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  1. I think it was the 11", but he did recently purchase the 15" from me too. I'll check and find out.
  2. The Gholson family has been a big supporter of Minelab, especially back in the early days when Minelab was trying to get into the US market. We all do things a little different, but learned to play well when around each other. That piece you picked up most certainly has added some value since those days. Just think if we could have known back then what gold would be at today.
  3. Largest Gold Find in Idaho for 2020, you tell me. As some of you who have been on DP for quite a many years, you know one of my focuses of chasing gold is in tailing piles. My biggest finds have all been in tailing piles and I feel most folks just don’t have the patience to get skunked for hours and sometimes days or weeks. But the rewards can be very gratifying for those who are dedicated and don’t mind a few “0” nugget days. Well since I’ve been training customers for 25 yrs, I see some of them actually taking that next step. Hats off to them as I know how hard they truly hunt. This particular customer is most certainly there at the Advance Level. He has found some amazing pieces of gold in years past with every gold detector he purchased from me. But to pull off this one only took his 3rd trip out with a 3 week old Equinox 800. Total weight of this beauty is over a pound coming in at 14.68 ounce troy. Specific gravity shows right at 3.6 ounces of heavy thick creamy rich yellow metal. I swear this year has been fantastic for my customers and I can’t even hardly keep up with their finds. If anyone has seen a bigger piece of gold come from Idaho this year with a detector please let us know. Heck, I’d just as soon be happy with anyone showing us some Idaho gold. So my question to everyone is this: Would you rather find a bunch of smaller nuggets or a single big rock “Idaho Golden Delicious”. Do you feel this piece is worthy of a museum and how would one go about getting it into an Idaho museum without outright donating it? Has anyone been through the process?
  4. Well done again Doc. You are always thinking on how to make things better and or easier. Now what about the Doc's Digger you promised, the real skinny one? PM me the Dealer Pricing.
  5. I seen that on FB. Very unique and surprising find. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well done Dan and thanks for sharing your ideas with some pics. I don't have pics but will tell you this. 3 of us run around in a 4 wheeler side by side and what we found that works well for the detectors is a bicycle rack that slides into the back of a trailer hitch. Most side by side ATV's now have a slide in on the back and the bike rack will easily go it. Then we have spaces with rubber straps to hold 4 detectors that are not in contact with each other. Sure they get a little dusty or wet if it rains, but we have not had any problems yet. Thanks again for sharing.
  7. It's coming, but I just play to hard on the weekends and when I get back in shop, my customers are #1. I promise it will happen in the next couple weeks. Heck the new EQ-1000 might be out by then and if so I could change my mind? Or was that the Gold Monster 2000 or the GPZ-7500.
  8. The one thing I noticed about being great at running a business is "Enthusiasm". Here is a fine example for everyone. Go to a GPAA Gold Show and see the different vendors and booths selling the same stuff. One will have a guy sitting in a chair reading a magazine with coffee and doughnuts. No eye catching display of gold, no video running in the background of their adventures and success hunts, no proper communication with the folks walking by. Next booth has a display of recovered gold nuggets with the product he sells, his laptop is running in the background showing some guy or gal digging their 1st nice gold nugget, he is interactive with the potential customers, has a big piece of gold there to hand to the ladies so they can feel the mass/weight of gold and has a Free drawing for a panning kit. I've seen it many times and just scratch my head at a few of the folks and wonder why they even showed up. For the 20+ yrs I've known you Steve, the words you speak around others just gets us all excited and wanting to go do it. Nike said it best "Just Do it":
  9. You get out this way be sure to do it around one of the many training sessions we offer. You get over to MT and I have a Field Staff Expert there as well. You get up to North Idaho, I have another Gold Detector Expert up there. You get to Arizona this winter, yes I have it covered too. We offer 1 day 1 on 1 and also the most popular is the 3 day group session as your memory retains much more. Plus you witness a variety of detectors and see their strong/weak points.
  10. That should answer how much iron is in the rock. The harder the pull, the more iron in it and the louder it will sound on a detector.
  11. Most (not all) of my successful customers have purchased a few different gold detectors from me and been customers of mine for quite a few years. As Steve mentioned, they also have taken the 3 day Field Training we offer. Heck, there is a good % of guys on here who find gold and have taken our class. I'll say "our class" as my Field Staff Experts have a big part of what makes our customers successful. Another good point, is they have the right detector for the task and they are out there bustin their heels, swinging their coils and digging more lead and trash that most. Yes there is luck involved, but persistence is a big part of it too. Ill may not have nuggets, but you certainly have good old coins and some serious opportunities for the gold rings in the lakes. As you know, it takes plenty of swinging to be good at those styles as well.
  12. The Jimmy Sierra Gold Foot and even the Big Foot were some really good coils. Most importantly Glenn is the time you get to spend with your father and talking about the good old golden days, seeing the pics and thinking back of the happy times. I sure miss life of the 70's and would take it back in a heartbeat. Today's folks are in such a rush to get nowhere. Most of us don't visit our family and or relatives enough (I'm at fault too) and we all want instant gratification. I know how hard it takes to be successful at finding gold and so does your wife, your dad and you. Sure wish the rest of the world had that kind of patience. Anyway, Thanks for your story and memory pics.
  13. How come you look so young Steve? Heck, you became a dealer for White's in 1976? I was just hitting puberty back then listening to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and there was the other 2 John guys pretty. One lived in Denver and the in UK. Your pic of Steve Houston is the same face I remember and boy he too was a great detectorist and even nicer guy.
  14. Well I for one took home more than my share. Just think if we had another Ganes Creek to go to or even your dig at Moore Creek. Boy those were some times. Remember the loud mouth Minelab guys back then (I won't mention names) and how they were going to go there to Ganes with them big PI's and show all us non educated VLF hunters how it's done? Those times, emails, banter and all were some of the silliest and most disgusted gold hunters I have been around. What is so bad about that, is I still to this day, get folks who think their big badass Minelab is the best at everything. Bottom line, the best detector is the one you know inside and out...better be the one in your hand. And make sure you know its strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses is where so many people fail, not knowing what they are missing.
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