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  1. As I have mentioned in times past, I enjoy chasing different types of gold and have learned that in many instances the power of a PI is not the tool of choice. Now with this new GPX-6000 coming out and Minelabs claim to better sensitivity and depth to small gold, I'm hoping it opens up some more gold for my old hunt sites. Yes the SDC-2300 and GPZ-7000 could do better than my GPX-5000, TDI, and ATX, but none of them have the Sensitivity as my GM-1000 and EQ-800. I've got a good feeling about this new 6000. Oh would you crush it or keep it?
  2. As a multi line detector dealer for 25 yrs, I can tell you this. When I first started selling, I'd order all kinds of parts, knobs, coils, shafts, battery holders, and anything I think I could sell. After some time the little things in boxes would get buried and I found myself ordering more. I did whatever I could to keep the customers coming back to me and not going online. Then about 13 yrs ago I moved and in the process of moving, I realized I had thousands of dollars of old stock inventory, since many of the detectors had changed. I also watched as more and more folks walked away from us small shop dealers and started purchasing from Mail Order and online. Now, I spend most time and effort stocking the most popular detectors and a select few accessories and coils. As mentioned by others, the detectors come to dealers all packaged the same way. Many times, the coils have their own serial #'s and are sold with a detector control box that has its own serial #, but both are written on the warranty card or box. Now I just offer it as I get it and not waste time trying to help each individual as so many people have an idea what they want different than the way it comes factory shipped. Some dealers like to promote and sell detector accessories and others prefer to sell detectors. At my stage of business and what I see with Amazon and such, it's most wise for me, to sell detectors and a select few accessories. On a rare occasion, I get an email for a certain part or item and it's just easier for them to purchase it from Amazon. I used to fight Mail Order Internet Sales, Amazons and such, but I realized I'm fighting a losing battle. Those of you who know me, realize I already offer more knowledge and education than most dealers, so I have strong points in that aspect of the business, but my weak points are small parts, accessories and stuff I don't move as often. If it's a company that is always changing their products, then I need to make sure I don't get caught any more with old stock. It's hard enough trying to keep all the advertising and website updated with price changes, let along new products and or promotion changes. Each of those takes time to update and then I am taking time away from my customers or myself actually being able to detect. Profit margins on detectors are no longer what they used to be 25 yrs ago when I first started selling. Back then, some were 45 to near 50%. Now, it seems most manufactures offer 29 to 33%, with some of the models all the way down to 20%. Who can make a living selling detectors at 20%, when accepting a Visa/MC is 3% and then pay for free shipping. Don't even try to sell the same detector on eBay, as they get 10% and PayPal charges 3% more, plus I still pay for shipping. Some higher end detector sales, the state sales tax is more money than the profit I actually make after the sale? When I first started selling detectors, most of the manufactures told us, the product would never be sold in a store, that the manufactures wanted us to help the customers making the right decision and helping with their new detectors. I did this for many years. Then a few manufactures started selling to stores at the same price or sometimes even less and leave me scratching my head? Now, some of the manufactures don't even care about the dealers anymore and just use us as a tool. They sell direct to Sporting Goods Stores, and don't blink an eye about the customers service to those customers that did purchase from Cabela's, Dicks, Bass Pro and the likes. We all know the people working in those stores don't know detectors that well. I think it's just a matter of time and most of us dealers will wither away as some of the manufactures are already pushing for that exact purpose. Oh well, I guess this old timer can say I road that wave for 25 yrs and had a blast while doing it. I've been able to live a life of a modern day treasure hunter, have been able to meet and train thousands of customers and watch with pride as many of them have become proficient detectorists and make some great friends/memories along the way.
  3. As a White's Dealer and many other brands, I assure you our cost is way more than $55 for a TRX. Heck, even if I purchased direct from White's and tried to order 100 units, my cost is still almost 2X of the $55. Don't walk away, just run and never look back. The GPX-4500's are most certainly scams as well. I'm one of Minelabs bigger gold detector dealers and I have not been able to get a GPX-4500 in many months. The 4500's and 5000's were the majority of Minelabs counterfeits and some of the Africans who live in the US purchased many at a time, to find out they were fakes. Now they are trying to make it look like they are dealers and selling the fakes off to recoup their losses. Heck, even Coiltek and Commander Coils were counterfeited. Yes the GB-2 and the GMT were as well. Do you really want to take a chance on something being counterfeited just to save some money. Heck, I have a hard enough time with a legitimate detector I just got in and hoping it runs as smooth and fine of a sound as my old reliable. One of my customers recently purchased a new GPZ-7000 on eBay that was coming from another country. It sold for $5000 and after 8 weeks, it never showed up. Now he is trying to get his $5K back. I told him it was a fake to begin with as my dealer price is more than that. Guess he likes to stress just trying to save $1800. I offered him one for $6800 with his Military discount and he gambled. I'm told he'll purchase from me once he gets his money back, whenever that will happen.
  4. Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge with us. Looking forward to trying some this summer.
  5. Very nice 1/3 oz'er with the Zed. The other one is even a bonus. Just imagine how many little short washes get misses as the majority of us, stay in the bigger ones. I myself prefer the benches vs the washes. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I'm yearning to know that answer as well (depth), but I did not have a staff member there with me using his own EQ-800 and a 6" coil. I was mainly hunting a very trashy site (old burn dump) and had my SENS turned down to 15 because depth was not my concern. I wanted good target separation, which I did get. I didn't get any falsing such as when a coil has a broken winding, but I was not prospecting and banging the coil like I d when Prospecting. We still have snow in the hills around us, so the gold testing will have to wait. Sorry I was not able to answer your questions and that will take time this summer when I am in the gold fields with staff and we are deliberately comparing and testing.
  7. The video was very informative and I think you are correct, it's probably bone. Not sure if a piece of carved ivory that has been dug up in dirt can still not show veining but at least I know what non dug bone looks like. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Not yet in stock, but I'll be getting some next week. I've been a Minelab dealer for 20+ yrs and also using/selling CoilTek coils for just as long. They promised to send me a test coil, but since it's still pretty much winter, I have not been able to chase any gold nuggets with it. So the best opportunity now is try my luck at some local sites I know of for relics. I have a list started for the coils and if you want on it, shoot me an email from www.gerrysdetectors.com
  9. I normally don't post on this site much ( I post on the gold forum) as I'm usually chasing gold nuggets with my EQ-800. Anyway the snow melted last week and the temps hit 50's so I took the new CoilTek NOX 10" Ellip coil for a spin at a site I've hunted for many years. Saved a few military items and also spotted some eye candy. I think it's ivory, but not sure. Also has a name engraved on it. What's the best way to tell if it's ivory? The 10" NOX is very sensitive to small targets as I dug many primers. I really light the weight balance and extra ground coverage in semi trashy sites vs my 6" round. I'm most certain this will be a great coil. Also, what is the item about the size of a nickel and it has a star in the glass?
  10. From your experience is there a better auction site you like and or used with no issues. Also just as important, was there any you though was a waist of time/effort. This will be the 1st time we have sold through such assistance, but was told on high end gold art, this usually brings the top dollar?
  11. He's has quite a few $10K offers a couple in $15K range and one bumped it up to $20K. I still feel his best bet is to wait until Covid is over and have it at a couple bigger shows to get some publicity. Then head for the Auction with a Minimum of $25K.
  12. If I found one like that, I'd not call it a Sun Baker, but would call it a unique "Block Buster Find" as you have the rock it's still stuck in, as is. Please leave it like it is, as this adds character, mystery and potential value to a collector. Thanks for taking the time to catch it as discovered with your pics and being able to leave it as is. Sometimes a find is best left the way you 1st realized it. Thanks for sharing an extra ordinary find.
  13. So when the excitement was over and we finally put it on the scale, it had us a little frustrated. As such a bizarre and exquisite gold specimen, our lack of discovering this mythical style we had no experience before. Now we learn, as well as a bill and coin of the actual weights. How many times have you dug a nice piece of gold to only drop on the scale and be baffled. Yes we were, but still a prize among gold collectors. Watch the video and get a little lesson on gold and $100 bill.
  14. To add to my post above so someone doesn't decide to fire me. Those little contests do generate replies and buzz. But Minelab is missing their age group that is purchasing the GPX-6000. How many teens/20's/30ish year old folks are dropping $6000 on a detector. Yes those are the majority of folks playing the contest games. They need to understand price of a detector has a lot to do with an individuals income, which usually correlates to age. I'm on Facebook and the majority of folks who actually purchase a detector from me on their is spending less than $500. Sure I get a good % of them that I can get to step up to an Equinox, but that is still less than $1000. As I stated, thank god Minelab has fantastic engineering and detectors.
  15. Heck, As a dealer and one who is taking Pre Orders, I am almost embarrassed to post all the new info coming up (with their short 30 second clips) of hardly nothing. This is the most embarrassed I have ever been in my 20+ yrs of selling a Minelab detector with their approach. Thank god they have fabulous technology in their detectors. Hopefully they hire a marketing person to get it right next time.
  16. Ron, Welcome to DP. I have owned and used (with Success) all the VLF units you mentioned. I won't go into detail as I feel your narrowed down list to EIGHT different VLF detectors is not very narrowed down and it would take me forever to type it all up. So I'll say this. I have 9 Field Staff Experts in the NW States and we have found gold with all the units you mentioned. BUT!!! We only own a couple of those machines now and they can get anything from me at a discount (good reason to be on my team). These guys are top notch gold hunters and they earned their way onto the team. All 10 of us use, own and find gold with an EQ-800. All 10 of us used to own GB-2's and GM-1000's, but none of us do now. Most of us used MXT's and X-705's back in the day, but don't own them any more. Only a few of us owned the Makro Gold Racer and 24K, both good for the price. Here is your problem. None of them are PI detectors and or can they minimize the bad soils like a PI. We do feel the EQ-800 serves best for Identification in trash, Fine Tune Adjustment Capability and overall depth on a variety of gold types and sizes. We also realize a VLF has it's strong and weak points. How about the big dog PI's and ZVT of the 7000-it's not a PI. 9 of us own a GPZ-7000, but some of us also own SDC-2300's and GPX-5000's, as they each shine in their own ways in certain situations. I sure wish there was a simple answer to your questions, but in reality, those who detect for gold in so many areas and types of soils, terrains and trash sites really do need a variety of detectors. If I could only have 1 VLF it would be the EQ-800. If I could only have 1 big detector, it would be a GPZ-7000 today and probably a GPX-6000 in a couple months, as I really want the new lighter weight and better ergonomics. As for Iron Discrimination on a GPX-5000, most of the guys who try it don't know what their doing so they quit. But I assure you, if the time is taken, the DISC on a GPX-5000 and a DD coil is a lifesaver. Heck, most of the Civil War Relic hunters Back East are now learning to use a GPX with Disc. Can you miss gold in DISC mode, most certainly just as easy as you can miss gold with a PI that a VLF sees and you can miss gold a VLF won't respond, but if you crushed the ore, there could be gold in it. You need to play the odds in your favor and have the best tool for the site you plan on detecting. If you are in known gold producing area, the next best thing is knowing how to operate the detector properly and know what to listen for. When you get ready to purchase, call me at www.gerrysdetectors.com and we'll discuss more details, as I am slow at typing. Or you can keep a smile on my face and purchase 1 of each.
  17. All my customer who purchase the NOX 800 from me get a bunch of knowledge and settings. Did I forget to email you all the info? If so, email me direct from my website. www.gerrysdetectors.com
  18. Rob, I can easily see from your post and only finding 2 nuggets in 4 years at a known gold producing site, you need some hands on Field Training from an Expert who knows the SDC-2300. Education and Quality Field Training is not cheap, but well worth it as you'll have it for the rest of your detecting career. Here is what most people do and a big mistake. They purchase a higher dollar detector thinking that is the solution to them being successful. No Sir, I don't feel so. Yes it will help, but 2 nuggets in 4 yrs with a top performing detector proves my point, you don't know what your doing with it. My 1st time to Gold Basin, I showed up on a bus with 30 other Minelab dealers. I did not even take a detector, then handed me one and after 4 hours, I had 4 nuggets. I'd never been there before. Guess how many nuggets were found by the 30 Minelab dealers? A total of 5 and I found 4 of the 5. Why is that someone can hand me a gold detector in an area I have never detected before and I find gold? I know gold detectors, I train on gold detectors, I sleep with gold detectors. Here's what's so funny about this story. I had 20+ yrs of detecting experience when I purchased my 1st gold detector. 3 detectors and 2 yrs later I still had not found any gold, but yet I was a 20 yrs detector veteran (who was dam good at coin/relic/jewelry hunting). I finally paid $100 for a half day seminar for a Nugget Detecting Expert. The following weekend I went out and found 14 nuggets in 13 hours of hunting. That's when I learned so many people who own gold detectors are actually missing and walking over more than what they are finding. If you are in a know gold producing area, it's there, but you need to learn how to find it. Your options are to keep trying trying, more trips, wear tear, flat tires, wasted gas and frustration for who knows how long??? Or pay an expert to plug in with you and your detector and teach you the ropes. Good luck in your pursuit and if you want to speed up your knowledge/success, I can provide one of my Field Staff who is in AZ, a day in the field with you. Again, it's not cheap, but sure is fun when you can find gold most days you go out and realizing gold is $1800 to $2000 an ounce. He's in AZ right now and if interested call me. www.gerrysdetectors.com
  19. Some areas the tailing do get pushed around and can be detected again. The same thing happens in NV and AZ in areas without tailing, as they are clearing away the layer of ground already detected and then hunting the new layer, then push..detect, then push detect. Yes I have found plenty of gold with an X-Terra 70 and the newer model 705 (be sure to use the 18.75 kHz coils). If I forgot my NOX-800 and someone said what is the next best detector for the same tailing piles. I'd use the Gold Monster 1000 (newer version), X-705, White's 24K, White's MXT, Garrett AT Gold, and lastly the Gold Bug-2. The Vanquish has no Prospecting Mode, No adjustable Ground Balance. Heck I might even use an Equinox 600 before I used a Vanquish. Not beating on the Vanquish, but I have other detectors I know can do the task. Can any detector find a big nugget? Most certainly and we have found them with Coin Machines just to prove a point and win a steak dinner. But, it would not be a detector I would sell or recommend to those that want to chase gold..
  20. I've known Minelab/Codan was a strong player in the metal detecting industry and I thought about purchasing some shares after I went to the last Worldwide Conference held in Italy. It was at $3.20 AUD and today it is at $15AUD. Guess I missed the boat again. Early on when I was selling Minelab detectors the shares were less than $1 AUD. Guess I should take some of my profits and roll it into their stock. I think with the GPX-6000 just coming out, there is still room to make a few bucks. Does anyone here on DP have any CDA stock and does it pay dividends? Thanks for sharing Steve.
  21. Heck I was all excited until I got to their page. Spent the better part of an hour to get through the 1st paragraph and still confused. Their spelling sucks...😆 Guess I'll stick with the finished product when it arrives. Interesting to see someone would take one apart already. Maybe I could trade some good Vodka for their unit?😉 Either way, it is nice to know some on here DP are worth listening to.
  22. Norvic, I posted a new thread, as I felt there was education for others who may have missed this. If it did not answer your question let me know.
  23. Very well said JP and I like that you mentioned "in my ground" as the soils across the world differ and many of the older detectors and technologies were better suited for 1 or the other. It now seems a select few newer detectors will be able to do a pretty good job in most areas, soils and conditions. Thanks for taking the time to chime in and give us more food for thought. - knowledge I'm so excited for the GPX-6000 because of this you said: "The 6000 would definitely be part of my arsenal of equipment just based on the material that has been officially released, but then double down on that because of what I know.💲🥰😇"
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