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  1. Steve, You and I think so much alike when it comes to gold. My secret to Success as most people should know by now. LOCATION: Go where big gold has been found. DETECTOR KNOWLEDGE: Learn what big gold sounds like and or reads on detector meter (if one). THE RIGHT DETECTOR FOR THE TASK: There is a reason I use at least 4 different gold detectors as each has their strong/weak points. PATIENCE/PERSISTANCE: I am usually one of the 1st in the field and last off of it. He who digs the most non ferrous targets usually wins. DEPTH: It is a double edge sword and sometimes you do not want to dig numerous 2 to 4 feet deep holes.
  2. You are progressing quite well Phrunt. In fact you really help this site quite a bit with the detailed posts of knowledge, the eye catching photos and yes the nice picker nuggets. One of these days, I know you'll be bragging a big one and as some advice. Go where big gold have been found before. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Good to see your crazy cool photos, the in-depth reading and of course seeing the gold. I also like that you are willing to share detector knowledge with others. Keep being you JW. If I ever get out your way, you'll be the 1st one I look up.
  4. Here is one of my more dense gold specimen finds. Found in tailing piles with a Fisher Gold Bug-2 and small 6" coil ( the only coil I had in the truck). This is almost a 2 pounder with dry weight of 661.2 grams = 21.26 ozt. Specific Gravity test came back with 10.16 ozt of gold. Yes I paid for the little 6" coil that day and then some.
  5. My Minelab X-Terra 705 banged this beauty in rock piles. It's 1 pound specimen with gold scattered across/throughout. Dry weight 390.6 grams & specific gravity test comes back with 110.9 grams of gold. = 3.5 troy ounces of Au.
  6. Very kind of you and I am most certain someone has or knows of a kid who would be thrilled to enjoy the adventure of treasure hunting with a metal detector. Merry Christmas.
  7. Sorry for not staying on top of things guys, but trying to keep the customers happy. My 1st big one about 12" deep with a White's MXT. It is almost 1 pound. This specimen weighs 370.53 grams & after sending it for testing, came back 4.537 troy ounces of gold. Found in tailing piles with all others in photo. US silver dollar is for size comparison & it too was found in the piles.
  8. We have recovered some amazing Chevron Gold in NV.
  9. I feel like you do about the 7000. It is much more sensitive than a GPX and that is why I don't like using a GPZ when the ground is wet. If I am detecting in areas where max depth is not an issue, then I have no problems.
  10. In winter, if ground is dry and frozen, I can still do OK. In the Spring when soil is saturated, my settings need to be dumbed down and it is almost impossible to get good depth. I prefer sawtooth or one of the many other areas in the Spring as I am crazing and covering ground.
  11. I just took this unit in trade from one of my own customers. Yes I am the original dealer and this unit is not a China Fake. Comes with all factory shipped accessories as well as the Super Deep 19" coil. As a bonus, you can meet Lunk, my other Field Staff Experts and myself in the gold fields for 3 days training. Unit still has transferable Minelab Warranty and is pretty clean for a used gold detector. All chargers, cables, detector and functions have been tested and operate 100% like new. $6500 takes all. Most of you know, but some may not. I am Gerry's Metal Detectors out of Boise, Idaho. My videos showing us using the GPZ-7000 and many other gold machines can be viewed at www.gerrysdetectors.com Normal scuffs to detector as expected. Nothing missing, nothing cracked, nothing wrong...just needs a good person who enjoys swinging and digging gold. Lets make it happen. Lunk has pulled over an ounce of gold in the last few weeks with his own 7000. He'll be in AZ all winter so it's prime time to get real hands on knowledge from one of the best in the US. Plus the added benefit of doing more training with my staff and I in Nevada, Oregon, Montana and or Idaho where we hunt gold.
  12. Very nice find my friend, but what astonished me most was your smooth tongue and colorful story telling capabilities. As for a 16" deep nugget, I just measured the 14" ZED coil and with stock coil cover it is actually closer to 15", since the cover sticks out almost a 1/2" on both ends. Your 16" deep nugget find is more like a 17". Now you are getting close to the 18" depth I dug one last week. Either way, your attention to detail, ability to find other top performing settings on the 7000 and the shout out just goes to show folks why I enjoy having you on my Field Training Staff. Hopefully I can get back down there 1 more time before the weather sets in. Nice 1/4 oz day btw.
  13. Peg, You impress me again with your hard work and fantastic detecting skills. For those who are not familiar, Peg purchased her 1st gold detector from me 20 years ago and after some hands on training, she has become 1 with her machine. Our Southern Idaho gold nuggets are small pickers with an occasional .5 grammer. The biggest solid nugget I have ever recovered in Idaho is only about 1.5 gram. Peg continues keep an open mind and hunts other areas with Success. She not only finds gold with her GPZ-7000 in NV, travels to CA for some of their hydraulic pit pickers, but even does with in Oregon. Here is a video of her 1st training when she stepped up to the Pulse Induction Minelabs when I traded in Oregon. She is usually one of the 1st in the field and last off of it. Blisters, scrapes and cuts and part of the fun and she just shrugs them off. Peg knows what it takes to be Successful and I know many guys who would enjoy finding what she does...but in all honesty, some of them will not put in the effort. Beautiful gold, great pics and an overall wonderful person. Thanks for sharing your stories with us Peg.
  14. Keep us informed of your trip and progress in AZ. Maybe someone who hunts your area well will chime in and start a new thread. Good luck down there.
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