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  1. Gerry in Idaho

    TDI Beach Hunter Finds Odd Snorkel Of Some Type

    Seems to be some type of glass or ceramic.
  2. Gerry in Idaho

    The Struggle To Persevere - Rye Patch Outing

    I'll never write Rye Patch off, as I have fond memories and many stories of Success for customers and myself back in the day. In fact, I still enjoy offering Field Training there as the few pieces of gold the new customers recover are well earned. The folks who think they can go out there and clean house, missed the boat by at least 10 years. But even today (just as you said) the newer GPZ and SDC technologies are winners and good gold can be dug up. My last year hunt produced 43 nuggets with the trusty Zed from Rye Patch proper and some of my customers just found a few more 2 weeks ago. Yes the new technologies will allow old patches to give that soft golden feeling again in the palm of the hand. The up and coming GPZ-7500 with small 8" coil will get a few more and the GPZ-8000 with Disc Mode will certainly open up some of the trashy sites. I can't wait to get my hands on those 2019 new models...if they ever make them? Those are fine chunks you and the Mrs found and a few with Chevron patterns too. Words well spoken Lundy and thanks for sharing.
  3. I recently returned from a Beach Hunt and was able to put some time on my new White's TDI Beach Hunter. I'll be posting photos of some of the finds as time permits. This interesting discovery had me laughing all the way home. Not exactly sure what it is, but about 5" long and looks to be a snorkel with a 2 headed and 8 legged octopus on the side. One end has a breathing mouth hole piece and the other has a small hole with brown stain around her rim. I'm sure you can't go down vary far with such a short snorkel, but I'm no expert either. Anyone have any clues?
  4. Gerry in Idaho

    Gold Basin With The 24K

    I prefer the small coil on the 24K for tiny bits and specimens. It is a fine machine and I give White's a big thumbs up on this one. Good luck to you.
  5. Very nice specimen finds and thanks for sharing.
  6. Gerry in Idaho

    Goldmaster 24k Weekend Hunt

    I have been trying my best to let folks know how much I really like the 24K and posted quite a few finds with it. But because I'm a dealer and sell them, most folks write it off. Nothing I can do about that but get it in the hands of other well known nugget hunters. You are doing great on the small gold, which is one thing I never went after as I've yet to get to NV with it. Nice recoveries Lunk and that specimen is a stunner too. Keep it up and hope to see you soon.
  7. I say its certainly a keeper. 3 more specimen nuggets from the 24K Mine. White's new Gold Master 24K metal detector sure is an easy gold grabber. What makes it so tough for folks right now is the recent release of the GM-1000 last year and the great (better than expected) Equinox 800 when used on Prospecting Mode. But folks please don't overlook this new White's 24K. If anyone who has a clue about VLF gold detectors uses it, I am most certain you'll be quite happy. I own so many gold machines, it is silly...but at the same time I am a Gold Detector Snob and I try to make sure I know most machines and their capabilities. The 24K with its new and improved features, turn on/go user friendliness and price point with the 2 coils is a serious contender for those who enjoy VLF gold machines and or the folks who own a Pulse Induction detector and want to start finding gold their PI misses. Yes the 24K will find gold my 5000 can't see and I have even tested it on high dollar wire gold and nice specimens my SDC and 7000 don't respond on either. Now I am not saying it is overall better. I'm saying it is a tool that is needed in your hunting arsenal. I'm getting ready to be in the field testing for a while and so if I do not reply back, please realize I am trying to learn more about new detectors to help my customers and their success.
  8. Gerry in Idaho

    TDI Beachhunter First Run Sold Out!

    Chuck, I totally understand. When you are good looking, you do get spoiled quite a bit. Here is my good looking and he does get spoiled.
  9. Yes I did take it in the lake. After all it does have a waterproof coil. My new White's 24K put a smile on that girls face that lasted the week. And her hubby is off the hook for another $10,000 ring set. Besides a few lead sinkers, pull tabs and chilly water, what else cold be down there. Just another Big Bling save and showing other ways the Gold Prospector machine can be used. PS. Steve, I have a 3 minute video clip of it too, but don't know how to post, it is on my FB.
  10. Gerry in Idaho

    TDI Beachhunter First Run Sold Out!

    I have a couple left of my 1st order. Chuck are you really waiting for one? If so, let me know and I can get one headed your way.
  11. Gerry in Idaho

    White's Goldmaster 24K & GMT Compared

    Steve, Great side by side comparison. You brought up some pretty good bits of info and I personally have put at least 100 hours on the 24K. Not having a manual at first, I was not able to do the Ground Offset, but now it is used often kind of like a hot ground balance...or cold if really bad soil. The 24K runs much smoother and is easier for a beginner or novice hunter that only goes 5 to 10 times a year. They will enjoy the new added features of the 24K and its better price point too. Well done my friend.
  12. Gerry in Idaho

    Holiday Weekend Gold

    Dang Lunk that is a great haul. Between you and Peg, there might not be much Idaho gold left next season for the new EQ-1000. Or is that the GM-2000? Either way, very good finds and glad you were able to have success with both.
  13. Gerry in Idaho

    Little Pine Tree Of Gold

    Certainly one of the hardest working lady prospectors I know of. But you get the gold girl, so keep doing what you do best. Nice photos to BWT.
  14. Gerry in Idaho

    Do You Listen To The Ground Or Hear Targets?

    Listen to the ground 1st and then the target 2nd. If the area has no ground noise (such as some tailing piles)) then I use the sounds of targets as my indicator. But my main concern is the ability to listen to the ground with the detector while it tells me if I can get more out of my machine or not. I usually run my machines a little on the hot side, so I need to have a threshold. My GM-1000 drives me nuts as a silent search, but I still find gold with it...more of a hearing of the target machine. Interesting post.
  15. I'm with Strick on the sounds and knowing what is and what usually is not. I take groups of prospectors out and work with them quite often. They seem to find the tiny surface targets I miss and ask how did I miss it. It was not that I missed it, it was more of the sound was not right. I don't dig many small surface nuggets either, so on occasion a leave them a dink. But my odds are better off if I go for the narrow soft sounds. I do the same thing when hunting old parks and schools. I don't dig many modern coins and usually end up with more old ones than new. Anyone who hunts with me, goes nuts as they dig 2X the amount of coins and still end up with less older ones. Again, I play the odds to my favor. Now to be fare, not all sites and or areas can be done as I mentioned. My ear and coil control are my odds makers and most of the time I can usually play on house money.