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  1. My father was a roofer for many years and some of the guys who worked his crew were pretty rough. When I got out of the Marine Corps in 88, I worked for a roofing company in North Carolina for a year. Hot tar build up, rubber roofing and metal roofs. It was the hardest, hottest civilian job I ever did. The only good thing was the owner of the company was impressed with my "lets get it done" attitude and always on time and sober. I can't say that for the other guys and in fact 2 of them had their license taken away for to many DUI's. Heck, back in our young days we never thought much different at the time...just trying to make a paycheck to keep ourselves on the up side. Thanks for sharing your youth with us.
  2. Here is how I look at the GPZ-7000 and proper settings. I have 4 very educated and highly Successful Expert Field Staff members who are accomplished nugget hunters & all find more gold than most owners of the machine, including myself, that makes 5 of us. Each of us find plenty of gold and do better than most....but we all have a little difference in our Settings. Which one is right? Lunk has the most bass-ackwards Settings of any of my staff, but he finds the most pieces. Spencer seems to find more deeper and larger nuggets than the others of us. I try to split the difference and go for a "Happy Medium". JP's Settings are what gives him confidence and Success is Australia and I would never try to say he is wrong. His success is proven and he does it for a living. There is no 1 Setting that is the best for all kind of gold at all depths and all soils. I'll try JP's settings this fall at Rye Patch and if I feel it gives me an advantage...then you'll certainly see me change. But it will take much time to test over many undug nuggets of different sizes at different depths and soils to see if there is in fact a better or worse outcome. Either way, this thread adds flavor, opinions and options for us all to try. Good luck out there.
  3. Strick, I would have never imagined you on a boat with a bunch of thieves and outcasts. You probably had a beard too right? What changed you to the man you are today?
  4. Sharps, Were you able to get the detector checked out and if so, how is it performing now? Just like the other forum members said, I feel it has some issues. I always change coils 1st to see if it is a coil or actual detector issue. Anyway, If you still have the Safari (one of Minelabs most underrated powerful silver killers) and want a little extra help on Silver Settings, maybe this video I did a few years back will help? Good Luck, Gerry
  5. I've had some crazy happenings around me when out detecting, but this one sometimes gives me the chills. Do you think there was a Dog Snatcher in the area? Have you ever had a weird detecting experience?
  6. Yes I have seen something Vanish... as I was at the Minelab worldwide conference in Italy. The photo looks like a detector screen for sure. Is it the actual Vanquish? To protect my dealership, I can not confirm or deny. But I do know this. It is coming and it will take away more market share of the Coin/Relic machines from the American big boys. Do I personally like it? No not at all, as in the late 60's and early 70's my family and I all used those other brands. We've witnessed Tesoro fold under the pressure last fall. If the American brands don't act soon (could be too late), they too will wither away. Nokta Simplex was a wise and logical move. My gut feeling is they too will be taking market share away from the others. See you in the field this Fall and maybe I'll be swinging something new or I could just Vanqish away.
  7. I don't use 1 set of Settings as the sites,, soil moisture and size of gold I am chasing are usually changing. But to help those who hunt Rye Patch and areas like it, these settings might help. Please realize they are just a guide and if you meet me out there, I could be running something different. The photos are the last time I hunted RP for 5 days straight. Total of 34+ grams with a couple nice chevrons. These settings I use most of (not all) the time at Rye Patch and in areas with little mineralized soil and the ground is dry. Gold Mode: High Yield for best depth on nuggets up to an ounce. Also great for Specimens and Meteorites. Ground Type: Normal for most ground. If the ground is extremely noisy or you are new to detecting, then try Difficult as it runs much smoother. Sensitivity: Depending on soil conditions and sound of machine, but I like 9 & 10. Volume: 8 Threshold Level: 38 to 40 depending on your hearing and headphones. Threshold Pitch: Personal preference but I use 53 Volume Limit: 12 Audio Smoothing: Low or sometimes OFF if you are familiar with old GP's. Ground Balance Mode: Auto Hope this helps. Gerry's Detectors Gold Detector Field Training www.gerrysdetectors.com
  8. Fantastic recoveries Nuke em and some special ones too. Do you mainly hunt in the wet sand or are you a guy who likes to be in the water all day? Show us a few beach photos on occasion so us Yankees can see how your beaches look. Always wise to hear of someone returning a ring to its original owner. It brings so much Karma back to you down the road. Keep it up.
  9. We kind of started the gold in mouth pics back in the mid 90's with a few customers and it just took off. Here is a really nice specimen I recovered before the 5000's. I think around 2010...it was a choker.
  10. You read it on DP from a long time gold detectorist who has made many mistakes in years past and is still learning.
  11. I teach it in our training classes with numerous pieces and kinds of gold. So many folks feel their 1 high dollar detector does it all. I've even argued with folks who felt I was trying to bash a GP/GPX/GPZ when in fact I own, use and sell them. No video on all the knowledge my staff and I know. It would be long and boring.
  12. My little brother shared with me a couple recent finds over the weekend with his EQ-800 and stock 11" coil. Smaller specimen is 48.5 grams and its bigger brother is a sly heavier at 53.5 grams. Each piece probably has close to 8 to 12 grams of gold in them and in todays value approx. $300 to $500. What is so cool about this style of gold, is a GPX-5000 will not see it. In fact what further makes many minds wonder is why the GPZ-7000 misses many of them as well? I've personally found larger pieces in the multi ounce range and they have over 1 ozt of gold in them, but I try my best to get a GP/GPZ or GPZ to read and I get nothing. On occasion some are heard with a bigger machine, but then the VLF can see them 12" away. Moral of the story? Just owning a big dog detector for a variety of gold is a mistake and most owners don't know. So you better own both to have all bases covered.
  13. Marc, I appreciate the kind words and this forum sure would enjoy seeing more of your posts/finds. Many of the followers don't know your detector background, but I'll assure them you know gold detectors and have found your share and then some. It is so hard for some very successful detector operators to step away from their tried/true gold grabbers...but at the same time, you miss out on the improvements of new detectors and sometimes technologies. Glad you are enjoying the Gold Monster 1000, as it is a really great tool and much easier than many of our old school days. Peg, You too were hesitant at 1st and now look at you and what you can do with a Monster. Sure wish you'd take that EQ-800 out of the box and do a side by side. Maybe invite me this fall and we'll devirginize the 800. Thanks for your support all these years. JW, If I keep looking at your photos of the EQ-800 and them tiny bits (which shows your skill and bragging rights- well earned), I think it is easy for me to stop selling the other VLF detectors. You are a master my friend and keep it up. Anyone wanting a GM-1000 before the price goes up on Aug. 15th., call me and we'll get one to you. As always, we also offer the VET 15% discount. Gerry's Detectors in Boise Idaho 208-345-8898. Thanks, Gerry
  14. Kevin, Nice to see someone take the time to video and share AKAU Adventures. I have had a few customers of mine go there. What exactly is 125% DEET and is even good to put it on your skin?LOL. Yes I remember many trips to Ganes Creek, AK and sometimes a Head Net was the only way to breath outdoors. Good gold is always tough to recover and that is why I enjoy "the hunt" for it so much. The big nuggets are there for anyone and I feel it is mostly luck, but your odds go up with you neverquit. I have a buddy and his nickname is just that "Neverquit". I even met him a few days on our Australia Adventure years back. I enjoyed your real and raw video. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Yes the Equinox is a fine gold VLF gold detector and I have had great Success with it too. Certainly a machine that does better on Prospecting Nuggets than most folks probably realize. Bill Southern has been around the block a few years and knows his stuff. Good to see he finally cleaned up a little as the beard and hair used to be pretty rough. I think he was trying a Grizzly Adams look, minus the belly. Thanks for sharing Steve.
  16. Thanks for the added Success Photos and story Mike. Always enjoy seeing others Success.
  17. I'm agreeing with Jim as well. The 24K is actually a very good selling and performing VLF gold detector for my customers too., so coil options are on the way. Personally, I'll take a 24K and it's fine tuning capabilities for a variety of soils, sites, and situations encountered at the many gold fields I hunt in the NW states, counties and climates...over the other VLF gold machines I sell. Now, if you are the type who does not want to grow into a detector and learn the advanced features of a 24K, there are other machines out there I'll recommend.
  18. Another of my customers wanted a light weight detector for his wife and one that could do it all (well most styles of detecting). So I told him the new Equniox 800 is the detector of choice for Multi Taks hunters. Here is her story of this amazing find. What was funny and not mentioned.. All the guys in camp were giving grief to her husband because she found the bigger pieces. Heck...I would be happy just to have my wife out there swinging with me. They did not realize how lucky he is. https://www.minelab.com/usa/community/success-stories/from-nugget-virgin-to-nugget-queen
  19. Here is the link to the Minelab Finds Site and his story to go with it. https://www.minelab.com/usa/community/success-stories/first-gold-coin-equinox-800
  20. Mine was in HF and I recommend you let the experts do it. Hydrofluoric is a bad nasty. Not sure what % they use, it is a Chemical Specialty Shop in Oregon.
  21. Yes I had those when I detected the fields of England. The Pasties I'm talking about are much smaller and not edible, well the last part is debatable. There was one drunk Aussie who must have passed $100 in bills behind one and at the end of the night, she took it off and handed to him. He decided to eat it...and we laughed until the bar closed.
  22. Fred, It filled the whole skillet. Added a little Roo tail (many on the sides of the road to get some meat...if there are maggots, don't eat it though) and mix them together then toss a couple spoons full in a tortilla shell. One of the shells busted and it smelled like someone stuffed a dead roo under my pillow. Stayed that way for a week. Finally got to the great salt flats and I salturated my hands and the pillow. Then it was worth sleeping on again. Oh those memories and stories around the camp fire. Did you know the Aborigines sleep most of the 1st half a day when the sun in warm to their bodies and then stay up all night and drink around a big bonfire to stay warm. We seen this a few times. After noticing this, we decided our camp fires need to look small puny and hardly any heat. We did not want to attract them, as our booze were limited.
  23. Phoenix, I love it. The Commander 12 x15" MONO has found many ounces of gold for me. It is one of my all time favorites. The weight is a little heavy, but it is great when used in grass and also seems to stay close to the ground, so I get max depth. I wonder how many nugget hunters can wear out a coil cover in 1 season. I used to do it all the time with the Commander 12 x 15" coil.
  24. Condor and his trip/notes was the inspiration of my post. He too realized the easy gold is gone, but we go for the Adventure too. Thanks Condor for sparking my old memories. At least you can say.."I did it". Spring 2006 three buddies/I decided it was time to quit talking about it and just do "Australia" with a detector for gold. With many details left out, but a quick overview. Yes I made it home (America) and am alive. The venomous snakes, iguanas (4 foot poisonous lizard), attacking kangaroos, wild goats and monster sized spiders/centipedes could not stand up against the rancid ripe odor of an un-bathed light skinned Yankee running across the dehydrated desert flats with detector in hand. I just returned from an enjoyable 1st time trip to Western Australia and the richly red iron soils of the Outback areas of known golden fields Kalgoorlie/Leanora. Even though I caught some serious plane crud on the 16 hour flight from LAX to Sydney, AU. and it lasted hard the 1st week and a half before I got a little better...I still managed to have fun. The Outback is one of a beautiful and secluded primitive place this mother earth allows us to play with many sites, sounds and wonders to gather and ponder in the mind. I would love to return some day, but would do things a little more different and be set up for gold hunting more for the serious BUSH and not be seen for a week at a time. Most areas we detected had been hunted really hard (just like here in the US such as Rye Patch, NV.) and we would find the crumbs that others missed do to their lack of detector knowledge and skill. We did manage to find an occasional small site that was off the beaten path and get a few nuggets. The Minelab GP-3500 with a Commander 15” MONO elliptical coil ran flawlessly and found most of my nuggets. In fact all 4 of us were using GP-3500’s and were amazed at how well they ran in the much heard of highly mineralized Australian soil. I did manage to find 4 small patches that produced the majority of my gold.. In no way do I base the success of this trip on recovered gold, but as usual, I hoped for and expected more. Of the 4 detectorists (including myself), we found approx 110 nuggets and one 5 oz specimen. I managed 62 of those nuggets and the specimen. To give you a weight total, we had a combined wt of approx. 4 ounces and then the 5 ounce specimen. Of the 4 ounces of gold nuggets we all found, my total wt was just over 64 grams (2 ounces) for the 62 nuggets, so you get an idea of the size with an average of my nuggets being around 1 gram each. The largest nugget (not including the specimen) was 3.9 gram and there were 2 of those found. Yes I was hoping for a few larger nuggets and even expected that we each could find a 1/4 oz'er but that never happened. Does that mean the trip was a bust? Most certainly not and I assure you, it was an amazing trip that I'll fondly remember for the rest of my life. Moral of the story to add to Condors trip. Over 10+ years ago, 4 good American nugget hunters with the newest detector technologies did not find what we had expected and hoped for in the gold category. 4 of us Americans did something most dream about but never do and we'll remember the Australian Outback...and those girls wearing pasties, for the rest of our lives. I always wondered if there was a nugget under one of those pasties? Maybe go back some day to check. Thanks for caring. Gerry in Idaho Gerry's Detectors www.gerrysdetectors.com
  25. April 2006, The GP-3500 was the king of machines at that time. I'll make a new post of the trip as I do not think I ever did.
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