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  1. Dan, Those are some serious mods done to that Explorer. Glad to see folks willing to make change for the good on a popular detector that had ergonomic issues.
  2. Holy Grails those are some highly desired and exhilarating digs. The SC Confederate buttons and the bust is just stupid stunning. Thanks for sharing and wanting me to head back east asap.
  3. Wow, that seems like quite a few coins for only those 2 rings on the recent hunt. I would have expected to see some GGG? That is part of why we enjoy detecting as you never really know. I also like how you keep track of your finds, the total coin counts/amounts and the rings. As you know it is always good karma to return a ring when possible. Keep it up.
  4. Very nice digs Dan and well earned consider the amount of trash you removed from the lake shore. Yes, be sure to dig those clean hit #1's as I have found some nice little goodies with the #1. On a side note, why do you still have an Explorer boat anchor? Yes I still have an E-Trac (sold my CTX 3030), but I exclusively use it with a 15" WOT and X1 probe. It is my DEEP Silver machine. Yes it too is heavy, but the ergonomics is better than the Explorer. Again, nice digs.
  5. Jeff, I too feel the EQ-600 does not get the love it deserves. Most folks don't realize it is just as deep as the big brother and for most parks, schools, urban and all beaches including in water hunts, it is the best priced and performing detector. Even hunting in old sites with average trash, it does just fine. Your lunker of a gold ring just goes to show you are doing it right. Hats off to you my friend. Attached photos are EQ-600 finds also.
  6. Cool digs and you'll do better as you learn the area.
  7. Peg, Each your down there you seem to learn more and your success/knowledge of the area is getting better. Actually those are some pretty good finds considering your location. Yes the Tungsten and gold ring is nice, but I too like the old brass and or copper ship nails. Did anyone around you happen to score any of the reale treasures? As a fantastic gold nugget hunter that is proven, your time on the beaches will eventually start to shine. My trips and the expense are much greater than most folks trips to FL beaches. I have been to many resorts, spent numerous days swinging and learning locations, tides, people gathering and all the finer points to get a little bling. I honestly feel most folks would not put in that kind of effort, but I know a few do, as there has been recent detecting at my last resort location. Keep at it girl and looking forward to hearing more about those old nails.
  8. My Field Staff Experts and I know the majority of gold detectors on the market. We offer 3 days Field Training at Rye Patch Nevada and many clients will stay in the area and hunt a few more days. As for guided tours, I quit that a few years ago. Yes most of us had fun and success, but for a few, they expected to load their pockets. If you are interested in real hands on training, let me know. Either way, I wish you luck.
  9. Glenn, it is an Idaho piece found as is, no cleaning.
  10. Holy Grails Glenn, Those pieces of art are most certainly wall hangers. CO is one of the stated that I need to go and find a couple, so I check off my list "Been there Dug That" along with WY and the Dakotas. I don't have many wire gold pieces as you know they are quite fragile and easily break or smash. Here is one of my bigger ones. Thanks for sharing some beautiful gold.
  11. GoldPick, When I visited Leanora and Kalgoorlie areas on a Prospecting trip 10+ yrs ago, I was amazed at the lack of folks who actually detect the old mining camps for coins and relics. A good friend of mine was there on a prospecting trip in the early 90's and he said the beaches were loaded with silver coins. It was as if everyone in Australia felt the value of gold is so much greater than coins and silver, so why bother? Anyway, I like you style showing and sharing a different kind of hunt from down under. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.
  12. I think the cleaning of a coin is subject to its rarity and or value. I've personally (when I was younger) removed great detail of patina from a few Large Cents and 1 Flying Eagle. All I used was water and a soft toothbrush. So now for some of my coppers that I really like, it is a soft dry toothbrush and toothpick, as Kac does. I've dug thousands of wheat backs and most are common dates/mint marks. I toss then in a tumbler with fish aquarium gravel, a little water, squirt of Dawn dish soak and let them run 15 to 20 minutes. All I am doing is knocking the crud and dirt off them. Silver, When I was young they were tossed into the tumbler too and boy do they shine. Problem is some silvers are semi and key dates with low mintages. Those need to pampered and soaking in water with a light rinse is all I do. Common Roos, Merc's and Washington quarters are soaked and brushed with toothbrush, but I quit tumbling them, as the shine, in my opinion is not recommended. Nickels, Those pesky dark stained, sometimes purple or red, brown, even black on occasion. If they are common dates, I toss them in the tumbler. Semi dates ones get the water and soft tooth brush. I'll use an eraser on them to add highlights, but I assure you there is abrasive marks left from the eraser. At least the common Buff or V now looks better with a highlight, but that is my coin so I am not worried of value. My 1913-S Barber Quarter (Key date) was dug in Nevada and as most of my 100+ yrs old silvers coming from the desert with high alkali, they come out of the dirt with a crustry gray coating. I have not done anything with it, other than water and tap dry. The actual condition of the coin is F-12 with detail, but the other blemishes and clap on it kills the value and most certainly drops condition. I have yet to decide (and keep going back and forth) on if I should get it professionally cleaned and as stated what makes one a Professional? I guess it depends on the person and what you plan on doing with it. Myself for this coin. If PCSG says cleaning will drastically reduce the value, then I'll probably leave it as is. If they say "after cleaning it will have detail of F-12" and look much better, but will be labeled as "Environmental Damage", and the value will drop a little, then I'll probably get it cleaned. If the value drops 50% or more, I might as well leave it as is. Who knows, but right now it looks like crap to me.
  13. Some seriously nice history saves and great pics everyone, keep them coming. Chase, the 1830 Half Reale is a heart throb. The US Plate is stop you in your track Seth and you should be proud, even your Reale is tops. Joel, those are really good coins for a SD digger as Dakota is not really that old. What I like is the patina on the coins. Your soil must be perfect. BTW, the 1914 Buff looks nice too. Thanks for sharing guys. UPDATE to my 1915-S/13-S Barber Quarter. Yes the one I posted a pic of is indeed as a couple folks mentioned the 1915. So at the bank today and into the vault I'm digging around and find the 3 Barber Quarters I dug in 1 hole. I check the dates and sure enough, one of them is the Key Date 1913-S. I'm going to try and post a video of when I dug them, as you can tell by my voice, I was upset and pissed off. My reason? Watch the video to see and then chime in and tell me, if you would have expected differently?
  14. What a Huck Up I did. Yes you guys are correct as I had to pull an eye piece to view the bugger and it is a 1915. So there goes my dreams of retirement. Then last night (when I am supposed to be sleeping) my brain was racking trying to figure out the 2019 year and all the adventures I did. It finally came to and the fog lifted. I got up in middle of night went to look at that crazy Barber again and it is indeed a 1915 Barber Quarter. But where are the other 2, that is the question as I dug up 3 Barber Quarters in 1 hole. Now I am actually kind of excited again, as I feel I made a mistake. This 1915 (the photo I posted) was a local find (yes with the same Equinox 800) when I did a hunt with my other Field Staff Expert (Spencer), a couple weeks timeframe difference. That is why I can't find the other 2 quarters with it, as it can't be. So guess what today it? Run to the bank and look for 3 dirty dusty Barber Quarters that should be together. So hopefully I am able to do an update this evening with new photos and brain relief from a guy who has been stressing the last 24 hours. Those who noticed it, thanks for being the "eagle eyes" I don't have.
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