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  1. Interesting results, Still gotta love the ultra lightweight Nox, I still have a brand new MXT All Pro here Boxed,


    One thing to note is maxing out the S.A.T. like that can reduce the depth with the MXT's but even so it still held it's own against a modern machine In a fair shootout which was nice to see,


    I have 8 coils for mine 5 of them have never been used.  👍


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  2. The sentiment is nice but Whites willingness to give a thought about their customers has been less than economical and I think you would be hard stretch to find anyone here willing to help a company that has ignored the many requests for simple features for at leased the past 10 years in favour of their own career goals, Whites had the machines that could out gun all other VLF's 10/20 years before everyone else but they rode that train too long, If they had added the new features to a couple of their machines they would still be at the top, Companies from the EU saw the value in listening to their customers and Whites started the beginning of the end and even now they are blaming other countries for their downfall, They did not listen and they knew better, Or so they thought.

    As companies go they don't deserve a second chance if the current management is involved,

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  3. Yep the V3/V3i was well ahead of it's time and in one respect it is almost future proof, Like a couple of early Whites machines you had to be a rocket scientist to understand them, They have far more adjustability beyond the scope of most detectorists, and if they had given it the MXT's Tracking it would of been even hotter on Gold for those who like an All In One machine.

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  4. I am in no hurry to get my hands on the next best thing, Even against the newer models I am not loosing any ground but I am not gaining any either, My MXT has not stopped working just because someone has come out with a new machine, And all the wild claims that were posted before the NOX was released turned out about 5% truth and the rest was wishful thinking, It's a Great machine but it never made all other detectors obsolete and the end product is just another damn good detector,

    As a good all rounder the Fisher F-75 DST is the only machine I would like,

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  5. I like what the MXT can do but like everyone else when it comes to detectors I am looking for the magic bullet and as of yet I have not found anything they ticks all the boxes, and the closest thing I have seen is one of the last models of the F-75,  I was impressed with one of the Nokta's but there was one small niggly thing that put me off of it,

    I like the MXT but that's as far as it goes I am sure I would be happy with one of Fisher's offerings, I like the info the F-75 gives a person and the F-5 is a great little machine to keep in the boot/Trunk, Of coarse there are better machines out there than the MXT but it's more of a case of matching the machine to the task at hand.

    When it comes to depth of a machine, If I want more depth I change coils where as in the past I have wasted a lot of money jumping from machine to machine due to economic dealers I have about 8 coils ranging from the 4x6 right up to the 15" concentric, One thing I really don't like about many newer machines is the digital signal bleeps they just sound harsh on the ears, and some will only run the tracking in certain modes and vice versa in stead of having all options in all modes and I don't like pre set tracking modes either and as old as the MXT is the only thing missing is Manual GB and a Volume control, People have been asking Whites for those features for years but it never happened and other brands made it happen,  Whites fitted that voltage booster on the 24k They could of fitted these three things to a new light weight MXT Mk 4 but that never happened either,

    I am not stuck in a rut over the MXT I am just trying to find a good replacement.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    Actually they are made of aluminum, and I’d love to see proof for your assertion that the MXT has found more gold than any other VLF. I very much doubt that claim, since the MXT was never that popular as a prospecting detector compared to many other models worldwide. There are numerous machines that can make a better claim than the MXT for found gold. T2, Eureka Gold, Gold Bug Pro, Gold Bug 2, probably even the GMT, etc.

    Steel or Alloy, it's a metal Box, I have never scrapped the powered coating off of mine to seen what metal they used,

    I remember you finding a lot of gold with yours, in fact your biggest nugget to date was found with the MXT and there were many reviews and pictures on the Whites web site showing quite a few people there finding multiple ounces of Gold 18"+ deep and more, And as you once posted the MXT has found hundreds of ounces of gold at Ganes Creek alone. You also posted that one prospector alone had found over 100 ounces of gold using his MXT..

    And the eureka gold was always a bit lacking when it came to depth and seemed better suited to it's 20khz setting and many people liked the eureka but it was never known as a solid performer where as the GMT and the MXT with their superior tracking system seemed to produce the result on a more regular basis,

    As for the T2 it's is a good machine but appears to be a watered down version of the F-75, And although some like the Gold bug Pro I never have liked them, I have tried them I just don't like them.

    Having read your stories of you using the Infinium  and the MXT at Ganes and the GP3000 and the MXT At Fortymile etc You found a lot of Gold with your MXT and you were very impressed how well it worked for you, and to date I have seen more Gold found by you using your MXT in one Post than I have seen in every post I have read involving the T2 and the Eureka Gold, Including my own small successes with the MXT,

    Over the past 18 years Whites sold 10's of thousands of MXT's and I have known people to find Gold with them from the US to Australia, It might be considered as heavy at 4.3/4.7 lbs but I think it is double standards when people complain about the weight of the MXT yet they never complain about the weight of their GPX5000 @ 5.3 lbs + the 1.72 lbs for the battery grossing out at over 7.02 lbs when fitted with the smaller 11" coil, It seem that all the detectors of the past that can find gold seem to be a little over weight including the SDC and the GPZ/GPX and I think it is a small price to pay when the rewards can be many.


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  7. 5 minutes ago, Rob in (ca) said:

    I’ve owned the MXT Pro / sport / V3i ..... all Three are very great detectors ...found lots of Jewelry with all  Three ......the AT Pro came out & dominated the industry  ....then came the Nox  

    Everyone Today is after light weight,  high performance, affordable (do it all) Detectors. 

    I don't like the newer plastic detectors I prefer the heavier black box Whites machines because they are made of steel, The MXT is a Gold magnet and has found more Gold than any other VLF to date,  A lot of these newer machines are making some good finds and coils nower days seem to be more sensitive than what a lot of companies have produced in the past.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Rob in (ca) said:

    Bottom line......... Equinox at a very affordable price point with high performance plus a very high customer satisfaction Rate. 

    Turned The Whites MXT / MX Sport / V3I Line into overpriced boat anchors

    Whites only had two choices ...... start selling V3I’s for $899 MX Sports $499 or close the doors and shut the lights off. 

    I was looking forward to the new V3I in the MX Sport housing ......hope Whites makes a fast U Turn ...... All There employees are back on there feet  in a short time. 

    So what other detectors do you own ?

  9. 21 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    Last time I went to the airport I took particular note of the metal detector I had to walk through it was a CEIA, I'd never heard of them but it seems they're an Italian company.  I was going to say there are so many airports in the world and they'd use their scanners for a number of years so they wouldn't sell many.  Then I recalled my sister who lived in Canada said in the US and Canada even schools run these things.  I thought she was joking at first so I guess if they're at schools they're probably at a lot of places over there.   I've seen Garrett make hand held wand style ones too, I guess they use them at prisons here.  I've never seen one used.

    I've got one of those hand held wands, they are pretty good for their intended purpose.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    Not a chance. If any U.S. company will be last man standing, it’s Garrett.

    It has been a while since the AT and the AT Gold and the ATX came out and what ever they have been up to lately, maybe they have got some new toys on the way,

    Although the ATX is a Beefy machine I still like em. but over here the importers took them from £1000/1400.00 to £1999.00 in a matter of months and there is no way would I pay that for one not when a GPX can be had for not much more.


  11. 6 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    I can live without the 24k but I'm pretty disappointed I didn't get a TRX.  Hopefully another manufacturer makes a pin pointer for gold prospectors one day.

    Without engineers White's is done for, they're the heart of the business.  All they could do now is reproduce their existing machines, but so can the Chinese.

    As Geo pointed out a while back, The Engineers were never given free reign and were held back, That's the worst type of job to have where the pioneers of a company are not allowed to breath.

  12. 1 minute ago, Geotech said:

     and all the White's engineers are gone.

    Well if that is the case there is No chance of the company being rescued or bought as a going concern,

    So the bottom line is Whites Electronics is Dead and the only deal they can get is to sell all the Tooling and the buildings and the brand name which is not worth much.

    So things are worse than they say,  I am glad they have not lost their sense of humour in blaming Detector companies from Europe being ( N/M ) Portraying them selves as the Victim and the whole world was against them. Even in Defeat they can't except that they were wrong, Blind as well as Stupid and they deserve everything they get.

  13. 3 hours ago, phrunt said:

    I think they've be surprised how positive people take things if the truth about the situation is given, communication is so important for a business and customers can be very forgiving if they're told the truth and communicated to very well.

    If they came out and said they were struggling as sales were slow who knows how many people would come out of the wood work and buy that detector, coil or pinpointer they'd been thinking of buying for a long time and never got around to it.   I'm sure a lot of people would have wanted to help them, instead they just stay silent.

    That's very true, I was thinking of buying the 24k but the cloak and dagger behaviour is still their number one priority, just like 4 years ago protecting their own image/backside is far more important than that of the brand and the Jobs of the lower ranks,

    Alas It's too late to waste money on Whites when there are too many good companies out there who do listen like Nokta/Makro, Fisher and Minelab and XP,

    I hope Garrett are taking note or they will be the next company who bite the dust.

  14. Steve I have never posted all of what was going on behind the scenes I just stepped back from it all because at the time I was too angry at certain people for the garbage they posted in my "Inbox"  That's the thing that made it personal, So staying away from it all was the best option because I am Ok until I'm pushed.

    This is the first time I have mentioned all what was going on, and now I just don't care although I do find it amusing how the mighty have fallen, Sad but true, because there was a time when any of my spare cash went on Whites products,

    The knock on effect from all of this is that now I no longer trust detector companies and I won't be buying another machine until either the dealers or the companies can prove that it is a step up or it can do what mine can't because my interest in the hobby is stuck in first gear after all this and I have almost finished putting my camper together so I can go off detecting and start A fresh, So far it has chewed up well in to 5 figures and I am looking forward to go detecting for weeks at a time. 


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  15. White destroyed them selves 4 years ago, They produced a Lemon and made fake videos and lied and then skirted around the issues and it was one problem after another and still they would not react for nearly a month and then they refused to do a Re-Call, People had to send back their machines 4, 5, and 6 times until they had to stop production in order to fix all the machines with problems as a form of a Re-Call and still they would not put their hands up and except the blame, As a devoted Whites User this was so embarrassing and had the same Cringe value as walking in the bathroom while ya 90 year old Grand Ma is taking a bath,

    I got lied to by them on the forums and I was lied to via emails and via PM's and I received abusive messages and such from some of the Whites Cronies from their forum because of what I posted here and those messages could not be posted here,  some of their lies cost me a couple of thousand Dollars, Yes it's sad that Whites is closing down but the consolation is those people who lied to me and sent me abusive messages will no longer have a job in the detecting industry, Paybacks A ***** LOL

    My heart goes out to all the factory workers who did their best to give us some of the best Detectors in history and I will always shake their hand with a certain amount of pride,


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  16. 5 minutes ago, Hunterjunk said:

    My TRX's interfere a bit with my VLF detectors if i lay the detector to close while i dig . It's no big problem though . The machine that hates the TRX in my experience is the Surf P.I. , Sends mine bonkers up to a Metre away !

    Yeah my TDI SL goes Ape when it gets within a metre from the Bullseyye II

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  17. 11 minutes ago, Mike Hillis said:

    Operating frequency of the White's TRX pin pointer is 12 kHz.....not 14 kHz.   It is excellent on small gold.   One of my favorite pin pointers.   It should not be allowed to die out.

    It will cross talk with 12 kHz detectors like my Tesoro  Golden Sabre II.    Not so much with my 12 kHz Tesoro Compadre.   I don't have any trouble with TRX driven interference with any of my other detectors.  



    When I had issues with mine the store said it ran at 14khz So maybe mine had a fault. That's good to know thanks for that,

  18. 4 hours ago, Geotech said:

    The TRX will typically detect under 1 grain, usually down to about 1/2 grain and gets coins at 3-4 inches. The Bullseye II is good down to 1 or 2 grains and coins to 1" or so. You may get lucky and find a Bullseye that will hit under a grain, or unlucky and find a TRX that will not.

    On interference, luck also plays a vital role. Any model pinpointer is capable of interfering with any model detector. All detectors and pinpointers run at a frequency that has manufacturing variance, and it's the variance that makes one TRX interfere with one MXT, but not another. I specifically recall testing the TRX with several MXTs and saw no interference, but I knew then as now that wasn't a guaranteed outcome for everyone.

    In an Ideal world that would be an impressive achievement but sadly does not match the results,

    And another bad combination is the TDI/TDI SL and the Bullseye II, with the detector on the ground at a normal distance from where you happen to be down on ya knees digging a hole the Bullseye II cross talks like crazy and makes the TDI SL go nuts,

    It is impossible for 2 radio frequencies that match or almost match not to suffer some form of interference when in close proximity  to each other, As you know the MXT operates at 13.889khz and the TRX operates at 14khz or what ever the exact frequency is, The MXT and the Bullseye II is a better combo to pair up.

  19. 44 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Ok.  My concern isn't about the crosstalk (although I don't want to downplay that as I'm sure it's frustrating) but rather what you said later:

    This is inconsistent with my TRX experiences.  (I don't have an MXT and although my pinpointers sometimes cause my ML Eqx 800 to chatter when the pinpointers are sounding off, I just live with it.)

    I have wondered if the time-of-build of the TRX affects its performance.  Specifically I speculate the very early ones performed one way and later ones differently.  I think this is a not particularly uncommon occurrence with metal detectors -- either the early ones aren't quite right and user complaints lead to improvement on later units OR a detector is hot and the complaints lead the manufacturers to turn down the max gain/sensitivity or some other feature.  I know Steve H. (probably others, too) have talked about the latter on multiple occasions.

    In my case, I own two although one needs repairs (pushbutton has worn out; hope I can still get that fixed...).  I bought a second one when the original (pink housing) started wearing out and never got a chance to test them side-by-side, but it did seem they acted differently.  (The second one is the dark gray body with orange cap -- I suspect it is an earlier build than the pinkie, but don't know for sure.)  Both of them are very good at their locating abilities, much better (in my experience) than the Garrett Carrot (which I also own).  What you describe has never happened to me.  (To be specific about this statement, the TRX has a more focused 'beam' straight off the tip whereas the Carrot has a broad, wide angle sensitive pattern.  The Carrot has its advantages when trying to find a tiny out-of-the-hole object or when the desired target turns out to be in the side of the hole as opposed to the center where you thought it should be.)

    I recall a YouTube video where an air test is performed and I was never able to get my pink unit to detect coins as far from the tip as shown in that video.  (If someone cares I'll see if I can find it.)  I assume the video was taken with one of the early units.  Yes, I figured out how to up the gain on mine to the max and still couldn't reproduce what was shown in the video.


    I just wrote a long reply answering your questions and my internet dropped out and I lost the lot,

    But as for cross talk it can render things like pin pointers useless even more so with a High Gain machine like the MXT and because the TRX's frequency is close to what the MXT runs make the TRX a bad choice when it comes to detectors that run on either 13, 14, and 15khz, If you are using a high KHz detector then the problem will be minimum, but if you are using 13, 14,and 15Khz then you would be better off using the Bullseye II because it runs at 36khz and you will get zero cross talk Not only that the Bullseye II is more sensitive to tiny items and it will also work well with the higher frequency machines as well because their frequency is above that of which the Bullseyee II uses,

    hope that helps.

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