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  1. I can still get stuff, But I will call them tomorrow and see what they have in stock.
  2. Cool, I hope it keeps going, It would be tragic to loose one of the pioneers of detecting.
  3. Yeah my TDI SL goes Ape when it gets within a metre from the Bullseyye II
  4. When I had issues with mine the store said it ran at 14khz So maybe mine had a fault. That's good to know thanks for that,
  5. Well done mate, So how does it compare to the 5.3 in terms of sensitivity, Was it on the MXT or the V3i when it picked up the minerals in your hand ? Thanks for the info,
  6. In an Ideal world that would be an impressive achievement but sadly does not match the results, And another bad combination is the TDI/TDI SL and the Bullseye II, with the detector on the ground at a normal distance from where you happen to be down on ya knees digging a hole the Bullseye II cross talks like crazy and makes the TDI SL go nuts, It is impossible for 2 radio frequencies that match or almost match not to suffer some form of interference when in close proximity to each other, As you know the MXT operates at 13.889khz and the TRX operates at 14khz or what ever the exact frequency is, The MXT and the Bullseye II is a better combo to pair up.
  7. I just wrote a long reply answering your questions and my internet dropped out and I lost the lot, But as for cross talk it can render things like pin pointers useless even more so with a High Gain machine like the MXT and because the TRX's frequency is close to what the MXT runs make the TRX a bad choice when it comes to detectors that run on either 13, 14, and 15khz, If you are using a high KHz detector then the problem will be minimum, but if you are using 13, 14,and 15Khz then you would be better off using the Bullseye II because it runs at 36khz and you will get zero cross talk Not only that the Bullseye II is more sensitive to tiny items and it will also work well with the higher frequency machines as well because their frequency is above that of which the Bullseyee II uses, hope that helps.
  8. No it's not cut and paste, It's a fact, when they cross talk the TRX makes a 13/14khz chatter and squeak and make pulsing noises in the same way if you and ya mate are using the same detector and you start getting too close to eachother, IE, when the MXT 300 series came out they had a 12" concentric coil and they would pull coins from up to 16" deep in some soils but me and a mate were using two MXT's with that coil and I could hear him coming towards me from about 100m away, That coil and the MXT running the gain up high has some serious power and makes it impossible for you to work within 20 to 30m of each other. and the TRX upsets the MXT and vice versa,
  9. The Bullseye II is nothing flash but they are built like a tank and not pretty, but they work. What annoyed me was all the wild claims of the TRX being better with zero cross talk than the Bullseye II, But look at all the Gold VLF's, they run at 45, 48, 50, 56, 60 and 71khz so how on earth can a 14khz machine be more sensitive than a 36khz machine, I don't need a pin pointer to pick up coins from 4 to 6 inches away in an Iron infested site I need it to keep it's power contained but also be sensitive to tiny targets,
  10. I got my fingers burnt over the TRX, My main VLF is the MXT All Pro and it runs at 13.889khz so I put the question up on their forum and asked if the TRX would cross talk with my MXT because the TRX runs at 14khz their new moderator told me no it would be fine and so did the rest I also asked the man in charge and he said no it won't cross talk and it would be fine, So I bought it and tried it and the flaming thing would not shut up, And yes it will detect coins well around the 4" mark but having a pin pointer do that is stupid because the Idea is to use it to zoom in on the target but if there is other junk in the hole the rotten thing won't shut up Plus the fact when it comes to finding tiny nuggets and stuff the older Bullseye II is a far better product and it way more sensitive to tiny targets because the Bullseye II runs at 36khz and the sensitivity is 100% variable and does not have 3 or 4 pre set steps like the TRX does, So I went back to using the Bullseye II and gave the TRX away, my Bullseye II can detect bits down to 0.03gm +/- which is more than enough, and is the closest thing you can get without buying one of those high kHz Falcon pin pointer, Yes the bullseye looks dated but it is the better one of the two, I wish they had put the bullseye II in to the TRX housing because it would of been the best pin pointer ever made, I once asked whites if they would do that but it fell on deaf ears, and the only thing they did do that I kept asking for was the 6" round concentric for the GMT, I also asked them for a 6x10 Concentric for the GMT also because they are mega hot on the GMT and I only found that out by buying one of the older Goldmaster 6x10' concentrics for my GMT and it made it as hot as the 71khz GoldBug II. But I am not sure if they ever made a concentric in 6x10 for the GMT, or if they made one for the GMT 24k,
  11. Yeah it's a beautiful piece of kit and more horsepower than any VLF on the market, with a 9" coil it will easily do what a modern VLF will do with an 18" coil, It has some other smart tricks up it's sleeve to and it's balance is absolutely perfect even if t is a Chubby looking thing.
  12. I have an unused Blue Box 5900Di still in it's original box, It has some serious Horsepower,
  13. One of the most annoying things about it is that no one would listen, Back many moons ago when Fisher started making the F series machines people loved the light weight and balance of those machines and it was clear as to which way the designs needed to move, Then Garrett did it and then ML with the et-305 505 and 705, There was no reason why Whites could not of kept making the Black Box machines but they also needed to follow the new trend with the new light weight machines, back around 2010 in a moment of madness I bought a little Fisher f4 and it was super light and powerful for such a cheap machine, my favourite was the F70 that had the knobs, but knowing how I am with machines I wouldn't of stop until I bought an F75, I hope Whites rethink and regroup because their business model is not working and certain people need to Go and others need to wake up, Whites was a great successful company because they were hand in hand with the end user but 10+ years ago that all changed where they started to dictate to the end user and people Voted with their Dollars in their millions and companies like fisher Garrett Deus an Nokta welcomed peoples input and the Whites landslide began.
  14. I think it would be good if people took a few deep breaths and counted to 10, These are trying times, not just for Whites but for all of us one way or another, There have been a lot of lost chances some good some bad, Personally I can't wait to get out and swing a coil again, Campers all but done and I am waiting to place a call to order a GMT 24k, I hope that Whites UK keep going because they have always been a delight to deal with, I am also looking forward to meeting up with an old friend or two and going to a few weekend rallies etc, maybe the odd end of day BBQ after the hunt, Sounds good to me. J.
  15. With the GMT 24k and the QED would of helped a lot but they needed a good VLF and ditch the MXS because of it's past history plus the fact it looks like a Chinese knock off, The VX3 would of made a good MXT Mk 2 if it had of had manual adjustments instead of pre sets and given it the MXT's Tracking system, To this Day the MXT's tracking system is a force to be reckoned with, with these 3 machines whites would of had the machines to retain market sales but because they would not listen to those of us who knew over the MXS issues until after the damage was done Whites signed their own death warrant, And all of their machines that have come out in the past 4 or 5 years have been built with a total lack of pride and inspiration or resemblance to what people were asking for and as sad as it is they deserve every thing that happens.
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