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  1. Rob A - The last time I planned a trip for VLF pickers, grabbed one, put on a small coil and chased specs was at least 10 yrs ago. Sure I help customers find tiny gold at Rye Patch with their VLF's, but that's not really for me anymore to find those. Heck, I'd rather leave them for the customers to find and let them have the excitement like I had years ago when I 1st started chasing gold. To be honest, I even get board chasing .1 and .2 grammers with GPZ-7000, when I know there are a few 2 grammers near by. Yes I go each Fall to RP to get my 1 ounce of NNV nuggets with my 7, as that's been kind of a ritual the last few yrs. Rye Patch has a special place in my heart and I know the gold gods will provide me, but I also know there's bigger gold down the road. To me, gold nugget hunting, it's kind of like the steps in life and after a while, my desires change and I prefer hunting bigger. Maybe the way I am wired, as I used to hunt big game and fish that way as well. Bigger is better and I don't need to kill, catch, or find small gold just to know I'm going home with meat/Au. Maybe I'm more of a "about the hunt and adventure" at my stage of MD'ing career. Thanks for your input. Norvic - I really enjoy meeting small groups of like minded folks and detecting, learning, sharing and camaraderie. Glad you enjoy the same. Tony - Thinking big is perfectly fine with me. Now the term "big" means different things to people and or even me on different hunts. Sometimes I'm all about trying to find any gold at all if it's a new site, but like you, I don't grab a small coiled VLF either. Those older PI's are power punchers on depth of bigger gold. Thanks for bringing back memories of those good ol golden days. Below pics, Me back approx 20 yrs ago swinging the new 20" round on a GP-Extreme. That's a 30" long pick and if I'm not mistaken the 3 gram nugget was near 20" deep. Klunker- Not really comparing big gold to small gold, just asked the style of the nugget hunters here on DP. I'll pass the little stuff all day long to go home with a nice 3 grammer or specimen with 4 grams of gold. I've realized I quit chasing specs a few years back. Neither answer is right or wrong to each person as I'm happy if you are happy. At the end, it all pays for the beer. Thanks for the input and see you down the road... hopefully with big gold.
  2. Looking at your pics, it seems you too are not into chasing tiny VLF gold any more.? My below picks of Success show the newer version Fisher Gold Bug GB-Pro and I tell you, I'm not much of a pickers kind of chaser anymore.
  3. Arch, I'm not in AZ., but this video I did might be of some help to you. As for some personal hands on training 1 on 1, I'll have a Field Staff member down there this next winter and he trains on both gold nuggets and meteorites. I was with him in Jan down there and hunted those space rocks for a couple days, we did quite well.
  4. Glenn, You my friend are one of the few lucky guys to have a wife that enjoys the hunt while by your side. Her enjoying the outdoors and chase of Au is as prized as a big nugget/specimen in itself and so for you two to be doing this so long is a milestone accomplishment. Another thing, I'd like to add about you two. I know and a few others, but many do not, that your are one of the premier CO specimen hunting teams and your efforts are top notch front page magazine material. Just a total eye popping my friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge as well.
  5. Yes keep us informed on how many charges you get out of it for your dinosaur CTX 3030. I also noticed it has USB port of 2.4 so that will allow for charging of your Equinox detector as well. What I found out kind of strange a couple yrs ago. My 2016 F-350 Super Duty Diesel would charge my detectors (including the Equinox) just fine, even if the truck is turned off. I normally charge my detectors in the truck cab on trips in the desert or mountains. My 2018 F-150 will charge my detectors when the truck is running, but as soon as I turn it off, the truck quits charging. Heck it won't even charge my cell phone if the truck is not running. Looks like it might be $100 well spent for those of us who don't like carrying generators and gas on such weekend trips. Between this and the new Doc's Body Cover Kit for the GPX-6000, it's hard to tell which one will sell best for this up coming Father's Day. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Yes, we are told that to never lave gold to find it, but I do as you and try to learn new places as well. In fact, one of the fin things about real prospecting (were it be for old coins/relics or gold) is doing research at home, then trying to find the site out in the desert, hills, mountains....and then making a nice find of an Indian Head Cent, Railroad lock, or even that gold nugget. Just like you do Brian, I enjoy have multiple sites to hunt. Thanks for sharing.
  7. A few weeks ago, I was with a family of long times friends in NV in search of gold. While walking the high desert, seeing the variety of wild flowers in the spring, was very earthy at that moment as nobody for miles, no cars, no phones/computers and no buildings sirens and other disturbances. Just me, my friends over the other hill and the wildflowers. It was a beautiful earthly experience. Then when we got back to camp that night, the friendships made around a good meal was priceless.
  8. Nothing wrong with that at all and it simplifies things.
  9. Gold Catcher - Your name suites your style well. Yes each speci, nugget, picker, lottery chuck is worthy of a dig to most gold hunters and I totally understand/respect those who do so. Finding Gold (the meaning) is different to some hunters and that's why I have come to the point of not caring to take pictures of VLF fly shit, or really matter to hunt it much any more. Not saying I'm any better or above someone who does so, as I was once that person and any gold was better than none. Now throughout my many yrs of detecting gold, my research, focus and challenge is more tuned and designed for the chunky clunkies. Now here is a different spin - I so much enjoy getting a few friends (who can hold their weight with a gold detector) together and just looking for new gold areas. On these rare occasions my focus changes and it's all about "any gold my detector beeps". Hunting gold with friends around, eating/drinking well, listening to stories of gold and the overall camaraderie associated and stronger friendships built on such trips, is really big with me as well. Thanks for letting us in on your gold hunt and meaning.
  10. Norvic, Your read was most appropriate and brings back many memories of my early gold chasing, thought I had it figured out days and to see it from someone who was in pursuit of the Au with a detector...almost 15 yrs before I started collecting the heavy metal. Yes the last part of your fine post is so accurate, until the next new improved detector comes out. Thanks for contributing.
  11. That's mighty wise of you my friend and gracious at the same time.
  12. That's a really nice speci Kingswood and one to be proud of early on for the GPX-6000. Hoping more come your way.
  13. Fishing with kids is to you like, my staff/I teach customers and watching when they find their 1st nugget. Priceless, fun and that's a great feeling. Thanks for sharing.
  14. 3 Seasons is still pretty young yet. What amazes me is you have already scored a 1+ oz'er in that short time. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  15. What is your style of chasing gold and have you changed? Throughout my yrs of nugget hunting with a detector, I have changed my style of detecting. When I first started I found every little bit/crumb of gold and was happy as could be. I NEVER wanted to go home without gold, so the VLF was my king of not going home empty handed. Now I use the VLF tools for their fantastic ID system and hunt trash areas for bigger gold. I used to love finding 20 dink days and did it so often I never even took pics. Heck I've done 50 dinks a day a few times and hit a place in Oregon that I pulled 100+, but for some reason, it was to worthy of a photo? Guess I realized it was big gold everyone wanted to see. Heck, I probably could have had more big gold if I changed my hunt style, but who wants to argue with Success...it just did not weigh much. When the PI's came out and it took me a while to learn them, the 1 grammers were bigger gold and 1/4 oz'ers on up was consider big to this Idaho boy. I then started realzing the PI would find less pieces, but I usually ended up with 2 to 3X the weight. Boy did I flip from VLF to PI....and my gold count went down, but my take home weight went up. Then I was introduced to Ganes Creek, AK (thank you so much Steve H, for the suggestion of me to go up there). I learned the VLF's had another aspect of their capabilities that put a few ounces more into my Cache. What I did with this new learned knowledge was take it back down to the lower 48 states and man, it really started me a gold rush. So many old mining areas are full of trash, but yet so few people with spend the time to hunt them, or they do hunt them, but with the wrong technology. Deeper trash is not a friend of the powerful PI detectors and we've proven that many times. Yes I still love my trips to Rye Patch and desire to pull another oz of NNV gold out with a GPZ-7000, but it's getting tougher each year and in the reality of things, I can spend a week trying to find an ounce of NNV gold nuggets around Rye Patch, or I can spend a week in trashy workings and most certainly will go home with more weight of gold. Today, I would just as soon grab an EQ-800 with stock coil (sometimes larger) and spend hours at a time trying to find 1 piece of gold. Yes there are quick trips I come home with no gold on occasion, but that's my choice, as I could easily put a small coil on the (any VLF gold detector) and knock out a few pickers. But when I do, is it worth taking pics and or sharing? I think it all depends on your interest of gold and experience level. Most newer MD'ers of gold would rather go home with any gold no matter the size, but some of you will progress to the point, the little pickers are fun and cool to find, but not what you really want to take home. So are you a big gold hunter who does not mind going home empty or one who just like digging gold no matter what the size and would be just as happy to find 20 pickers = 2 grams? I'm sure you Aussie mates have a different take on things than us Americans. Would love to get everyone's take and see some of your Success.
  16. Gary, Your display is very nice and shows actual finds as some folks seem to think it's all about the gold. You dig a little more iron than I do, but that's the best way to clean it out. Might as well swing the new GPX-6000 and dig it all, but go deeper than the VLF. Thanks for mentioning for everyone to pack out there trash digs when possible. Hope to see you this summer again.
  17. I too figured the market would be saturated with higher end used gold detectors in anticipation of the new GPX-6000. I know one thing for sure. I'm not about to hold many used GPZ-7000's at once as I still feel the GPX-6000 actually coming out and into customers hands, will then start off a sequence of people trying to sell their old units. 3 months ago, I had more customers wanting to trade for the 6000, but now since the drag out of the release, many customers are now holding on, so that actually have something to use. Heck, who knows when we'll actually start getting the new GPX 6000. Glad you were able to get a good price on your GB-2. It is still a very desired old school VLF and I accept them in trade quite often. When the GPZ-7000 came out, the GPX series on used detectors took a big hit.
  18. Making the best of a bad situation turned a little golden for you. I always carry a few zip ties with me when traveling as they can come in handy in so many ways. Your Macgyver gold nuggets are a treat and thanks for sharing.
  19. Well put Jim and also to add a little of todays terminology. The term "Gold Digger" is quite controversial. Thanks for the little history lesson.
  20. I do want to make sure everyone does know, my original post of this gold coming from WY is 100% true as they were just found this month by my customer with a GPZ-7000. Sorry if I confused anyone a I was having fun with a few of you. It's 100% WY Gold and looks damn nice. We enjoy this forum, the people and sharing finds as it just goes to show some of the opportunities are still out there. On a rare occasion (for the customers who allow me) I get to share some amazing new discoveries. No WY gold is not new, but how often do we really hear of it, let alone get to see it. The customer was very specific about me not dropping any location or name and I totally understand why. Hopefully they will allow me to share more down the road as I really do think this WY Au is quite the treat.
  21. Thanks for taking the time to comment Trevor. It amazes me how so many company brass folks (higher ups) can't seem to take the time to chime in on behalf of the people who are using their product. Your willingness to reach out on occasion just goes to show why CoilTek is such a strong performing company. Your coil designs are adding more fun and finds to customers across the world every day and thanks for the opportunity.
  22. OK I admit, the gold is real, but not from WY. As Brian said, WY is not known for gold, just gold diggers.
  23. Hey, I sell metal detectors for a living, so you know I'm not rich. Plus, advertising is getting expensive, so I slip come kudos to my staff/I on occasion, to keep up with Mail Order and Amazons. At the rate I am getting the GPX-6000, I'll need to start selling dreams...that's right, I already do. BTW, When you going to join us at Rye Patch?
  24. Thanks for giving us some more info on WY and sharing your success pics.
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