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  1. So many people call me and ask about getting into Nugget Detecting and then comment, “Hasn’t it all been found by now?”. I’m here to tell you what I found out last week on a short trip to Yuma to get some sun. The last minute, I decided to take a GPZ-7000, as it actually packs in airplane luggage easier than my 5000. Anyway, we did the usual stuff for the first 3 days and then got the call to meet up with Lunk and another of my customers the next morning at around 9AM. I was worried my rental car 2WD Ford Escape was of no use? But when we met up at the site, I realized my riding lawn mover would have done just fine. After all, we turned off real genuine pavement and drove less than a mile on gravel, seen some dry wash piles on the side of the road and decided it was good to hunt. OK… lets cut to the chase… How did we do in the 5 hours of detecting? All 3 of us found gold with our detectors. Are we all swinging the high end GPZ-7000 that most folks can’t afford.. you ask? Nope. Only me, as I did not realize smaller coils would have served me better for that site. My one buddy was using a more moderately priced detector, SDC-2300 and he recovered more than I. Lunk was swinging the best VLF gold machine under $1000 and he too found more than me. After all, coil size to match the terrain is pretty important as I found out. So whats the verdict on AZ and Yuma specifically? Plenty of gold out there folks and I was able to drive my riding lawn mower less than a mile off a paved road when we seen old Prospects so decided to try. Each of us using 3 different detector price ranges and even technologies (VLF, PI & ZVT) scored some Au. We all went home with gold…and a few great memories. I’m still awe struck that gold can be so easily found a half mile from a paved road, 15 minutes outside of Yuma? I guess those folks enjoy dry washing more than nugget hunting? I'm thinking next winter I know of an area to put on a Gold Detector Field Training class for my customers? At least I know it is really close to town and most anyone can get there. BTW… There is plenty of lead targets in that area too, so you’ll get your share of pinpointing practice. And on the way back to the hotel, you can pull off the side of the road and get another kind of nuggets, fresh AZ oranges.
  2. Sorry I have not been in the loop the last week, as I was down South. Thanks for the invite from my clients and friends. We had a fabulous time down there in Yuma and digging up the gold. No monster stories to tell, at least not about the gold nuggets, but I was able to dust off my GPZ-7000 and find my 1st piece of 2018. What a great way to kick start my year. Just a little one at .4 gram...but sometimes the hunt and the folks in the hunt are even better. I hope I get the invite again and looking forward to seeing all my clients and friends who winter down there or anywhere if you invite me. I might even do a little training for you too.
  3. Fantastic find Rob. Could not have happened to a better guy, as you have put your time in my friend and those who do, a small % of you will find than Whopper. Hats off to you joining the 1 Pound Club, it is a small club to begin with. Hopefully it is not the biggest you ever find, but I know that one will be a tough one to beat. GPZ is an amazing Minelab and I heard if we purchase one from you, you'll take us out there? Yes I would purchase one from you too...LOL
  4. Let me know when you are ready to pull the trigger GS4000, as I have many EQ-800's on order. Expecting them to start shipping next week too. Nice finds BTW.
  5. FTB, I read your post and totally understand. 1st of all, I ask all customers to live within their means and I never sell a detector to someone who thinks they can do this for a living or to quit their job. I've been very fortunate to get into the hobby because of my dad and my uncle back in the early 70's when I was 7 years old. I would pick up and try to swing (usually drag it) my dads detector each time he'd take a break. Then when I was about 10 I got my own and for two years I used a $59 All Metal Beeper and lived the life. Seeing the detectors you currently have and the kids, that extra play money is hard to come by. I have no issues with your post and actually enjoy seeing it from your point. Not all others will view it that way, but that is part of the fun of an open forum. I'd like to make a recommendation that the EQ-600 would be a better fit than the 800 for your location, as not much successful gold nugget hunting takes place in the Dakotas and the cost of the 600 is $200 less. The other option you have is the folks who jump on the bandwagon that are not detectorists. Some folks hear the hype and think...Heck I'll buy one of those and have fun...only to find out Success at metal detecting does not come easy. There will be a few used units out there after about 3 months and you should be able to save a little more money. Having a couple kids to detect with is the final goal and it really doesn't matter which models your family is using, as long as you all have fun. One of the bad things about getting a new detector is the time it takes to learn it. Many people never will spend the time to do it, so they never see the benefits. If you have a detector you currently like and are accomplished with, then stick to it and keep those kids outdoors and having fun. The reality is...this is a hobby and so if you are out there with the kids and having fun. It could just as easily be a $49 unit doing you fine. After all, in reality it is just dreams and adventure.. right.
  6. Thanks for sharing all your Sunbaker finds folks. It is amazing to see what is out there and just laying on the surface. Mitchel, Norvic, Chris, Davsgold all have serious finds. In my opinion the best of them all is GoldGetter from CA. Not only a SunBaker, but boy you better have great eyes to see such a monster. Thanks for sharing everyone and keep it up as some fantastic finds.
  7. It may not be for everyone and especially those who do just 1 thing and are really good at it with a certain detector. But what about all the other folks and those who do a variety of hunts? The last few years has allowed a few manufactures to build detectors with a vast range of uses. I predict this new technology will be the flagship for future models to come with is great for the end user. I’ve been a Minelab dealer for 20 years, but more importantly a multi use detectorist for 40+ years. Some people think I’m a Minelab guy because of all the YouTube videos and posts I make mentioning the brand Minelab. Simple fact to set everyone straight so you understand where I come from. Brand means nothing to an accomplished hunter. Success means everything. As a detectorist, who hunts with many friends and customers, I want to find treasure. I don’t care if I’m in the warm water of Mexico or Hawaii scooping for gold rings, I want the best salt water performing detector for the task. If I’m in the rolling fields of England digging Roman coins and artifacts I need the best discrimination and ID detector I can find. If I’m in the gold rich soils of Australia or NV where many others detect, I need the most powerful detector with depth than can handle mineralized grounds. Or I could even be here in my own 150 year old town of Boise trying to sniff out another 100+ year old silver coin in a nice manicured yard of a neighbor, I need extra depth and better target identification. After all, most sites I detect have been hunted by many. And yet I still seem to find more than most others? What separates me from most of you? Not only my Success, but the fact is I have almost every detector at my fingertips. Yes, being a multi line dealer allows me the opportunity to get them all. On top of that, I have handful of select Field Staff members who also enjoy the hunt and we like to compare different detectors, coils, settings and also share our findings and knowledge. So having the ability to do all the different styles of hunts we do with most of the top performing brands, allows us to see the truth and find the best detector for the hunt we’ll be doing. I’ve yet to find 1 detector that is best at everything. In fact, I am most certain said unit will never be made because there are too many variables, soil conditions, kinds of targets and many other aspects affecting the outcome. So legs go full circle and back to the beginning. Why am I more Successful than most? The detectors I use give me the extra advantage needed to keep finding treasures in worked out sites. Most of the ones I swing are proven winners and they are Minelab models that have been tested side by side with the best of the other brands. I’m not saying in a particular soil type on a certain target, at a given depth, there is not another detector than could beat a Minelab…because I have found such instances, hence why on a rare occasion I still go back to some other brands and models. But the majority of time, the newer and more advancing technologies of Minelab is the winner. Each of the detectors I have used for Minelab since they came to the USA has been better than the previous ones they have made. Not one time did the overall performance/features of a new model not do better than the older. Here’s your options. Keep swinging your old reliable and getting a scrap here/there or start the new year with the newest (the future) technology and never worry about looking back over your shoulder. For you, what’s it going to be? For me, past performance and proof has already served me well. I know without a doubt this new Multi IQ is here to stay for a long long time and I’ll be out there swinging it at all those sites making top finds as usual. After all, I’m a detectorist and not worried about detector brand, cost or model … I want bang for the buck features, performance, versatility and a machine with better ergonomics. Anyone know of such a detector? The EQ-800…I’m pretty sure. BTW, I’m always here to earn your detector business no matter the brand and I accept some detector trades. Yes the 15% Military Discount on Minelab detectors, even the Equinox, is a great way to thank a Veteran. See you in the field, where it counts. Thanks, Gerry
  8. My brother just shared his 1st GPX-5000 nugget of 2018. Here is a 17.5 gram Sun Baker.
  9. My brother just shared me a few photos of his 1st GPX-5000 nugget for 2018 and it is a dandy at 17.5 grams It was deep too and no other detectors found it. How is this for depth??? A Sun Baker with part of it exposed. There is even a little plant flower with 1 leaf that was growing in the mud of a crevice in the nugget. I can't wait to see the video. Yes there are still a few nuggets out there near the surface. What is the biggest gold you have ever found on the surface? I'd love to see and hear about them.
  10. Some pretty neat ones there JW. I think I have a couple that looks like those too. Will have to swing by the bank next week and check. Stunner one there. Thanks for sharing.
  11. This one kind of looks like a lady (facing right) bent over holding a child. If you can't see it...have a couple more shots of whisky. Could be a Prospector holding a pan? I'll have another..please.
  12. Please understand from a well known 20+ Year Dealer and what we go through. With the high demand of the detector, it is simple sales 101. If a customer is not serious enough to commit, please step aside as there are others who put their money where their mouth is. The same goes for a dealer too. If we want to make sure we get more than a small dealer to cover all of our customers, we better plan in advance and order more units than a small dealer. Us larger dealers purchase in bulk at the same price per unit as the small dealers who only purchase a few. How many of the folks on my short list "who Prepaid" are also on another list? I personally have 2 I know of who Pre Paid with another dealer as well? So for some reason, if that dealer gets his before me, then the customer could easily cancel his order with me and I end up getting charged the charge back fee regardless. It is wasted time and money and an actual loss for me the dealer. How many people are on my Long List, that are also on other dealers list? Probably quite a few and the same goes, if they get them 1st, I could be stuck with product. The 1st few days this detector comes out, there will be some folks who bash it... and I could end up with extra stock? Think back of a few recent brands who had such releases and all the bad units out there. What if another brand releases some FANTASTIC news of an up and coming machine? Just like with the Garrett AT Max did and I still have unsold inventory. I actually had customers cancel their AT Max order and asked to have the money rolled over to the EQ-800. So if someone has an issue with Prepaying, please step aside and let some of the more serious customers who want one sooner, get theirs. There is more to it than most of you realize. Just like in real world...you want a new 2019 truck and you want it sooner than most others, you Prepay. If a dealer has one set aside for you, that is nice of him, but if that dealer is well known 20+ year Dealer, there is no way he can just hold one for all his previous customers who want it. If folks know they want one and can use it now, it is most wise to be on a Prepaid list. If they prefer to wait and see what others have to say, then get on the "when extras are here" list. Pretty simple life lessons I have learned. Maybe some have not? Sorry if this upsets some folks, but please realize from a big well known dealers point who is trying to get as many as he can for his customers and friends who have helped his business grow from years past. It is not that easy as "Gerry, put me on a list". Now for another bit of info. I was already told by Minelab, my customers come 1st and my own staff of 10+ do not get theirs until all my Prepaid customers have their own units. That is exactly what they did to us with the Gold Monster 1000 and I have 130+ happy customers with many finding gold already. Some dealers go the extra mile, spend their own money, shut their shops to go to conferences, training, meetings, do testing, offer training. We update info we learn on FB, forums, YouTube all to benefit "all detectorists and potential customers" in hopes of earning their business. A small % of customers appreciate that by purchasing from those dealers who go the extra miles. Steve H is a fine example and why his business did so well. Even today he is considered the top of his league and will be for quite some time.
  13. Here is another interesting find, the Dragon Head. You folks are slowing down with the photos of neat gold nuggets...come on..lets see.
  14. Rod, With the above statement, I would not recommend the 705 or the GB-Pro, as neither of them are True Nugget Detectors. The GB-2, GMT, GM-1000 all run a higher kHz and will find a variety of different kinds of gold better and are also best at the majority of gold (small nuggets). As for a good deal on an X-705? I know nothing about that exact detector, how it was used, any warranty, condition, repairs etc. A good way to see the average selling price of a detector it go to eBay and check Previous Sales.
  15. Now if you really want to see the variety of uses with the X-705 and why I sell more of them in the Western States of the US (because one detector for under $500 can do many things), watch this video. It is is not me (with 40+ years of detecting experience), but one of my customers who was pretty new at it at the time and in fact he purchased the X-Terra from me based of our discussion and the different things he wanted to accomplish with 1 detector. Even today, I feel the X-705 is one of the best all around detectors for the price and I am sure many other people will agree. So you need to figure out (or you already know) do you want a dedicated gold detector or a multi purpose detector. Hope this info I am sharing helps. It is not a Tricks/Tips video but more of a: what can be found with the X-705. I have other videos for Tips/Tricks on my site.
  16. Here is the video of the GMT that could help you or anyone else with a few tips/tricks being shown. Now realize, I am not saying the GMT can't find Big Gold...because I have found some good sized pieces with it and some of my customers have found bigger..but the X-705 does it better on big gold and the GMT does it better on small gold.
  17. Rod K., I have never sold or used the Nokta so it would be wise to not comment on what I don't know. As for the X-Terra 705 and how it performs and or compares to the GMT. If you are going for smaller nuggets of .5 gram and less, I prefer the GMT mainly because of its higher kHz operating frequency. If you are going for larger nuggets, I'll take the X-705 as it is Deeper on big gold and also can be used for a variety of hunts. Plus it is $300 less money than the GMT. But in reality, the X-705 is what I classify as a True Multi Purpose Detector and the GMT is a dedicated Gold Detector. Attached photos of X-Terra gold finds and then I'll reply showing a GMT video I did while training customers.
  18. I'm not expecting the EQ-800 to do better and or deeper than my Xcal or 3030 on a salt beach for depth. Lets be real folks. I'm not expecting it to do (as good) on depth as those above mentioned detectors. BUT.... I have a sneaky suspicion and in fact am pretty sure it will win over my CTX and Xcal on Salt Water Beach in 4 different ways & will get me MORE GOLD. 1st and most intriguing is the Multi IQ's SENSITIVITY and ability to find smaller gold jewelry, earrings, chains and bracelets or even a broken gold ring. The FBS and BBS are known to perform poorly on those targets. 2nd way to find more gold with the new EQ-800 over my Xcal and 3030. RECOVERY SPEED. I like to hunt around docks, old piers and they seem to be loaded with iron. My CTX and a 6" coil do ok, but when testing , I see the need for Faster Recovery Speed. The delay of target response after going over an iron target is not that good on BBS and FBS. The EQ will find me more gold. 3rd is based on the previous 2 above. Since I'll be finding more gold and the detector is quite a bit less money, it will allow me to go more often with the wife (who is the gold bank). So I will eventually get more gold. 4th is compact detector is easier to get into luggage, so the wife will let me sneak it in her bag (big scoops are in mine). It also will cut the water easier with less drag and so I can hunt longer and more hours on each trip. I know for a fact the 3030 can get pretty tiring after 8 hour days in the water around the 4th and 5th day. The faster the machine cuts the water, the more swings I get per hour and the longer I can hunt with less fatigue, getting me more gold. So in the end, the EQ-800 may not be the deepest, may not be the smoothest...but to my ears, my style and knowing what my Xcal and 3030 miss? I'm pretty sure the Equinox will be stuffed in her luggage (she might not even know it).
  19. I'm going to brag a little, as my staff at Gerry's Detectors Rocks in the DIAMONDS again. Ryan Jamison is not only my Video Editing Guru but an experienced Professional Dive Recovery Expert. His Find, Recovery and Return won the Best of Month and Best of Show. Not sure how to pull it direct from Minelabs site, but hope this shows the video, as it is cool. https://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/success-stories/-50-000-diamond-ring-recovered-from-the-bottom-of-the-lake-
  20. You guys are driving me nuts with all those 2018 finds. Each of you I envy in so many ways. Here is what I have found since going out.
  21. I have a variety of cases and yours looks quite nice with good amounts of pockets...big plus. Different thoughts run through my mind when I put a detector in a gun case or fancy gun bag, especially if it is sitting in my truck. Folks are watching... point is. Years ago my buddy and I loaded the truck with some guns one evening to get up early for a long drive and hunt. When we got to the truck in AM, the window was broke out and the guns were stolen. We learned. So on the cheap, if you are not worried about damage from big dog or cooler bouncing around and you plan on laying it in a spot that won't get crushed, then a long beach towel works wonders. Here is what you do. Buy a couple at Yard Sales for $1 each and fold them over length wise and sow the edges together. If you want to add a few pockets, take a couple wash cloths and sew them on the inside as well, to hold headphones, batteries etc. Or purchase a fine looking one like you have and quit wasting time at Yard Sales....
  22. Know your Rocks. This highly desired collectors piece was found by one of my customers with a Fisher Gold Bug-2. If you did not know what to look for you'd probably toss the rock aside thinking "just another iron stone hot rock". When you see a good variety of colors and minerals, its time to slow down. Here is a 1 of a kind tree shape gold specimen or Dagger. Thanks to my customers for sharing your photos of Success with me.
  23. Fabulous looking nugget and would be a stunner hanging from a gold chain around ones neck.
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