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  1. That would most certainly excite us if so. I have no clue and expected it to be part of a buckle. Hopefully I am wrong and your good eyes can put some Sun Light on this find.
  2. Seated Silvers are always a heck of a hunt. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for sharing Steve. I and many others enjoy these kind of stories/videos.
  4. I've been selling Minelab detectors for 20+ years and most of the major brands as well. One of my biggest gripes was their Customer Service and how crappy it actually was. I do not expect miracles, but when other manufactures can have a detector fixed and returned within 2 weeks, why did Minelab need a month and sometimes 2 or even 3 months? At the last Minelab Conference I was promised things would change and the new man in charge would get things going in the right direction. Phil Beck was the name given to take over. I can honestly say that this promise has been met with all smiles. I sent a clients GPZ-7000 in for repair and was notified by my shipping supplier the day it arrived. That afternoon I received an email from the Service Center in PA. Later that afternoon I got a call from John (the service tech) who informed me of the fix and that he wanted to speak with me to double check if there were any other issues before he sent it back. I was quite shocked at their speed, desire to make it right and professionalism. The next business day my detector was headed back to me with an email showing Tracking info and a few days later I had it in my hands. Folks this was Same Day Customer Service from a REPAIR FACILITY..... Heck, if this is what I have to get accustomed to, then it is now up to the other manufactures to get even better. Actually I realize it is not possible to get much better than what they do and I am ok with 1 or 2 weeks. But for Minelab to go from shitty ass last (and they were for many years) to fighter jet FIRST FAST and even take the time to call me? I'm speechless (me... never), and very impressed and happy. Thanks Peter for selecting Phil Beck to be the one to tackle such a huge thorn. Thanks John at the Service Center in PA for being a Professional.
  5. Very nice save my friend and there are more reasons than most of us realize why certain targets do not read as we would expect. When you don't know because you never dug it? You can't learn what you don't find.
  6. Very nice ring return Skate. The only time I get sterling to read that low, at least on the ones I have found, is if the band has a crack. Same will happen on gold rings. Many gold rings have a solder joint and when they get in salt water for very long, that weak spot will crack. I found one once and was showing my buddy when he dropped it. When it hit a rock, it bounced a couple feet away. I swung back over it and the detector would not hear it. We both looked at each other quite shocked and could not believe the CTX 3030 would not hear the ring. I went to all metal and bang, it was there, but not the original tone or numbers it had read before. when I got back to Boise and to the club meeting I took the ring into the meeting and shared the story and showed everyone. If I gently squeezed the ring together, it beeped as expected, but ones I let off the pressure and the crack opened up, the ring would not respond in the regular Beach mode I used. My wife also has a 1930's platinum with antique diamond ring that was passed down to her mother. When she passed, it went to my wife. The ring reads 12-03 to 12-07 (CTX 3030) depending on the way the ring is laying on the ground. When it comes to jewelry, it can literally read anywhere and I do not get surprised much anymore. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Good to see you sharing your success and info Walter. This fine forum will help you learn and build more confidence with your NOX. Finding a wheat back cent used to be the norm in years past, but I honestly can say it is tough in certain towns today. Interesting rifle cartridge and its location. Those strange finds always makes you wonder how? Thanks for sharing and we look forward to more success stories.
  8. When I hunt salt water, my Equinox is fully submerged 8 hours a day, on occasion 10 hrs if I'm doing well. I prefer to do Manual GB, but not all folks know what they're doing & if you don't, Auto GB is ok. Most my salt water hunts are on the Eastern side, so the black sands are not as strong as the Western beaches. Keep us informed on what you find that works best for you.
  9. Phrunt, The photos and story are magazine quality....no no way better than that. This article here is DP forum worthy my friend. And the gold you two recovered is the extra icing on the cake. Well done and I hope you keep at it. Thanks for taking me there with you on this little short journey.
  10. That is such a cool nugget Phoenix. I really enjoy seeing odd shaped pieces of glitter. Thanks for the story and sharing.
  11. Strick, Yes Park 2 is certainly a chain and earring getter as the extra sensitivity is pretty amazing. Glad to see you changing your detecting style and hunting old coins/relics as it allows you a broader experience and will make you an overall better detectorist.
  12. Update on the Cream, it was actually sued by both girls and guys. The history read on Google was quite interesting.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. Strick, my settings are nothing special and I normally do not recommend what I use to many of my customers. My reasoning is 40 years of detector experience with 20+ yrs using BBS & FBS Multi Tone machines. My ears are tuned to catch certain breaks in detector Threshold. But you ask, so as a friend and customer...you shall get. Mode Select - Park #1, Noise Cancel - I do it at each site and sometimes more often if EMI changes. Ground Balance - Auto Tracking ON. Volume - 25 Threshold - Always want to hear the hum (9 - 11 for my ears). Tones - 50, Only because I think I know what I am doing? But always ears when around other good hunters. Iron Rejection - OPEN so I can hear everything. The more iron, the slower I go and will even drop my SENS or lift the coil off the ground a few inches. I want to give the detector the chance to pick targets from the iron. Recovery Speed - 5 or 6 most of the time. Iron Masking - O, but I do dig more trash than many people, but it is old trash. In no way do I use these same settings at every site, but this is what I like as a starter. The good thing is with the EQ, many of the people will grow with it (just like I am still doing) and find settings you enjoy. Bottom line, if you are finding things and having fun, then continue enjoying the hunt. Hope these helps someone, but realize time on a detector is most valuable settings.
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