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  1. Just to clear up some info for all. 1 of these 3 items will work for my business to allow the 15% and Minelab has agreed. 1) Either a copy of DD-214 (yes you may black out the SS#). 2) Either copy of Military ID card (yes you may block out any #'s). or 3) Copy of VA card (yes you can black out #'s). Any of those 3 will work for www.gerrysdetectors.com How to get it to dealer? Simply scan and email or take a picture with your phone and email.
  2. When I found that Potato, I had to run back to the truck and get the GoPro. So it was not a real actual dig, but I did find it 15 minutes earlier. Yes I too started out with the White's Gold Master-II, then upgraded to the V-Sat, then went Fisher Gold Bug-2 and White's GMT. Yes the GMT video I did has help many GMT owners and also educated some dealers to sell more White's machines. This video I did in AZ using PI (Pulse Induction). The site I detected was pounded by other detectors, but with the smooth operation of the Commander 11" MONO coil (one of my all time favorites is the 15" x 12" though) I was able to take a dance. (yes I need a good lady to give me lessons). BTW. Lesson to learn for some folks who own a GPX (Reverse Signal vs Normal Signal). The different Timing on a GPX can change the pattern of the tone (signal). When in unknown ground, never assume.
  3. Wloch248, The Military Discount is good on certain level of metal detectors. The Accessories and GoFind series do not qualify. Hope this helps my friend...and thank you for your service. Gerry at www.gerrysdetectors.com USMC
  4. idahogold. I try to help all people with detectors (time provided) as my own customers do come 1st. When I turned this hobby of 40+ years into a job 20+ years ago, I had plans to be different. I want to be out in the field with customers where the action is and never get to the point where I was tied to a phone or in the shop. I learned from my dealer friends back in the day and I also learned there is a way to travel with detectors and write it off. Thanks for the kind words. Is the nugget in this video the one you were talking about?
  5. Original GOLDEN EAGLE NUGGET dug by Gerry McMullen with a Minelab GP series metal detector in Northern Nevada. No, it is not slag. It is a genuine nugget dug up in the desert. How much would an NFL Football player from Philadelphia Eagles pay for this solid gold piece to hang around their neck?
  6. Condor, It was good to read your findings and hopefully some of this will help. Yes I truly agree with JW. On all "Metered Identification Detectors", and especially digital readout units, the ID is not a given. The use of ID is mostly for easy to find clear and clean signals near the surface. The smaller the target, the deeper it is and the more the mineralized the soil, the less accurate the ID system is and that is why so many gold detectors in past either did not have them or if they did, it was a simple Ferrous or Non Ferrous (left or right) reading. I too know for a fact that a tiny nugget at depth will not even move the ID on some machines, but you heard a break, tick or change on a machine with threshold. Even a 1 ounce solid nugget will not read accurately any any detector when pushed to the outer limits. Just as a 1 ounce nugget at 6" in extremely mineralized soil will not read accurately on some machines. Using Identification...There is no 100% Guarantee, unless you dig it. Now for the coil making sounds. In most gold detectors if you bump the coil to a rock or even a bush on occasion you'll get a little noise. 1st thing I would recommend is to drop the GAIN or SENSITIVITY (same thing) a couple clicks and try it again. Keep us posted of your progress. And good luck.
  7. I feel the pain and then some. I was informed that my customers come 1st. So in return I do not even have one in my own shop to show anyone. It is kind of frustrating since I do have a class coming up next month and am sure there could be a couple in the class wanting to know more. But I will not have one to learn before hand. At least my customers will be getting them.
  8. With age comes wisdom and what I like about King Soloman is his openness to new technology and willingness to try it. I speak with so many hunters who are stuck to one brand or machine because they are successful. Nothing wrong with, but when something new comes along that can do the same old and more, or is that and lighter, plus 100% waterproof and better selection of tones...it will eventually put more treasures in the point. The only negative, is the learning of the new and what to do with the old. Open mind and acceptance to new concepts and detector technologies is what allows the hunted out sites to give a little more. Are you on board with new or going home with the same old girl? Thanks for sharing Steve, as Terry is a well known and respected voice in our community.
  9. What is your best gold ring Skate? BeachHunter, Are you expecting the Templar Cross on the West Coast or do you travel quite a bit hunting on East Coast. JoeRivers, You might need a GPZ-7000 to find it..I don't know how deep it is? Mitchel, I imagine your ring collection is worthy. Hopefully the NOX has some Show/Tell moments for you this season? Northeast, Most Aussies are only focused on Au, so take advantage of the ones wearing blinders and open the door for many other styles of hunts. It is amazing the amount of silver coins still out there. DukeBoxer, I have been fortunate to save a Reale, but the 8 has still dodged me coil. Norm S, This video is for you my friend. The feeling of self accomplishment goes beyond the value of the ring.
  10. 2 of my Field Staff were with me at the Minelab Conference when that video was released. Yes the statement "Performance is Everything" is perfect. I just wish they would not have shown the Go-Find so much in the video... Lunk, Now I know why you have so many Minelabs. Nice catch Steve.
  11. While most 99% of the population is waiting for their NOX to arrive I got to thinking of all the cool treasures I have found and what I would really like to find with mine, when it gets here. I know there will be some people who want to add sarcasm and such, but I would prefer this thread to be about an Equinox find. Thanks for your support in keeping to the theme of this original post. My goal is to find a nice size diamond ring. Yes I have found a few before, but they are still highly prized by my wife. And the more I want to find one, the more I might get to go. So lets hear your "I want to find with my Equinox a ..." story. Be sure to come back and update us when you do... and photos are always a bonus. Video is of a really nice diamond ring I found with my SDC-2300 (yes it too is 100% Waterproof).
  12. Glad to see one of my Customers ALL SMILES. Yes Wayfarer, get out there and use it. Jackpine, You got me thinking..I actually have some of Boise's Finest as my customers. 3 of the Police Search Team were in the shop last week getting their new Crime Scene Detectors. I'll be training them in the next few weeks.
  13. Tnsharpshooter, Hats off for willing to take the time to shoot a real life actual customer video with the EQ-800. As you get more familiar with it, things will start to gel and come together. Keep it up and we look for ward to more educational videos. A ring on the 1st target is a fantastic find. I was testing an SE Pro for Minelab 10+ years ago and the 1st target I dug was a Barber Quarter. Now I was in a 100+ year old site too, so was not worried about pull tabs.
  14. Nuke em, I agree Air test are for show. But to see how the tone breaks at certain depths is INFORMATIVE INFO. In the short amount of time he has had the detector and wanting to get a quick video out for us all, the Air Test showed us something. I look forward to you putting up a video of actual undug targets in ground so I can learn much more. Yes it will take, but I know you want to show us.
  15. Chase, It happens in all industries and or walks of life. But the reality is...most dealers are great people and want to help their customers. Al, I was not making fun of Chevy...but trying to laugh a few people who hit the link and seen the new 2018 Chevy Equinox. Wonder how many started reading it??? InTroube, Never use REVERSE my friend, lol.
  16. You mean we can learn something from FB? King George Copper. I think I dug one once in North Carolina? Thanks again.
  17. When I have time I too enjoy watching videos as it allows me to catch little bits of info and add that to my own puzzle. If I catch a few tips here, a couple there in a different video and maybe 1 from another..eventually my pieces come together and help me learn something.
  18. OK Dan, is it really for him or you? Great to see the 1st video. When skeptics start picking on your video, tell them to buy one and do their own. Nice to see someone taking the to share a video of the detector we are all waiting for. BTW. What is a KG for us Westerners.
  19. One of these days I am going to AZ just for this show. I have many good friends who say it is Top Shelf.
  20. No we can all take a breath and realize it is not a dream. Lucky day for you my friend. Thanks for sharing and be sure to give updates as you find good stuff to talk about.
  21. Folks, I have read some of the posts on here and am disappointed about what some of you think you know or what some of you might have been told by a dealer. No I’m not even going to other forums, as I heard they want to hang each other blaming the manufacture Minelab, their dealers and or non Minelab users causing their usual ruckus. I will not call out anyone in particular except Minelab, as I feel they did leave us in the dark recently with lack of communication. Here is what I want you to try and understand please. This new and exciting detector technology was introduced in the UK at one of the larger detecting events in the world. I personally had customers there who were pretty excited about it and why would you not be? After all, Minelab of old and their high dollar prices, for the most part…I think is behind us now. 1st Go-Finds (which I personally don't care for), is an introductory detector to get in a new kids hands for under $199 (and it sells well, better than I had imagined). Until the last few years the cheapest thing Minelab had was minimum of $500. Then the Gold Monster 1000 package with 2 coils and accessories priced at $799. It has really hit the US market hard and I can barely sell any of my other VLF gold detector brands. The GM-1000 is the hottest selling VLF gold machine out there and actually fun to use too. They already had the high end Gold Detector market share. So what is left to go and gobble up and try to put their product brand in to your hands. The Equinox with 2 different models and price points of course. Minelab decided to go with a detector the majority of you can afford and most importantly, you want one. Their advertising & intro outside of the US was genius. The price point along with this detectors technology is stunning. The majority of detectorists WORLDWIDE are intrigued and wanting it. Yes we were told to expect a small batch around Christmas…but that was before the upgrades. With the new upgrades, even more people decided to jump on board and I applaud you. The new year is here and most major detector manufactures have not introduced much that was totally new and exciting in the last 3 months. Tax returns are coming, the Spring is around the corner and until this week most of your retirement accounts were fat and happy. The market was riding the wave and the Equinox Pre-Sales is as well.. In fact, the last 30 days of sales of this product have been more than the previous 3 months (for me anyway). Minelab History. I have been a Multi Line Dealer of detectors for 20+ years. Minelab (which I feel makes some of the most innovative detector technologies) allows me (a detectorist of 45 years) the edge in my style of detecting most of the time. I’ve witnessed this company grow from a single weed to a bush in a matter of 3 years in the US in the early 90’s. I have seen their gold detector sales spread across the US from a bush to a garden in the early 2000’s. Then Minelab started making well know detectors we enjoyed for Coin/Relic/Jewelry hunting using BBS, FBS and VFLEX technologies, all the time while growing and the garden getting bigger. My sales of a variety of Minelab detectors just kept getting bigger and before I knew it the garden in the back yard became a City Park of many acres. Minelab has methodically kept on growing, getting bigger with each new model and improvement. The 2nd Gold Rush in Africa (about 8 years ago) was a Grand Slam for Minelab and they re-invested some of their profits by hiring more young and bright minded Engineers and yes even physicists. Now we are at present with this new Multi IQ technology and the Equinox. The biggest change I see? Minelab is now so much greater worldwide and the detector is in demand more than even the best of us could have imagined. Folks, the walk in the park along the river is no more, it has grown into a full blown Timber Forest. The Equinox with its new Multi IQ technology, the perfect timing release at a major detector event, the updated info and even the delay to get more features and performance into the detector… has the demand across the different lands and languages of this planet is totally awe inspiring to us old timers that have been around for a long time. To date - 1st shipment arrived and has been allocated. Boy was I pissed off at 1st as well as most all other dealers. Then I realized what they just went through and also realized the same thing happened with the other machines in times past and most recently the Pro Find 35 Pointer. Minelab felt it best to get at least a few machines sent out and that is exactly what came into the US? Lucky for us as some countries were allocated even less. My guess only… I expect another shipment (in the next 2 to 3 weeks) and it too will probably be small and then a 3rd shipment 2 to 3 weeks later and so forth. I feel things will open up some around the mid/late March and most customers will be happily using their new detector. All the chatter (good and bad) is literally creating a wave and it just keeps getting bigger and more curious people are watching, wondering and wanting…to get in on the game. Now I love new customers and have spent most of my adult life promoting this hobby and the many adventures it provides. But some people seems to think Minelab is taking advantage? What I ask of everyone who reads this. Please be respectful of your dealer who is trying to get the product, but we can only hand you what we get. Some dealers have not been as up front with their customers and a wise customer will shop with someone different next time. Please understand Minelab USA and their distributors are doing all they can to get them and I know for a FACT they are moving them to the dealers. Thank Minelab Corporate, the ones who make up the new technologies we so desire. After all, they could have kept their promise (machines were done) and sent them across the lands. Then a month later we are all up in arms with new info and possible downloads. Heck people, they make a wise decision and are offering us even more machine at the same price we already paid. Why be upset with that? So please don’t call and threaten your dealer for taking your money. Please don’t call and harass their distributors and or even Minelab USA. After all, if you don’t want the product let us know, we have plenty of people in line to take your spot. Now for Minelab USA or Corporate. I feel they did not do a good enough job of updating the consumers of their products. We are inquisitive people who want to know (hence the new EQ) and many of us have put money in your hands, some for a few months now. We (most of us anyway) are ok with the delay and updates. But after saying “end of Jan” and that not happening, it allowed the forums to run rampant with rumors…which causes more stories and then sometimes mistrust. A simple post to FB or on the main Minelab Site explaining the product was delayed an additional 2 weeks for any reason would have been enough for most. After all we all know BAD news is better than No news. I would kindly ask of those who want to chime in with opinions on why this or who that and Dealer A not doing something right. Please refrain. I’d like to see positive comments and feed backs only. Once the detectors are in your hands, then there will be discussions started to engage. Bottom line is this. Not a person on any forum is going to make the detectors show up any sooner. It is what it is and we just need to be a little more patient. Americans being patient? I don’t think so.. we are spoiled, self serving and sometimes non practical. Guess what. We still be waiting. Thanks for allowing me to help clear up some of the delays and ways of Minelab. I’ve had plenty of hair pulling events myself in my years with Minelab and it will all work out in the end, I promise. Oh and have you downloaded the newest version Equinox manual, I don’t understand why some come in White, Who wants a white one? https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2018/Chevrolet/Equinox/2018-chevrolet-equinox-owners-manual.pdf
  22. FedEx for me. Says Tuesday Delivery. My 1st group of customers have been notified.
  23. Strick, She'll thank you too. Let me know when you are ready. My 1st shipment was sent to me today. They are already spoken for. Now I know when you do get an EQ-800, you'll also have to get that lovely lady something special too.
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