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  1. Anyone a Pistol Expert? I just dug this banger of a find. Minelab Equinox 800 sniffed it at only 10". Please share with your gun buddies and we'll get it figured out. It is one of my cooler Idaho digs. Oh, and if you have been lucky enough to have found a pistol or gun, please share story and photos on here.
  2. Guys, I really do appreciate all the info and time researching. Your knowledge and willing to share helps educate all of us. Keep it up and Thank Again.
  3. Thanks for posting this Steve. Yes they do find gold in MT still and hopefully more photos to come.
  4. Vacation well deserved Steve. We look forward to hearing back from you when returned. Please leave a few bits and goodies for the rest of us who cant make it. Good Luck.
  5. I'll be taking Pre Orders on the new GM-24K this coming Monday, July 16th. I've been told I can not share any photos until then. But yes I can now say I have used it and like what I see so far. Realize I have not used it in all my areas, but have been able to recover two different types of gold at 2 different sites. Gerry's Metal Detectors at www.gerrysdetectors.com is best way to contact me on Monday. Hopefully I find a few more this weekend?
  6. Stunning find. Your dad will remember the trip and find for the rest of his life. So glad to see people out there with their family enjoying this hobby.
  7. Nice video. The lack of gold recoveries is made up with the extra scenery provided. Your pin pointing is fine and the scoop/detector are also top notch equimpent. I don't hunt those big shallow beaches much as the targets are across a vass area and pull tabs seems to be in the shallows. I myself prefer deeper waist to chest deep water. I find less signals but the chances of gold usually go up. Either way, keep at it and glad to see you packing your trash out. When you get some Waterproof headphones, then you can go deeper. Good Luck.
  8. On my FB a few weeks ago I posted a photo of a thin metal tin rectangular in shape that had Chinese writing on it. Yes I know it is an opium tin, but what does the symbols say? Found these 3 at an old mining site with Equinox. Thanks for your help.
  9. aufarmer, As soon as I get the word, I'll start taking orders. So far in the ground conditions I've run it's much smoother than other VLF gold detectors. White's engineering definitely designed a machine that will be loved by many. More depth, smoother operation, greater sensitivity, way easier operation (user friendly), better housing per weather conditions and offering it at a more competitive price (savings). Just so you know, I am recommending the 2 coil package for best savings.
  10. Chuck, I do offer 3 Day Field Training classes on gold detectors and purchasing the 24K from me would certainly get you a discount on the training. As for the video on the field use and operation of the 24K, that is up to White's. I did one for them years back on the GMT and then never heard back from them. Kind of chapped my arse a little, but maybe I left something out. At least the comments on that video a while back were "best GMT Instruction video out there". Also, I can only do a video so long to catch the main points. It is nothing like what is taught in our 3 day class. Plus my time is limited and my editing guy has newer rates, so cost is more. Who knows, maybe they will step up this time? You don't have to purchase a White's detector in person or from your nearest dealer any more. Luckily White's realized the loyal customer base dealers build up and it is best to keep that going. Here is the video I did on the White's GMT some years back.
  11. White's is in the process of certifying the dealers as we speak (in the US anyway) on the new 24K. Those who are 24K certified will be able to sell the unit before the rest of the dealers. It only makes sense anyway with the new detector, operation of it, the technology and also just being a gold machine. We are told we'll be getting them before the other dealers too, so knowing the detector, how it runs and getting 24K Certified has its perks. Yes it is a hot VLF and can find gold.
  12. Daggers Up. This cool recover is an Idaho find by Parley George. "Thought I would share my latest weird find. Stuck in ground perfectly vertical with hilt up (thank gracious). Equinox 800 picked up at a TID #21 one direction & #17 other direction. I dug down to approx 7 ½" & found the hilt. Carefully dug another 5" then pulled out of ground. A dagger, pointed end of blade is thicker than hand guard end". Anyone have info on it?
  13. Their Repair Facility is an overdue welcome in so many ways. Being a dealer who keeps up with my customers, I too am very pleased with the turn around time and it is on par with the other manufactures, sometimes even faster. Thanks for sharing a positive outcome.
  14. Well said Mitchel of the holes on both beaches and desert or even mountains. So many other people use these places and when they see holes and then a detectorist, we all get labeled. You noticed the low cut and it produced. great dig.
  15. Chuck, You are one of the few who has been doing it (detecting that is) since BFO's and still out there sweeping. Keep at it my friend and no worries on the stories. We all love and learn from them.
  16. My hats off to you Jim, as those are more rare than gold in my opinion. Your are 100% correct in mentioning to folks, the possibility is there, but the reality is hard work, research, knowledge of detector, plenty of swing time, even more removing of undesired trash targets and then if you are fortunate a little luck will shine. Your attention to detail on the photos is spot on too. The opportunity is out there if you want to work at it. Thanks again my friend and if you ever get down and west this way, let me know.
  17. This might have already been posted I figured it would be faster to ask. I have a potential client who is thinking of upgrading from a 5000 to a 7000. The concern is his knees and he thinks he'll have both knees replaced next Spring. I know a 5000 can be used with long shaft (I have customers with titanium knees), but the 7000 is a different beast. Anyone know for a fact if it is possible or should he stick with the 5000? It would be nice to hear from those who know from experience and have tried it.
  18. NCToad, Yes the NOX is a gold ring magnet. I have recovered 24 pieces of gold/platinum/palladium so far. Your 14.85 gram hog is the largest I have seen so far. Great story and thanks for sharing. Fred, Yes it is odd how some folks react or lack of when something is returned. I returned a high dollar diamond ring to the Principal of an Elementary School 10+ years ago and never even got a phone call, letter or any kind of Thanks You. What was odd is one of my friends who's child went to that school, reached out to me for help as she knew I was good with a detector. Here is a photo of that ring. In the end, we have to live with ourselves and I feel you did the right thing. Karma is great.
  19. Jim, Your story and recovery are amazing. Just goes to show that sometimes you need to remove some trash to find treasure. The best native silver I have seem recovered with a detector. I too enjoyed the Super 12" round coil later names 300MM. Thanks for adding to the post and sharing Success. Well done.
  20. No it is not a monster, but the young lady was quite happy to get it back. I always enjoy hugs and good Karma too. She is all smiles as I hand over her lost 14K yellow gold with diamond engagement ring. Equinox 600 did its job. Have you ever found a ring and returned it? Lets hear your story and see some photos if you have them.
  21. Auminesweep, I have dug gold with the MXT up to approx 14". It used to be my #1 machine in trash areas and tailing piles. Many stories to tell with that model of detector, but not the time to tell them. Maybe out in the field at Rye Patch some evening over a couple whisky shots, the stories might come out. Kiwi, I realized the White's site has been slow, so I thought a few pics and MXT info could get it fired back up. We (as detector users) never want to see a company go down hill as competition is what keeps advancements. Yes there are some other fine detectors I like too, example. The Gold Bug-2 has been a Gold Magnet in my arsenal for 20+ years. That little picker you share is the bread and butter of nugget hunting. Experience shows you know proper coil control to get those. Steve, We both have had some serious success with the MXT and yes you did plant the seed in my mind about Ganes. 1st few years the GB-2 was king there, then you realized the better DISC of the MXT and if you put in the time, all kinds of gold was coming home. Luv that young mug you have in the pic. Yes I (any many others) would enjoy seeing some photos and stories of White's Success. Hopefully other will share some of their detector discoveries.
  22. Looking back over some of my finds in years past and my favorite detectors, I keep coming back to the tried and true MXT. Well balanced, user friendly, great selection of coils, is good in England on lower conductor targets and also a champ at finding solid gold nuggets. So many of my friends have had great success with the MXT as there is not much to setting it up. It is almost a Turn on & Go detector literally and the older folks like it that way. I have years of fond memories of the MXT and even the newer versions of it. What are some of your favorite White's detectors and if you have photos of finds, please share with us. A few pics of MXT success I have enjoyed.
  23. I appreciate it guys. The items seem to all date about the same period. The C Parker Company had their hands into all kinds of early metals. I was intrigued to see some different letters on the base of that casing. I think my cartridges are the 56-56 caliber as they are less than 1" in length and not tapered. I found 3 of them, but all are a little smashed too. Thanks again guys.
  24. Help with IDing a few finds. While at one of my favorite sites in NV., using Equinox 800 I found a few oldies. 1868 US 2 Cent Copper is certainly a "Hats Off" moment. What's the Chinese symbols on the tin mean? Anyone know pewter silverware "think it's C Parker"? Last is a really big bullet casing. It's short & not like a longer rifle casing. Pretty wide so the bullet was at least 50 cal +? Letters F. V. V. & Co stamped on base. There is no primer. If you think of anyone who knows such items, please forward. Thanks for your help.
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