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  1. Silver & Gold at its best. I can not believe the finds some of my customers are making with their Equinox detectors. This is the 5th gold coin (I'm only counting in US finds, not England) my customers have recovered with the NOX machines. Brandon in UT, finds an old site and recovers a couple beautiful Seated Liberty Dimes (see pictures). Then the following weekend (this last Saturday) he goes back to the same site and does the Holy Grail we all dream of. Yes he unearths a glimmering gorgeous 1886-S $5 Eagle. I've been a dealer for 25 years and never before have I had so many happy customers making Top Quality Finds. All I can say, is the Equinox and the Multi IQ Technology has to have something to do with all the treasures coming up.
  2. Lacky, Not sure what part of Southern Idaho you are in, but I have a "Metal Detector Basics" class this coming Saturday, June 29th. I'm in Boise. Learning to know which beeps are real genuine and worth checking, vs the ones to walk away from and not worry about is a big thing for never MD'erists. I'll also be educating the pin-pointing features and how to narrow down the target zone. Boise does not allow diggers in Parks so learning to use a probe is a must. Contact me direct, if you are interested. BTW. Stick to this fine forum and for those technical questions as there any many folks who enjoy sharing their detector knowledge.
  3. DanNM, Not only did you dig a Silver Reale, but the detail is really nice. Plus you saved some stunning buttons and artifacts too. Thanks for the Settings, photos and story. Yes, I think your detecting buddy wishes he would have said....wait till we can go together. He is one easy going guy for sure. Well hats off to you for recovering a Bucket Lister.
  4. The Big Bling Ring Return is a Karma King for you. I've been fortunate to catch a couple of them on video. The feeling you get when going home and telling your friends/family of the story is priceless. The lady and her husband will forever be grateful for your cooperation and Ring Return. Job well done and a special Hats off to you for sharing the finds, photos and story. May you eventually find a Big Bling that can not be returned, but only to a finger for your lady some day.
  5. Stunning saves GKman and definitely the treasures us West Coasters dream of. The site you are hunting certainly has many years of use and it reminds me of a "Landing" I hunted in the early 1990's. KG Coppers from 1600's, Large Cent's, IH Cents, as well as Rev and CW era goodies. Probably one of my favorite sites from back East. The headphones you like.. TE's, why do you prefer them vs GG's., just curious. Thanks for taking the extra efforts to photo finds and share.
  6. Thanks for sharing Againstmywill. Very nice research find.
  7. Did you get a coil yet and if not,..I have them in stock. Yes you get more depth on bigger gold with the larger coil, as well as extra ground coverage. I post many photos of my customers finds on FaceBook and look under "Gerry McMullen". Good luck.
  8. And I happen to sell them both too. I even have a Dealer Demo E-Trac with warranty too. But if you have a favorite a local dealer who is knowledgeable and helps answer your detector needs, then I don't want to take a sale away from him either.
  9. McCulloch & McMullen...sounds like a Lawyer Firm. I can't wait to see some photos of your other digs I missed out on. Yes I can sometimes take my detecting serious, so my Marine March never misses a beat. Thanks again Jim for taking the time to visit us Idaho Diggers again.
  10. I personally thought it was the best find of the hunt by anyone. What was so much more impressive is the Lady Digger found it without a detector. I've only dug 2 Chauffeur badges in my 40+ years and both are Idaho too...Glad you liked it as well.
  11. Spud Digger invited me to a Private Property hunt last weekend with about 25 other diggers. The site goes back to the 1860's. Now I wish all the finds were dated then, but the cabins were used and lived in in the 1900's Depression era too. Yes we find the occasional wheat cent from the 30's, but that is ok. We also get hunt the mining piles for gold nuggets, which makes this exact place a fun hunt for those who enjoy a variety. Anyway, my oldest US coin on this hunt was an 1890 Indian Head cent, as well as a couple Chinese Cache coins, a lead soldier on a horse, a coin size sterling flower piece, a cute little shoe bottom (either a child or a Chinamen?). Also recovered the normal suspender clasps, buckles and a few eye candy glass buttons. Even a non metal knife sharpener was spotted in one of my digs. One of my favorite finds besides the "Idaho City, Idaho" token (I love local history saves), was the tire pressure gauge. But the best find of the trip by anyone (at least in my opinion) was the 1918 State of Idaho Chauffeur #1159 Badge. Part of what made this find so unique is the lady digger who found it, was sifting for bottles and not even using a detector. If anyone can share some light on the badge, please let us know.
  12. So good to see you and Craig again. I know it was a long ways for you to drive from Southern CA., but we try to share the wealth and this time you two went home with some good Idaho gold. You must have found the coins after I pulled out? Well that just goes to show I was willing to let you go home with a couple. Were they under the two brightly painted rocks that said "look here"? Here is a photo of some of your gold finds Jim. Hopefully Spud Digger has another hunt later this year when the weather is a little more cooperative. Again, It was good to see you two again and thanks for helping on the class for Gold Hunting. They really enjoyed us, I was told many times.
  13. Bogie, I've put thousands of hours on an E-Trac and done very well. I can say the same with a CTX 3030 as well. I have hundreds of hours on an Equinox only because it has not been out that long. I feel in most of my hunts, the NOX will find a variety of targets better than the E-Trac. Nox is lighter and faster recovery in trash. Nox is 100% WP and much better at gold nugget hunting and or meteorites. E-Trac hits deeper silver and large cents better in my soils, as Steve mentioned. E-Trac has a better variety of coils as options. E-Trac has more accurate ID for those who like looking at the screen. I very seldom pay attention to screen ID...use your ears. E-Trac long tones is much easier for the ear to hear vs the NOX quick chirps..as Bryan mentioned. I sold my CTX 3030, but still own my E-Trac. Part of the reason for owning the E-Trac is I have it set up with a 15" WOT and X-1 probe. If I could only get one of the 2 machines and I was only after Coins/Relics...I'd probably get the NOX, especially if I was hunting old trashy sites with a lot of iron nails. If you can afford both, then go for it. Each detector is a tool and there are Pros/Cons to both.
  14. Now that is a find...the site I say. Great eye to realize the potential and take advantage with your NOX. Thanks for sharing and taking good photos too.
  15. Very nice gold ring find. I hope you and the family will enjoy more time together with detector in hand. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
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