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  1. I thought I was pretty damn good, but this technology has me beat. https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/mining-gap-companies-push-find-raw-materials-electric-vehicle-boom-rcna5077 Might be time to invest?
  2. Thanks for the clarification and all is good.
  3. If I was wanting to pay for it, probably only 5 more times and those beauties would have it paid. Truth with me be told, I'm more of "all about the trip", adventure, the food/people, comradery. The gold is a bonus.
  4. Glad you two took the time to join my staff and I in the field. Yes you certainly had the basics down very well and your previous success showed. Getting to learn from each of us for multiple days is what allows the average persons brain to absorb more knowledge (repetition). The other stuff we share is icing on the cake and certainly an eye opener for most. Hope to get your way sometimes and try the Equinox on the trash piles. We just might find a larger one to do the mouth pic.
  5. I've been able to get a good solid 6 hours of On Time and sometimes a little longer. Yes I was also able to run a fully charged battery down to the warning beeps in 1 day. Sometimes I was using Headphones and sometimes external speaker. I know one day for certain I was at least 7 1/2 hrs so those saying 8 hr days is probably fair. Just make sure you have a spare and when compared to the price of a GPX-5000 battery $440, a GPZ battery $200, the $165 for the GPX-6000 is cheap in comparison.
  6. Mike, One of the benefits to owning the GPX-6000 is the 14" DD coil. Glad you were able to tap into some of the detectors capabilities and find a treasure. All those other targets just goes to show, the ground at that location under the lines has not been cleaned out. Keep it up.
  7. Great question Felix. As others have mentioned, there are no true best settings for NNv as each site is a little different and or different times of year at the same site could cause you to make adjustments. When I first arrived at Rye Patch on the last trip, the ground was mostly dry and I used 10 (locked) one day and 10+2 (full auto) the next day with very little noticeable difference. I could tell a SENS setting of 10 did produce a noisier detector with more waves in the Threshold. After that I ran the rest of the trip in 10+1 and 10+2 just to see if I could tell any difference and really couldn't. After the big rain it was almost impossible to run 10. The ground was so saturated it was really tough to get a smooth threshold, so I actually went down to 1 and 1 on the SENS. Yes there was a slight and I mean slight depth difference, but a good smooth detector. Towards the end of the trip and the surface of the ground started to dry, I eventually moved the SENS back up and ended the trip on 7 or 8 Locked. What really impressed me with the GPX-6000 and the SENS Settings, I could actually run a setting of 1 and still hear 90% of my 60+ nuggets. This machine is just amazing. Good Luck and thanks for attending our Field Training. I hope you two enjoyed your time and learned from my Staff.
  8. If it wasn't for that big rain storm, I'd probably hit a 100 nuggets. Ow well, next time.
  9. I don't care what you own, like or swing. I know who the King of detectors is at Rye Patch. Over 60 nuggets on my last trip there and part of the time was even after record 100 yr rains saturated the soils. The Minelab GPX-6000 owns Rye Patch for Success and no other detector made (including the GPZ-7000) can get these results. I just love the characteristics of NV gold.
  10. Brett, Thanks again for taking the time away from your family and work to join my Field Staff Experts and I (for the 2nd time). I recall you found gold the 1st trip with the Equinox 800 (my favorite VLF gold detector) and so when you showed up with the GPX-6000 I knew you would have an advantage over the others in the class. You certainly showed that with your attention to detail, hard work and coil to the soil resulting in more gold. Very nice gold indeed with some familiar characters to the NV gold in your finds. Well done my friend and now we just need to tune you in on the Beach Hunting. I'll probably make a post of my last trip there for 2021 in a few days.
  11. Yes it gets restocked with lead pellets, copper bb's, foil from the camp fires and usual crap lazy ass people leave. The thing is with Rye Patch and the burn barrel, most folks are not running the newest technology detectors and most folks don't take the time to show up for our 3 day classes. So it's unfortunate but true, most folks are there to help clean up the trash targets left by others so us detector educated guys who run the newer technology machines can come in and dig the gold.
  12. Well done Rob and thanks for sharing your find and allowing us to see an occasional nice nugget the GPX-6000 just quite didn't have the punch. Of course the biggest difference being an 11" round coil vs a 14" = 20%+ greater. Bottom line, you were able to add that nice (very nice) nugget to your collection while swinging a GPZ-7000. Well done and earned.
  13. I have lost a couple small targets temporarily and had to keep moving the removed soil to eventually find it. I've done it on iron and gold targets. As mentioned above, after sitting the detector down to dig some, you should use Quick Track next to signal target on faint signals to make sure GB is up-to-date. Also, when putting your detector on ground to dig, always make sure the coil is flat parallel with ground. If coil is pointing forward, there's no soil under it and this throws out the GB.
  14. Are you saying these are your keys or this same situation happened?
  15. Chuck L. from Boise, Idaho is at the Rye Patch NV detector training and just found this set of keys. Contact Gerry's Detectors Www.gerrysdetectors.com if they belong to you or you know who they belong.
  16. As I've grown older, I learn to appreciate the varying wildlife, interesting creatures and magestic scenery of the various landscapes I visit while chasing gold. Tarantulas are actually quite rare at Rye Patch and this little guy is only the 4th in 25 yrs. I consider an opportunity to see one more exciting than a gold nugget.
  17. Rye Patch is a scenic area (for its own reasons), this time of yr. If you can catch warm Temps in 60s, no wind, and sunny days, it doesn't get much better. Add the chance to cross paths with some DP members makes it even better. A few other things allowing an adventurous trip, a hairy legged tarantula, some more intricate nuggets and always a handful of lucky crystals. I have been blessed so far with all. Including chatting with members, Condor, Bill in CO, Chet and Tom from CA., and today hopefully a few others. Memories to add to my scrapbook.
  18. Sometimes the truth hurts. This wash is right next to burn barrel and been the main detected wash since I've been coming down in mid 90s. We've trained in it just about every session for 20 yrs. Last year we totaled about 3 nuggets from there with 7s. I pulled 9 with a 6000 in 4 hrs.
  19. Rick, When you say Max Settings, do you mean SENS is set at 10 (locked), or is it...what I call 10+2, some people say that's 12? I've been out here the last couple days using 10+1 = 11, with Threshold ON, Normal Ground Timing, 11" Mono.
  20. Hopefully this link works. Was said found using a dredge and he spotted it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4810499562315206&id=100000656292999
  21. Yes it's coming down cat's and dogs now. Next few days are pretty much worthless. Nice to see you pulled out a few more. Well earned.
  22. Well I was not expecting to get overwhelmed with so many great ideas and pieces of advice. It certainly seems we have a trend that more and more folks are trying to live off the grip for short periods of time and then realize the many of the vehicles we have are not suited for such adventures (including my F-150). There is a wealth of information and tricks/tips provided from you who have actually been out there doing it and figuring a way to make it work. I appreciate all the feedback and ingenuity. Some of the things mentioned will take a little time to get done, so this trip I'll be using gator clips, but most certainly will get some of these ideas tried out in the future. I'll also share this post with the others in the class who are new and not familiar with this fine forum of friends. Yes we may get ferocious and snappy at each other on occasion (most of us at one time or another), but the bottom line is. We all enjoy learning/sharing of nugget detecting adventures and what it takes to have Success. Who knows, I might even have Batteries Plus show with their technicians and give a 1/2 day class on best ways to get the most of simple power for all our toys and needs. Now that would be the ticket out there at Rye Patch in the summer. I'll have a ice cream machine, a Slurpee/slushy multi flavor machine, an ice maker, of course expresso, and can't forget the blender to cocktails at the evening social around the campfire. Boys and our toys... Thanks again for all the wisdom, ideas, and thought out processes. By no means am I saying stop posting of ideas and ways you have made it happen. Heck no, bring on more and keep them coming.
  23. My daily driver truck the F-150 won't even charge a cell phone when turned off. That's my issue and probably many others who drive 1/2 ton trucks, cars, SUV's and smaller vans with a 12 volt battery. Yes a big diesel truck 3/4 and 1 ton can, but that is not the majority. Hopefully someone has ran into this and learned the step/items needed. If using the gator clips direct onto the terminals, I ask who may know, how long does it take on a fully exhausted battery for a days use? I'm trying to learn from those who have experienced the situation. Then I can provide the advice to my new students who will be with me very soon. I checked pocket and all there was, just mouse turds.🤣
  24. Newbie here. So I'm getting ready to train my customers at Rye Patch, NV and many will have their new GPX-6000's. Here is my question for those of you who have learned. Yes I've seen the video with the gator clips to a 12V vehicle battery, but what they don't say is for how long does it typically take? Will it run a battery down in the winter cold of NV? We'll be out there off the grid for 3 day and some of us much longer. I'd like to get those have already figured out the timing and or a new way of charging the battery. Funny thing is my 1 Ton diesel can charge my GPZ-7000 and my Equinox 800 with no issues and even when the truck is turned off. I just plug into the outlets provided inside the truck dash. My 1/2 ton gas truck only charges when the truck is running and as soon as I turn it off, all chargers go off as well. Your help is needed so I can try and prepare my customers. This salty dog is still learning new tricks on the GPX-6000... with your help that is. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hopefully you get one with no issues this go around. I'll admit, my 1st impression in 20 minutes was not good, but after a few more hours and then a couple more trips, we seemed to started talking and things started clicking. You coming from a traditional PI (GPX-5000), I think you'll hear the EMI some folks complain about. Just realize doing a Noise Cancel much more often is all it takes and things will be good. Even though we may not agree on everything and we both sometimes type things before we think them out (yes I'm just as guilty), I do want you out there finding more gold with it. There are some fabulous advantages and if you give it time, you'll learn them. Good Luck.
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