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    Boise, Idaho & States that produce Gold.
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    Chasing gold nuggets, old coins, civil war artifacts, love water detecting for gold jewelry, helping train customers on their detectors.
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    EQ-800, 24K, GM-1000, CTX 3030, SDC-2300, GPX-5000, GPX-6000 (soon) GPZ-7000 Gold Bug-2, GMT, AT Gold, Gold Bug Pro, ETrac, MXT,...most any gold detector I can get my hands on, if it helps find Gold.

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  1. Thanks for updating us Lunk. Those big ones are hard to keep quiet.
  2. This was just shared with me so I can not confirm if the actual date and state are correct. All I know at this time, it was found in 2021 with a Minelab in Arizona. The weight is 61.5 ounces and I've been told it is not for sale. I'm quite sure this big daddy would choke me out if I tried the Gerry Mouth Pic. I would be happy as heck to choke on it all the way to my grave. What's interesting is the mostly solid state of this mammoth rock. Wonder when it will hit the news and be on every channel. Even though it's not for sale, there will be crazy price offers and sooner or later it will sell. What would you pay? If it's a genuine AZ nugget, I'll start off with $75,000 and a free GPZ-7000.
  3. Happens on a rare occasion. When the flies/nats are bad, I try to keep the gold trap shut. Notice one on my chin. he wanted to join a mouthful of flies I already had eated that day. The really rare occasion I find something odd and start to think, will that ostrich egg fit?
  4. Kunkler, Ugly is just the scruff on the outside, kinda like caliche covering a nugget. If the bedrock story is true and you need an experienced Equinox 800 user to help you count nuggets, I'm available and my rates reasonable. I'll even wear the dreaded mask to boot. Do you think any nuggets big enough for me to choke on? Now that it's a new yr, I'd like to find a dandy to continue my mug shot tradition. Might not hurt to sweep a 6000 over those crevices either.
  5. If you are finding gold with the Deus, then you are going to be able to do it with the NOX as well. Just remember that if you are finding tiny lead dove/quail shot, then you are doing it right.
  6. I wish it was that simple but in reality it's not. Here is why I say so. When I chase big gold with the NOX, I set it up differently and I actually use a larger coil and swing/cover ground at a different pace. When chasing pickers, I use a smaller coil and fine tune the detector. Are you chasing bigger gold or tiny nuggets? If tiny ones, you should be doing a Manual Ground Balance and then locking the tracking (turning it off). Also run IRON Horseshoe OPEN. In reality a 3 day camping trip with like minded people and some detector experts will provide you more knowledge than you can learn on your own in a much faster time. No use wasting any more gas and vehicle wear and tear. Check out my website Calendar of Events for the 2022 Training Classes. If you are in AZ or Southern CA and want a 1 day 1 on 1, we can provide that for you as well. Yes it's a full day deal. www.gerrysdetectors.com Gerry in Idaho
  7. Each class is a little different based on the folks taking the class and for which detectors they are getting the training on. I've had classes were it was all PI's and GPZ's and if we am pushed for time, I may decide to not go into much detail about the VLF's. It really depends on the folks taking the class. Sometimes it's repeats and through discussion they want more knowledge about certain detectors or technologies. On most of the training, we do have a variety of detectors and technologies int he class and it's always fun showing a bunch of gold that a few detectors (even high dollar ones) can't see. Definitely wakes a few folks up when a $1500 rock is gleaming with gold and is heavier than many others, but a technology does not like that kind of gold. Bottom line and I tell this to everyone. If you have already invested in the big high dollar detector, it's much easier to step into a sub $1000 VLF to compliment the big dog. Even some of that nice gold from NV ore dump piles is missed with a few high end detectors. Why go on a prospecting trip for a week or 2 with 1 tool when you have been shown another tool can get different types of gold the big machine misses or the big machine can't see as deep as a VLF. Yes I have a few multi ounce specimens with ounces of gold and my VLF's will see them deeper than my big machines. I've said it many times and will say it again. If you detector does not beep on it, then you never know what you're missing, because you didn't find it. Yes a VLF (certain ones) will beep on all the gold I show. 2 yrs ago I found I think it was 14 specimens in an ore dump pile. I tested them with the GPZ-7000 and not one of them responded. Those 14 specimens were crushed, panned and smelted with a bar just shy of a troy ounce of gold. Moral of the story, is to always have a VLF gold detector and a big one for the heavy duty work.
  8. Phrunt, You make up some very good points and I would agree with them all..but 1 thing. Minelab quit selling the X-Terra 2 yrs ago and it's still on their site? Just goes to show the folks in charge of Marketing their site and detectors is...a lost cause.
  9. Steve, That is the best looking gold nugget I've seen so far in 2022. you my friend are on Cloud 10 (Cloud 9 isn't good enough for that find). I'm so proud of you and all the efforts you have put into it. Now you are a proud member of the 1 pounce club. Sure it's a specimen but that vein looks pretty thick and I'm sure the GPX-5000 will hear it. 21 is pretty high on the NOX, so when you go back and check again, I would expect it to read 12 to 14 range (I could be wrong). I know you were not a fan of the GPX-5000 as you did see some of it's weak points. But in areas with good size gold and if quite a bit of man made iron trash, the DD coil and DISC mode work well with a GPX-5000. Just make sure you learn the blanking and keep it separated from the hiccup of a big nugget. yes there are differences. Anyway, Glad you took the class, learned from my Staff and then went and found Big Heavy Rocks. That Equinox 800 is such a dream to sweep all day in rough terrain and trash areas. I know you are hooked now so the GPX-6000 is getting closer to being in your hands. Well earned buddy.
  10. And I listened to every single word in each of your sentences, paragraphs and phone calls. I also took advice and doubled down on my order. That was the 1st detector in all my 25 years of being a multi line dealer that I blew past 100+ units in a year. And YES, Yes, yes even to this day, there are a few dealers who do not talk the Equinox 800 as a Gold Detector. So sorry for the customers who talk with such unknowledgeable dealers as it really does not leave the customers with as many options and or give them the same opportunities as the Multi Use Equinox 800. Here's the kicker and even to this day. Minelab Marketing folks are clueless as to what their detectors can do. If I was in charge, they'd certainly have a different job. Go to their website and type in Gold Detector. No mention of Equinox 800? I've told them so many times, but yea like they really listen to what one of their best dealers selling gold detectors who has been with them 25 yrs actually knows. Oh well. https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/strike-gold And don't tell me it's because it's not a genuine gold detector. Heck it will walk up and down the back of an X-terra 705 Gold and they have it up there. Just totally clueless so many wasted minds. Hey, I'm just a stupid guy from Idaho who likes sticking rocks in my mouth. Yea, big flipping heavy rocks and I love heavy metal too.
  11. The GM-1000 is a fine machine and I sell many of them. It's the most dummy proof, user friendly, turn on and go VLF gold detector on the market at this time. But it has it's faults and when compared side by side to the Equinox 800, the issues show up. What's cool about the NOX, I can make it just as User-friendly as the Moster and still get the extra benefits the 800 provides. Or I can fine tune the additional features and walk all over my Monster. I'm not going into details where the NOX shines as it's been posted on here a few times. I'll close with this and these are facts. All of my Field Staff Experts owned, loved and found gold with Gold Bug-2. After the Monster came out (and we learned it's capabilities, +/-'s) we all went to it, some faster than others. When the EQ-800 came out, Lunk and I were the 1st to start using it for gold. In fact it hadn't even been really touted as a gold detector, but we were of just a few dealers who actually took the time to show up to the Dealer Equinox Showing with Engineering there to answer our questions...and boy did we have fun. Now, all of my Field Staff use and own at least 1 NOX and some of us own 2. I can also assure you, we've found more gold with the NOX than any other VLF gold detector. These are facts and not by 1 or 2 guys, but at least 10 of us. Happy hunting.
  12. Cleaning back room boxes and shelves so you are getting a savings on these coils. Most are new or like new condition. A couple of them are brand new and still in wrapping. A couple of them have been used but look to be in really nice condition. Don’t ask me what detectors they will go on, do your own search, as I don’t have time to look them up. I’ll mention the detectors that I know they fit. 10” Elliptical DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (like new condition) $SOLD 10” Elliptical DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (New in wrapping) $SOLD Below is pic of 11” Spoked DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (like new) $65 Below is pic 6” Round 7.5kHz Concentric coil X-Terra series 30, 50, 70, 305, 505, 705 (New in bag) $65 Below is pic of 4.5” Round Ace Sniper Coil for Ace series (like new) $35 Below is pic of 5 x 4.5” Nokta Makro Racer coil (like new) $45 Below is pic of 8” Ellip Spoked Ace coil for Ace series (used) $25 Below is pic of 5” Round DD Coil for Gold Monster 1000 (like new) $80 Below is pic of 5 x 7” Ace DD ProFormance Coil for Ace series (used) $35 4.5" Round AT Series Coil for AT Series detectors $45. Call Gerry's Detectors or email me at gerrys1det@gmail.com In case the pics are in wrong order, here's a list of the coils again. 10” Elliptical DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (like new condition) $SOLD 10” Elliptical DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (New in wrapping) $SOLD 11” Spoked DD coil for later Gold Bug, GB Pro and GB DP, (like new) $65 6” Round DD 7.5kHz Concentric coil for all X-Terra series 30, 50, 70, 305, 505, 705 (New in bag) $70 4.5” Round Ace Sniper Coil for Ace series (like new) $35 5 x 4.5” Nokta Makro Racer coil (like new) $50 8” Ellip Spoked Ace coil for Ace series (used) $25 5” Round DD Coil for Gold Monster 1000 (like new) $85 5 x 7” Ace DD ProFormance Coil for Ace series (used) $40 4.5" Round AT Series Coil for AT Series detectors $45.
  13. Many great answers for you already mentioned. Here is how I sell a customer one or the other (of the 2 you requested). If you are only after gold and need a simple Turn on & Go detector that can easily be handed over to a friend, relative of buddy on occasion....go Gold Monster 1000. If you like fine tuning performance and having the ability to be in control of your gold detector, then the Equinox 800 is much better than GM-1000. Having the added features of Coin/Relic/Beach, 100% waterproof, software update-able and blue took wireless is just a bonus. As always, All VETs of all US branches get 15% discount. Good Luck. www.gerrysdetectors.com
  14. That's a fact as I have experienced lost friendships because of gold.
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