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    Boise, Idaho & States that produce Gold.
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    Chasing gold nuggets, old coins, civil war artifacts, love water detecting for gold jewelry, helping train customers on their detectors.
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    Garrett Axiom, EQ-800, Deus-2, Garrett 24K, GM-1000, SDC-2300, GPX-6000, GPZ-7000, ,,...most any gold detector I can get my hands on, if it helps find Gold.

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  1. Love seeing the beautiful gold in quartz and especially with a VLF. So many folks feel PI is the only way but they don't know what their missing. Great on ya.
  2. Well that could be the case. Guess your distributor know more than the one in TX. TX Distributor (as of 2 minutes ago) has not heard a word from Minelab USA. Either way, it's getting close and hopefully you get your unit and your dealer has bunches more, then that tell me, I'll be in the same boat very soon.
  3. I don't need to get my customers in a tizzy until I know the facts. Fact is, no detectors have shipped to me from Minelab USA. Fact is Minelab USA would not tell me how many they were getting, even though they know. Reality is, I don't need to know that, but I was hoping to get an idea if I was expecting 1 unit, 2 or 4 or 10 or 50 or 100 or more. My initial order was way more than most from day 1 back in Aug. So if they go that route, then many dealers who don't know a good product won't get any. That's totally fine with me, if a dealer drags his ass and can't tell a hot selling product. But I know Minelab and have been told by them...this Management team thinks everyone is equal. A lazy dealer complained, probably the same kind who never spends a dime to show up at the dealer conferences, or the same kind who never tries to get a product ahead of time and put it through it's passes. Yeah we have a good portion of them. Well, I looked out the window and we have snowflakes falling. Guess I'll get the blower out again and clean the fluff out of the way. Or just toss in the towel and ride that last wave... It's all good and when I get facts I'll touch base with the appropriate amount of eager customers.
  4. I have two great condition CoilTek coils for the Equinox Series detectors. Both come with coil covers. $125 shipped for the 10" and $135 shipped for the 14" or $250 shipped for both. UPDATE- 10" SOLD
  5. That's the potential problem, how many? When NOX came out, most dealers received 1, some got 2 and I with a couple other received 4. If the release goes the same way and I have 4 customers waiting, I know they'll be just as happy to wait a few days longer while I test the waters. Heck, we've been teased and stretched since Aug. right, what's another couple weeks.
  6. Hey, You'll have all the dealers pissed off at me again. I assure you all 100%, Minelab USA has not sent me a Manticore. Heck they don't even know when they are shipping me and or how many. Even if Minelab USA gets some next week. Then they ship to the distributors and the distributors ship to dealers. I'm not expecting Minelab USA in Chicago to have detectors in my hands until around mid December. Even then, how many will I get? About time for me to relax in a warm climate area for a few days and then get ready for the storm. Besides, sometimes I have to keep the boss happy and she is certainly work keeping.
  7. Hey, You know I need to test it out 1st and make sure it's a great product for my Loyal and worthy (deep pocket) customers. I'm going to swing into Chicago and grab one before I head to warm weather beaches. Be patient my friends and your Christmas list just might get checked off. Pic is one of my better MX trips when I tested the CoilTek coil for them.
  8. That's exactly why you are on my Field Staff Team. Always thinking ahead and willing to help others.
  9. Not so fast my friend. They are shipping to the countries main headquarters, not the dealers. You guys started my phone to blow up and I could not understand why. No worries, at least some of my customers will get them pre-Christmas. Hopefully dealers get good allotments and not trickle in like the Equinox did.
  10. If all goes well, I will be sharing pictures of Manticore finds from in the salt water. Hurry up Santa, Gerry's Detectors has places to go. He also has customers patiently waiting. It looks as if the wait time could be pre Christmas for a few. Let's just hope us dealers get a good allotment of units the 1st few rounds.
  11. I have a couple Axiom packages for those wanting the non US version. Only difference is the coils and headphones. US version gets 13" DD and 11" MONO coils and wireless headphones. The ones I can ship now are the 13" MONO and 11" DD with wired headphones. What did I find all my gold with when testing, I preferred and used the 13" MONO coil. That's just me though. I'll be getting more US versions in soon and if you are not on a list, call me 208-345-8898. As always, US military can earn a 15% discount. Gerry Gerry's Detectors.
  12. I know these nuggets are not huge or even close to it, but I enjoy seeing some of my customers success and their recoveries. These 2 pics just came in from a customer in AZ who took the Axiom out for it's 1st voyage. He used the 11" MONO coil and recovered them 3 to 4" deep. Hopefully more customers will be sharing their success. I'm certain the upstate guys like me are pretty much frozen in for the season so south we need to go.
  13. Glad to see you get out there one last time Gary and find a few pickers. Hopefully that GPX-6000 is doing everything I promised and then some. Looks like this coming in weather will have us shut down for the season, unless a warm spell comes in Dec. Well on you two and thanks for sharing some success.
  14. I'm not much of a dig a hole guy unless my detector indicates to dig there. I do have bottle hunter buddies that can dig a hole extremely fast. Here's a pic of a hole one of my Field Staff dug on our last day of the trip. We were in Alaska up at a place called Moore Creek (supposed to be good gold up there) and the last day, most of us had our gear already packed and just hanging around waiting for a plane to drop in. Spencer is still gung ho and happy to be swinging not caring a bit about being ready for the plane. Guess he decided he'd be on the last plane out. He is swinging right in front of the tents so everyones watching. Eventually I look up and see him digging with his pick and think nothing of it. Some folks start giving advice like the group of supervisors usually do at a construction site. Finally 5 minutes later I look up and see Spencer has a shovel and is getting serious. Now we all know when detecting dredge tailing piles, the big holes usually mean a tobacco tin or rusty can from some old prospector 100 yrs earlier. At this time a couple of us start to wander up as we need to give better more detailed advice of how to remove the trash. Well a few minutes and another almost foot later, Spencer gets the target out of the hole. He starts scanning all the rocks and gravels removed from the pit and his detector is just screaming so loud and brood it's hard to isolate where the target actually is. A pin pointer would have come in handy at this time, but most of us already had our gear packed. Eventually he recovered it and that's when crazy started happening. You should have seen how many guys started digging through they bags trying to find their detectors for a quickie. No bad so sad...as I was one of them who done packed away. I've learned a lesson though. When in big gold country, never stop swinging until after the fat lady sings. Just shy of 1 pound troy of AK specimen/gold . Spencers' trip home was quite romantic as he was the sexy guy with the gold. You just never know until you dig it.
  15. Mike, You are the winner of the Minelab Vest, Hat and Care Package. Please PM me the ship to address. Also, what size Vest you want?
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