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  1. auminesweeper

    Future Of Nokta & Makro

    The Two machines/brands are not that/excessively different so having them share the same coils would save a fortune in R&D and give the Engineers a day of rest as well, I have sort of always ID'd the Two companies as being the same but not quite, So it is a good thing for them to become one, It will cut down on so much fuss, Well done Nokta/Makro - - - - Makro/Nokta, LOL.
  2. auminesweeper

    White's 24K Klunker Or Keeper?

    WTG Gerry, The 24K seems to be the hottest Gold Machine Whites have ever made, Congrats and Thank You to White's for doing it Right Once Again.
  3. auminesweeper

    90 Kilos Of Gold Species

    Yep that looks like the same crowd, I think it's still growing, Lol
  4. auminesweeper

    90 Kilos Of Gold Species

    Yes Steve, modern digital camera's have made it easy to record such rare finds, It's nice to get the chance to see such large Nuggets before they are lost forever, Mother Nature at her finest.
  5. auminesweeper

    90 Kilos Of Gold Species

    Reg uses little ones like those as door stops,
  6. auminesweeper

    90 Kilos Of Gold Species

    I found this posted elsewhere I don't know if folks have seen it yet ? if so just remove it. Enjoy. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-10/rich-gold-seam-half-a-kilometre-deep-in-kambalda/10219576?pfmredir=sm
  7. auminesweeper

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    Yep, when set up right they do go deep, congrats and have fun.
  8. auminesweeper

    New Zed Coil Under Test

    That looks more like Area 51 to me,, you won't find many earthly things there,, Rumour has it that B.C. "Bruce to his Mates" has been using "Non" worldly Tech for a number of years, If ya get my Drift., Some say he was born In Roswell NM in 1947, And that he has more frequent flyer Miles than NASA, all we know is that he is only 4ft tall and has a grey complexion and his favourite movie is M.I.B. Shhhhh, keep that last part to your self, Ok.
  9. auminesweeper

    New Zed Coil Under Test

    Yeah GB'ing above the trees could be a problem but puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "AirTest" Or seeing as it's a big Coil they could be holding it above the ground to avoid the surface junk, lol.
  10. auminesweeper

    Serpentine Bedrock - Hydraulic Area

    I remember Digger Bob's Video about the TDI SL where he got it to blank the serpentine and with the use of the conductivity switch you can blank larger Items and with off setting the GB you can pick and choose your targets, It is not the perfect solution but it will work better than a VLF and better than a straight out PI,
  11. auminesweeper

    White’s Australian Dealer?

    Yeah I saw he posted that which is great because at leased Whites will be accessible in OZ for a while to come.
  12. Yes In some ways a Hi FRQ could be the better choice but if the ground is too Hot switching to a lower frequency could become the better choice, The fact is there is no Guaranteed answers because what works in one place might not work elsewhere, and another reason why you will see Guys with so many different machines, But now with these new Multi Frequency machines this will help us cut back on how many detectors we use to some degree, But as with many multi purpose machines they All can do many things very well, But they can't do All things very well, A VLF (lower frequency) model will handle hotter ground If it has a good tracking system matched with a good SAT system. Those of us who have been swinging VLF/LF's for a long time we all have our own personal choice's and as old as some of those older machines are they can still mix it with the best of them and do equally well, Have a good read of Steve's Nugget Detector choice's and remember if they have a good history or they are proving them selves at this moment in time then they are a good choice.
  13. Good Mike I am pleased, having a Hi Gain machine is great for showing people party tricks like how hot a lower KHz is and how smaller bits/nuggets they can see, But out in the field having to lower the Gain on a lower KHz machine allows the machine to run in Hot ground albeit at the cost of finding those Tiny Nuggets, but allowing the larger ones to come through. Switch to a Hi KHz machine in the same hot ground as the machine above and you may have to drop the Gain a little more for it to run smooth and but due to the higher frequencies these machines can see the same targets using less power/Gain but without the depth loss, As to which is best for the task at hand ( Hi/Low ) frequency, Low is good for the hotter ground and larger targets, But on the other hand High frequency machines are better for finding the small stuff when running at a reduced gain, Throw in Multi-frequency machines with a blend/choice of Hi/Low frequencies and the options are even greater. If you end up using a single high or low frequency machine don't just try it out at it's higher settings because even most Coin machines will surprize you just how tiny a Nugget they can see when maxed out, Instead throw on a smallish coil and try running it between 6.5 to 8.5 on the GMT or any other machine with a 0 -10 scale or on the MXT from 8 to 10.5ish, These are typical Gain numbers which are used out in the field and remember don't get too heavy handed when using the S.A.T./V-SAT/ Isat depending on which brand you are using, The Gain and the V-SAT are just like Salt and Pepper, Just the right amount can make a Steak Perfect, Add too much and the whole thing is ruined, It's not rocket science so don't worry, Find a starting point and your set for life. good luck, hope that helps. John.
  14. auminesweeper

    White’s Australian Dealer?

    I think the more White's Dealers there are in Australia the better, Having access to tried and trusted brands is hugely important, If I was in good health and back home I would take it on my self. John.
  15. auminesweeper

    White’s Australian Dealer?

    Yes that is the case Now but before you joined Whites, All Whites had to come Via GSA.