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  1. In a perfect world it's a nice dream, but like many here we have invested $$$$ and thousands of hours in testing White's products already so the willingness to invest even more is at an all time low. This is your dream not ours and I wish you luck.
  2. The sentiment is nice but Whites willingness to give a thought about their customers has been less than economical and I think you would be hard stretch to find anyone here willing to help a company that has ignored the many requests for simple features for at leased the past 10 years in favour of their own career goals, Whites had the machines that could out gun all other VLF's 10/20 years before everyone else but they rode that train too long, If they had added the new features to a couple of their machines they would still be at the top, Companies from the EU saw the value in listening to t
  3. Yep the V3/V3i was well ahead of it's time and in one respect it is almost future proof, Like a couple of early Whites machines you had to be a rocket scientist to understand them, They have far more adjustability beyond the scope of most detectorists, and if they had given it the MXT's Tracking it would of been even hotter on Gold for those who like an All In One machine.
  4. I am in no hurry to get my hands on the next best thing, Even against the newer models I am not loosing any ground but I am not gaining any either, My MXT has not stopped working just because someone has come out with a new machine, And all the wild claims that were posted before the NOX was released turned out about 5% truth and the rest was wishful thinking, It's a Great machine but it never made all other detectors obsolete and the end product is just another damn good detector, As a good all rounder the Fisher F-75 DST is the only machine I would like,
  5. I like what the MXT can do but like everyone else when it comes to detectors I am looking for the magic bullet and as of yet I have not found anything they ticks all the boxes, and the closest thing I have seen is one of the last models of the F-75, I was impressed with one of the Nokta's but there was one small niggly thing that put me off of it, I like the MXT but that's as far as it goes I am sure I would be happy with one of Fisher's offerings, I like the info the F-75 gives a person and the F-5 is a great little machine to keep in the boot/Trunk, Of coarse there are better machines
  6. Steel or Alloy, it's a metal Box, I have never scrapped the powered coating off of mine to seen what metal they used, I remember you finding a lot of gold with yours, in fact your biggest nugget to date was found with the MXT and there were many reviews and pictures on the Whites web site showing quite a few people there finding multiple ounces of Gold 18"+ deep and more, And as you once posted the MXT has found hundreds of ounces of gold at Ganes Creek alone. You also posted that one prospector alone had found over 100 ounces of gold using his MXT.. And the eureka gold was always a
  7. I don't like the newer plastic detectors I prefer the heavier black box Whites machines because they are made of steel, The MXT is a Gold magnet and has found more Gold than any other VLF to date, A lot of these newer machines are making some good finds and coils nower days seem to be more sensitive than what a lot of companies have produced in the past.
  8. I've got one of those hand held wands, they are pretty good for their intended purpose.
  9. Nice, thanks for that, I remember the talk about it a while ago but I forgot about it, Garrett has made some good machines over the years.
  10. It has been a while since the AT and the AT Gold and the ATX came out and what ever they have been up to lately, maybe they have got some new toys on the way, Although the ATX is a Beefy machine I still like em. but over here the importers took them from £1000/1400.00 to £1999.00 in a matter of months and there is no way would I pay that for one not when a GPX can be had for not much more.
  11. As Geo pointed out a while back, The Engineers were never given free reign and were held back, That's the worst type of job to have where the pioneers of a company are not allowed to breath.
  12. Well maybe fresh new blood is what it needs to keep the brand alive, It would be great for the Workers to have their jobs back and have new management to steer the ship with no connection with the present owners or office staff.
  13. Well if that is the case there is No chance of the company being rescued or bought as a going concern, So the bottom line is Whites Electronics is Dead and the only deal they can get is to sell all the Tooling and the buildings and the brand name which is not worth much. So things are worse than they say, I am glad they have not lost their sense of humour in blaming Detector companies from Europe being ( N/M ) Portraying them selves as the Victim and the whole world was against them. Even in Defeat they can't except that they were wrong, Blind as well as Stupid and they deserve ever
  14. That's very true, I was thinking of buying the 24k but the cloak and dagger behaviour is still their number one priority, just like 4 years ago protecting their own image/backside is far more important than that of the brand and the Jobs of the lower ranks, Alas It's too late to waste money on Whites when there are too many good companies out there who do listen like Nokta/Makro, Fisher and Minelab and XP, I hope Garrett are taking note or they will be the next company who bite the dust.
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