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  1. I just ordered a pair and they'll be here Sunday. Thanks for mentioning as I have been a Danner fan for many years (big game hunting), so hopefully these keep me just as happy.
  2. Heck Strick, Your unit is probably out of warranty and about ready to be traded in for a new one with all the upgrades...and I know a dealer who can help. As for your older style battery system and getting the new Drop In. I have been told all batteries are going into the new detectors right now and now to expect any extras to be sold as Accessories for a couple to few more months. Thanks for allowing my staff/I to train you and Lisa as you both seemed to enjoy it and I know both found gold as well. Here is one of her smaller ones that Chris Ralph missed while Steve H was chatting wit
  3. I've noticed the same thing with a variety of detectors in years past. A couple factors to consider, is the coil being used DD vs MONO or Concentric and the 2nd is the direction you are coming from when passing the target. I always try to circle my target while swinging back and forth. Also with some other detectors, I'll put detector in ALL METAL MODE and do a Size/Shape Imaging sweep. Kind of hard to explain, but as I sweep across the target many times and directions I pay attention to the response and many times, I can tell a longer signal from a round coin/ring one. The same thin
  4. Well if you wear those with an SD, GP, GPX or GPZ, I don't think you'll find much, as there is enough metal in those boots... But at least they'll last for years as they are quality built.
  5. I think you may have sent me a few of those older magazines at one time Chuck. Just think how many boxes of magazines you have stashed away, as I seen your name on the shipping label going all the way back to 1971/2, so I suspect you have 40+ yrs, maybe 45 of being a dedicated TH'er and magazine reader. Heck, I imagine these are more rare than the Playboy of the time. Great post and pics.
  6. One of the worst weather Wars of the time with 17,000+ American casualties. Just think what it would be like trying to fight outdoors with 1950 clothing in -35 degree weather. It is said that more casualties were from weather (non battle) than actual deaths fighting. From one Marine to the next...Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful.
  7. Randy, So glad you took took the time to stop in and decided to get the training from my Field Staff/I. Most folks don't really know how important genuine real hands on training is and I feel that's part of why so many people go to Rye Patch and never find anything. What has kept me in business all these years and even with the Amazons/Internet/Mail-order is my happy customers sharing their stories/success. Thanks again for being a repeat customer and I look forward to selling you a GPX-6000 or other when the time is right.
  8. Bates, just like many other major brands, have cheaper and higher end products. I have had exactly what you experienced, a couple models of Bates in years past, the stitching started falling apart after a few days detecting. But at the same time, the last 2 pair of Bates I have purchased are tough as nails. Thanks for the refresher of my memory, as I didn't like the early ones either.
  9. Yes this happened to me a few times in the early 70's. Mama found my porn stash under the bed and it was what set up my career. After all, I tell many I'm in the Adult Entertainment business selling high end toys. These early magazines had me squeamish in bed a many sleepless nights. A boy my age was quite naive, so seeing such raw and natural images sent my brain into overload. I had no clue what the future would hold, but I feel it came out quite right. View these 2 early magazines and you'll notice some of the articles and headlines. 1st is GOLD by True West, 1969 Vol. 1, #1
  10. Very good question my friend and I am not sure why you didn't get more replies. I spend over $100 a years on boots and sometimes near $300, if I get some that do not last. I go through about 1 pair of boots a year and sometimes 2, 1 year it was 3 pr. As those who hunt with or around me know, I am extremely hard on my boots. I use them as a surface scraper at Rye Patch all the time since I chase whisper ghost signals and I usually can't tell if it's an actual signal until I have removed 3 to 4" in a broad 18" wide by 16" tall area. Could I use my Apex? Most certainly and many folks do
  11. We all have different styles of gold nugget shooting and across this globe are so many varying terrains to chase nuggets. Our skills and years at it vary and on this fine forum, it could just as easily be the eager beaver newer member who's grateful for their 1 and only nugget, as it could be a salty savvy veteran with a lifetime of Thankful gold finds. And yet many of us have a certain detector that meant so much to our pursuit of heavy metal. What model of gold detector are you most thankful for and why? For me, it's the Fisher Gold Bug-2 as it was the 1st gold detector we (detector
  12. Those are some beautiful pieces of gold and will bring some extra $$$.
  13. The Minelab GT 16000 introduced in 1987 used DD coils. I know this model is later on but I know it was DD. My own personal detector, 1st DD (that I recall) was the Minelab Sovereign and the Soc series is still desired by a few.
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