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  1. Western & Eastern Treasures magazine does a Silver & Gold Annual issue and another customer of mine was featured. Many of you saw the photos posted earlier this summer. Some gobstopper saves/discoveries are in this issue, so I recommend you order one online. Congratulations to Duane and Sarah on their Golden Treasures and thanks for allowing me to earn your detector business again.
  2. Gerry in Idaho

    Goldmaster 24k - All Options And Basic Use

    Now that is a fine video there my friends. Not only did Tom do a fantastic job of showing the detector, he actually took the time to explain each button very well. Hats off to you Tom Boykin and thanks for sharing Steve. Heck, I learned so much I'm heading out to find some gold.
  3. Gerry in Idaho

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    Great to see some of your Success Digger Bob with the new 24K. But more important than that..is you on social media sharing your knowledge. Great to see you and the finds.
  4. Gerry in Idaho

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    Now that is a fine video there my friends. Not only did Tom do a fantastic job of showing the detector, he actually took the time to explain each button very well. Hats off to you Tom Boykin and thanks for sharing John. Heck, I learned so much I'm heading out to find some gold.
  5. Gerry in Idaho

    1/3 Oz'er With The 24K

    Another interesting specimen discovery with the White's 24K. Here is a 10.8 gram (just over 1/3 ozt) I recovered the other day. Approx 7 to 8" deep and heard it fine with good headphones. I posted more details and info on the main Prospecting forum so go check it out. This detector is an easy and exciting machine to run and my success has been better than expected.
  6. Gerry in Idaho

    Goldmaster 24K Availability

    Better to wait a week and get it right. I'm on board and will let me customers know.
  7. Interesting find with the White’s 24K the other day. Usually I find rough raw natural gold in ore dumps. I find round smooth nuggets in the deserts and ancient river channels, even find them in tailing on occasion along with a few other places. Here is nice chunky 1/3 oz speci with semi clear white quartz on one side glittering with gold particles and broken wire like seams. The top side has some rough quarts all blackened (not sure what it is) and a nice rounded crown of gold on top. On the edge are a few perfect tiny quartz crystals. Something had to cause the smooth rounding and I have not witnessed this in ore dump finds. Anyone have a guess of the black and what caused rounding on the crown? Is there a way to get the black off without changing anything else? The 24K has been a fun machine to test and I’m very pleased with it so far on the sites I have selected. Thanks for your opinions and expertise.
  8. Gerry in Idaho

    First Day Success With Eq 800 & 6" Coil

    OMG!!! JW....Those 1st few photos are even more beautiful than the gold you recovered. Fabulous eye to catch the moments and save them for many eyes to witness. TINY Tiny and so tiny of bits with the 6" coil is incredible. You just made a huge run of 6" coil sales for the NOX. Thank you for sharing your eyes, knowledge and discoveries.
  9. Gerry in Idaho

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Great way to pop the ZED cherry with a couple golden ones (and a cold one of course). So you get skunked on occasion? That is why we enjoy those little ones so much when we do find gold. Being able to continue even after the goose egg days is what separates most hunters. Keep it up my friend and thanks for sharing.
  10. Gerry in Idaho

    Extension To The New Patch

    Nice finds Chris. Just goes to show there is still good gold out there. Keep at it and sharing your stories/finds.
  11. Gerry in Idaho

    Zed Gold Afternoon

    JW, Those sheep wore the top surface off and allowed those nuggets to be discovered. Who would have thought the trails are good places to swing. Very nice of you to get a decent solid piece too and hope even more big ones show up this year for you. On a side note, the photo with the tailing piles, do you hunt those piles at all? One of my specialties it Tailing Piles and I have found a few monster specimens in them. Keep at it my friend.
  12. Gerry in Idaho

    New White's 24K Used Urban Style To Find Bling

    Steve, You are correct and I do find my share of pieces of broken pull tabs and small foil bits, shoe eyelets and beads from broken necklaces. Coins are tough to find in my courts as all the general purpose machines find them. So I take a detector that can find the tiny targets they miss. 15 to 20 coins worth $1.50 or 1 diamond stud = priceless. Chuck, The stories of the finds are important too, but my time is so limited I keep them short.
  13. Using the new White's 24K Urban Style. You don't have time to get out to gold fields & learn your new detector? Take it to a local volley ball court & have fun. Learn sounds, target ID & depth on those small treasures. GOAL to show the detector has more capabilities than most folks imagine. Realize the majority of detectors people use will not find tiny targets and the 24K was build to do just that. How to pay for 24K real fast? Find the wife a diamond earring, all is good. Not only did I find 5 stud earrings, I recovered 7 backs & some tiny #9 dove shot, plus other bits of chains, bracelets & such. Just another way to keep your skills tuned and bring home some bling. On a side note, How many of you have used a gold detector to find diamond earrings and other micro jewelry? I know my buddy in Hawaii Terry C has done so and maybe he'll post a pic. Anyone else, please share your stories and photos too.
  14. Gerry in Idaho

    Managed To Find A Small Patch

    Those North Nevada nuggets are top prize finds. The folds, seams and crevices in the gold is stunning. Keep at it my friend and hope the Insurance kicks in..or you'll be selling the gold.
  15. Gerry in Idaho

    For Sale 2 Whites Detectors

    Yes, I'd like to see some photos as some of the MXT's are 15+ years old. Condition and eye appeal would help me make the decision. Thanks, Gerry