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  1. Certainly great timing on the move. I'm willing to bet the value of your CA place actually is down in today's market. I've always like the Reno area and have thought about moving their myself so I could be closer to Lake Tahoe for my water hunts and also closer to RP for my nugget fix. Glad you were able to score some yellow metal and enjoy a good steak and whiskey. See you down there this Fall sometime.
  2. Mitchel, I have had the itch to turn on a machine for a week now and you just scratched it for me. What most folks don't realize? Night Hunting is for real and in many places our detectors will run more smooth and quiet. As an extra bonus, our own senses (brain does amazing things) ratchet up. As soon as ones eye vision is depleted our ears compensate and tune to a new level. My staff and I have spent many moon light nights digging gold with our detectors. Thanks for the scratch and letting us enjoy your travel.
  3. Those are most certainly the best. When I do that with my detecting buddies, I just go back to the truck and have a couple drinks. Really nice looking gold and thanks for sharing.
  4. Well done Allen. I have seen that beauty before somewhere, but it is nice to see it again. As you know those in the US are quite rare and especially the solid ones. Would enjoy seeing you on here more too, so don't be bashful, you have much to add and share. Dave- It is the only way to take my vitamins. Mitchel - We don't have any gold in Idaho, it is full of potatoes and California transplants. Now more from Portland and Seattle...but gold. I seen one once.
  5. Chris Ben - Heck yea those are really nice ones. I really like your last pick with the 8 grams of solid nuggets and their character. You and Dave are going to start a mini gold rush down there and heck, I might even grab a couple of my guys and head that way this winter, just to get out out of the cold/into the gold. I usually head to MX and jump into the water for some ring/jewelry salvage, but not sure it will happen this winter with the CV-19. Thanks for sharing and you Dave for adding some southern NV comfort eye candy to my thread. Well done my friend. FlakMagnet - I'm hoping he
  6. DolanDave, It is amazing to see bigger gold coming from Southern NV. So many people tell me there is no big gold and I tell them I have heard of bigger pieces coming from some of the ore dumps. Your pics prove there is good gold across most of Nevada. What so many people don't understand is when you should put down a big machine and grab a smaller VLF. It is one of the things my staff and I share and preach during the training we offer. Thanks for sharing your success and adding to the NV Gold thread.
  7. That is certainly a world class nugget for US standards. I do remember another guy (if my memory is right) who was a Tesoro Dealer back East who I think retired and moved out West. His name was Arizona Al. Jim's place was known for lunkers as you probably recall "Lunker Hill".? Thanks for contributing.
  8. I'll try to get him to reach out to you. It has been a few yrs since he has been down there and as you know, he used to be a regular on a couple forums including this one. Are you going to be down there around then?
  9. Burns Brothers was the name of the Truck Stop. 2 pound Dick (Dick Bailey) used to enjoy introducing himself to the traveling gals coming through. He told me he was slapped in the face one time, but it was worth it. The stories those early electronic prospectors could tell. Where is your piece of heaven at down there?
  10. Sorry to hear of his loss. It's so sad to see the names of folks who have been in the detecting realm for such a long time, finally have to leave us. Hopefully his son follows in his footsteps, but the times have changed and so many of todays generation don't see/dream like we do. I hope the family shares his adventures/dreams/passion and they all should be proud of his accomplishments. Wishing them well during these difficult times. Thanks for the update.
  11. Peg - In 2012 when you hit your 1st RP patch, it had to be a phone call...I'm just in the last year learning the cell phone does more than make a call. Texting is new to me, but I'm learning. The 2nd pic of your 1+ ozt nuggets is amazing and you better have a blown up pic of them hanging on the wall somewhere, maybe in your FL home to keep you smiling every day. Thanks for adding. jrbeatty - Us Yanks dream of that red dirt stained gold of higher purity. Guess the old saying still holds true. "Most everyone thinks the gold is better on the other side of the hills/world". Fact is,
  12. It was not all through it but if I remember right, I think over a pound of the yellow stuff was in it. Close to a 100 pound boulder and that there is a 25" round coil to give everyone an idea of the size of hole he had to dig. Thanks for all your great posts as well.
  13. Your terrain is so unique to my eyes. I guess it is time to get back out of my neck of the woods and see other parts of the world again. that is one of the benefits of being a dealer, as I get to write off much of the adventure expense. Thanks for sharing , showing and telling great stories. You make a great point about the size of gold. When there is not much big to be found, learning to adjust and find small gold is still a big accomplishment. Job well done.
  14. Nevada has always been one of my most enjoyable treasure states to visit. Part of why I wanted to make this post (and why I'd like to see others give their input) , is to help guide some of the newer gold prospectors that has joined on with the rise in Au prices around $2000 an ounce. A little history about Nevada and I. I first started detecting Nevada for natural gold in the mid 90's with a local guy from Boise who goes by the name of Largo. He's had some health issues the last few years and not been to RP but promised I'd try to get him down there one more time this Fall.
  15. Nice solid nuggets. Good to know I am not the only one that has to work hard for gold at times. 10+ minutes of sweat, dust and sometimes bugs....when it is all said and done, "well worth it".
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