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  1. Greed is an evil thing and I have lost what I thought were friends over gold/greed. What is amazing is guys like you and I want to help people become successful and my staff/I enjoy being around clients/friends when they dig their 1st gold. Sorry you had to go through that.
  2. Rick, When I 1st started detecting Rye Patch in the mid 90's, I was poor and many trips from Idaho, I'd carpool and pay half the gas. Life was simple back then with just the basics. I'd sleep on the ground on a tarp and toss a military wool blanket over me and all was good. Well about a yr later my old-timer friend Tom C. (since passes away) pulled out one of those night lights. It was amazing the amount of glowing scorpions scattering all around us. I bet we counted 15+ in a matter of 30' area and it was right there above the burn barrel. When I was a teenager out catfishing one n
  3. Some very good input and answers by a variety of seasoned/new detectorists. Yes most certainly with the price increase of gold around $2000 US, the Security is essential. We hear so many stories now of vehicles getting broken into, just to steal the detecting gear. Luckily we don't hear as many stories of actual houses getting broken into and their gold being stolen, but I know it happens. One of my NV buddies who was loved by many and a wealth of Northern Nevada knowledge had the most beautiful custom made bar in his house and the bar was designed to have built in display cases
  4. I get to share many more stories, photos and sometimes videos of amazing gold discoveries than the average person, mostly do to the fact I sell metal detectors and my customers are usually happy to share their Success stories. On occasion I get to see some finds that I can never show or share as the finder has asked that of me. Boy has there been some crazy amounts of gold being recovered with detectors still. Sure wish I could tell you all but I'd then piss off some of those who take me for my word and I'd prefer not to lose that friendship. My question is, what do you folks do wh
  5. Interesting rock and it sure made the NOX scream in the video. I found a couple graphite nodules in hears past tat read as non ferrous. At a site in Oregon, there are quite a few grey/black rocks that fool many detectors, even when ID'ing. The rusty tin tell you there was activity in the area back in the day and probably from another early prospector. Nice to see a piece of gold come home with you.
  6. They didn't provide details. It was actually found a few weeks ago but they were scared to show it off. Some folks clam up when something big is found and at times I don't blame them.
  7. One of my customers recently found a stunning: near 4 pound quartz boulder with just under 11 ozt of gold with his GPX-5000. Just goes to show you those multi thousand dollar treasures are still out there being dug up. Yes this came from the lower 48 states. Good luck everyone.
  8. 1 ounce day is pretty dang good and I know you worked hard to get them. Nice to see you on here Rob. Hopefully we'll have a good dinner together next time around (Australia).
  9. Glad to see you let the gold lady get her fix. Yes the CoilTek 10" Ellip Extreme coil on the SDC-2300 is very killer. Many of my customers have had great success. Smart of you to improvise for a scoop. Yes there are more scorpions in NV than most folks realize. Nice gold.
  10. GPZ-7000 is Mint Like new (Approx 10 hrs use) and was purchased May of this yr. Has a brand new 19" coil still in box. Transferable warranty is good until May 2023 which is 2 and a half years. Also join Lunk and my other Field Staff for 3 days of in depth gold detector training/camping with like minded people all wanting to learn their gold detectors., Nov. 6th - 8th at Rye Patch, NV or join Lunk this winter in AZ for a full 1 day 1 on 1. $6500 and I do not charge tax. PayPal or card add 3%. Personal Check/Cash is preferred or pick up in person. If you are prior US Milit
  11. Glenn, So glad you were able to get out there and score another highly collectible CO specimen piece. Your pics are so beautiful and those gold pieces are genuine gems. Hopefully the family who was video taping the crazy ATV rider, now realizes how dangerous they can be and life is just a second away from being gone. Thanks again for sharing.
  12. Mitchel, Buddy if we lived closer, I'd be out there with you. I get those silly thoughts on occasion and something just keeps pocking at me to go do it. Much of the time it is just to get out and nothing gets found, but on occasion those pokes to go, actually do put me on the gold. I've done well along the freeway near Dome Rock. Nice story, pics and yes you got gold.
  13. Norvic - You are correct my friend and we have all done it. Sometimes it's much worse of an afterwards hike to find it and other times, it's just a matter of turning around and walking 20 feet back to the truck to get it. The gold fever is for real and all of us on here are guilty. I'll be the 1st to admit it, but in reality, it is not just gold for me, I get that natural high from an old coin or relic just the same. Thanks for adding context. Geof_Junk - It's just amazing the items people lose and we find. I was called to find a radio for the Idaho Fish & Game that an offic
  14. I too seen the multiple posts of used SDC-2300's. My crystal ball tells me many things are coming and some better than others. One could only suspect the SDC-2400 to be released soon, but I doubt before Thanksgiving. Heck Steve, If I knew there was a new version SDC coming out, I'd most certainly not be taking units back in trade. I do feel honored that you think I might know something, but in reality it is you who we all watch, listen and admire. When you sold the last big gold detector (I think it was a year ago), everyone started dumping theirs and the rumors started. A
  15. Sorry to hear of the health issues and I pray things eventually get better. I have a variety of older machines and all I have for the Compass is an old Yukon Gold. It's not in working condition but I'm sure it would not take much to get it going again. If you can't find the XP Pro and this one will suffice, let me know. Best of luck to your friend. Gerry
  16. How can you make life long lasting memories drinking merlot/pinot in the desert? Ya gots to let the hair down on occasion Peg. Only live once right.
  17. Swegin - Your simple way of a quick look back could be, should be and as of now, will be mentioned during my Field Training and for more reasons than just a pick. Thanks for sharing. Klunker - It's funny you mentioned the small axe and wedges. I don't find many of them in NV, but have so in Eastern Oregon and now realize it is the loggers who probably lost them, not the prospectors. Interesting bit and thanks for contributing. Oh, and I think you found your keyboard... 1515Art - Yes I too have left things in other people's rigs. it is almost to the point I'd rather take folks in
  18. I've done the trip probably 100+ times so I have the mileage down pat. Timing is pretty close as well. I once did Boise to Winnemucca in 3 hrs 15 minutes when I was much younger and had to average 80 MPH, so the straight open was 105, but that is all the truck would do. I've since grew a few old man issues and at least 1 stop, sometimes 2 to water down a dried out sage bush. Plus I also stop in Winnemucca to gas up and of course Walmart is a lifesaver, for the items I seem to forget. Now the average trip from Boise with all my stops and then to the Burn Barrell at RP is right near 6 h
  19. Jim - Not losing the elevation on the side of a hill as we get older, is sometimes more of a challenge than the actual hunt. I agree, it's a mind over matter. Glad you were able to recover the pick. Thanks for contributing. Matt - Good point on a cost savings (Harbor Freight), but on last weeks hunt, I don't think there was one within 150 miles. Maybe if Elko, NV had one? Since I have seen so many lower quality picks break, I'll just add another APEX to the back of the truck. Good to see you on here and thanks for contributing. Joe - Glad I'm not the only who has done such. Yo
  20. You hunt one side of a draw and only find trash. Your mind keeps telling you to cross the drainage below and go back up the other side (grass is always greener theory) so you start hiking away and eventually turn off the 7000 just to cover ground quickly. Eventually getting to the other side, you fire up the machine and start your search. Not 10 minutes into it and that sweet soft sound comes thru the sweaty headphones and I can tell it is not surface trash. I get a little gigglie as I reach over my shoulder to grab my pick and ....holy shit...I reach over my shoulder again to grab my pick
  21. Mitchel, You know best. Only the folks who go and try to find gold will be lucky enough to accomplish it. Not all trips have a shiny ending, but we learn from each of them. I've done some crazy drive trips of my own on times past and will probably do another in the future. Yes our older bodies feel it, but our younger minds still think it is doable. I've driven from Boise, Idaho to Rye Patch, NV to hunt for the day and drove back home the same evening. That's over 300 miles to get there (5 hr driving) and then hunt for 8 hrs and then turn around and drive over 300 miles back to
  22. If I am to get taxed on my finds, then I'm going to write off every detector purchased, every set of tires, the ATV, the toy hauler and the $80K truck used to haul everything. I'm going to write perdiem on every trip taken and then anything else I can think of. It would not be cost efficient for the IRS if we did it this way. Interesting read.
  23. That triangular Chevron prize is a stunner. Well done Rick and nice to see the pooch out there enjoying some fresh air.
  24. Impressive gold and pics. Your dedication is proof that good gold is still for the taking. Hats of to your successful season.
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