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  1. If they get much easier Lunk and I will be without a job? Oh my...guess it would be time to retire.
  2. Minelab USA had not said anything to us in the last couple weeks, but it could be because nobody at Minelab Australia has told them anything? We just finished our 1st training at Rye Patch, NV. and the customers on the list for training on their GPX-6000 had to roll back to the coming up June session. I would hope my Staff and I will be able to put some time on the GPX-6000's before we train in June? Either way, I am excited to get the GPX-6000 out there and finding a few more ounces of gold this year.
  3. Well done my friend and such a pretty find. One thing able gold is each piece is unique in its own way and you certainly added a beauty to your collection. Those pics are incredible and the piles are just itching for a good detector to swing over them. If any larger gold in the area, I certainly would swing the piles. Thanks for sharing and well earned.
  4. Welcome to the forum Steve. I'm well known in Idaho for my gold recoveries, but to be honest, it's all from Southern Idaho. If I did hunt up your way, I do recommend what others have mentioned and that is to rake the piles of overburden and then hunt them. Yes it's hard work, but that's gold hunting and part of the reason we enjoy it. The one thing I would do though in thick vegetation areas is run the larger 10" coil and be sure to keep it as close to the ground as possible. On soft hitting signals (small targets or really deep) be sure to not rely as much on the ID system and check
  5. Glad to see you out there dusting off the Winter webs and finding some golden gems. Nice finds for your efforts and thanks for sharing.
  6. Good to see you Lundy and sorry I did not have time to chat, but was with a gaggle of new customers eager to learn their gold detectors. 5 Gram nugget at RP is some serious Steak/Lobster and certainly worth your time. I actually enjoy the smaller one with its Rye Patch pattern, very nice. Customers recovered 12 nuggets during the training and most found with the GPZ-7000's, but the Monster and EQ-800 hit a few as well. Hopefully I can get back down there later this summer and spend a little time chasing some steak & lobster with the new GPX-6000. Thanks for swinging by and
  7. Just wanted to update those still looking for the new NOX 15" round coil by Coiltek. I just received a shipment of coils and have them in stock ready to ship. My 1st hunt with the 15" round was quite silverish with an 8 silver day. Nothing extremely deep (Idaho soils) but most coins were in the 8 to 9" range. I was able to lift the coil a couple inches off the ground and still get a repeatable signal. No it is not leaps of 6" inches on a coin size target, but I would think a buckle or cannon ball would be approx 6" deeper. Call Gerry's Detectors at 208-345-8898 to get
  8. No worries at all my friend and no apology is needed for weak stuff. Lets save them for when I'm bleeding.
  9. The reality is.....it's a new Minelab Gold Detector and quite a few of us will purchase it, as we know what their past detectors can do. DetectExperts, Old worn out dudes, hot young hotties, or some of guys who's been in the business for 20+ yrs....Minelab has become such a powerful detector brand name, it really doesn't matter how it comes out. We'll line up and buy, like we have been doing for years. Yes there will be a good amount who sit back and wait to hear the results and field reports, but those same folks are the ones who normally do that anyway. So time will tell and they
  10. So now my staff/I am supposed to train customers: on their detector. on the tools we use. on the rocks we look for. on the elevations we like to stay at. on the kinds of gold our detector hits best at. on the sounds to ignore/investigate. on the way to properly recover the target. on the way to tell lead/hot rocks/cold stones from gold. on the way to staying in the zone/proper mindset. but now we have to teach them plants??? Wait a minute. I could of sworn the GPX-6000 had a video showing "How to become an Expert, just turn it on".
  11. I'd love to see your Gold Basin specimen. I've found a few there, but I guess they were the stony common type. Can you share more light on yours and why it brings such a really nice price. Good on you.
  12. Very nice haul of gold and your information/settings are interesting. Never hurts to try something different and especially on ground you already pulled gold. Well done and nice photos.
  13. In reality, you are 100% right on Mr Porter. I'm with the dog and will enjoy any bones coming our when when time is right. No worries about sensitivity issues with me, all is good. Now for Chuck and my chapstick...All dry baby, the rougher the better.
  14. That's exactly what pisses me off about the American detector manufactures. Fisher (an American company) patented the 1st MD'er in 1931 and still in business today (but slowly bleeding). Garrett, the next best thing is their dumbbell weight ATX Deep Seeker (which needed redesigned 3 yrs ago). Tesoro and White's have died off. I'm coming to the conclusion in my 45 yrs of detecting, the American Engineers are not as bright (I won't use STUDIP), but give me a break. What does the future of Fisher and Garrett hold? I'm starting to read the bathroom wall writings and it's not look
  15. Covid Stress Relief Read... Warning, There is some DUMB sarcasm in this post. When it comes to metal detecting, I have no issues with any country and or how dumb/smart we/they/you/me be. If I offend you, no worries, it won't be the last time either. We need to go back a few years for some to realize, some dumb facts.... I figured it out. Gold Monster 1000 - Remember when Africa was sent the Gold Monster 1000 and nobody else. We in USA were told it was designed for them people and it even came with an adaptor for the broom stick (I'm not joking). Yea that detector, the one wit
  16. I will be sure to share this video with my students before they arrive at the Field Training. Proper coil control is a must and they show it very well. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Just goes to show how much gold is still out there to be found. How many years have you been going down there to those same spots and still finding gold? Looks like you are heading home with another stash of golden cash or is this batch For Sale? Thanks for sharing.
  18. I think the above is what happened to this one. Looks like a 3 oz'er to only come in at 1.3 ozt. Still a momentous recovery for that area and the person who dug it.
  19. They make the best metal detecting technology in the world. Who would want to be the Engineer at Minelab that says "I designed that carry bag". Should we get a team of Engineers and maybe a physicist to come up with the ultimate hard case to carry the detector? I'm perfectly fine with their direction and what they specialize in. Besides, you know the hard case (if it had a Minelab name on it), would cost $500 or more. The battery and other coil, will eventually be available sometime in 2025/26 after the Duzy 20 outbreak. You should see the complete head helmet we will be required to
  20. Top 10 States and gold production. Who would have realized Utah and South Dakota? Heck, I only have a few customers who have found nuggets in either of those states. I think I actually have more customers that have found nuggets in North Carolina than UT and SD... We need to start hearing stories from those folks in such hidden quiet places... Or maybe they prefer it that way?
  21. Heck, I think my Training Trips and Sessions are going to be obsolete? We thought that with the GPZ-7000, but still lived on. Only time will tell.
  22. It all looks good to me even though I would have preferred a package like Africa, I realize there is no control over how they package it across the world and I get what they send me. At least we now know for certain the option of the larger 17" MONO will eventually show up for us here in the US. I was informed by a source I trust, my 3 Day Field Training in early April, not to expect any GPX-6000's. Maybe I should add a May training class? I already have a June session for Rye Patch, so we have the bases covered there. As they say "Patience is a virtue".
  23. You bring up some good points as well. What I don't understand is so many folks won't hunt tailing piles because of trash and that is exactly why some of the piles still produce nice gold. It's the same reason I enjoy old coin detecting at sites filled with old iron rusty cans and bits of metal, nails and trash. They still hold the occasional old coin in amongst the trash and it takes time, patience and a little skill. Tiny over 10 yrs ago is a different meaning than today's tiny gold. Good catch. Today's tiny is this pics below, although I would not hunt for this size of gold in
  24. Hearing me tell folks, they high dollar detector misses many kinds of gold is easy to ...yea whatever. Showing folks how their detector misses all those kinds of gold... is an eye opening. What you do with the knowledge learned is up to you, I'm just the teacher helping students understand gold is not just gold and the different detectors are needed. Glad you were able to learn and most importantly...remember. Gold Catcher - I don't have as may Pre Sales Customers as I had expected? Maybe the stimulus checks will help. Norvic - It is quite a decision to it's final fat
  25. I don't feel a different coil is needed for nuggets vs specimens. I think (could be wrong) the original source of the gold from thousands of years ago is what dictates if the gold is in nugget or specimen form. On many occasions the specimens when slowly working their way down the river systems, start breaking apart to allow for some smaller solid nuggets coming off the larger specimens. For example, in Southern Idaho we have thousands of tiny picker nuggets and 100's of ounces of the well known flower gold or dust. Our potato specimens eventually turn to dust over time. In Norther
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