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  1. Just so you all know, I ran out of Likes today so please don’t be offended. First and foremost. I cannot say in words...because I don't think there are enough and or I don't know the proper way to say it. But as a Marine and one who signed up knowing the ultimate sacrifice could be... and then hearing the news of a few USMC brothers who never came home, my heart goes out to those families and loved ones. Memorial Day is a proud day for many, yet heart-wrenching somber for others as each of us treat it differently. There's not... it's easy as black or white, right or wrong in m
  2. The contest for the GPX-6000 is over as I did not get one in time. The Memorial Weekend Contest for a Gold Monster 1000 is over as well and any post after this is just for enjoyment purposes and dreams (kind of like the GPX-6000) from here out. Tomorrow, I'll try to get the tally and do a drawing so I can get the Winner posted. I have not even read through everything as I spent most of the day catching up with business from the long weekend. Looking forward to seeing the posts, reading the comments and seeing the pics of your enjoyable Memorial Weekend. Again, For th
  3. Norvic, You and all Aussie friends are most welcome to join and have fun. As a Minelab Dealer, I am not allowed to ship outside of the US. Nice batch of gold. I'll bite on your #73, thanks to Wikipedia - "No. 73 Wing was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) wing of World War II"
  4. All you have to do Rick, is point the camera at yourself with one hand while holding a detector and Snap. But I know you, you'll do better than that.
  5. Heck Condor that sounds like a normal trip to NNV to me.... except add 2 blown tires. Hey, Your thread was really rubbing me wrong that very 1st sentence, "I was using the only GPX-6000 in the US", but then as I read along, I kind of giggled a little. Yes that's NNV in May and everyone best be prepared. I guess the pic of digging holes to drop the tires was pretty good. Only thing that could have been worse if you dug the holes, dropped the rear tires in them and then got yourself stuck... Well the good is, you provided us some knowledge, a few laughs and you were able to run
  6. Like I said, Customer Care is short staffed and a little stunned right now. At least they are trying now and that's what is most important.
  7. As a Senior Minelab dealer with many many customers, I get more calls/emails than most about the Customer Service Issues we are going thru right now. I have to agree 100% with the customer on this go around. Yes Minelab USA Customer Care Service team is not running as usual, but which company is? But I also feel, - If Minelab is going to be the big dog at the show and the proud company they are with record sales/profits, I feel they need to have the man/woman power to back it up and we (Minelab) have to take the good we create and accept the bad when we fall behind and fail, which I fee
  8. Memorial Weekend Contest, win a Minelab GPX-6000 in your dreams. Ok, Detector Prospector fans. Most of us have been patiently waiting, some – not so patient. A few of us have even sold/traded our old detector to be ready for the release of the biggest dream of 2021. Here’s your chance to win that dream. BUT WAIT…. There’s more. This is not a dream for just you. That’s right, Gerry has stepped up the prize to the ultimate, most rewarding gift of all. Folks, I’m allowing you and your favorite detecting buddy (that’s what I said, - TWO of you!!!) to experience this dream TOGETHER.
  9. The old Minelab Marketing people saw a need for quality videos and yes my video guy has a small contract with them. We would do educational videos and have Minelab review it before release. It was good for my video guy for a couple yrs. Then this new Minelab came in and starting cutting things left and right. They canned my video guy and I was informed "they get plenty of free video mentions from happy customers". Yea, I have some bad habits of tossing finds in my mouth. I about tossed a nugget in my mouth from this pic above, but then realized what I was digging next t
  10. One of my Field Staff, - Lunk will be down in AZ this winter and I'm sure I'll get down there for at least 1 trip. He's not only dialed in the best Settings a variety of detectors to find Meteorites, he has spent countless hours and days in the field researching sites. A few of our customers from past - will visit AZ in the winter and schedule back to back training through me, and I connect you with Lunk. 1st day is learning the detector to find gold (at a different site down the road) and then the 2nd day is to learn how to set detector for those elusive Meteorites on some sites that
  11. You bring up a very good point on the dinks with a 7000 as I have done the same. The new 6000 is showing to be even more sensitive to smaller gold. As I have stated before, I'm not much into dinks anymore for the most part (I'll do it when I get my 6000, just to see how well it does and for my own knowledge of knowing the 6000's capabilities), but I do want to see how it does on my invisible specimens. I do think it will perform better than the 7000 on those pieces and that interests me as many of my pieces have over a 1/4 oz of gold, a few over a 1/2 oz and a couple over an oz of the h
  12. Rob A - The last time I planned a trip for VLF pickers, grabbed one, put on a small coil and chased specs was at least 10 yrs ago. Sure I help customers find tiny gold at Rye Patch with their VLF's, but that's not really for me anymore to find those. Heck, I'd rather leave them for the customers to find and let them have the excitement like I had years ago when I 1st started chasing gold. To be honest, I even get board chasing .1 and .2 grammers with GPZ-7000, when I know there are a few 2 grammers near by. Yes I go each Fall to RP to get my 1 ounce of NNV nuggets with my 7, as that's been
  13. Looking at your pics, it seems you too are not into chasing tiny VLF gold any more.? My below picks of Success show the newer version Fisher Gold Bug GB-Pro and I tell you, I'm not much of a pickers kind of chaser anymore.
  14. Arch, I'm not in AZ., but this video I did might be of some help to you. As for some personal hands on training 1 on 1, I'll have a Field Staff member down there this next winter and he trains on both gold nuggets and meteorites. I was with him in Jan down there and hunted those space rocks for a couple days, we did quite well.
  15. Glenn, You my friend are one of the few lucky guys to have a wife that enjoys the hunt while by your side. Her enjoying the outdoors and chase of Au is as prized as a big nugget/specimen in itself and so for you two to be doing this so long is a milestone accomplishment. Another thing, I'd like to add about you two. I know and a few others, but many do not, that your are one of the premier CO specimen hunting teams and your efforts are top notch front page magazine material. Just a total eye popping my friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge as well.
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