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  1. We are offering a really nice deal to someone who wants to not only own the most powerful and deepest GPZ detector on the market, but would like to learn how to use it properly. One of our own who posts on this site "Lunk" will be training you for a full 8 hr day in the field where he has found gold before. Yes this is a used detector, but it runs like new and is in pretty good condition too. Proven performance, from a Professional Nugget Hunter who uses a GPZ-7000. $6199 cash price or 3% more with Visa/MC or PayPal.
  2. Gerry in Idaho

    Moore Creek Adventures

    I took a group of eager dreamer diggers (swinging wide fast and wild) the last year they ran commercial groups and one of the memories came on the last day. Most of us had broke our detectors down and packed them away for flights out of camp. One of my Field Staff Experts (we'll call him Spencer) was not about to give in so easily. Anyway, Spencer is in front of camp and we sees he's been at one hole for quite some time and picked down a foot+ in a hole. Eventually, he's walking back to get a long handled, deep gold digger shovel... with a sly grin and hope. Well it gets my interest, so I walk out there expecting to see him sweat out another piece of tailing trash...as many of us had done. He commence digging another foot+ and finally has the thing out of the hole. Trying to locate an almost 1 pound mini boulder in a pile of rocks with a GPX and monster sized coil at close distance is certainly an ear cleaner...most certain. Ended up being...you know how it usually goes, but not so fast my friend.... it's time to break out the gin.
  3. I had actually commented/pics some photos of finds on anothers post that was similar, but realized I did not want to steal his thunder. In my part of the country our lakes draw down each Winter/Spring to make room for the up and coming Spring/Summer runoff. This allows for some detectable areas though maybe not as perfect as beaches. Well when you live 500+ miles from the Coast you learn to adapt and find opportunities some others don't think of. Here is a quick story of a trip to a well known high country lake thousands visit each year. I was heading to NV to do our 1st of the year 3 days Field Training Trip on Gold Detectors. Sometimes I like heading down 3 days to a week early to get some time alone. Not that I do not enjoy detecting with others, as those who know me, will fess.. I actually prefer enjoying a swing with other like minded seekers. (hints the 3 days training we offer) This allows me a variety of accomplishments if desired. Sometimes testing a new model of detector, or coil. Other occasions I could be actually Prospecting for new areas and greener pastures for future hunts. Or I usually end up seeking an early coin/trinket from the trashy rustic RR stops along my course there, even though I have hunted them many times over. Getting down to Rye Patch and not feeling it (got to have the gut feeling it is the right site), I drove on past and kept the truck/trailer heading West on I-80. Lake Tahoe was on my mind as was a nice gold ring or two and always a silver coin as consolation. Pulling my camp trailer all the way up (Boise 2730' - Lake Tahoe 6225') found me in snow and not just a dusting. Not thinking all the way through my last minute change (I should have called 1st) left a lump in my throat as I drove around trying to find an open area for my 50' combo to settle for the night. Now is not a good time to find out most of the camp sites on the CA side were still snowed in and closed. I spoke with a Forest Service lady the 2nd day as I ended up sleeping over night at a school parking lot in Kings Beach and she told me of 2 camping sites they just plowed. She was certainly a trip saver for me. Finding my way that afternoon to said site and paying the daily fees to camp (nothing is free in CA), I was eager to get out in the water. Mistake #2 (no wet suite as I had not planned a dip in the snow banks of the chilling Tahoe waters. Heck, I'm USMC...just do it!! was my thought and desire. Shorts and tennis shoes is all I needed, lasted about 45 minutes and 15 targets, which none were gold or silver of choice and the day was shot. Certainly was one of my cold/numbest & dumbest water/beach hunts I have dipped. 2nd day I came back with a new plan and hunted gravels/rocks along the banks (out of the water) and after many scratches, digs and picking...YES.. scored a nice heavy yellow metal ring. Interesting how they stack the rocks on the shoreline, so I took a few picks of my stacked 3030 next someones artwork, heck why not? On a side note: If ever around there and you enjoy smooth dark ale beer, a World Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner is by far my favorite. Double Nut Brown Ale made by Mammoth Brewing Company is serious winner. A couple days later as I was picking more signals in the rocks along the shoreline, this nice black disc appears. Did not even realize it was a coin at 1st, but when I turned it over I could read "ONE DIME". Ended up being my oldest coin to date from Lake Tahoe, an 1856 US Seated Liberty Dime. So if you know of an old high country lake or swimming hole...or just want to try something different, maybe this short story will inspire? At least the dark ale lovers get a tip of beer greatness. And be sure to plan appropriately...and let others know where you'll be.
  4. Gerry in Idaho

    Moore Creek Adventures

    George, Moore Creek to this day is always at the back of my mind "for another visit" and your discovery of the Golden Famous Fern allows my inner thoughts for even more great dreams. Thanks for sharing and getting me excited again.
  5. I feel it is an easy winner in Tot Lots, V-Ball Courts and dry beach hunts. The finds I made in the photos were from 2 Volley Ball Courts I hunted with the 24K. Notice the tiny #9 skeet shot and many smaller ear ring backs. Be sure to pair it with w TRX pointer too for faster recovery.
  6. By no means am I a top level detectorist at every different kind of hunting. Deep old coins, Gold Rings Beach Hunting, CW, Ancient Coins/Artifacts, Gold Nugget chasing...and more. Heck I have Field Staff members who do certain hunts better than I. But I do consider myself one of the more versified hunters who actually does quite well with a variety of machines in many styles of hunts. Here is one kind of hunt I have to give adulation... my video guy Ryan and his son. This father/son team has taken on a style of detecting most of us dare. He has done a few videos now of some stunner saves, but I feel this one takes the cake. If doing this please be sure to wear the proper protective gear and always have permission. Would you go Down Under for a fistful? Watch and enjoy as they recover find after find after find.
  7. Gerry in Idaho

    The Nox, Part 2

    Dan, Your certainly sniffed a butt-load and then some of targets others have missed. The recovery speed (even on the 600) is better than most detectors out there, but I do hope this is indicators for all manufactures to consider in the future. When stacking that with the small 6" sniffer coil, it is hard to beat. Especially the price range and then being able to totally dunk it in water and runs fine in salt water too...win win. Even though the recoveries are not CW period and a few folks might guf, I still feel the variety of finds is quite interesting. Love the cross cannon, bracelet...and the dog tag takes the cake. As for DEEP silver...for my style, soils and flavor... my 3030 was just sold, but I still have the E-Trac with X1 probe and 15" WOT. Even though the NOX is certainly a game changer for most, there are select machines for certain tasks in such soils that my ear just falls in love with. Fantastic finds and post.
  8. Gerry in Idaho

    Equinox 800 Arizona Gold

    Jeff, Not only was your post very detailed and informative for newer EQ users, but you backed it up with good gold recoveries. Now I realize part of that is location and hanging around desert rat gold grabbers such as Rob and Bill, that certainly gives some more odds to you. Those are nice digs and I would expect you to be back there with the GPX trying to sniff a few more deeper ones too. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing.
  9. Randy, That is one of the rarest buttons I have ever witnessed and I've seen my share of UK finds. Please don't take my "button" term as a slam...unless you mean a "grand slam" because it is actually more rare than a gold coin. Hats off to you my friend, we love the story and you sharing it. Next Feb (2 year anniversary) we'll be expecting a stunner of a post from you, so be prepared.
  10. Gerry in Idaho

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    Dig It, You and Chase are certainly men of men in my book. Heck my 1st water hunt for 2019 was a little warmer. Me and MX enjoy each others company at least once each winter. You guys pics... does remind me of an early April hunt to Lake Tahoe I did one Spring. I'll post it some time to not take away from your original post. Thanks for sharing.
  11. SLGuin, I appreciate your desire to know how an ATX does on sensitivity to the same targets. I don't know for certain as I did not have an ATX in the salt water with me that day and compare the signals/targets. But I do know this, the TDI Beach Hunter is almost half the cost of the ATX, lighter and easier to swing. Now if I was wanting pure depth on larger targets and or Prospecting, I feel the bigger coil of the ATX would edge out the TDI BH'er. Now since I paid an extra $1000 for the ATX, I might as well step up to the GPX-4500 for $500 more (same price if 15% military discount) as it has proven many people with success in a variety of soils. That is one of the main reasons it is now the #1 performing PI detector at the Civil War Hunts called DIV. One of my beach scoops has a stud ring catch screen. I sometimes use mask to see tiny targets and fan with my hands in clear water. Hope this helps.
  12. Gerry in Idaho

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    I found the 18K wedding band 10 feet in front of him. Not sure if he cut me off to find the ring/coin or I cut him off to find the 18K band. Either way, we both scored some Au and great memories. All though he still is 1 up on me as I have yet to score a gold ring/coin combo.
  13. Gerry in Idaho

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    Are you the same Dave I met in the water 2 weeks ago in MX and you were swinging an Xcal with custom headphones? If I went 12 days with no gold, I'd need a few margaritias.
  14. Gerry in Idaho

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    Billdean, As an in-lander (Idaho) who's been chasing gold nuggets for a few years now, I have seen the cream of the crops whither with each year of passing and better detectors. About 10 years ago I realized in order to keep the heavy metal music beating into my ears, I needed to listen/learn new tunes. Water hunting has been my 2nd focus. Even though the gold is man made, it still adds up. In fact my 2018 season produced more ounces of gold/platinum and palladium jewelry than actual nuggets. A big bonus, the wife hardly ever says "no I can't go" when I want to hunt rings.
  15. There are many other detectors than can get Micro Jewelry and even the new Pulse Induction machine by White's " TDI Beach Hunter" in salt water was very impressive on my last hunt with it. Realize many people do not post photos of finds and long term well known manufactures of detectors will have many more folks out there promoting and supporting the same models they use/own. Bottom line is that is you have a medium/high kHz detector and know how to use it, the opportunities is there. Learning the detector and what to listen for is key. Photo of finds was my 1st hunt with TDI beach Hunter in salt water. (warning, having the right recovery tools is key) to finding stud ear rings.