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  1. I'm not sure the aftermarket coil is the trick? I do know from swinging PI gold detectors for 25 years that in the areas I did have EMI, the smaller coils did in fact run smoother. It will be interesting to see if anything comes to change on the 6.
  2. Kind of reminds me of trying to sell an Axiom. Kept hoping for... expected but never came...probably better off. No worries it's all good and you are still my favorite Alpha Female on DP.🤣
  3. Minelab is a very stubborn company and in times past it didn't matter. You want top performance, you pay for it and be happy we provide it to those who sell their 2nd truck. But Minelab is not stupid (was not stupid) and so I feel they will make some kind of adjustment. Will it be GPX-6000 upgrade? Could be a GPZ-7000 in new sleek design? I personally expect some promos to move inventory and then a price drop. Realize, Minelab now has to answer to share holders, so after a couple quarters of slower sales than normal and things will shake up. I too would enjoy a software update for my 6000. What does my gut tell me, sell it today and run to the bank. Will I do it, not just yet. In reality they have 4 options. 1st is a promo to get dealers to purchase as many as possible and give a few free extras. 2nd is to just drop the price, 3rd is a software upgrade and 4th is...do nothing. From years past experience, yes you might get a Minelab big wig on a forum. Of years recent, good luck. Who know, they could prove me wrong.
  4. Glad you are pleased with the GPX-6000's performance once you get a good coil on it. Actually, even the stock coil on the GPX-6000 is going to get more small nuggets than a 7000 in my opinion, but the new GOLDHAWK is a game changer on that detector. Your results, success and enthusiasm just glows right now and that's exactly what you needed my friend. I was shocked myself when i tested them for CoilTek here in the US and our results were just like yours - more gold from the same sites. Keep it up my friend.
  5. As mentioned before, I've been trying to get into areas of the country with bigger gold in mind. Having a lighter weight and better ergonomic detector like the Axiom allows me to hunt rough terrain and sometimes steep mountain slopes. Having the Soil Timing options the Axiom provides allows me to get into areas with more hot rocks and or mineralized soils. The ability to adjust Ground Tracking Speeds and or do a Manual GB allows us who know what we're doing, to run the Axiom the way we want. Best part is the price point when compared to the other hi end units out there. Will my Beasty 7 go a hair deeper than an Axiom? I still think so for the soils I have tested, but not by what most expect. Will my sleek 6 hit a fly shit spec a little louder than the Axiom? Maybe a bit, but the soil conditions and smoother operation of the Axiom make up for it in the soils I have tested. Here's the best part I have noticed so far. If a nugget is dug up with Beast at 24" and the Axiom with smaller coil sees it at only 20", what would have happened if I had the 16" coil on the Axiom? But the price difference of 2X is laughable, as well as the weight/design. I feel Axiom and the Sleek 6 are so close in performance, it's not worth the extra $2K for what I have experienced so far. At this stage of my testing and the 3 states I have detected, I feel the Axiom is more to my liking. I'm not selling my 6 just yet, but I did sell my 7. Should you be selling your favorite gold detector? Heck, I can't answer that. If you have proven success with it, then it makes it that much harder to let go. I totally understand that and that's why I'm keeping my 6 for now. I also realize I'm taking a risk on keeping a 5, 6 or 7 model as I expect the prices of those detectors to get adjusted by eM. I sure don't want to have a detector that is worth $6K today be worth $4K in a few weeks. I quit wearing blinders yrs ago but the facts are many people have come in of recent... and eM is what provided the results. If we wanted to play, he had to pay. Now there's a new Swing sitting at the end the bar, she's not hiding wrinkles with makeup and when you blow softly in her ear, she'll sing a fine tune. When you get her on the dance floor, I feel most of you will be giddy while trying to keep up as she certainly can shake it up. That's exactly what we need and I'm happy to support a new shake & shimmy. Those of you who know me, realize I don't grab a girl just because she shows up and can shake. I think my testing and results speak the international language. I do feel with time and more testers in Australia, that we'll find out if my gut feeling is right.
  6. JP, No need to be sorry on a subject you have mastered. In a room with a few Alpha Males on the subject of Electronic Gold Prospecting, there's always going to be a little riff. That's expected and not going to go away. But in the end, we all sit at the table have dinner and behave. It's your/our passion and desire to help folks "get it right" and sometimes "all of us" say a word or sentence that might be taken in a different way. Heck, I put a giggle Emogi on a post and it pisses someone off, but I didn't mean it that way. The good thing my friend.. here on DP, most of the time, our comments, communications and sharing are all for the greater of Success. The passion from you/Steve/I and many others about gold nugget detecting is something we are proud of. Through many years in the field with a variety of gold detectors and continued Success even to this day... has proven each of us have earned the right...to be a little protective of our comments. After all, if we were not sensitive and didn't care, there would be no good discussions, no new techniques or ways shared, no new detectors or Settings talked about and the end, no DP. Keep being the same JP we have known you to be (experience on the subject beyond most, passion to the bone, desire to educate) and we'll keep learning/listening and asking questions. This site is so unique and unpolluted (thanks to Steve) and each of us play a part. With professionals like you on here to help share passion and knowledge, I think we'll be perfectly happy in the long run. Now lets go dig some more Au. PS. The Kalgoorlie speci stuffed in my mouth is to keep me quiet on occasion. I just wish it happened more often.
  7. Steve pulled those words off the sheet JP so I don't think it's a quote. All is great info though. This is from the sheet: "An advanced ground balancing method for optimum performance In order to artificially add extra data for improved ground balance calibration, you can use a dust iron toroid, commonly referred to as an electronics 'ferrite'. The electronics industry uses these magnetic cores extensively in computers, televisions, and mobile phones. Ground balancing using a ferrite means that less soil needs to be covered during the initial ground balance period because the ferrite artificially adds very useful data to assist achieving an accurate ground balance. The easiest way to add this data during the initial ground balance, and and ideally, at all later ground balancings, is to place the ferrite on the soil surface and swing the coil over it several times in wide sweeps at the operating height of the coil, whilst ground balancing, so as to include data from both the soil and the ferrite."
  8. I have been trying to prove that all Summer. Most on here know me as a Minelab guy and I do feel... I try to keep the best tool in my hand for Success. But what I also understand is different kinds of gold and areas we find it. My team of Experts hunts so many more states, locations and varying gold with all the tools we can get out hands on. We enjoy comparing and seeing how each stack up. Anyone on here in the US been showing a lot of gold this year? Not many. Do I have customers who have found quite a bit of gold and not posted it? Most certainly and they are smart for many reasons. I totally agree what Steve is saying. This detector and it's price point with the features is going to wake up a few of you wearing blinders. I did not say it easily beats the beast 777. But at a 2 for 1 price difference, it will knock your shorts off. Hey, I'm just a used car salesman right. I must be the luckiest guy out there and the gold just falls at my feet. Or maybe I have learned something in the 50 yrs detecting? Well put Steve.
  9. He did not reply, but I will tell the numbers I prefer to dig when using the Equinox. #'s 6 - 18 cover the majority of gold/platinum rings that I have recovered. Only 16 of the 200 rings register a reading outside of those numbers. If you want to play the odds, the 5 best #'s are 10, 13, 14, 15, & 16. Those 5 #'s account for over 50% of the 200 rings. The 2 best #'s are #13 & 14 as they register 50 of the 200 rings = 25%. We all know nothing is foolproof and all of these numbers can be slightly off if targets are at depth and or on edge or under/over another different target. But if you enjoy playing the odds and saving time, I have yet to find anyone with a more extensive test. Good luck everyone.
  10. Knomad, As Jennifer mentioned, the Axiom does not mention Bluetooth compatible. Page 10 of the manual explains how the audio works and options. The good part is there is a 1/4" headphone plug that we can still use our favorite 1/4" jack headphones or even 1/8" ones (with adaptor). Here is a link: https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2022-07/1535800.A.Axiom_manual.pdf Thanks for showing interest and if you have any more questions, that's exactly what this forum is for and about.
  11. Did you get kicked off again? Girl, one of my weak points is computers. I have all kinds of video footage but not sure how to get it on here. If anyone knows how to pull my FB post onto here, please help us. It will really help those of us who either get kicked or just don't have an account any more, or never did. I'm guilty of some things, no twitter account.
  12. It would be nice if someone who knows the Axiom (from an Engineering standpoint) were to get on here and help educate some of us future Axiom Owners. How many others would enjoy talking the the main folks who are behind this new Ultra Pulse Induction detector? We have questions and some of us testers are detectorists, not Engineers. On a side note. As one of the testers of the Axiom at finding gold nuggets, I wanted to make sure everyone realizes this. This fine forum has a site for gold hunters to post pics of gold and or gold nugget related text. I'm posting my success finds and little tips of nugget noggin knowledge on there. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/4-detector-prospector-forum/ I'm also curious as to how the Civil War Relic Hunters and Beach Hunters will be using this new Axiom as it has features some of the other high end detectors do not. Who knows, this could become waterproof down the road and we'd have a new Garrett PI for the surf. I'm already thinking the features is going to make it a great CW detector so it's just a matter of time. Be sure you folks have your questions thought out and ready and maybe, just maybe we can have someone behind the scene come on aboard.
  13. Here's another nice find made with the new Axiom. This 21+ gram specimen should clean up nicely. I know some will say to smash, but I like it as is. Are you a smasher or leave it all natural? I ran the detector with a GAIN of 6, slight THRESHOLD, FINE GOLD Timing and Ground Tracking Off. Sure wish the temps were not so hot though. When the ground is too hot to get on your knees and or even grab with a bare hand, it's time to take a break. Luckily it was not 109 when we were detecting, but it was when I was driving home Sunday late afternoon. Also found a hidden gem on the Garrett. https://www.facebook.com/gerry.mcmullen.7 Options of another high end detector is exactly what the market needs. It would be nice to see Garrett jump on here and say "Hello, we are listening".
  14. Dan, 1st off my friend, you need to find a specimen of quartz with gold in it. 🤣 Knowing you that is on the up and up so I hope to see it soon. Yes there are a few ways and here is one that I like (see attached). it is of one of my finds years back but the math is a little more simple, well at least it is for me. Looking forward to hearing about your so called specimen find and it's outcome.
  15. I have one of my Field Staff who uses it extensively JP and you probably know who I'm talking about. If anyone is an authority on the GPZ-7000, you have certainly earned that badge and we appreciate your free education and guidance on the matter. Well done my friend.
  16. There has been a change to the options for US customers who are interested in the new Garrett Axiom. US customers can now order the detector in 2 different configurations. Read the link to get a better idea. The price is the same though, but one of them just makes more sense for most of you. Again, If you are wanting to get one, please get on my list. I've been a Garrett dealer for 20+ yrs and also one of the contributing Field Testers and an active member here on Detector Prospector for many years. As a veteran myself, I am proud to offer active and veterans the full 15% military discount. Also, if you are new to gold detecting and would enjoy spending 3 days in the Field with like minded people and my Field Staff Experts learning the ropes of finding gold nuggets, you'll get an additional discount on the class. My website Calendar of Events has the remaining dates for 2022. Thanks, Gerry at Gerry's Detectors in Boise, Idaho www.gerrysdetectors.com
  17. Who cares what detector we are using...if we are having Success and fun, it really doesn't matter if it's a 15 yr old detector or a new $8500 one. Success and fun is contagious so sharing is just as fun. Attached are a couple pics of one situation I was very proud of, years ago. Little man named Garrett came to my Field Training one summer at Rye Patch, NV with his Grandpa. Grandpa surprised little Garrett with a birthday gift of a Garrett metal detector. He so wanted little grandson Garrett to find a nugget. So one day Gramps find a signal near the surface and as I'm listening to the signal and knowing the location, I was certain this could be a nugget. We took little guy Garrett over there with his new $200 Ace-250 GARRETT detector and let him dig it up. In all metal mode the Ace-250 did it's job and fun was flowing. Some of the great memories I cherish forever. Grandpa was so thrilled that I caught the moments on camera and took the time to send him pics, he had them put into a display (with the gold nugget) and hanging on the wall for the rest of his life. That was in 2005 and little Garrett is grown man now. Memories for a lifetime and who cares what detector it was.
  18. I have noticed the stock 11" round does make more noise when on edge or even when off the ground. The smaller CT GOLDHAWK coil does not do it as much as the stock coil. Yes the sides are hot, but since the design is wide on edges and narrow on heel/toe, the easiest way to pinpoint is with the toe in my experience.
  19. I'll try to catch it on video next time, if I remember. Soft signal is not as pronounced and sharp as a surface signal of the same size. Larger deep gold on the Axiom has a broader sound than a surface target. I try to play a game and guess the size of the target and approx depth before each dig. I've become pretty good at telling small narrow surface sounds from medium and larger deeper sounds. Now a .22 casing at depth fools me as I hear soft sound and it's not broad, but I know it's not on surface so I dig it.
  20. Interesting thread. I do agree that some detectors have a sweet sound to the ear for round gold ring targets. But since there are so many types of gold rings and so many shapes or the way it's laying in the soil, the only 100% full proof way it to dig. Now I have been able to up my odds at finding gold rings with certain detectors and or areas by ignoring some of the targets and sounds. For example, take the pic above of all the finds on the green lid. If the goal for me is to find a gold ring at that location, over half those targets I would not have dug. They don't register in most gold ring ranges. I would not have dug most of the coins, the silver rings, the toys, the bigger sinkers, the vape pipes or that many bottle tops. My time at that site would produce much less targets, but the targets I go after would be what most gold rings read it. There is no 1 way to find gold rings. But there are way to up your odds and dig better targets possible of being a gold ring.
  21. That didn't take long for some Success pics to show up in my email. My customer used his new GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil he just received from me last week. Went to the same exact site he's been swinging the GPX-6000 with stock coil since last year. Over 4 grams of nice Montana gold. Most of us know the 10" Ellip, 14" Ellip were some of the hottest coils in years past on the old technology GP/GPX detectors in much of AZ, NV and CA. Well until now, we have not the option for the GPX-6000. Hats off to CoilTek for allowing us more abilities to get more gold. Has anyone else be able to use their GOLDHAWK coils yet and have any Success to show? I realize they just arrived into the US a couple weeks ago.
  22. We think alike HotSauce and it doesn't take much to get me excited. So many people tell me my videos get a little eccentric, but I'm used to it. Heck I look at it like this. I plan for a trip and many times it's testing a new coil or as recently a new detector. I try my best to put myself in the location I feel to make it shine at the task I plan on showing it. I video so many digs and 95% of them turn out to be trash. This takes a lot of extra time in the field. Eventually my goal is accomplished and Au is in the hand. Yes I get excited and if it's big I get really going. Even a small dink on certain occasions turn me up. I especially enjoy if it's a new site I just discovered or a new patch off a beating one. I know there is more greater potential to come. I do the same thing when hunting for old coins or gold rings. I put so much effort into a trip or hunt and when I do succeed, I'm extremely happy, grateful and joyous. Big Game hunting, fishing, detecting is all the same to me. Now the reverse of that can be said about me as well. There have been times (not that many though) I've dug up so much gold, that I totally get bored. Heck it's just another small gold nugget. I've done this with VLF's, PI's and even the ZED. Many times on extended trips I prefer to mix up my hunts. I'll do gold for a few days and then old coins/relics and then back to gold at a different location. I try to keep my mind fresh and eager for the next prize. Congrats on your happy gold.
  23. I never seen a need for the ferrite but at the same time the sites I usually hunt with the 7 are in NV and just not that bad of ground. Heck, even when I went to AZ, the sites I used the 7 was no issues. I quit carrying it on me after a while. I do think there are sites that it could help though. After all, why did they decide to send it? Maybe for the same reason the cross bar on the harness? Just wasting space in the box? I realize a few folks do use the chest cross bar, but I don't care for it. Actually, I don't even use the harness with the rods, as I feel they are a pain in the arse.
  24. My customer used his new GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil he just received from me last week. Went to the same exact site he's been swinging the GPX-6000 with stock coil since last year. Over 4 grams of nice Montana gold. The most popular seller is the 10" Ellip because it gets in tightest of areas. 2nd most popular is 9" round as it gets better depth on larger gold than the 10" Ellip but is still smaller than 11" round. It also hits harder on smaller gold than 11" round. The 14x9" is for those who want better ground coverage in semi open areas than the stock coil. It will also be great for use in areas with grass as the extra weight will help keep the coil to the soil. Both the 10" Ellip and the 14" Ellip are ideal for getting the coil tips in cracks, crevices into pushes and between rocks. Faster pinpointing with the toe of these 2 coils as well. Yes my 2nd order of coils arrived and at this time I still have all 3 versions in stock.
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