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  1. Yes I will Never part with my Sovereign GT. A Beast !!! I am truly wondering how it will do in Alaska gold fields with a 6 inch coil.
  2. Be nice if a person could choose between any one or any multiple of those frequencies. Like notching on or off any or all the operating frequencies. ???
  3. Should still be in warranty. Send it in. Some place in Georgia. Look on their website.
  4. Speaking of PI detectors. Now that Garrett has aquired White's. How about a multi frequency Whites TDI ??? 98 frequencies from the Infinium. Added to the Whites TDI with it's incredible ground tracking and ground balance. That sounds interesting !
  5. I'd love to see you try that test with the measly lil Tesoro Mojave. It best every machine I own in nails. The Compadre as well. I own many machines. Minelabs, Garrett, White's, even the lil Simplex. I wish I had picked up the Tesoros years ago before they crashed. The Mojave is my primary machine around fence's and homes surrounded by nails. My Sovereign GT does quite well in nails. Though not as good as that lil Mojave. I've even heard it's found nuggets others missed in Australia. I did enjoy your video.
  6. I wish Minelab would bring back the Sovereign GT. Awesome Machine.
  7. Roughwater, Just seeing this post for the first time. How have you experienced the Eureka Gold over the years.
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