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  1. Yes Steve, modern digital camera's have made it easy to record such rare finds, It's nice to get the chance to see such large Nuggets before they are lost forever, Mother Nature at her finest.
  2. I found this posted elsewhere I don't know if folks have seen it yet ? if so just remove it. Enjoy. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-10/rich-gold-seam-half-a-kilometre-deep-in-kambalda/10219576?pfmredir=sm
  3. Yep, when set up right they do go deep, congrats and have fun.
  4. That looks more like Area 51 to me,, you won't find many earthly things there,, Rumour has it that B.C. "Bruce to his Mates" has been using "Non" worldly Tech for a number of years, If ya get my Drift., Some say he was born In Roswell NM in 1947, And that he has more frequent flyer Miles than NASA, all we know is that he is only 4ft tall and has a grey complexion and his favourite movie is M.I.B. Shhhhh, keep that last part to your self, Ok.
  5. Yeah GB'ing above the trees could be a problem but puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "AirTest" Or seeing as it's a big Coil they could be holding it above the ground to avoid the surface junk, lol.
  6. I remember Digger Bob's Video about the TDI SL where he got it to blank the serpentine and with the use of the conductivity switch you can blank larger Items and with off setting the GB you can pick and choose your targets, It is not the perfect solution but it will work better than a VLF and better than a straight out PI,
  7. Yeah I saw he posted that which is great because at leased Whites will be accessible in OZ for a while to come.
  8. Yes In some ways a Hi FRQ could be the better choice but if the ground is too Hot switching to a lower frequency could become the better choice, The fact is there is no Guaranteed answers because what works in one place might not work elsewhere, and another reason why you will see Guys with so many different machines, But now with these new Multi Frequency machines this will help us cut back on how many detectors we use to some degree, But as with many multi purpose machines they All can do many things very well, But they can't do All things very well, A VLF (lower frequency) model will handle hotter ground If it has a good tracking system matched with a good SAT system. Those of us who have been swinging VLF/LF's for a long time we all have our own personal choice's and as old as some of those older machines are they can still mix it with the best of them and do equally well, Have a good read of Steve's Nugget Detector choice's and remember if they have a good history or they are proving them selves at this moment in time then they are a good choice.
  9. Good Mike I am pleased, having a Hi Gain machine is great for showing people party tricks like how hot a lower KHz is and how smaller bits/nuggets they can see, But out in the field having to lower the Gain on a lower KHz machine allows the machine to run in Hot ground albeit at the cost of finding those Tiny Nuggets, but allowing the larger ones to come through. Switch to a Hi KHz machine in the same hot ground as the machine above and you may have to drop the Gain a little more for it to run smooth and but due to the higher frequencies these machines can see the same targets using less power/Gain but without the depth loss, As to which is best for the task at hand ( Hi/Low ) frequency, Low is good for the hotter ground and larger targets, But on the other hand High frequency machines are better for finding the small stuff when running at a reduced gain, Throw in Multi-frequency machines with a blend/choice of Hi/Low frequencies and the options are even greater. If you end up using a single high or low frequency machine don't just try it out at it's higher settings because even most Coin machines will surprize you just how tiny a Nugget they can see when maxed out, Instead throw on a smallish coil and try running it between 6.5 to 8.5 on the GMT or any other machine with a 0 -10 scale or on the MXT from 8 to 10.5ish, These are typical Gain numbers which are used out in the field and remember don't get too heavy handed when using the S.A.T./V-SAT/ Isat depending on which brand you are using, The Gain and the V-SAT are just like Salt and Pepper, Just the right amount can make a Steak Perfect, Add too much and the whole thing is ruined, It's not rocket science so don't worry, Find a starting point and your set for life. good luck, hope that helps. John.
  10. I think the more White's Dealers there are in Australia the better, Having access to tried and trusted brands is hugely important, If I was in good health and back home I would take it on my self. John.
  11. Yes that is the case Now but before you joined Whites, All Whites had to come Via GSA.
  12. GoldSearch Australia was the Whites Importer and I believe that they use to supply the other 3 dealers.
  13. You say that the GB II being too sensitive, No offense meant but this is where the skill of the user comes in to play As in not being scared to turn down the Gain, Any of these High KHZ machines can be classed as "Too Sensitive", Most folks just want to run them maxed out to get the depth out of them, From what you are describing I would say that it might be helpful for you to practice running the GB II at a reduced gain just to get an Idea just what exactly is possible from running these machines at reduced settings, But because it is a VLF/LF people tend to push them too hard. The thing is a VLF will loose a lot less depth than most people Imagine by running a reduced gain setting but the benefit of running them this way has many positive benefits, 1) it will stop the machine getting over loaded with signals, 2) It will help with ID'ing targets between the junk, 3) It will cut down Ground Noise and help the machine Ground Balance better allowing it to run smoother. and the list goes on. I would go as far as to say that in most cases that these machines are "Not" sensitive enough, I would rather have the GB II with the ability to be able to run so hot and have the option to back it off or reduce the gain than be out in the field with nothing in reserve. And just because at times we can run these machine up in the boost zone does not always make it the right thing to do, Most people practice with their Machines running close to MAX settings or above but not many folks if at all practice running their machines at reduced settings Which leads people to live in fear of having to turn down their Gain, hope that helps, John.
  14. Hopefully i can get the 24k. The up side to all this means i can save a few dollars because i am too crook to go spending
  15. Yeah JW I have had a tough week. Its going to take 2 or 3 months to get back on my feet again. I feel like they kicked the stuffing out of me.
  16. Sorry for my late reply but i am in hospital at the moment. Hopefully they have fixed me up enough so i can swing a coil or two. John
  17. Well I get them from the company I have dealt with for over 12 years and just post them back home to Aus, I don't think I have ever paid more than a $1000.00 including postage so it keeps it under the taxable threshold.
  18. No they don't, He was the sole importer and all Aussie Whites machine had to go through him, I had words with Steve Howard at Whites about 3 years ago because GS added about a $300 price hike to all of their machines and I told him that is would destroy all the good work that the previous owner had done and people would just not buy them from him because it is cheaper for people to import them from the US or here and he said there was nothing he could do and that GS told him that they had to raise the price, With the birth of the GM and the Equinox the home team and Nokta and Deus have cornered the VLF market as I warned them they would, It annoys me because I did my best to promote Whites in Australia and I did try to tell GS this was going to undo all the work that had been done but they would not listen. The last time checked 3 months ago they were charging $1550.00 AUS for the MXT AP and now they are selling the MX Sport for $1350.00, The point is I can supply them to folks for $910.00 AUS plus about 30 to 50 bucks postage So anyone who buys from them would be a fool to shop there. http://www.goldsearchaustralia.com/index.php/our-products/whites-detectors.html/
  19. Yep for sure, I wonder how many ounces have been found since by ordinary prospectors, and since then detectors have been used for everything from finding nuggets to clearing mines along with many other uses, Who would of thought a simple hobby would be so far reaching.
  20. Yep he is a fast learner and he has all the right gear so success is just around the corner. the recent influx of LF machines has opened a lot of peoples eyes that were once blinkered by PI machines, finally people are taking note, they seem to forget that the biggest nugget ever found with a detector was found with a VLF in the GT in a time before PI's were invented, Since then Recovery speed has got better so has Disc and ground balance systems work in all but the most extreme conditions, Not to mention that even big Coils are a lot hotter than the little ones we use to use back in the 80's. My largest coils can see bits down to 0.02 on the surface. Even though I prefer VLF's I like searching hot ground because I can get the detector running right on the edge and a few things happen that either people don't know or they just ignore but in shallow ground and junk sites these LF machines really come in to their own.
  21. You can cheat with an auto tracking machine if you want to up the GB a bit by ground balancing but only lowering you Coil down to 4 or 5 inches off the ground or even higher and you can make it go the other way by only raising it by about 3 inches from the ground and by letting the coil linger on the ground, So you can off set the GB to suit although you have little control by how much, I know with one pump of the coil it will be slightly negative and at two pumps it will be slightly positive and by the third pump it will be more so making a bit more noise as you lower the coil, but as a rule it always ground balances with 2 pumps of the coil or if I have had the tracking locked If I press and release the ground grab it update to the current GB setting that the detector see's without have to pump the coil and it only takes about half a second or less for it to GB it's self, Manual GB is handy for those who like to tweak things but if you only have Auto track and Lock you can imitate it to a fair degree.
  22. Somebody once said beware of the man with only One Gun because he proberly knows how to use it, Detectors are the same, Although my VLF is a new older design I never worry about what others are using or how much more theirs cost, I have seen the Gold others have found and I know what I have found and I have used it from the UK to Gympie QLD and the GT, So a person needs to trust the machine and if they know it well enough then most of all they need to trust them selves, All the modern Hi frequency machine are very cool and the ones you have can a will do the deed if you let them teach you, forget your bad habits from past machines, If prospecting is your thing then work on that mode first and watch Chris Ralph's videos over and over til it sinks in. He's a good teacher not only does he tell you what things do but how and why. Too many videos tell you how to change things but they don't tell you why or the cause and effect involved and the manuals are not much chop either, this is why doing your own testing is important when you don't have others around or close by to help.
  23. Well Mate, every time you start to have doubts go and read Steve's list about Gold detectors just to remind your self how good they are, That alone will give you the driving force and keep you focussed, You Own some of the best gear on the planet looking at your list of gear, So believe it. ML did not rerelease the 4500 by accident, As for JW finding a nugget 0.23 grams I bet if he tried harder he could find a smaller one with the Equinox if he tried, With yours I would be testing it out using fired Bricks and buckshot working on your settings until you can get out because you will know the machine much better by time you get out in the field, There is no substitute for really knowing your machine before you go out detecting, Searching for Gold is hard enough which is why you don't want to be learning the machine when you should be detecting then you can concentrating on looking for Gold listening to every little squeak and chirp as well as using your eyes to follow the geology that will lead you to the gold.
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