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  1. No tracking and down here, GB rarely changes from the preset value. I'm sure on some beaches I'll need to give tracking a try but so far I don't see a need for it.
  2. Interesting for sure. Over on the Gulf side, I run the same settings in Beach Mode except Salt Sensitivity = 7 Reactivity = 0 I will say I experimented some and I decided to run Audio Response up to 7 to "hear" the deeper targets easier and found (like mentioned in the manual) it will light up all the smaller surface targets.... it was too chatty for me so I dropped it back down to 6. All together it is very stable in the water. I'm still on version 0.7 Cliff
  3. Agreed although looking at my list, very few would have been notched out.... I prefer to be the notch for my machine(s) however, you can ask Dew, I notched out a penny spill he dug after me....yes, there was a beautiful 14k onyx ring with those pennies! Nothing and no one is perfect I guess. Cliff
  4. Aaron, with the D2 and your notch patterns, you will be missing a lot of gold rings. This is just a sampling of some I have on hand. This doesn't take into account a 10 gram 18k I got with the D2 that rang in at 86-87. Cliff
  5. All shown were 14k with the exception of the single band which was 18k. I did forget to show one 10k during the first month.... here it is. Bracelet was 7.13 gr. hollow 14k. I believe all could have been in range of either the Nox or MDT. The baseball glove pendant I may have passed over with the other machines only because it was in the foil range. Being a new detector, I'm still digging and learning the machine so I've dug my fair share of foil in the dry sand whereas I pass a lot of foil when using the MDT. Nox hasn't been out with me in 3-4 years other then as a loner machine.
  6. All from salt water/ salt sand. Nox was replaced years ago with the Tarsacci. now, the Tarsacci gets to take a break.
  7. First month beach hunting, dry, wet and water using modified Beach Sensitive and Dive (in the water). Really liking this machine and still so much to learn about it. Not shown are two 925 necklaces and all the misc coins and pull tabs. Roughly 80 hours on the machine so far give or take a few hours. Cliff
  8. In All Metal, give it a ferrous tone and a non ferrous tone to go along with the + or - target ID's. I don't look at the numbers normally since the display is underwater most of the time..... I just try to make out the + or - next to the numbers. With two tones in all metal, I'd probably never look at the screen. Maybe a brightness control for the backlight. Lots of good comments above mine! Cliff
  9. Thanks for the closeup picture. Nice work, looks like a grommet wouldn't work unless it was a special one, two layers of material would be too much for the standard over the counter grommets. Cliff
  10. It appears you ran the antenna through the shaft. Did you drill the holes or were they already drilled in the shaft? Cliff
  11. Good write up Dew, nothing to change there....I'll get it tuned in for our area and then have another hunt with you. Actually made a few tweeks today and will test them tonight. Carolina, you are right, that's how I did my antenna too. Dew, you did forget to tell my embarrassing moment.... While out about chest deep, I started to get an iron target over a large area, even commented that I found a sunken boat.... turned out to be some weed stuck on the antenna wire with a piece of monofilament line with the eye and shank of a rotted out fishing hook....each time I moved the coil, it flopped under the coil giving an iron signal...I really thought I had broke the Deus until I found that. Dancer, the antenna works getting the signal from the coil to the controller however with the controller underwater you do need wired headphones. Cliff
  12. Penny signal right? How about 10.65 grams of 18k, three scoops to retrieve. Dig those penny signals! Cliff
  13. Using BC setting of 3, I've found it a pleasure on the dry sand and on the wet sand, however, the really deep bottlecaps don't "break up" until you get down closer to the target. I'll also say that with a discrimination of 8 and BC of 3 (using Dive mode) I dug a mixed signal in the water which turned out to be a stainless steel ring. I heard a mid tone with some iron I don't remember the TID.
  14. Good to know. Glad I have BC set at 3 on my beach settings. Cliff
  15. What an opportunity to really learn the menus..... what I used as my "custom" programs were in a state of flux anyway until I really learn the machine and what affects what on the beach. Cliff
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