sudden price hike considering it is very old Tech now and If a person is serious about Gold then the GPX gets my vote, How hard can it be to put the ATX on a Diet ?
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