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  1. Yes you are 100% correct Steve. Now that most of us missed the end of year party. I want to invite everyone to the New Year Early Bird January Special. Unadvertised specials right now on the GM-1000's, CTX 3030, SDC-2300's, GPX-5000, and GPZ-7000's. Those of you interested when you contact me, please let me know you read about it on DetectorProspector.
  2. It is my first older style tag. I've found a few of the modern ones, but this takes the cake.
  3. Noah, Very nice petite gold ring with stone. The other is one mighty Sterling Hulk of a doozy. Thanks for sharing and wishing you even more in 2019.
  4. So you going to send it back to DevilsRenegade? He said he checked his sterling collection and it is missing... Love the nice stone background.
  5. You better go back and check your pile of silver rings. I think you may have lost one and BeachHunter recovered it. Now...only if he returns it to you.....right. LOL.
  6. Both rings are Stunners for sure. When you find higher end brands "Cartier", how do you get best dollar when selling them? Thanks for sharing?
  7. Pulled 1 last really cool find before years end. Went to a late 1800’s site and found a few keepers with the Equinox 800. My favorite is this Pre WW1 military dog tag. I don’t want to clean it up much more than is, but I think it says: MILTON P CROWE. L 1ST CAVALRY. If I understand it correctly, then the L is for Lieutenant. 1ST should be 1ST CAVALRY. Also saved this US Cavalry crossed sabers Insignia Pin, a nice large non primer rifle casing, an old lead bullet, Eagle Coat Button and then another “whats it” do-dad. It’s made of brass and has like a pull end with two guide lengths (sorry about my description, check the photo). Any help of ID or knowledge in it is appreciated as well. But the dog tag is the shits… Anyone familiar with old military dog tags and how to research them, please email me the site.
  8. Seeker, I hope it is not your last, but you really did hit a "once in a lifetime find". Hats off to you my friend and job well done. Fine Shape too.
  9. Yes Steve, the other non natural gold (jewelry) is just as exciting. I spent so much time using the 24K (and finding gold) this summer, I too did not even attempt to find gold with my Equinox until Thanksgiving. I was able to do 2 good jewelry hunts in 2018 and was rewarded for my efforts. I hear Hawaii calling you in 2019...
  10. I enjoy gold rings most, but a really cool sterling ring design or one with stones looks better in a collection than a plain gold wedding band any day. Plus, a white gold or platinum wedding band is even more boring in my opinion. Nice collection of rings devil, and may 2019 turn one to gold for you.
  11. So far, I have had a couple really good (close to what I have) pictures emailed to me. Some of the comments are quite interesting and even educational. Thanks everyone for your contributions.
  12. It does not have any holes or hinges. The last photo shows the back and it is the exact same as the front. Too big and long to be a flint lock plate, but not having it in your hands, I could see your thoughts. Thanks for comments.
  13. You certainly opened up a new search idea..."Lizard". Nice info and read. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Identification Help please. This dragon was found at a site dating 1890 – 1920. All items recovered date the same time frame. Made of high quality brass & is pretty thick 1/4”. 9” in length & about 1 ½” tall. Tip of the tail seems broken? What’s interesting is bottom of chin has some serious serrated edges. Most items from the site are Military so maybe someone in Military might know? If you or one of your friends has an idea, please share & forward to them so I can get to the bottom of this really ornate find & story. Thanks for your help.
  15. Heck yea...we have a genuine correct ID. It is so nice to have today's resources out there to help us find out what do dads we dig up. Now I know the couple I have dug are not rifle sights. Thanks for sharing.
  16. You sure can get a guy all fired up. Those Seated Buttons are amazing and to catch it on video is even more rare. Some of the early seated dimes and actually larger in size than the later dated seated dimes. I think they will read a little different. too. Hats off to you Cal_Cobra and yes I like that glass trade bead and the cool black glass cuff link. I feel the exact site of your finds were a seamstress shop. Yes the Multi IQ technology of the Equinox can penetrate and see objects better than most other machines when in burned areas. Thanks for sharing.
  17. That is pretty nice to see "gold coins" still being recovered. I had 6 customers find gold coins in 2018 that I know of. Now that we are getting familiar with our machines, next year 2019 should be even better. Especially since the 6" coil can hunt he trashy sites and the 15" can get the deep ones in open areas. It is good to see the stories on your forum too Steve and I do try to get folks on it, but most just enjoy the reading and not posting. Thanks for allowing us a place to post, read and dream.
  18. Those smiles on the kids faces say it all. They'll remember the trip forever. Hopefully in a good way and not the "We Aussie boys came to US to visit and Uncle takes us out in frozen dead of winter and tries to find a penny". Either way... I think it is cool you are sharing the love of this hobby with a couple kids. Who knows, it might grow on them and they go back down-under and become detector experts.
  19. I would have thought gun sites as well, but I'm not a gun expert. Pretty sure I have seen brass sites on some rifles. Let us know if you get the final verdict.
  20. The majority of todays readers are on the internet. Even my own local paper "Idaho Statesman" is downsizing and they keep trying to get me to order the digital subscription. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys a good read (paper or magazine) in the morning with my 2 cups of coffee. So sad to see.
  21. I've detected real close to that site. Thanks for sharing a genuine and golden story...so close to many of us too.
  22. Very nice 5 Cent Tip and well worth the reading. The gold ring is a stunner too. Hopefully you enjoy more older nickels next year. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Chuck, Sorry I am late to the party...again. Buddy I personally know the feeling you went through. My 1st (after 20+ yrs detecting) was an 1852 US $ 2.5 Quarter Eagle (1 year apart). But my friend....your discovery is pristine condition and without seeing it in my hand, I'd say XF or maybe even AU-50. Certainly a "once in a lifetime" recovery my friend and I hope you display it some how. Now the extra good news. As Cal stated, the 1856-S Seated Dime is a key date coin (70K minted) and probably worth more than the gold coin. I realize money is not the object, but make sure to take extra care when handling and cleaning silver and gold coins as they can easily get damaged. 1 grade difference can be $500 or more. The other finds from the site are really nice too. So glad to see another one of my friends and customers finding there 1st gold coin. Tell Merton I said hello too...I actually train him on gold machines 10+ years ago and he has had some great hunts. Hats off to you and what a way to end the year.
  24. Newer swingers can learn from this video. Notice the pattern of the signal on the 1st nugget when compared to the sound of the 2nd target. Some folks may not catch it at first and that is ok, but eventually you'll realize the up/down of the signal sound has a pattern that usually is indicative of gold nugget size and density of the piece. Also seeing how he crosses the target from the sides to help pinpoint. I also like his digging tool. Beefy is what helps dig in such hard ground and a longer handle. Thanks for sharing.
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