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  1. I have a brand new one in sealed bag that I just took in trade. He just upgraded to the Deus-II and was never able to try the 15x12" coil for the Equinox. $185, no tax.
  2. Funny thing about the Dealer Conferences. 1st off, most dealers won't even take the time to show up and that's really sad. 2nd, is the majority that show up sit in the conference like Zombies afraid to ask questions, afraid to be singled out, afraid to be noticed. Shit, that's part of the idea of a Conference, is to ask the tough questions, get known and expose yourself. Retta, Rob, Chris, Doc, myself and a select few others realized this was our chance to help make Minelab even better. Funny how most of us are still in business going strong and promoting what we love. Those were the good days when we actually thought Minelab cared. Now, after 20+ yrs new management who has an AMAZON Big Box worthless no faces, no customer care focus, we same dealers have wised up and understand, it's all about numbers. Well Retta/Darren, I wish you two the best up there in Big Gold/God Country as you certainly did your part to promote this hobby. Well done Gold Lady, well done.
  3. I've known Retta for quite a few yrs., Darren later on. Retta was such a hoot and her flashy jewelry always gave her away. She was never short on words but in reality, she knew more about Prospecting than most. So sorry to hear, I'm kind of knumb and confused 😕
  4. More coils are added benefits in certain situations. We all love the GPX-4500/5000 as there are probably close to 50 different coils to select. Yes that's over kill and I don't know anyone who owns that many. I did have about 10 different coils for my 4500 and each served a specific purpose. Simon - If you are trying to decide on the best GOLDHAWK coil for you., 10" Ellip vs the 9" round. Here's what I have learned so far in testing them. The 9" round has better depth on the small stuff, but the 10" Ellip can get into tighter areas. Both coils are better than the stock 11" round, when it comes to signal cleanliness and strength on the smallest of gold. I actually have customers needing both the 9" round and the 10" Ellip as they each have their place. I expect the 10" Ellip will be the most popular for US sales, as it is like many of the 10" Ellip coils on the market (which that size if most popular on so many detectors). An added bonus to the 10" Ellip is the ability to get the toe of the coil into the smallest or tight areas. Also for optimal pinpointing.
  5. Amazing story, pics and memories. It brought me back to when I visited Kalgoorlie and the memories made. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  6. Phrunt - You said "The GPZ is like fine wine, it's only improved with age. 🙂 ". I used to say the same thing with an SD 2100, then GP-Extreme and after that the GPX-4000. Each series has gotten better at depth on smaller and course gold. Each series also added more Timings and Fine Tuning. Many owners were afraid of the GPX series and left themselves short. For those of us who took the time to learn it, were rewarded with more Au. I also agree about the ZVT having more upside than the old PI. I'd love to see another manufacture prove us wrong. Norvic - You said "So just maybe we are better off where we are. Yes/No". I'm not much of one to settle. I'm always wanting more options and something better. I've yet to find the 1 best for all situations. And I agree with the rest of your above comments but hope some other manufacture will step up their game. Steve H - You said "The real problem is the gold patches basically playing out, and “going deeper” is not going to make the majority of them come back to life. We have lots of relatively shallow placer here, and with the last small bits getting hoovered up, there simply is not that much left in most of the places that most of us have ready access to. It’s a good thing you are getting near to retiring Gerry, because I don’t think gold prospecting detectors are a growth market anymore in the U.S." I have thought that out the last few years with the GPZ-7000 and then we were given another option of the GPX-6000. Where can it go from here is very interesting and has me scratching my head. I think Minelab is also aware, so their next new KING will have to be something quite amazing. Yes, my retirement is now being thought of a little more, but I still really enjoy the training of customers and helping with them as they find their 1st gold nugget, 1st Indian Head Cent, 1st gold ring etc. I'm not pulling the plug anytime soon, but I do see the writing on the wall. JP - Yes the truth hurts and a good amount of us long time DP members on here are in fact getting to the age that our body is not keeping up with the desires of our mind. Gone are the days of a 3 week Prospecting Hunt as my body is giving out before my mind and or the detector. Heck, I'm pretty dragging ass after a week of the hunt. But boy does the desire of thinking a new patch or a nice 1+ oz'er keep me going. Few a select few of us, it's almost unbearable just thinking about putting on a GPZ-7000 and having to swing it a day, but for those certain occasions, I know I still will try. Rob Allison - You bring up some great points. But I'm going to point the finger back at Minelab and their greed. You/Chris/Doc/I and a select few others remember what our margins were back in the day. We also remember the promises made and not selling in retail stores. Now Minelab USA cuts the margins even more on their higher priced detectors. Minelab almost forces the smaller dealers to not want to sell them and only promote and sell the smaller detectors. Which the dealers do, because the margins are greater. What's going to be funny down the road is when guys like JP, you, I and the handful (small amount) of dealers decide enough is enough. Who is going to promote their top end products then? I can't wait soon enough for the day another manufacture (anyone) can make a decent high end gold detector and that manufacture offers decent margins to award those who sell it. Why our margins in the US is so much less than Australia is silly. Heck, ask for a free hat on a $50K order and see what happens. Minelab has totally changed from when we 1st signed up. Oh well, theres only so many more waves I can ride and then I'll put the board away. mn90403 - I know your question was pointed at JP, but if you were to ask me the same. I would not recommend getting into detector sales as a fulltime job if you want to make decent money. One of my main reasons for being a dealer today, is I still enjoy the tax write off benefits. I'm much more different than many dealers as I do so many styles of detecting and some of you know I even organized many group adventures to different states and countries. Most are tax write offs for me as I also test and promote new products. Thats part of why I still enjoy traveling as it's part of my job. If I just sold a few units here and there, it's hard to justify to the tax man, a write off of trips to Bahamas, Cancun, HI, AK, England etc. Just to make a living selling detectors with no write offs. Stay away folks, as you'll be living a lean life. phrunt - You said. "Gerry could sell steak to a vegan. 🙂" Probably if I tried. But I do know, I'll sell about 7 GPX-6000 for every 1 GPZ-7000.
  7. Do you have access to another GPX-6000 to try the same day/site/time? I feel like there might be an issue, but hard for me to know without testing it myself or one of my Staff. If you want, I can send you my own unit to compare or I can have you send your unit to one of my nearest Field Staff and he can compare. Sorry it has not been working out for you like the rest of us.
  8. Norvic - You are correct about the 6000 still being quite young and us still learning it. The Settings I used and trained customers with when it 1st came out are different than what I train/use today, as it took time in many areas and fine adjusting. Now the 6000 doesn't have as many adjustments, but I agree 100% that it is deeper than many folks think. Time across the many gold fields by a variety of hunters with great selection of coil options and we'll see improvements. After all, we don't have 16", 18" or 20" round coils for the GPX-6000 yet. Jasong - Yes I too would like a GPX-6000 housing and it's abilities to find the gold it does better than the GPZ-7000...but also have the smoothness and the few extra inches of depth on larger gold. What would you/I pay? Depending on what other detectors are on the market at the time and the price of Gold itself. If gold is $2K an oz and there is no other detector manufactures making anything close in performance, I'll bite and pay around $6 to $10K as I know I'll pay that detector off. If gold price is $1000 or less, then I'll not be as big to pay top dollar, maybe $3 to $5K. For me, the KING of these 2 models, is the one getting me the most gold...period. Aureous - I feel like you do about the gold is there, but just out of reach. Hopefully this dream machine comes out before I get too old to dig that 4 and 5' deep hole. Gold Catcher - I agree 100% that there are areas and situations the GPZ-7000 is BEST. Heck I still have 2 Field Staff Experts that own them and have not moved to the GPX-6000? But the majority of my Staff have with great success and smiles, moved from their 7's to the 6. There is no right or wrong in answer and my opinion is for the majority of my detecting in the variety of areas I hunt for the different kinds of gold. And yes there are a couple areas I know, the 7is the preferred tool. But the overall Success is how I award the title KING. Norvic - You said "Tis amazing that we debate passionately about two competing machines that are not made by competing manufacturers." Yes it's kind of funny and Minelab is sitting back and laughing at the other manufactures. It's kind of sad in a way to see but that's what it's been for the last 20 yrs. Hopefully other manufactures are trying to crack into this high end market more than what they have in times past. I don't know if it's been because of lack of the right Engineers or lack of deep pockets. You would think the old PI technology with todays new coil schematics and lighter materials would allow a different manufacture to come out with something similar to a GPX-5000 or GPX-6000 but at a better price point. I just think it's a matter of time.
  9. As a dealer, I remember being told the GPZ-7000 is not a PI. Now it was not Mr Candy who said it, but the way I was explained, it's different that a PI. I agree with some of what you say Aureous but at the same time, I don't feel comfortable telling customers it is a PI. Interesting read and I am all ears and willing to learn.
  10. Gold in the Blood - I totally understand where you are coming from and appreciate your 2 cents. Please be sure to share some success and or knowledge down the road as there are always newbies looking for advice on all gold detectors. NV-OR-ID-CA-Au - GPZ-8000? Why not a GPX-6500 with Updated Software and Iron Disc. Or better yet, why not another manufacture give us users another high end PI? Yes, getting the kids out to enjoy what we did as young ones, is priceless. Thanks for adding content. Phrunt - You said "I think everyone should just be happy with their own choices, and they likely have reasons for them and enjoy whatever detector they're using. Steve was a straight shooter on the 6000 from the start and for that I'm very appreciative, I just didn't like missing out but I'll give my 6000 plenty of use, it's so light it can tag along in my backpack especially with a smaller coil on it. We all like certain detectors for certain reasons, not all of our reasons are the same." Well said my friend and soon we'll get more coil options. JP- You said "In the past few weeks (since I recovered from the dreaded) I’ve done 3 or 4 x GPX 6000 sessions and 2 or 3 x GPZ7000 training sessions, in every case I have found 3 pieces each time in the 6000 sessions and nil with the 7000, because the gold is just not plentiful enough there now without spending considerable time and focusing hard. Going over my well worked training areas with the 6000 makes me look like superman, there is nothing more gratifying than scoring a nugget with a customer listening in, showing something is possible for real is very empowering. The GPX 6000 makes me look very good. 😊" Spot on my friend. The 6000 makes my Staff/I look like Kings at finding gold during the Field Training and that's the exact same area we've been training since late 90's. Beautiful gold btw and thanks for contributing.
  11. Norivc - It's hard to deny ounces of Success and to gather it with a much lighter and easier detectors is even more advantageous. Nice coil cover life extender. Lunk - Your skill & success from the exact same patches just goes to prove it's really not even close for most folks in the US. Well said King Lunk.. Steve H - You have nothing to be ashamed of and in fact many of us listened to what you were saying early on. You have been a straight shooter for the 25 yrs I've known you and that's probably part of the reason you were selected to be the US Tester. Exactly as you stated buddy (a pleasure to swing) and more success on a variety of gold. You/I and the rest of us can't fix the Minelab reliability but we sure can tell the world this detector (at this time) is the best of the 2 for most US users. Your success is GOLDEN in more ways than 1 and I thank you for finally sharing some of it with the world. Heck Steve, if it was not for guys like you, look how many others would be at a loss. Your #1 DP forum is the best of the best and just like a GPX-6000, it may not always be running the way we had hoped but in the long run...it takes home the GOLD. Thanks again for opening back up. Lundy/Rick - I wish you were there to witness the whole thing. Very entertaining. We need to get back and find some more Au, toss some rocks and make memories.
  12. Aureous - Yes it's KING of small bird shot as well as the Au. In fact it can pick them up deeper than most VLF gold detectors. Sooner or later experienced guys like you/I will be selling our VLF's for just that reason. On a side note and for those who are not seasoned. It's an odds gain for me. When nugget hunting a site and if getting constant bird shot, I start to scuff the top surface and if it moves, I walk. This can save you quite a bit of time in the long run. Will you miss a couple surface specs of Au, possibly. But the odds are surface targets are trash targets in most of the areas I hunt in the US. Always an exception though and if in a new site, you need to check a few of the top surface targets out before you make that decision. I do the same thing when I detect for older coins in yards. I get many coil signals and leave them for my buddy to dig. He gets more coins than I do and I end up with more older coins/silver than he does. IdahoPeg - Glad to know the hip surgery went well and you are back at the swing again. Lady, you are one impressive gal who can certainly hold your own when it comes to nugget hunting. Your pics of Success and to know your biggest Nevada nugget ever was found, was with the GPX-6000. Heck that's a lot of detector purchases from me and I know they all found you gold in NV, but the 6 is just something special. Well done Lady Digger and I look forward to seeing more of your Au success with a 6000 this year. Phrunt - I knew you were capable of a cartoon, but BK🤣 "Burger King"... Well you certainly didn't get it your way. Of all guys, well deserved. You my friend, had some very bad luck from the beginning with the 6 and so I feel your pain. Time will heel your wounds and I promise you'll come around, especially when you put one of those new smaller CoilTek GOLDHAWK coils on the end. Thanks for giving a little laugh on this special day. All good buddy all good.
  13. I figured a big "fish on" 🎣 would come on to DP and bite on this post, you did.🙂 I had to look up Kellyco to see who/what they sell. Seems silly anyone wanting a gold detector would purchase from a warehouse in Florida. Now a beach detector sure. I think their customer and our customers are a little different, so we'll let them live a little longer. Now that I think about it, they also earned the same award I did. Purchased $1,000,000 in Minelab detectors in 1 fiscal year. Boy those were the good days and we all made a little money💰. On a side note, this is what you earn when purchasing $1,000,000 of detectors in a year. This little trophy. Heck I'd thought a trip to Australia or at least a free detector. Guess I have bragging rights. Yeah, Rye Patch and the ground holding gold could be in for a small seismic quake of change. Funny how you heard about a Rye Patch 👮‍♂️ing the area. It's all good, I hope🙊. Happy Fathers Day to you and Dawn.
  14. Well said JP, many folks don't know in extreme bad ground to lift the coil a little. Those are advanced tips most don't know. Luckily we don't have that many areas in US. Thanks for input.
  15. Well it’s been an amazing year here in the gold fields of the good ol USA. This month (June) is the 1 year Anniversary of the GPX-6000 getting into customers hands and into the gold fields. Wonder what your feelings are and if you feel it’s taken over as the new KING? As a well known Minelab Dealer who’s sold more GPX-6000 than most dealers and my Field Staff/I keeps in contact with many of the customers, I can assure you it’s earned the status of “KING” in the US. Is there still a few who think the GPZ-7000 wears the crown? Most certainly, but the reality is the FINDS & FACTS. No Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard dirt slinging coil swinging soap opera here…JUST THE FACTS. GPX-6000 SUCCESS - Finds more pieces of gold vs a GPZ-7000. I’ve had more customers finding more gold nuggets, even those who traded in their 7000 back to me for the GPX-6000. Just ask on here and most who have owned both will tell you 5 to 1, or 7 to 1 and maybe 10 to 1 ration. GPX-6000 DUMMY PROOF. More User Friendly. Yes the GPZ is leaps/bounds easier than a GPX-5000. Any we now know the 6000 is easier than a 7000. GPX-6000 ERGONOMICS. is easier to swing. This alone was my main reason for getting a 6000. Finding the extra nuggets is a bonus. So many of my customers felt the same way. GPX-6000 VALUE - is $2500 less money (at least today anyway). Now watch Minelab change the price and add another $500, like they did on the GPZ-7000. After all, the one year is now up so the introductory price is suspect to market change bla bla bla. If you have been thinking of getting a GPX-6000, best to move sooner than later or you just might be paying more. GPX-6000 SIZING is more compact and easier to store in RV, easier to hike or ride a motorcycle/bike and just around overall better design. GPX-6000 RESPONSE responds to a variety of different styles of gold better than a 7000 (if you don’t find it, you don’t know what you missing). GPX-6000 VOLUME is best, almost too good. Those little nuggets really POP…even to the weakest of ears. GPX-6000 ACCESSORIES. Minelab coils, coil covers, lower shafts and batteries are priced way better than those for a GPZ-7000. GPX-6000 FUN FACTOR – Just ask the folks who own them. I get emails and calls from my customers so much more often now...vs a GPZ-7000. Our 3 days Field Training is more fun and there are more golden smiles being shared. More happy drives on the way home and more happy wives to know their hubbies had success. GPX-6000 COILS – With the new CoilTek & Nugget Finder coils coming real soon, the options are even better. We all like options. GPX-6000 NEWEST TECHNOLOGY – Who wants to use a 7 yr old cell phone (GPZ-7000). Now all you Amber Heard fans can challenge the above facts, but you know the outcome already…. Anyway, I’m all ears. On a side note. Lets give some more FACTS that we have had happened to us, or observed. GPX-6000 has more background noise and EMI issues when compared to the GPZ-7000. I’m looking forward to seeing either a software upgrade (if possible) or a new improved model in a couple years. Doubt they will come out with a new model GPX-6000 for at least 3 yrs. GPX-6000 out of the box issues. Yes it’s not what we had expected from Minelab but at least they have taken care of every customer that I am aware of. After all, some of the original complaints was new to Minelab PI’s customers. Bottom line, Minelab let some of us down when compared to previous new releases. GPX-6000 timings on a rare occasion have issues with a certain hot rock or soil. I give the GPZ-7000 the edge for those rare occasions. GPX-6000 on Deepest nuggets of size. Yes the GPZ-7000 has a little more depth on those few rarest of nuggets. I recently witnessed a nice piece found at depth with a GPZ-7000 and know the GPX-6000 would be short a few inches. I did find more gold that weekend though than the GPZ-7000. GPX-6000 coils from Minelab seem to not hold up as well as GPZ-7000 coils. But Minelab does make sure customer gets taken care of. Yes there has been a lot of hashing and bashing (Jonny vs Amber) of the GPX-6000, but the bottom line is, not one customer has never been taken care of, that I know. Heck I have a brand new truck with less than a 1000 miles and it’s had 2 recalls already. Am I ready to walk away? Not as long as the manufacture takes care of me. I realize not every person across the world hunts the same kind of ground most of us hunt in the US, so on a rare occasion a 7 might do you right. I also know of a select few guys who are more focused on the biggest of deep gold at no matter what the expense. You are the rare occasion and not the majority of folks who hunt gold. I also know some of you have had such great success and still do, you are content trying to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s all good either way you swing a GPX or GPZ. As long as you are getting outdoors, having fun and finding a little gold. That’s life my friend. No rocking chairs for us. Attached are a few pics of customers GPX-6000 Success. Please don't take it wrong if I didn't share your pic since I have many happy customers
  16. Be sure to test the boots for non metal with your detector. The last pair of Reeboks I purchased said they were "None Metal" and in fact that was not the case at all. I returned them with hardly any issues. Keep us posted and good luck.
  17. Interesting signal response as it is REVERSED. Usually in our US soil and settings, that indicates a larger or more dense chunk of gold. I'm guessing you are running DIFFICULT Ground type timing? Thanks for sharing.
  18. I promise you will be happy with the durability of the soles. You caught a smoking deal as I was happy when I paid $140 a pair and in fact purchased a 2nd (still new in box). In my 25+ yrs of nugget hunting, I've purchased and was not happy with the lifespan of Bates, 5.11 Tactical, Reeboks, and a few others. I own and wear Merrells for most daily used and their soles are better. But the soles on the Danners are TOPS and as mentioned the quick slip on/slip off is great. No laces to get cheat grass, no tongue to slide left or right and the other thing about a tongue is the grooves on each side seem to catch and hold more cheat grass and dirt. Don't get me wrong, I love my Merrell's (own 3 different kind), but they are not a serious Prospecting boot. They are great hikers and quite comfortable though.
  19. The only way I have been able to keep the GPX-6000 from making extra background EMI noise is using the headphones and doing Frequency Adjust more often. This detector does not run as smooth as some of the older Minelabs, but it also finds more gold. Guess there's always a trade off. As for lose of depth on bigger gold when compared to a stock coil? The 10" Ellip will lose a little on the larger gold but those are the rarest of nuggets. It actually gains a little on smaller gold. The 9" round might be the happy medium for those who want smaller coil for rougher terrain but still great depth.
  20. One of the other forum members mentioned these Danner boots in 2020 and I purchased a pair. I have to admit, they are the toughest soles of all my non metal boots. No they are not waterproof but the ease of putting on, taking off and durability is AAA+++. I normally go thru 2 pair of boots a year as I use my boot side scoop and heel as my shovel. These boots are steal going strong and I expect another 2 years. Add some mink oil and that should help with water. https://www.danner.com/stronghold-wellington-10-brown-hot.html?___store=default_danner&gclid=CjwKCAjwqauVBhBGEiwAXOepkS0vhM3-oratUzBy29EOOyOfw0aYi-_3BsItyMCdJ2gCS2aD3kvgbhoCjWgQAvD_BwE
  21. I'm liking your thinking Chuck and I sure do try to live by it. Since the early 90's my wife and I decided to live life now and later on in life...not be sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, saying "I should have done this and or that". "I wish I would have visited" or "why did we not do"??? My MDing addiction has taken me to 6 different countries and many states in the US. Glad you have the same "let's just do it" thinking. Who knows the old body might say "no more" tomorrow. We just never know.
  22. The big rock, the clump of grass and that nugget near them at approx 6" depth. If a nugget that size was in the open we all know it would have been found. If a chunk of gold that size was right near the surface we might expect the outer edge of a coil to respond, but not at 6". The bigger coils don't respond as well on deeper targets right up against and near rocks/stumps etc. Or just maybe they did not swing the coil over it? I doubt that since we pulled near 40 targets in just a few hrs. All found with the new size GOLDHAWK coils. You do the same thing with the smaller coil on your GPZ-7000, but at a much greater cost. Be sure to get one Simon as I feel it will be the best investment on your GPX-6000. Heck you folks might even get them before we do here in the USA. The smaller 9" round is dandy as well, but I feel the narrow 10" Ellip takes the cake.
  23. Most of you think I have all kinds of free time but the actuality of it is that my free time is very limited. Yes I sell detectors for a living and so keeping customers happy and income coming in is a must. As you seen the extra price of fuel makes for more of a challenge to get away and then trying to schedule the Field Training we offer along with testing of new and upcoming gear is challenging. To make things worse, we have had one of the wettest and most cool Springs in history here in Idaho and it seems about the time I plan for more testing a big storm rolls in. Anyway, I was able to put some time aside and run the new CoilTek GOLDHAWK (why do I keep wanting to call it GOLDENHAWK?) coil on my GPX-6000. I selected the 10" Ellip MONO as I knew the site had been pounded with a GPZ-7000 and a good year with the GPX-6000 and 11" MONO coil. I was not expecting much but either way, those are the sites that I want to test, the so called CLEANED OUT patches. It took all of a minute and 3 feet to find my 1st. The 10" Ellip MONO GOLDHAWK coil is lighter so I can hunt for longer periods of time. It's more compact and allows for hunting in tougher terrain and up against boulders and tree roots where nugget like to hide. It's greater sensitivity to smaller bits, certain specimens and or highly collectible wire gold. I won't go into detail of why a couple well known GPZ-7000 users missed this nugget and or how a veteran GPX-6000 user missed this nugget, but will say this. They missed it and I found it with the new compact 10" ELLIP MONO GOLDHAWK coil by CoilTek.
  24. Sorry to hear of the broken promises on the QED. Yes it will be nice when someone other than Minelab can come out with a nice performing Pulse Induction gold detector. Not to say White's TDI was no good, but in fact for the price is was a really nice unit. Garrett ATX has/had features I liked but again it's military tank build design and ergonomics really was not to my liking. Fisher....Well, just so I don't get slapped, I'll not say anything and let you figure it out.
  25. Interesting video to see how you set and run the GPX-6000 to find relics. Even though you and Mike both found more iron targets than non ferrous, your ratios were really good and the extra depth of the PI's is there. An added bonus of the GPX-6000 vs the GPX-4500/5000 or even GPZ-7000 is the lighter weight, better ergonomics and not being tethered to your detector. Also nice to see you finding more gold with it in NV. When you get into really tough terrain, you might look into the new CoilTek GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil as it will do 2 things better for you. Target separation in trashy sites and rougher terrain like in brush areas. Thanks for sharing.
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