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  1. Bill, The V3i is capable of finding gold (see attached photos), but for the cost, there are other White's detector you need to look at. One of the main issues with the V3i is the "not very user friendly" for most people who purchased it. That is one of the main reasons they came out with the more desirable VX3. The other folks who added info is good and they seem to like the MXT for Prospecting. I would not jump to that conclusion unless I understood how much more general purpose detecting you would be doing. After all, you mentioned a V3i (which is multi purpose) but to hunt gold, so I figure you must want a machine to hunt many styles and types of hunts (parks, old coins, relics, beaches, gold nuggets)? If you are looking to get a gold detector and have the money for a V3i (which is a variety detector), then get a Gold Only Detector and a great Coin Detector for about the same price. Now you have best of both worlds as a Gold Only Dedicated detector will outperform the majority of multi use detectors for gold hunts. If you purchase a V3i and want to hunt for tiny nuggets, be sure to get the small 6" Ellip DD Shooter coil. Yes, I'll make you a package deal on both. Also would be wise to take advantage our of our 3 days field training sessions in the gold fields Good Luck, Gerry
  2. Yes Tsunamiscott, I do the same thing. Also go to the PP (pinpoint mode) and see how wide the signal is. That will help let folks know of a bigger target that is not a coin. Thanks for adding.
  3. Fantastic addition story Doc. Two sons who are both dentists? Now I know why you have such perfect teeth and all the fillings are solid gold.
  4. Yes those golden potatoes are from Iowa. The pick is a custom job from an old leaf spring. Been using it for 20+ years. One of these days I just might quit using all the different detectors and stick to 1, NOT!!
  5. This post is in part to help newbies and or folks who don't hunt as often. I'm posting it here, as the Equinox is getting many people excited and even Prospectors who are used to running gold machines without depth indication on their units. If it helps you, then great. I'll even post a video I did on pinpointing a few years back that could help some swingers. Reading some posts below, I read a statement Steve H replied to pertaining Pinpointing and signal strength. He brought up a very very valid point that WAY TO MANY people don't understand. Why do I say so, because when all the training classes we do on Coin/Relic detectors, that seems to be one of the points most folks miss. I'll try to explain it again. The depth readout on the screen of most detectors is set from the factory on Coin Size Targets. Remember that bit please "Coin Size Targets" as well as a few other engineer magics I won't go into. But if you remember the above, you'll be fine. So here are two examples I'll use to show the opposite of correct Depth ID (incorrect). A beer can at 12" deep could read .25 coin on readout and depth show at 5-6" giving a strong signal tone. It is actually much bigger than a coin and so that is why it says it is shallower. When I hunt beaches for gold rings or old silver coins and my Depth readout says 6", but I have dug down 8" or more, I am most certain it is not a ring or coin and in fact is a larger target that is deeper. A stud earring could read 4" with a soft chirp weak tone, when in actuality it is less than an inch deep. I enjoy hunting for diamond studs and have learned they are near the surface and not as deep as the Depth Indication shows. Also point of interest for those who don't know. My White's TRX Pointer is much better at finding gold nuggets and stud earrings than my Garrett Carrot. But I do prefer my Carrot when hunting coins/rings size targets. Here is a video that is of an older machine, but the technique is the same. Hope it helps some of you newer users or old salty prospectors converting to new machines.
  6. As a dealer, I know this. The day the intro in UK of the Equinox, I had 2 cancellations on the arriving AT Max. It got so bad, I cancelled the rest of my AT Max orders and still have some in stock. Not saying the AT Max is not a good machine, heck I actually like it and have doen well. it is just that in reality it is a re-wrapped AT Pro for extra features. Now, nothing wrong with that as most of the manufactures have done the same thing for many years...but the EQ is something quite new and it has gotten the attention for many. You'll soon be finding out for yourselves in a few weeks.
  7. I was told to not expect them until after the Equinox Class in Phoenix. So I am telling my customers end of Jan. If they get there a week early, then great.
  8. Cabo, I too hunt Caribbean trips in Bahamas and Mexico. You interested in getting together for a few days or are you more of a solo swinger? My gut tells me it will not run as smooth on salt water beach as BBS and FBS technologies and if it does??? I'm a happy hippe.. Photos are from a 2017 hunt earlier this year testing the new Coiltek 14x9" CTX coil for Trevor at Coiltek.
  9. I'll be happy to work with you Mark and or any other military families.. If you already have a favorite dealer who is knowledgeable and able to help you, I totally understand.
  10. Yes I have many times and he still comes back for more. As some of you know I enjoy hunting tailing piles. My machine of choice (VLF, kHz in teens or 20's, Light, Fast, Good Iron ID) hopeful the new Equinox-800 fits those needs. Back to the post. On a particular hunt my brother shared a site he found a nice 8 oz specimen and thought it was a fluke? We went there with nothing to expect and much of the day was just that. Then on the way back to the truck I decided to swing a pile of tailing with more finer gravels and earth. BAM- as I stumbled a nice walnut size specimen, so decided to hunt that pile a little harder. Not 5 minutes later I hit another quartz rock with stingers of gold running throughout. I whistled a few times for my brother and no reply back so I kept at it. Not 10 feet more and I BANG a really cool one with thicker vein of heavy yellow metal. Boy was I on fire. After this discovery, I was feeling a little guilty and called it quits until I could find Travis and wanted him to hunt some on the pile. After all, lets share the wealth right. Anyway, He could not find a piece to save himself and was pretty astonished at my feat. Well to add fuel to the fire, after he walked away I decided to swing the pile again and YES it happened one more time, out popped a milky quartz prize. To say the least, he was quite perturbed. But why does he continue to go out with me? Knowledge and experience go a long way and big brother was chasing gold with a detector when he was still chasing girls. He knows days like that one are tough to swallow, but he has also picked up some fine tips and tricks as well. In fact, another story and I'll tell you about the day I about made him walk home, as he showed big bro what I had missed. (for a later read).
  11. Thanks Barry for the update and more than most will eventually try it out.
  12. Welcome Boogness, Steve knows both machines well and his abilities with most gold detectors is TOPS. Advantages of the ATX is the extra ground coverage per sweep, more depth on larger nuggets (not that many out there), also more depth on specimens (more of those to be found than large nuggets). One factor I really like on the ATX is the Iron Disc abilities vs the SDC-2300 (none). Now many people will tell you to dig it all, but I just can't waist that much time and energy as I get older. I use features on the detectors at certain times to help my odds. Steve is DEAD ON when he says "not a shallow machine". Yes, the SDC-2300 will not go as deep as the ATX on big gold, but in fact will go deeper than ATX on 1 gram and less nuggets. I have customers who have even dug 14 to 16" and found gold with the SDC, but I have yet to find or hear of any SDC nuggets at 18" or more. The compactness of the SDC is better than the ATX and the weight is less as well. I do like the fact the ATX has a variety of coil selection, which allows you more opportunities in the field. The price of the SDC-2300 is steep vs ATX, but you get an additional 1 yr warranty on SDC (3 years total) vs ATX at 2 years. Ive used both, fold gold nuggets with both and also have used both in water when hunting gold rings, with success. If you show up at Rye Patch, NV (worked to death for 30+ years) I would bet money, the SDC-2300 will find more nuggets than the ATX. So when I see it happen (while training customers) more than once, I realize the machine for RP is the SDC-2300. Not taking anything away from the ATX because they priced it much better and it fits in some folks budget easier too. I just took in a lightly used ATX DeepSeeker with both coils and also have a used SDC-2300, as one of my staff just stepped up to the GPZ-7000. Contact me direct if you are interested in either of them. Here is a way to cool down in the hot summer temps and find gold..of a different type.
  13. Works great. It is Garrett's #1 selling VLF gold machine.
  14. Just think of the history that box could tell. What a find/friend. You are lucky my friend.
  15. GB, Yes I feel the same when hunting Tailing Piles. Depth is like a double edge sword and when hunting TP's as there can be some big iron at extreme depths. I would rather have a lighter detector with decent iron discrimination than a PI or ZED. Now if you find a pile that is loaded with nuggets, it is always wise to go back over that same pile with the deeper PI or ZED.
  16. Merry Christmas to all my customers, friends and even enemies. May the holidays bring joy to you and the people you are with. Have safe travels and we look forward to a treasure trove of discoveries in 2018.
  17. Al, You are certainly welcome my friend. Good knowledgeable dealers such as Steve (in the day when he was one) Rob, Chris, Doc and a couple others all have the same goal and passion. To promote the hobby of metal detecting and help educate those who desire to learn. Back in the 80's I realized I enjoyed helping people with metal detectors and so a few years later, turned it into a very successful business.
  18. Christmas Reading for newbies and or those who want a refresher. Here is the article mentioned by one of the forum members. Thanks for getting it to me. Hopefully it comes up properly for all to read. Realize this is almost a 10 year old article and some things might have changed, but take what you can from it. W&ET2009.pdf
  19. I have been fortunate to hunt gold in many Western States, AK and even Australia. I was also able to find gold at the places with both VLF & PI type technologies. I've been fortune enough to own and learn almost 40 models of detectors and find gold nuggets. I still have about 5 units I like and would never go on a trip as described with less than 3 different units. Here are the 3 I would take on that trip and why. Gold Monster 1000 as it is very good in tailing piles for larger nuggets. You need light, fast and good Iron Identification. It is also tops at finding small gold pieces and also great when detecting ore dump piles for species and wire gold. GPX series PI with a DD coil. Really doesn't matter which version (4000, 4500, 4800, 5000) as they all have Iron ID when using the DD coil. GPZ-7000 to detect in areas with hardly any trash and to get the best depth/sensitivity combo. Love it for well known areas that have been picked clean by all other detectors. Would never recommend it in dredge tailing piles. Now if I only had room for 2 detectors, I would remove the GPX and use the bigger coil on the Monster in those trashy areas. The Equinox has me excited as I want to see how well the Iron ID words on it. Could be great for big gold in dredge tailings. Again, These are just my recommendations and you could easily put in one of the other more popular VLF's that runs high kHz to substitute the GM-1000. Some of you could also use an SD-2200 or GP series with DD, other than those do not like certain kinds of gold as well as GPX series. Yes I enjoy dredge tailing piles and have found a couple grams in them. Ore dumps are also quite generous to me as sometimes the higher dollar specimens come from those and PI technology does not do well on many of them ones I find. I'll have to look around and try to find that article...maybe scan and copy it on here.
  20. I'm still paying off my 7000, so it will be a while before I can afford plates. Very sharp looking though.
  21. Golden words of advice Doc. I too find gold most times I go out to known nugget areas. I am usually getting the big EGG-O when Prospecting for new ground. But on a rare occasion that new ground can lead to some serious gold. The attached photo is of one of my customers who spend a winter doing research and decided to hunt 4 different areas with his dad. The last place turned to be a real winner with over a pound of gold from there. Keep it up.
  22. Lets say you have been a working person for 20+ years and contributing to the growth of our fine country. You are not rich by any means, but if need be you could find a way to get a good metal detector or two (just like most folks on here reading this). Heck, even after hunting season, you could sell a couple guns? NOT... You get invited by an old friend on a 1 week vacation Prospecting Trip to detect for gold. Yes, the trip of a lifetime for some and just another fun adventure for a few. You are told there are dredge tailing piles, hard rock ore dumps and also the potential to hunt both alluvial eluvial placers. Do you know these terms and the kind of gold generally associated with them? Which detector would you take and why? There is no wrong answer and please lets not attack anyone, brand or model.
  23. Many factors, but for new product it is usually supply and demand. Also, you must realize we do have dealer contracts we sign. If we undercut the product pricing, then we could get canned. Also we are cutting our income. My job is a Full Time Metal Detecting Dealer that goes above and beyond the average. My staff and I write articles, do YouTube videos on education, work directly with engineering and do field testing of proto-types.. We offer 3 day Field Training, gives seminars etc. My only income is all through detector sales. Most folks on here has or did have a working job they earned a pay check. I just happen to enjoy my job more than most. Bottom line, will I offer a discount to a non military person? Repeat Customer Loyalty goes a long way with me. So does the referral program. Attached photo is of staff and I comparing different sizes of coils on undug targets.
  24. I did not say it was complex. I want my staff and I to know the different terms of this new machine and some of its technology. I want to make sure my field staff are keen to the catch words and then be able to describe what they actually do. Maybe its just me and the way I have been doing things as a Senior 20+ year Minelab Dealer (Managed Partner), but I feel you better know what you are selling. With my staff and I, to be honest....we are detectorists 1st and dealer 2nd.
  25. I'll be taking two of my Field Staff members to Phoenix for the 2 day Equinox Training for Dealers. I feel this is very important for my guys and I to learn as much as we can as fast as we can. Eventually we'll be able to pass our knowledge down to the customers. We look forward to earning your business. Yes I'll be there as well as Lunk & Scott. I figured 3 of us taking notes and listening is better than just me.
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