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  1. The video was very informative and I think you are correct, it's probably bone. Not sure if a piece of carved ivory that has been dug up in dirt can still not show veining but at least I know what non dug bone looks like. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Not yet in stock, but I'll be getting some next week. I've been a Minelab dealer for 20+ yrs and also using/selling CoilTek coils for just as long. They promised to send me a test coil, but since it's still pretty much winter, I have not been able to chase any gold nuggets with it. So the best opportunity now is try my luck at some local sites I know of for relics. I have a list started for the coils and if you want on it, shoot me an email from www.gerrysdetectors.com
  3. I normally don't post on this site much ( I post on the gold forum) as I'm usually chasing gold nuggets with my EQ-800. Anyway the snow melted last week and the temps hit 50's so I took the new CoilTek NOX 10" Ellip coil for a spin at a site I've hunted for many years. Saved a few military items and also spotted some eye candy. I think it's ivory, but not sure. Also has a name engraved on it. What's the best way to tell if it's ivory? The 10" NOX is very sensitive to small targets as I dug many primers. I really light the weight balance and extra ground coverage in semi trashy sites
  4. From your experience is there a better auction site you like and or used with no issues. Also just as important, was there any you though was a waist of time/effort. This will be the 1st time we have sold through such assistance, but was told on high end gold art, this usually brings the top dollar?
  5. He's has quite a few $10K offers a couple in $15K range and one bumped it up to $20K. I still feel his best bet is to wait until Covid is over and have it at a couple bigger shows to get some publicity. Then head for the Auction with a Minimum of $25K.
  6. If I found one like that, I'd not call it a Sun Baker, but would call it a unique "Block Buster Find" as you have the rock it's still stuck in, as is. Please leave it like it is, as this adds character, mystery and potential value to a collector. Thanks for taking the time to catch it as discovered with your pics and being able to leave it as is. Sometimes a find is best left the way you 1st realized it. Thanks for sharing an extra ordinary find.
  7. So when the excitement was over and we finally put it on the scale, it had us a little frustrated. As such a bizarre and exquisite gold specimen, our lack of discovering this mythical style we had no experience before. Now we learn, as well as a bill and coin of the actual weights. How many times have you dug a nice piece of gold to only drop on the scale and be baffled. Yes we were, but still a prize among gold collectors. Watch the video and get a little lesson on gold and $100 bill.
  8. To add to my post above so someone doesn't decide to fire me. Those little contests do generate replies and buzz. But Minelab is missing their age group that is purchasing the GPX-6000. How many teens/20's/30ish year old folks are dropping $6000 on a detector. Yes those are the majority of folks playing the contest games. They need to understand price of a detector has a lot to do with an individuals income, which usually correlates to age. I'm on Facebook and the majority of folks who actually purchase a detector from me on their is spending less than $500. Sure I get a goo
  9. Heck, As a dealer and one who is taking Pre Orders, I am almost embarrassed to post all the new info coming up (with their short 30 second clips) of hardly nothing. This is the most embarrassed I have ever been in my 20+ yrs of selling a Minelab detector with their approach. Thank god they have fabulous technology in their detectors. Hopefully they hire a marketing person to get it right next time.
  10. Ron, Welcome to DP. I have owned and used (with Success) all the VLF units you mentioned. I won't go into detail as I feel your narrowed down list to EIGHT different VLF detectors is not very narrowed down and it would take me forever to type it all up. So I'll say this. I have 9 Field Staff Experts in the NW States and we have found gold with all the units you mentioned. BUT!!! We only own a couple of those machines now and they can get anything from me at a discount (good reason to be on my team). These guys are top notch gold hunters and they earned their way onto the team. All 10 o
  11. All my customer who purchase the NOX 800 from me get a bunch of knowledge and settings. Did I forget to email you all the info? If so, email me direct from my website. www.gerrysdetectors.com
  12. I'm in the United Stated, so shipping would be a bear of a charge. Depending if someone wants both coils or just 1, training or no training. $5999 and up.
  13. I just checked and will be updating my original post with new pic. All I have is a White's mid shaft and it does not have the upper.
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