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  1. It is nice to see a true Multi Purpose detector like the new Minelab Equinox 800 do as advertised and then some. Originally most people (including myself) felt the Prospecting Mode was an afterthought. What I mean is, the manufacture makes a great detector for the majority of people who use it, knowing they will be detecting Coins, Relics and Jewelry (the majority of use) with occasional Prospecting. This detector started making BUZZ from a few Testers who are actual Nugget Hunters and it still continues to impress. (Make sure to read the post by JP as he really goes into great detail). Even though it has the round 11” open coil, the detectors SENSITIVITY to small low conductor metals is TOPS. Check out the 1st nugget found by one of my customers using his EQ-800 in Arizona last week. No it is not a huge one that any detector should beep in, it is actually pretty small. Here are the comments Ron W shared with me “ Found in a hard hit area in a small 8’ x 15’ raked patch, gold 2, sensitivity 25, ground balance manual, 4 inches deep, very clear signal. Missed by a Gold Bug 2 and the Monster. Had to take 2 inches off before the Gold Bug with small coil could hear it. Very nice detector. Light weight, easy to handle with lots of options. Thanks for your great customer service Gerry. Ron” It actually feels pretty good to see my own customers making finds with their Equinox detectors before me. Besides, they need a little love once in a while too. Keep it up guys, we love hearing the stories and seeing the photos of GOLD-n-NOX.
  2. Skate, Good to hear and see reports from you, as some of us know you are pretty good with other detectors and not Brand Loyal. It is nice to hear (early reports) the NOX can do things our other machines can't and are finding targets our others miss. I'm not saying the NOX is the Holy Grail, but it is new technology and those who get on sites sooner with it, learn the tricks...will be rewarded for their efforts. I never expected a "wow look how deep" detector, but more of a "wow, how did I miss that" and "holy crap that is cool for it to be able to do that". In the long run I feel the NOX will eventually be used by more hunters than many other machines of all brands. Not saying the #1, but certainly better than most. Keep it up my friend.
  3. That is out of this world man. Congrats to another spacious discovery my friend. What machine scored it?
  4. It would be nice if other folks learned who such dealer was. At least you know who not to deal with in the future. Probably best you don't tell us though, as he would get his feelings hurt.
  5. Oh I do get out on occasion and when I do I hunt pretty hard. We are wintered up right now, so even if I were sent extras, it would not do me much good for a few more weeks. I'll try it on a beach hunt later this year and hopefully get something similar to what my CTX 3030 did (view photos).
  6. I could have found this with most any detector, but when it is FBS in the hands that makes the certain tone "Dig me sound", I just Dig It. It is not really valuable, but to find a gold coin is Tops to most swingers and hunters too. If you can afford the E-Trac and Equinox, I think those two would make a great combination for a variety of hunts. I PM's you why the E-Trac is better than Safari (but more money). If you are pretty new to this all, then go with the Equinox Only for now...and learn it. I do have class coming up for my customers if you don't have a preferred dealer that is.
  7. Indiana Mark, The Equinox is not an FBS detector and Minelab has never stated it to be DEEPER or Better. Those who dreamed of it going deeper than E-Trac or 3030 are not realistic. We can not compare Apples to Oranges. We can and are seeing some of the strong points of the Multi IQ technology. Faster Recover, More Sensitivity to gold chains, bracelets, small jewelry or Micro Jewelry. Much lighter detector is a big thing. Wireless and the price point. If you are after deeper silver coins I don't feel there is enough time out there to know for certain in all soils, salt/fresh water and mineralizations. That will take time. I do know this. My Safari is just as deep as my E-Trac with a slower Processor. But the Safari is an easier machine to learn than the E-Trac. Watch this video to see how easy it is. BTW. I'm not getting EQ-800 to compete against my FBS technology machines, but to complement them. (Peanut Butter & Jelly) - together.
  8. Dubious, No disrespect to them, as I have found gold with the Macro and like many of its features. I was referring to the bigger brands here in the US that were popular many moons ago. Hats off to Macro, Nokta and any other good competition as the more options we as users have the better the prices points become in the long run. Photo is the 1st gold nugget I found with the Macro Gold Racer in AZ just as they released them into the US. last shot is one of my staff members (Scott) in the photo. Please don't disk him for crappy coil control as it should be right on the ground.
  9. Not looking like an Eagle. I found a giraffe looking one in Alaska and it was about 1/3 oz. But to me it does not look like an eagle and or the size of a potato. Is this photo the one you are referring?
  10. Steve, Sorry.. All I was trying to do is put out another negative firestorm, (but I should not of added tidbits either). I just wish folks would spend more time posting Positive things. Do I feel there were mistakes made, most certainly and I will probably step on my tail again, but hopefully not today. They are starting to flow and all is looking up.
  11. I so wanted to find the 1st gold ring in US, but I have not even one in my own shop. I did get another order of them today and will be notifying customers tomorrow and shipping Monday. Great score Mitchel.
  12. Thanks for the support Steve. Without your openness to this forum allowing us all to express our most deepest inner feelings... about the hobby we so enjoy and the people who help educate/promote it. Yes I stand up to many and voice my concerns, but I want those folks to realize. it is not that I am trying to be a pain in their asses (but at times I am). It is more to the point that I care about this hobby and the manufactures that make detectors for my customers. If my customers have problems with a product or service department, then I have issues too. If I feel a manufacture is not handling something proper and it affects my customers, then it affects me. My life has been with a detector in hand, at least 40 years anyway. My only source of income is selling adventure to customers. The detector is all about Adventure. Now folks, lets grab a few machines and go have some fun.
  13. Fskafish, To me, it is a dealer who goes above and beyond in the industry. You might have a (so called) dealer in a state, but do they know metal detectors? DO you actually use them and keep up with the current models, or still using a 10+ yr old unit? DO they carry stock and or offer Military Discounts? Maybe check their Calendar of Events on their web site to see if they give education and training? Good idea to see if they post info on Facebook or other social media outlets. Some dealers do the above and also YouTube videos with Tips/Tricks for anyone to use. Writing articles for magazines is another sign of a reputable dealer. I know of a dozen really good dealers Minelab has, but just because they are in a certain state, to me does not earn my dollar. Active dealers will know the better pin pointers, hand trowels, pouches and other accessories that are needed. Some even support their local clubs put on hunts. Just some more for you to think about. and yes there are some dealers back there that are good.
  14. Lunk, You had to rub it in didn't you. Sure, we go out and finds little dinks and then as soon as I leave you are back to the glory hole. Has Thurber gave you shit yet for finding such a nice chunky one? He told me my "Ealge" nugget would never sell..not until an NLF team was named the "Buzzards" Such a ball buster he is. But heck, thats part of being successful...share finds and friends give you crap. BTW. My 1st 3 Days Field Training is next month at Rye Patch, NV for customers. You plan on being there or waiting for the April session? I don't think I'll have an NOX at the March but possibly a couple should be in hands for April. Remember last year and this beauty you pulled from under my nose?
  15. I want to clear some of this up. Cabelas DID NOT get a bunch of machines. In fact they were issued a very small amount, just like many of us dealers. I assure you, nobody has received a detector from them yet, but I and many other dealers have put NOX in the hands of our early customers. We all received detectors and most of us chose to deal with our loyal customers. Cabelas does not care 1 iota who they get their money from and they don't care who's hands it ends up in. But most of us dealers don't sell that way. I know of a couple dealers who put machines on EBAY. Why? It is their option to sell to anyone, as long as they get paid, they don't care. I could have done so with my 1st batch or the 2nd, but I choose to deal with my customers and the 1st ones are the same customers who supported me in times past. I have a feeling those who put their money with Cabelas (yes a small amount of units - really small) will get sent out. The majority of people who purchased will never get a tracking #. Minelab is not giving any favorites to Cabelas I assure you. Keep your name on the list of the dealers you initially worked with and be patient. Or, I have plenty of other brands to sell anyone if interested? The good thing is the internet if full of info. The bad thing is sometimes there is too much read into it.
  16. I’m by no means the biggest multi line dealer or the oldest and in fact not even Top 10. Certainly not one of the smartest…as I sometimes ruffle a few feathers. But I do know detectors and know many of them very well. In the 20+ years I have been selling all the top brands of detectors, I have never witnessed this kind of buzz for a new model. What caused the Equinox Blow Up is COMPETITION, so I’m not giving Minelab all the kudos just yet. Lets give credit where credit earned. Hats off to White’s for 1st digital Smart Detectors, and then colored LCD screens. My Ball Cap is tipped to Tesoro for making a fine series of Micro Max (smaller than your fist) detectors that find many small items many other units miss. I just wish they would have done something more in the last 15+ years. I heard they are working on it though. Hats off to Fisher for their fabulous 2 frequency detectors… 15+ years ago. At least they dropped the prices of some very popular F series…They have to be competitive. 2 Hats off to Garrett #1 for offering us a completely waterproof detector with digital processor and priced easily under $1000. #2 Garrett for grabbing 2 of my crazy (and now very popular) friends from MT and putting them on TV using the AT series detectors. Even though you may not like some of their tree humping antics… you have to admit…Just brilliant marketing. In person, those two guys are stand up citizens and ambassadors for our hobby. My big Cowboy hat goes off to XP Deus for making a compact wireless detector with extreme speed. They really came out of nowhere and have done us detectorists fantastic finds in trashy sites. They’ve become a serious player…I’ll admit it. Now we have the NOX and this can only be accomplished with my Giant 5 Gallon Sombrero Hat to Minelab. Today and for the next few months anyways, Minelab earns the honors. Not only do we get Waterproof, Compact & Lt wt. Wireless/Digital, True Multi Purpose, Lighting Fast Processor and new Multi IQ Technology all for under $1000. And even with one of them being $650. Is Minelab out of their minds or is this just another genius chess move? So now we see the direction and future. At least I do and many other sets of inquisitive eyeballs are peaking in. Equinox Multi IQ is soon going to be the norm for Minelab. The up and coming Hurricane series should be even more exciting. Isn’t Hurricane season just a few months away? After current model inventory is moved and cleared out..the new models could be: Go Find equivalent with Multi IQ will be the - Hurricane Force 1 X-Terra equivalent will be Hurricane Force 2 Safari equivalent will be the Hurricane Force 3 E-Trac’s equivalent will be the Hurricane Force 4 CTX 3030 equivalent is called the Hurricane Force 5. Will these new up and coming models cause the firestorm the Equinox did? I don’t think so as I expect the prices to be more at that time. Why do I think the tag will be higher, at least with the Force 3 – 5? By then the majority of NOX users will have seen the benefits of Multi IQ and once that fuzzy feeling gets in your veins, its hard to not want the next best thing. Now with the other manufactures? It’s not over by any means. They are watching, working and strategizing. Deus, White’s, Garrett, Tesoro & Fisher all have their Engineers working behind the scene. Their teaser ads and leaks will start to appear in the next 18 to 24 months. Only if you folks knew… As a user, boy I sure love Competition. BTW. The big hat. Yes that's me. I'm a big Boise State football fan. Yes we're the little guys who play at home on the blue. I was at the BCS Fiesta Bowl when little Boise State took down Oklahoma, it was a David vs Goliath moment in my life. Actually one of the best college football games I have ever witnessed. Thanks Gerry Gerry's Detectors www.gerrysdetectors.com Gold Nugget Field Training & Genuine Metal Detecting Experts
  17. As a Veteran and a Multi Line Dealer, I've mentioned the importance of such and have been told by the others who do not offer it.. "We are looking into all ways to promote our products". Maybe the Equinox Firestorm will shake things up? Sorry...No Maybe... IT IS.. and the Heat is getting Hotter by the day.
  18. At first things were going smooth for Veterans with the Military Discount some dealers allow. Then the funny stuff started happening and I assure you, the rules will be changing. I just hope they don't get rid of it totally. Right now I am still offering the full 15% until Minelab tells me something different. Hopefully the other brand name manufactures get on board and offer something similar. Thanks for sharing that very informative link Vanursepaul, much kind of you.
  19. Yes the Elvis doo is there. And I did not even stand on my head to see that one.
  20. LipCa, It is much easier for me to stand on my head and break my neck 90 degrees than to turn my computer over. Yes you are right my friend I see it too. Eagle Eye LipCa is your new name.
  21. There are so many newer users to some of the digital readout detectors who are getting the Equinox and even new 1st time buyers of a detector, you need to know. This is not an Equinox flaw..it is with most detectors I have tested. When hunting parks or even old yards and you decide to reject the common US 1 cent, it is zinc and not copper. So yes it would seen to be wise to do so...as you can still find the older copper wheat back cents....YES....Not so fast my friend. Many of the really old Indian Head Cents read the same as a zinc cent and even a few of the early teens wheat backs do as well on many machines. So here is the TRICK from a salty dawg. I accept zinc cents and Use the DEPTH INDICATOR to see if it is shallow or deep. Very seldom will a zinc cent be deep as the older copper coins and especially the IH cents.
  22. Fantastic video and very well done. The CTX 3030 can do the same thing, but most folks do not know it. Now we all get to have the same capabilities with a detector much more affordable. Thanks for sharing Steve and a big thanks to Bill for showing.
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