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  1. Gerry in Idaho

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Those are both really nice finds Alluminati. I like your 1st day with the Equinox find. Funny how my 1st day with the EQ-600 and I scored the large platinum with 2 small rubies and a diamond. Lets hope 2019 is even better.
  2. Gerry in Idaho

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Tift, Actually that is quite a stunner. Besides, if you are proud of it (which I certainly would be) then why not share. My situation is a little more different than most TH'ers as I've been dong this for a few years and being a dealer, I have access to almost all the popular machines. Very nice find and thanks for sharing.
  3. Gerry in Idaho

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Gary, Detecting the WalMart parking near the .25 cent toy machines is a great start. But eventually you'll want to branch off to greener pastures. I'm sure you have found a ring or two that are loved by someone other than a 3 yr old
  4. Gerry in Idaho

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    I remember your story on the farm field ring, very good. That Lord of the Rings is a beast of a 1/2 oz'er find.
  5. What's your prettiest ring find from 2018. Mine's a toss up so I'll show 3 & let you decide. Be sure to also show your favorite 2018 ring recovery. A) 14K Yellow Gold with Aquamarine center stone wrapped in Emeralds. B) White Gold wedding ring set with Diamonds C) Large 13.3 Platinum with 2 Rubies & 1+ carat Diamond.
  6. Gerry in Idaho

    Equinox 15" Coil Goes Deeper Than I Thought - Big Gold

    That photo reminds me of such a big difference in ground conditions and the preferred detectors to be used. Just a rock chuck down the road is Ganes Creek, AK and the VLF is King. Then go up the road to Moore and PI is preferred. So glad they make different models for us to use. Stunner of a find Steve.
  7. Gerry in Idaho

    Equinox 15" Coil Goes Deeper Than I Thought - Big Gold

    They sure keep my ears warm when it is 20 degrees out. May not be the best quality or best sealing, but I like the sound and comfort. Sure there is a slight delay, but I know that. Some folks just like to complain and that is their right. I just like digging gold with an occasional complaint..its to pretty to sell.
  8. Gerry in Idaho

    Equinox 15" Coil Goes Deeper Than I Thought - Big Gold

    Mitchel, The signal was clear and repeatable but not a "wower". I guess some folks might have walked past, but my ears listen to the ground and sounds it makes. #8 most of the time with an occasional #9. Funny, how some smaller 3 gram flat solid nuggets give a 12 or 13 reading and this one with over approx 1.5 ozt of gold in it read less? Most of the specimens in the area are #1 and occasional #2.
  9. I pulled one aside and tagged it for you.
  10. Cal, I have a few of the 15" coils for the NOX. Go to www.gerrysdetectors.com and call me.
  11. Well with the Thanksgiving Holiday we just had, I was able to jump in the truck for a quick over-nighter to try out the 15" coil on the NOX. Now for those of you who know me, I spent most of the summer/fall testing the new Whites 24K in Oregon and Idaho (with great success) so I did not get to hunt gold this year with the NOX. Actually this was my 1st trip using it for gold nuggets and since my friends had already hunted the site with their NOX and standard 11" round DD coils, I figured there is no use in doing the same thing over. My intuition paid off and to say it bluntly was an understatement. My 1st gold piece (not jewelry as I have found ounces of gold rings so far with NOX) is a dandy. 2.78 ozt or over 3 regular ounce "Golden Oreo" at 16-18" deep. This is by far my biggest Oreo of 2018. The photos show the 15" coil standing upright in the hole and the sun is coming down at an angle and barley shining on the top of the coil. You can see the back of the rock pile is higher than the coil itself. Another factor is I found out the 15" coil is very bump sensitive to rocks so I had to swing it a couple inches off the ground. I typically do not recommend this to my customers and say to keep the coil to the soil, but at times it can't be done. Yes I did drop my SENS down and preferred 19 most of the time. Do you think "Golden Oreo" is a good name and if you have something better, please share it as this masterprice needs its own name. On a side note. When swinging the 15" coil on the NOX for 8 hour days in rough terrain, you need a bungee and I really do like and recommend Docs Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness System. I actually use it with my GPZ 7000 as. Another great thing I like about the harness is it actually clips to the back of my pants to hold them up better and my plumbers crack does not get burnt as often.
  12. Gerry in Idaho

    Skunk Breaker

    Simon, Heck that is a pretty long story and the photos are "tops" too. Glad you were able to get rid of the skunk smell and start inhaling freshness. Digging gold takes all the problems away and puts a smile back on your face. So cool to build a relationship and now have a friend to enjoy it with (JW). He seems to be a good instructor and better yet man of great character. We enjoy seeing your posts and finds/stories even when I don't don't get on here enough to say "Thanks" or make a quick comment. Keep it up and stay away from the skunk...
  13. Gerry in Idaho

    End Of The Season At The Cabin

    Peg, You are an inspiration to all prospectors. Not only are you one of the most Successful Lady Gold Diggers I know of (besides Sue Sallee), your outgoing outdoor personality is tops. You were one of my favorite early customers to train and you still make me proud. I just wish there were more ladies out there sharing the stories, success and golden photos. Enjoy your winter in FL and if I get down there, we'll go bug Gary Drayton for a few days together.
  14. Gerry in Idaho

    Dumb Question

    Dumb Answer. I must have gold under the floor because my machines go nuts. Actually, I power many machines on when I take a used unit in trade and need to see if it powers up ok. I also go through the menu real quick just to make sure all is good. Never had a detector have long term issues from it, but I don't recommend folks doing it all the time either. I know the GP and GPX series, I put them in the "Cancel Mode" so they quiet down. VLF's I do it all the time and no issues other than my ears for a short time. I think you'll be fine on occasion to do a quick power up to check "Battery Level" before a trip.
  15. Gerry in Idaho

    A Little Quartz Speci

    Hard to post finds when you don't go and have anything to post. Now you can keep us Northern Frozen folks happy with more photos of finds. I hope you get to go more often and wish even more golden pics. Thanks for sharing.