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  1. Yeah I understand where your coming from and it seems that having different names/labels as in ground tracking and multi IQ ground compensation can be a bit confusing, But you can bet they are similar and with just a few subtle changes like a faster or slower SAT speed or a lower level of gain multipliers etc although SAT is mainly a thing found on threshold based machines, I think you might find the answers in Andy's new book because he has a habit of delving in to the unknown with most of the machines he has written about, He's pretty switched on when it comes to this type of stuff. or maybe Chris or JP could explain just how this process works.
  2. As with many companies ML are not going to release info on what makes their products Tick, and as for being able to work in Salty locations each mode will has a GB range to suit the conditions as to what those ranges are and which mode they are only ML knows the Answers to that, I prefer a machine that has a separate Salt Mode or Salt Switch that can be switch on in any mode. What ML have created here with the NOX is a machine that be it Novice or Pro can just go to the store and Buy a machine that will get them up and running straight off the Bat and while that suits 99% of people there are some who like to mess with things, This is where pre set programs fall short but for the rest of the world are more than impressed with how they work, One of my pet hates was with the Sovereign GT where it had an Iron Mask switch but even with it switched off the Iron Mask was still running in the back ground which slowed the machine down by a huge margin and because of that the Sovereign GT fell short when it could have been so much more, So with all the above just how many manual over rides should ML fit in to these Machines, I know for a fact that Whites tried that with the V3 and the V3i and "most" people shied away from the V3's because most folks want to switch it on and get on with detecting, I for one am one of those people and not being the most patient of people that machine would have become a tree ornament on the first day. So ML has made a machine where detecting remains an enjoyable venture and I am still not convinced that we need to have even more access to how the machine works because get that wrong and it will effect something else within the program.
  3. It's a well known fact that tiny targets can get lost within the tracking with any machine, and regardless of who the expert reviewer is they nearly all tell you to ground balance and lock the Tracking/GB, On the size of the targets in the video having the GB on will only soften the signal response slightly but when it comes to targets the size of what "Phrunt" posted then there is a high risk of them being ground balanced out so tracking needs to be Locked, The reason behind locking the tracking/GB is because you have no way of knowing how big or how small the targets are because you can get weak signals on larger bits and strong signals on tiny bits and "VICE VERSA" So to avoid any loss of targets it is better work the area with the GB/Tracking locked and unless the ground keeps changing then you don't need to be in Tracking This is just Detecting 101 as with all machines. There is no magic happening here, even as far back as 2000+/- we have had detectors that although the tracking/GB is locked they will still monitor the ground conditions and will update them when the User allows the detector to do so, So the simple task of ground balancing is a lot quicker than it would be if the person had just turned up at the site. As with most modern machines the thing that makes them better is being able to fine tune them or by switching on the fine tuned factory programs. The single most impressive thing about this video and "All" three machines is the fact that they work in Hot Aussie soil. and it is what I have been saying for years having used VLF's in Australia and for all the surface shallow Gold that most folks use the SDC for A person can buy one of these machines and still have a good chance of finding Gold at a fraction of the cost, And again I thank EL NINO77 for posting the video. J.
  4. I am a firm believer in a good VLF and this video shows just how well they handle Hot Aussie Dirt, Trouble is in Australia is getting Guys to see that there is another world beyond PI machines, The XP is a shocker and works very well and the NOX is a fantastic piece of kit and as always the GM is a keeper for sure. Great Video and thanks for posting it, I enjoyed that, J.
  5. In my ground I have not seen any major changes between the 2 types of coils, The only thing I have seen is I tend to get more Iron and crown caps ID'd as good targets with a DD and the Etrac with it's DD was all over the place, giving up to 9 or 10 different sets of figures for crown caps, The Sovereign GT was really good when it came to IDing things and having the meter on it helped a bit on targets that were a bit iffy, The only down side to it was the very slow recovery speed. Most of my ground measures between 57 and 67 on the GND on the MXT and pulling coins from over a foot deep is quite common using the 950 coil and using the 12"/300mm Coil can be seriously Deep, being old Farm land that has seen every thing from modern man back to the Neolithic there is a lot of Iron junk down there so a Concentric and a fast recovery seems to work best even using the 12" Concentric it still sniffs out the keepers.
  6. Sorry Mark I can't because I sold both of my TDI's just before I went in to hospital due to the surgery and recovery etc I was told that I would not be detecting any more but as I found out that is not the case, which means buying more in the future, lol.
  7. Jim, Mine was built in 2013 as well, but none the less mine did not show any depth advantage with the GB switched Off, all I noticed was that smoothing effect that the TDI pro does with the GB off my SL did it when the GB was On which means it was trying to balance out the target. Well we have 3 for 3 that all show zero depth increase with the GB off, which is making me start to doubt the many posts I have read claiming that there is a depth increase with the GB Off, Yes there is with the TDI Pro but Not the SL.
  8. Well Jim mine would not see an 0.17 gram bit which is equal to just over 3 Grains with the 12" DF coil or the 7.5 DF coil not even with it sitting on the coil, regardless of the battery voltage.
  9. Yep so was mine a 2013 Jim, I don't know how digger bob got is to see his tiny test pieces in that video but mine wouldn't see them, It ran as smooth as silk even with a thunder storm going on right about the house Nothing phased my TDI SL, all it took was a minute tweak of the Tune knob and it was good as gold, My 3500 didn't like storms 100 to 200 miles away but the SL has the best threshold ever put in a detector.
  10. Well Air testing a PI although it's fun and informative, Many believe that PI's actually do better when a target is in the ground because when a target is in the ground a PI sort of electrifies the Ground/Target combo and it measures the response time hence the name TDI and depending on the moisture/ ground makeup can add to the depth although a PI does not like soaked ground it does do well is the ground is slightly damp, Where as a VLF is good in very damp ground but not soaking and they start to loose depth in very dry ground,. The depth of a machine can only be seen on genuine target recovery, I had a 3500 that air tested quite well yet in mild ground in 2 spots at the same location I found a VLF seemed to be just as deep. This is not a dig at anyone because I made this very mistake. "But". The trouble is many folks see a PI as a magic stick like some Super deep all seeing eye but the truth is they are not, All they do is give normal good detection depths in difficult ground conditions where a VLF Suffers, In normal conditions a Sovereign GT with a 10" coil and a GP3500 with an 11" DD have fairly even depths, and in the same soils the MXT with the 12" Concentric coil will match or even beat a TDI when it comes to all out depth, I actually saw someone do that with one of the first MXT's when I gave them a 12" coil to try out and he only had the Gain up around 6 to 7, The only honest to God reason to buy a PI machine is if you have bad ground to detect, Again this is not directed at anyone but these are a couple of examples of what I found by owning and buying the above machines, Take a PI and a VLF in to hot prospecting gold baring land and a PI will whoop the VLF all day long. Don't be down about your air test results because in bad ground or at the beach a PI will do those depths all day long where as a VLF will be lucky to get 50% of those depths but on a good day or the right soil conditions a VLF will surprize a person, As to which is better or deeper is more of a case of matching the machine to the soil conditions. J.
  11. When you air test a PI you can listen to it's maximum distance where it goes woo woo or just listen for a slight break in the threshold, In quiet non junky sites you can use the break in threshold way of detecting to gain maximum depth out of the machine, I also use this method when using my VLF because it can change depth from inches to Feet, IE where a coin might bleep at 14/15 inches with some coins using just the threshold can add between 4 to 10" depending on the coil being used, of coarse in ground depths would be as little as 20 to 25% of those figures but it is just another way of detecting and requires a massive load of concentration.
  12. Well Jim It just about drove me nutz, because every thing people said did not happen the way they said, And I found it to be better with the GB On, It worked like a charm but just opposite the my TDI Pro, Must admit I do love being able to select low or high conductors, Not quite discrimination but it sure cuts down in the junk, Great machines they just need hotter coils is all.
  13. It's Great to see this happen because just when you think things are drying up and boom and it restores the faith again and give us a reason to keep going, big congrats to the finder, well done Sir who ever you are.
  14. Just poking around on Whites website and someone hit it big with a 67.4 gram 2.166 ozt Nugget with an old XLT. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/find/monster-nugget/
  15. Well Steve I did wonder if it was working properly because I never got the results others got out of their SL's, and not once did I ever get it to see bits weighing 0.17grams or less which diggerbobs SL clearly did, So I don't have the answers as to what or why because mine could not do those things, On big Items it was extremely deep but for what I wanted it for a VLF was the better option, I wish I had sent it back for a tune up but life took over time slipped by so I gave up and forgot about it as my health declined, Still they are a very good machine and for certain tasks and they are a great all rounder.
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