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  1. I guess in all the excitement of the 2019 Update, I did not actually click on the link but only read and viewed the detectors in front of my eyes. And for a while there...I thought I was the only one at the Equinox is a Gold Detector Party. Heck, I was kicking butt and taking names with it too. Glad to see my mistake was nothing to do with your info..
  2. I like your list of gold detectors and the order Steve. I still feel it would be good to put the Equinox 800 in there, but I also realize it is not sold as a "Gold Only" detector. My reasoning is the amount of gold my customers and I are finding with the EQ-800 is astonishing and in a few instances it does it much better than the others, including the Gold Monster 1000. Yes, the GM-1000 is the most dummy proof of gold detectors and I do recommend and sell it to many new customers who are only after gold. But for those multi task do it all detecting folks (like me) who hunt old coins/relics, water detect beaches for gold rings and also like prospecting for natural gold, the Equinox 800 can not be beat. 2019 was one of the most traveled years for me with many detecting trips and the EQ-800 was the 1 detector I took, used and had success on all the trips. Beaches of MX, Old Towns/Camps in NV, OR, ID, WY, UT for artifacts and coins. A trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Civil War Relics in NC, natural gold nuggets/specimens in NV, OR, ID as well as a trip to Bahamas soon. To have a detector under $1000 that is 100% waterproof, super light weight, compact, multi purpose use, salt water friendly and software downloadable (2 updates so far with added performance) is astonishing in my 40+ years of detecting. Now for those folks who only hunt natural gold, the list above that Steve has is spot on in my opinion. EDIT UPDATE- I should have actually went to the link and read, as it is mentioned. Sorry about that Steve.
  3. Nice find and thanks for sharing your detector #'s and ideas.
  4. I'd love to see the Big Gold Chain, when you find one. That lunker is worth a few $$$. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Glad to see you saving a few more precious metals. Swimming holes are always a great way to cool down in the summer with the NOX. Were you able to swing any while in UK?
  6. Beautiful natural gold Glenn. Love your story and stunning photography too. As you know I have told many folks and even teach it in our 3 day field classes, there are certain types of gold some machines do not respond. The density and characteristics of some gold is not ideal for PI technologies. Glad you were swinging a VLF and having some Success. Those are some high dollar finds and well earned too. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I can't believe I missed those two nuggies. Well you certainly had your travel time in so realistically you earned them. Thanks for sharing the story and photos. Hopefully we'll score a couple on the last training class I'll be doing for 2019 (coming up soon). BTW. What settings did you use this time out there?
  8. Glad you were able to do some real prospecting in California and go home with an 1800's antique collection of square nails. You even found a little color and 2 specimens. Sometimes the best tools are the ones not high on the list with miniscule thought (the water bladder), but at least you listened and took advice. Hopefully the trip is enjoyable and be safe.
  9. Jason, As you know I don't sell many traditional prospecting items, but mostly detectors. If there is something down the road you need to get replaced, I'll try to work a special deal with you. Thieves are the lowest of low so if you do find them, but sure to keep a level head and not do anything that could put you behind bars. I know it would be quite easy for me to end their existence, but what does that make me? If everyone could mention this to their prospecting clubs and buddies, then something should turn up. Keep us informed and glad you were able to save the books and backhoe. Gerry
  10. My experience with Coil Knocking on the EQ-800 is this. The detector coil knocks much easier than most other detectors I have used. But at the same time, it also finds more too. The large 15" coil is by far the worst and when I use it to hunt in the gold fields I am running a SENS around 17. With the stock coil the bump knock is not as bad and I run my SENS usually around 19. As Steve mentioned, the small 6" coil is much more stable with not as much bump knock and I can run higher SENS. Now a couple of my Field Staff run as close to 25 SENS and just deal with the bump knock. We all find gold so not sure who is doing it best or right wrong. I'll try Chase's knowledge of the Ground Balance and see what happens for me at my sites.
  11. Phoenix, That beautiful/ugly specimen ended up producing almost a half ounce of gold for you. You enjoyed the hunt, enjoyed the find with a shitty grin when digging it up and now you learned how to make your own gold bars. Detecting is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.
  12. I've found quite a few nice pieces of gold, but not many monster rings. I feel it was very close to an ounce. Yes that is my thumb in the ring.
  13. 6" round coil to get better target separation in the yard full of iron nails. Signal Strength and a hard Positive reading. It was 25' from where he thought he lost it. Took me about 15 minutes. It was the 2nd signal I thought could be it. The other was a brass sprinkler. He did offer a small reward. I always try to gain a potential hunt site when doing these.
  14. When you score a Seated Silver out West, that 1 find will highlight the trip. Very nice.
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