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  1. I believe that Dave J or Carl would have made such a machine if it were at all possible, Between them over the years they have given us the best machines on the market, They are the two people that I have the most faith in so maybe one day they might surprize us all.
  2. Excellent explanation Steve, way back when I use to believe that a GB system would make it all go away thinking that my detector was putting all that voltage in to the ground and no signals meant nothing was left behind, Alas a PI bought me down the earth with a thump which lead to me loosing faith in my VLF's which made me worry enough to take time out for a few months, Learning to except a VLF for what it is Is half of the battle and getting past that is the road to success, John.
  3. Even after all these years I still wonder why mineralization has such a devastating effect on how a detector performs and I understand what the GB is doing but even with a perfect GB the mineralization still takes it's toll.
  4. Outdoor Research are about the best Glove/Mitts I have Tested and they are used up Everest and the Antarctic Base I have 2 pairs of their Alti Mitts and a couple of pairs of their different liner gloves, I know of folks who have worn them in -50*c and below, They are not cheap but I can slip my hands in and out as I need to, Over here they cost about $230.00 a pair but I almost lost my hands once so I don't worry about the cost of my ECWS gear but they are factory rated from -28* to -40*c/f, I stuck my hand in the Deep freeze to see if the cold would get through and I never knew it was there, dang things are Bomb proof. and my parka is tested down to -70*c so winter don't stand a chance against the gear I got, Lol Outdoor Research also make 3 or 4 pairs of Heated gloves and mitts but they are not cheap but at leased you get to keep your fingers, A few years back Alpha Industries bought out a Parka Called the Alaska Extreme Cold Weather and it was 100% water proof and a lot heavier material than the Nylon versions and it's good for -20*f or -29*c without layering up, Layer up and it will keep you safe in a lot colder temps than that. and they have the best hood design out of all the branded Parkas which is the same as the Hood on the Canada Goose Snow mantra, Alpha made them back in 1959 and I think on the earlier version back in 1951, As to which company thought of it first I don't know but for seriously bad weather both brands have the best hoods in the world bar none.
  5. Yes no doubt it is a bit special and in skilled hands like your and Steve's these improvements are going to be highlighted for sure, us lesser mortals may see better results, I put the 6x10 from the older GM II on my GMT and it was about 3x hotter than the Twin D coil on targets weighing less than 0.0002ozt, A target that size is almost impossible to see and even harder to find, Once located it took me 20 minutes to find it, Now I wonder is there a limit to what is a sensible target size when you compare the recovery time, Do that 20-30 times a day and I am sure a person has earned their keep. I am not knocking Whites or the 24K as anyone here will tell you I am a White's Man and every machine I own is a White's, Again will us lesser mortals see better results ? I doubt it, As pointed out The detector is just a link in the chain, The skills that folks like you and Steve have is where the real performance lies. And In saying that if the 24K improves your daily score then hopefully it may double or even triple someone like me success or at leased that's what I can tell my self to justify buying one,
  6. It's a well known fact that the GMT has a rocket ship GB system where in most cases it can GB in one sometimes Two pumps of the coil of which got past on to the MXT that takes 1 to 3 pumps of the coil on a bad day, So I have very little doubt that the 24K has an advanced version of those GB systems If there could be such a thing, People tend to forget that the GMT also has a Boost feature and built in Gain multipliers like those in the MXT where as you advance the Gain you get 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x match that with the 4x Gain Boost switch gives you a "possible" 64x boost the original target signal, If such features are added in to the new 24k along with those features already mentioned then I think that the 24K has the tools to make it one of the best VLF/LF machines on the market, I always told White's that I wanted an MXT with the GMT frequency and features added to the MXT, And I wonder is the 24K the end product of what happens when two well known detectors get left alone in a darkened R&D dept with a bottle of JD trapped in a storm after the office party ? mmm, Shameless totally Shameless. I like what the 24k seems to be doing, but I am not sure how it compares to the GMT even more so when the GMT is fitted with a concentric coil, I know what such a coil did for my GMT 3 or 4 years ago, Only nuggets found in situ will be the real proof, I find It easy to find my test pieces because I know where to look, But how well would I do out in the wilds, Food for thought Ay.
  7. Yeah Rick it's the 14x10 Excellerator EQ2, It is a fraction lighter than the factory 10"DD, On single coins it will add up to 2 or 3" but on larger Items we are talking in FEET. when I bought the first one I liked it that much I ordered another one the very next day, Once I was using it and when I was using my small pick that coil was picking up my pick at over 2 metres away giving a soft all metal sound, It is very sensitive and lets the machine use all it's power.
  8. Congrats Steve on the Trip and the finds, fantastic trip all round really and to find Celtic Gold is a dream come true, Well done mate, looks like you got in with a nice crowd and it was good the weather stayed fine while you were here. I am a firm believer in using a large coil like you had there on these field because everyone does the correct thing by fitting a smaller coil when the junk is thick, But there is always a chance of hitting something good just that bit deeper with a big coil, people laugh when they see me with a big coil in those sites but I never go home empty handed,
  9. If there is signs of human inhabitants I'd be using a VLF, It's going to hit finer bits than any other tech and in average soils it will match the PI's etc that can see small bits quite small and depending on the coil size it can them for depth, In away this reminds me of the tales of Ganes Creek where some folks insisted using the SD/GP's back in the day but when the advice was followed the VLF user's had a much bigger/higher success rate, There are 2 or 3 types of mood a person gets into when detecting, When we are hitting targets high and low we are on fire and we hear every target and even some that aren't there and some times we wonder about aimlessly missing and leaving targets in the ground, A couple of things can cause us to not be in the zone, One is the lack of targets and that causes us to doubt the machine or blame mineralization or any other excuse we can think up, And then there are those times when we have picked the wrong machine A (PI) and we spend days sometimes weeks walking about aimlessly digging junk because suddenly the best detector in the world is doing what it does best and that's finding metal, With our ears being over loaded with signals we start to ignore some of them, But we refuse to admit we are wrong and have chosen the wrong type of machine, As we justify it by saying to our selves "It cost 10x more than my VLF right so it's got to be better RIGHT ? Yep that's right, there's just no Gold Here" Hours and even Days of digging junk can really do damage to how we see our hobby and then it starts to stop being fun, But if we had been a bit smarter we would have tried using a VLF first just to check ground conditions and sift through the junk maybe pulling some good targets just to show for our efforts, This has an effect on our levels of concentration along with our enjoyment, It's nice to own these all powerful PI/Hybrid machines, But a VLF can ID good from bad making you good finds, They can speed up Target to Target times, they are a lot lighter to swing all day, And they put back the fun in detecting, Target size and depth are close to that of a good PI under the right conditions and the right Coil And it won't break the bank to own, The bonuses of owning a VLF far outweigh that of any other type of detector and they are the perfect introduction to the hobby. J.
  10. The Two machines/brands are not that/excessively different so having them share the same coils would save a fortune in R&D and give the Engineers a day of rest as well, I have sort of always ID'd the Two companies as being the same but not quite, So it is a good thing for them to become one, It will cut down on so much fuss, Well done Nokta/Makro - - - - Makro/Nokta, LOL.
  11. WTG Gerry, The 24K seems to be the hottest Gold Machine Whites have ever made, Congrats and Thank You to White's for doing it Right Once Again.
  12. Yep that looks like the same crowd, I think it's still growing, Lol
  13. Yes Steve, modern digital camera's have made it easy to record such rare finds, It's nice to get the chance to see such large Nuggets before they are lost forever, Mother Nature at her finest.
  14. I found this posted elsewhere I don't know if folks have seen it yet ? if so just remove it. Enjoy. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-10/rich-gold-seam-half-a-kilometre-deep-in-kambalda/10219576?pfmredir=sm
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