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  1. Rick, When you say Max Settings, do you mean SENS is set at 10 (locked), or is it...what I call 10+2, some people say that's 12? I've been out here the last couple days using 10+1 = 11, with Threshold ON, Normal Ground Timing, 11" Mono.
  2. Hopefully this link works. Was said found using a dredge and he spotted it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4810499562315206&id=100000656292999
  3. Yes it's coming down cat's and dogs now. Next few days are pretty much worthless. Nice to see you pulled out a few more. Well earned.
  4. Well I was not expecting to get overwhelmed with so many great ideas and pieces of advice. It certainly seems we have a trend that more and more folks are trying to live off the grip for short periods of time and then realize the many of the vehicles we have are not suited for such adventures (including my F-150). There is a wealth of information and tricks/tips provided from you who have actually been out there doing it and figuring a way to make it work. I appreciate all the feedback and ingenuity. Some of the things mentioned will take a little time to get done, so this trip I'll be using gator clips, but most certainly will get some of these ideas tried out in the future. I'll also share this post with the others in the class who are new and not familiar with this fine forum of friends. Yes we may get ferocious and snappy at each other on occasion (most of us at one time or another), but the bottom line is. We all enjoy learning/sharing of nugget detecting adventures and what it takes to have Success. Who knows, I might even have Batteries Plus show with their technicians and give a 1/2 day class on best ways to get the most of simple power for all our toys and needs. Now that would be the ticket out there at Rye Patch in the summer. I'll have a ice cream machine, a Slurpee/slushy multi flavor machine, an ice maker, of course expresso, and can't forget the blender to cocktails at the evening social around the campfire. Boys and our toys... Thanks again for all the wisdom, ideas, and thought out processes. By no means am I saying stop posting of ideas and ways you have made it happen. Heck no, bring on more and keep them coming.
  5. My daily driver truck the F-150 won't even charge a cell phone when turned off. That's my issue and probably many others who drive 1/2 ton trucks, cars, SUV's and smaller vans with a 12 volt battery. Yes a big diesel truck 3/4 and 1 ton can, but that is not the majority. Hopefully someone has ran into this and learned the step/items needed. If using the gator clips direct onto the terminals, I ask who may know, how long does it take on a fully exhausted battery for a days use? I'm trying to learn from those who have experienced the situation. Then I can provide the advice to my new students who will be with me very soon. I checked pocket and all there was, just mouse turds.🀣
  6. Newbie here. So I'm getting ready to train my customers at Rye Patch, NV and many will have their new GPX-6000's. Here is my question for those of you who have learned. Yes I've seen the video with the gator clips to a 12V vehicle battery, but what they don't say is for how long does it typically take? Will it run a battery down in the winter cold of NV? We'll be out there off the grid for 3 day and some of us much longer. I'd like to get those have already figured out the timing and or a new way of charging the battery. Funny thing is my 1 Ton diesel can charge my GPZ-7000 and my Equinox 800 with no issues and even when the truck is turned off. I just plug into the outlets provided inside the truck dash. My 1/2 ton gas truck only charges when the truck is running and as soon as I turn it off, all chargers go off as well. Your help is needed so I can try and prepare my customers. This salty dog is still learning new tricks on the GPX-6000... with your help that is. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hopefully you get one with no issues this go around. I'll admit, my 1st impression in 20 minutes was not good, but after a few more hours and then a couple more trips, we seemed to started talking and things started clicking. You coming from a traditional PI (GPX-5000), I think you'll hear the EMI some folks complain about. Just realize doing a Noise Cancel much more often is all it takes and things will be good. Even though we may not agree on everything and we both sometimes type things before we think them out (yes I'm just as guilty), I do want you out there finding more gold with it. There are some fabulous advantages and if you give it time, you'll learn them. Good Luck.
  8. Man those are some faces I have not seen in a long while. Yes I'll tip my hat to those nugget hunters all day long. I've been fortunate to hunt with a few and couple others not mentioned on the list. Full of knowledge those great guys are and you are lucky to cross their paths. Well done Jennifer.
  9. I know guys who were prospecting in their 80's and now in diapers. What's worse, I know my day will come. I've a plan though. I'm gonna swallow a nugget or two, so I have something to swing my detector over and then pan. Me gots to keep thinking positive. To be honest though. Some of the best nugget hunters I know are older prospectors who have stood the test of time. And in my eyes, they have earned their success. Hats off to old prospectors. What does this have to do with detector issues. Most seem to try harder at getting issues figured out. Most of my calls for help/issues are the younger gen. Most of my complaints of "lack of success" is certainly the younger gen. Just saying.
  10. I actually did laugh. What's even more funny, most of us did come from VLF's as you probably know. Now here is something many don't realize. Of all the bigger gold (2+ oz'ers) I've recovered, most were with VLF's. In fact, I'd say over 50% of bigger gold in the US in the last 20 yrs has been recovered with VLF's. Curious minds wonder?πŸ€”
  11. Well said by many of your desires and or reasons. I enjoyed the thoughts and words of Skookum and can tell he's experienced some parts of life a few of us have not. I also realize, as he, that Gold Fever is a real thing. I've personally seen friends and customers lose their jobs, their wife and even know of a couple instances their lives over gold. I actually do feel it can be very addictive to some (just like gambling, tobacco, alcohol and porn) and so I try my best to not get tied up into just chasing gold. We all have our weaknesses and addictions, just some of us are willing to speak about it while others hide for the time being. My wife will tell you, for me Metal Detecting in general is my addition. At least I have been able to keep my job, my wife and my life. Yes, MD'ing has so many benefits and a few pitfalls. But I still fell it's one of the best hobbies out there. For the few folks who hunt gold with a detector for a living. Man you have to really know patience and then some. I'm not wired quite that tight and or focused. I do with you luck though.
  12. Fantastic post Jennifer. I actually enjoy helping lady gold diggers to become Successful detectorists. One of these days I'll post some of pics of these fine ladies and their accomplishments. Idaho Peg who is on here often is the 1st to come to mind. She's in a class of her own when it comes to the ladies and can easily perform with most guys on gold and what it takes to find it. What I want others to catch about this video is a couple things. 1st the amount of trash to gold ratio. Most newer MD'er users don't realize how much trash they'll be cleaning up while in pursuit of a nugget. Be sure to carry it out and not toss it back down. It amazes me the amount of people, even to this day who dig a piece of rubbish and then toss it aside. Yes I did the same thing many years ago, but have since realized my mistakes as time changes and now do the right thing. 2nd is at the 12 minute mark. I just mentioned this on another thread "When is a patch no longer worth detecting", I mentioned exactly what this lady digger experienced. She could get a signal sweeping in 1 direction with her detector, but not the other. It turns out that was the nugget. I'm not saying it at been passed over by others, but when in active nugget areas you need to think outside the box and do what the average person may not be doing.
  13. Great post Rob. I'd like to add a little to this, if you don't mind. Since Minelab USA has been short staffed for quite some time (many companies are) I also suggest you follow up the phone call with an email to them at service@minelabamericas.com When emailing Minelab and or calling them with any detector issue be sure to have the model of unit, serial # of the detector and date purchased as that info is required to get things going. Note- It's most wise to assemble and test your detector (and coils) as soon as you get them. Also make sure the chargers and headphones are taking charge. Please don't try to operate the detector in the house or back yard. You need to take the time to get away from all the EMI we are walking around. I have always recommended those who purchase a detector from me Gerry's Detectors and have issues, I prefer you reach out to me 1st. That way, we can try to trouble shoot before reaching out to Minelab. Sometimes it's something simple a newer customer is not aware of. On occasion and it has happened more than once, I might be able to help. If one of my customers is on a trip and their detector craps out, I have been known to get a loaner to them. Sometimes it's the same model and then too it could be something even better. Well known dealers such as Rob and I are supposed to keep a variety of detectors on hand. Not saying we will be able to provide one every time, but if you never call us, we'll never know. Back in the day when Minelab USA was more interactive with all the dealers, we used to have a yearly Conference. Part of the event was to recognize those select dealers who went above and beyond for different areas of this industry. We were presented awards for our hard work, knowledge, sales growth, customer service and such. I can assure you, Rob and I were and still are always at the top for Customer Service for our customers and many others. Being that we both have stood the test of time in this industry and been with Minelab for over 20 yrs., you know we truly do care for most everyone who is swinging a Minelab detector. Part of what separates us both from many of the others, is we are small focused detector dealers who enjoy being in the field and sharing our experiences and knowledge. When you call our offices you don't get a secretary or middle man, you will be speaking with us, the owners of the business. Yes it might be a day late on occasions (as we are out there learning new detectors and or educating our customers), but we will get back to you. Wishing everyone a great experience with your detectors, no matter what brand and or model. It's all about fun, finds and making memories with friends.
  14. Really!!!!!!! Is this from the same guy who was down talking the GPX-6000 on DP before it came out? Of course so. You want to talk about promises made? Buddy, you need to get back in your lane before Karma strikes again. I love you.πŸ₯°πŸ˜
  15. In my almost 50 yrs of MD'ing across six different countries I find myself going back to the GOLD more often than not. Yes I've dug more than my share of Roman coins and even a few scare items dating BC when I swing the history rich fields of England's past. Yes I've pulled a few stunner diamond bling rings in the scoop from the salty seas across the warm water coasts of this world. Yes, I've been the 1st to touch a rare Civil War relic that was lost during battle of our freedoms in the rich soils of our original 13 colonies. On occasion my hand has been the 1st to reach down and pull a treasure from outer space that was sitting on the desert floor just waiting for someone to see/know what it is (meteorite). And yes to this day, I enjoy cutting a deep plug and popping out a silver dollar or even a Merc dime, for that matter from a 100 yr old house. But the reality is I seem to go back to the gold for most of my hunts. Why does it pull me/you more than the other kind of treasure metal detecting? For some, it could be about the money and value of gold? At times I probably think and direct my next hunt to that as well, but yet I've sold very little. I know my wife would rather see me spend more time chasing gold, as she keeps saying to find enough to retire. Is it really about the money though? Maybe it's the solitude of being out in the middle of nowhere and not having to listen to the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life? Being the only person on the side of a mountain and all you hear is sounds of nature around you? How about being in the isolate desert, the 1st (only person) to wake up, make your cup of Joe and watch the sun rise as you figure your direction and plan of attack to find a few Au dinks? I do enjoy my annual hunts with friends and the camaraderie we share. It's so exciting (for me anyway) when someone finds their 1st of something (gold wedding band, 1800's Indian Head Cent, 1st silver coin or even gold nugget. I was there and in a way helped them accomplish their goal. I try to capture the moment and enthusiasm as it's their first and may never happen again. As a pretty skilled detectorist (but always willing to listen/learn more) I do enjoy the challenge of Nugget Hunting as I feel it's one of the hardest styles of MD'ing to accomplish and succeed at. Maybe in a weird way we enjoy the defeat of not finding and or the hardships Prospecting seems to bring? I know for a fact I've had more talks with the man above when on such "trying to find gold" trips. For me, I think it's a combination of all above and probably other reason I've yet to bring up, but at different %'s. I really don't think there is a right or wrong answer on this and why we chase gold over other treasures. What's your excuse and some reasons as I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts?
  16. As a dealer who sells them and tries to keep up with my customers, I've had a few with issues and would say it is more than the norm. No excuse at all but I would guess they are having the same issues we are here in the US for keeping people at work. Just imagine the demand for a new product and at the same time so many people don't want to work don't want to be about anyone and then the Covid protocol kicks in and if someone tests positive, every person around them is sent home. The reality is there are issues with many companies and products right now. I would expect this to go on for another 6 months. My issues with the GPX-6000. 1) It finds gold so easy, I have to bend over more than I did with the other PI's and that's not good on my bad back I got from swinging a GPZ-7000 for so long. 2) It finds smaller nuggets so easy, I have to actually wear my glasses and filter the dirt. Now I have to carry glasses. 3) It's so much lighter in weight and better ergonomics, I find myself detecting longer hours and finding more pieces of gold. You would think this is great, until you realize you didn't get time to relax and have a beer or shot of whiskey with your comrades. 4) I'm finding smaller nuggets with this PI than any other before and sometimes I easily lose them before I get back to the truck. It pisses me off when I admit (easy come - easy go). 5) I find the external speaker works so well and is so loud I just assume the target is near the surface and then find out it's actually deeper. 6) The detector is so compact, it gets lost in my camper. Heck I even lost it in my truck one time and actually drove back home thinking I forgot to pack it. I'm wasting precious time trying to find it. In days past, the GPZ-7000 would take up the whole passenger seat or half the bed in my trailer. No more with the 6000, but I might put one of those beepers on it and keep the fob with me. I lost full size F-350 long bed 4 dr super duty truck one time in a parking lot. That beeping fob saved my ass. 7) The simplicity of the GPX-6000 is boring my brain. Who the hell sells a $6000 detector and all you pretty much have to do it hit the power button and a couple others. How can my brain grasp something I have no control? 😎 Not wearing a big bulky harness anymore is not what I expected. Now I have nowhere to pack my pick and I have no bungee to get in a fight with each time I bend over. 9) The cost of coils and battery is not inline with a $6000 detector. A GPX-5000 battery is $441 and this is only $165. A GPZ-7000 coil is $1000+ and this is less than $400. How is a dealer supposed to make a living selling accessories. 10) The amount of gold nuggets my customers are finding is the best Success of any high end gold machine in many years. Now I am getting accused of planting gold and taking pictures of the same gold over and over. I'm a Karma guy, just saying. Minelab, You ever pull this shit again and I'm done buying detectors. You could go out of business, me too.
  17. jrbeatty - Thanks for allowing us to peak into your and Reg's history book. I can only imagine (no I can't) the amount of knowledge of detectors in the minds of those 6 in the pic. Heck, think of this. What would the treasure pile look like if you took all 6 of you and the finds you've all made through your careers. Heck I get excited and thrilled just being around accomplished TH'ers. Getting to hear stories and read your posts with pics is very rewarding. The ball is most interesting as well and another treasure of its own kind. Thanks again. Steve - Hey now...lets keep it on the low for a few more years, I'm not retired yet and still trying to mine the miners. πŸ€‘
  18. Sevastras - At least you have the top 3 performing detectors for their tasks. Xcal is known worldwide for providing ring bling to beach hunters and divers. Equinox 800 is on a league of it's own right now as a true world class multi use detector. The GPX-6000 is will be the talk of the town for quite some time. Your desire to get away on occasion and just to find anything, will eventually come around to success. I realize your 1st hunt in Hawaii did not produce what we all dream of, but to be fair, either did my 1st few trips. Learning the ropes and always trying to get better will reward you. Thanks for allowing me to be your dealer of choice. Oneguy - The worst part about "that patch", is if you drop it...you may not find it again. If you put it in your mouth to get the dirt off, you might actually not knowingly spit it out....or swallow it. No worries, I always carry a gold pan, just in case. Joe D. - Most of us have those other things in common. But at least we have the tools/toys/detectors to use if an opening of time arrives. How far can you get in a day is the other issue. Thanks for comments.
  19. Nice question Dan and the others have given great input. My experience (on average) is a Patch is never totally hunted out. There are so many variables and even ones you and I have no control over. New detector technology - Usually will get you a few more nuggets (as the GPX-6000 is doing right now). Same detector with a different timing (GPX-5000 and or even GPZ-7000) can wake up a few signals to dig. Same detector different size coil will add a few nuggets to your pouch. Same detector, different timing, different size coil (GPX-5000 & GPZ-7000) Same detector, different direction of Sweep. It amazes me that on occasion I can get a better signal response to a nugget and as I circle and swing at same time, the other direction does not produce the same response? Example, flat nugget on edge in a crack. Same detector different time of the year, which will have less or more moisture in the ground (VLF's have this issue and even the PI's and ZED on occasion). Same detector a year later could produce a couple nuggets. Our soils in the NW states freeze and that many times each year and that causes targets to move up and or down. Same detector, same area but you move some overburden. Many places in NV, they scrape with heavy equipment and then they swing again and could find more gold. Same detector but hunt at night. It's been proven with quite a few detectors, the ground temperature is not as hot and so some sites, you get better depth and a smoother operating detector. Your skill level, coil control, ear will get better and that MOST CERTAINLY can produce more gold on the patch. I could keep going on, but these are a few. FOR ME. I have yet to totally write off any patch that I have found gold. But there are times I might hunt a site and when my mind says it's time to go somewhere else, I listen and do it. When around your patch, definitely hunt the fringes. You can always go back to the old worked out patch if they don't produce. I've been detecting patches at Rye Patch for over 25 years and I'm still finding a few nuggets. See you at the patch.
  20. I've yet to find any, but I do enjoy talking about it. Heck sometimes I try to tell folks I found a few ounces or a big one and they just laugh and think I planted. I don't know, maybe I just dream about digging gold and have actually never done it. I show enough for folks who are interested in a detector to realize not all dealers who sell are the same. A select few of us (Rob, Bill, I ) are pretty active gold nugget detecting dealers. Doc and Chris, probably a few others have earned their stripes as well but have limited time these days. I'll be honest and my opinion. I feel most customers DO NOT do themselves justice when purchasing a gold detector. They search the internet trying to figure out the best gold detector and then go to big mail order sites to order it. I get calls and emails constantly from folks who are having issues with their detector or think it's not operating properly while they are in their backyard. I ask, why you did not purchase from a dealer who actually uses the product and or why you calling me? I hear every excuse in the book. Yea, I actually did find a big gold nugget once.
  21. I've done that exact same thing and sometimes it so stupid, as I know for a fact not a sole is around me within miles. Then afterwards I just giggle to myself. Yes the stories I was told and some of the pics I was allowed to see into Pieter's life were just amazing. Glad to see you, Mr. Beatty still enjoying the hunt and love your wealth of knowledge. If you ever get around to it (maybe you already did), I'd love to see the 27.7 whopper you pulled with the GPZ-7000. Just curious, was it at depth beyond the other big Minelabs of past?
  22. I guess Google thinks me using the term "Gold Diggers" often when I'm trying to sell my product, is of a different era. Heck, I haven't been on a 2 legged gold digger site in at least a week, ok maybe a few days ago.🀣 How often do they track me? Why do they not show pop ups of trucks and hot girls in trucks? Yes ads are what pays the bills, I understand. I think I'll click (c-l-i-c-k) on a few today to help pay some of Steve's bills. What's funny (I can laugh at myself, so you can laugh at me as well - good to laugh on occasion) is of all people, it was Jennifer who noticed the error in my spelling. Why did Spell Check not catch it? Wonder what will pop up if I start googling "crack crevicing"🀫. Anyway, if this thread gets to crazy Steve and needs to be removed, I'm good with it. Everyone take a deep breath and put a little crack in your smile today😏 as it makes those around you wonder why your so happy. That's exactly what this world is missing right now, a bunch of cracking happy faces..
  23. Very good nugget. Your friend does not understand the value of "Quality". A 30" rainbow is like a 1/2 oz nugget to me, quite rare but doable.
  24. The Rookie GoldPanDan catches on quite quick. Yes this particular gold piece is what's known as a REVERSE SIGNAL, which is not the norm. Well done Prospector Dan, well done. Rookie no more.
  25. Glenn in CO - What I so much envy about you and even more than the amazing gold you recover, is that you get to do it with your favorite detecting partner by your side (your wife). You belong to a very elite club there my friend and please hug her, praise her and really let her know how lucky you two are. Now on to that beautiful gold, your abilities of proper cleaning has reached a new level and as a guy who has found my share, I'm envious of your attention to detail. Yes the pursuit/hunt and the surroundings of it are usually the most overlooked by many... but yet is the biggest reason we're out there. The gold is usually secondary. Now you keep doing what your doing and letting us see a little on occasion, golden dreams. Thanks for providing input and drool material. Redz - Yes I know such folks and a select few are customers of mine. On a really rare occasion when I get to see one of them, I might be shown a peak on their cell phone of some rare and raw Au. Sometimes mammoth in size, other times museum quality pieces or just volume of ounces. These few folks don't need peeps chasing them around the hills and or trying to find where they make their living. That's part of who some folks trust me, I've learned when to stay mum. It's a dog eat dog world out there when gold is around and you better know your true friends. Well said. Norvic - I like your words and especially we spoilt. Yes Sir most of us are. Could you imagine what a genuine 49's prospector with his life supplies strapped to the back of his mule, would think of us today and all our high tech gizmos and gadgets. We're spoilt alright and sometimes that's why we live to get out into the unknown. It's nice to just shut it all off on occasion and just listen, walk and see. On a side note, it sure it nice to swing into the coffee drive thru and not even have to get out of the truck.
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