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  1. Equinox sent in on a Friday, received on Monday, phone call Monday afternoon to me from the repair center saying it was in the mail for return. Received on Thursday, less than a week turnaround. Kudos to the repair facility! Cliff
  2. Looks like a piece of artwork it is so nice! Great build with lots of potential for sales. Good luck. Cliff
  3. If you are worried about the connector (when not connected) either be real careful not to get water on the connector. Use a plastic bag if you have to.... or reconnect the connector until you are done rinsing it off..... To be honest, since I've owned my machine, I rinse it off at the beach, and take it home to charge.....it is only going to get wet the next day anyway..... connector hasn't been disconnected since I put it on originally. Many days it gets put away wet to drip dry......
  4. Totally dependant on each individuals hearing as to what can be tolerated. On a windy day with waves crashing, you will turn up the volume. I will say those Garrett Blues are LOUD!
  5. Valid point Daniel! I had my target volumes modified too.....all but iron up to maximum. I have a few sets of headphones I use on the Equinox, , I use a reduced overall volume normally 22 or 23, with all but the yellows which I have to use a setting of 25. Cliff
  6. My gel pads came from China also but via Amazon. Even with careful measuring and finding a pair that "ought to fit" they didn't, so I did as I have in the past, glued them on and that has worked fine. Cliff
  7. Spent 5 hours in the water with the Equinox and the ML Yellows yesterday so now I have a good idea how they will work for underwater. (I've added silicon to the insides of the yellow cups to lower the ambient noise that comes in the thin plastic also added gel pads for the same reason. Just wanted to put that out there for everyone to know they have been slightly modified.) The phones worked well enough that I could hear targets underwater. My hunting with a snorkel is walking upright with 40 lbs of weight to keep me planted on the bottom. When a target is heard, I have the option of dropping down and fanning or using the scoop if it is a deeper target. I seriously doubt these phones will work for Scuba hunting due to the noise from the air bubbles, I would try something else for Scuba. One time I did have trouble hearing a target and later realized the darn phones had slipped off my ears, guess I dropped down to fast. Nothing spectacular on this hunt but the Equinox really found some small targets out there. By the way, open small hoop earrings sound more like a false than a target so having iron discriminated and turning down the sensitivity until you have an almost silent machine (I don't us threshold) helped finding the smaller items. Sadly that good looking rose gold Pandora stud is just 14k plated. I really thought I had my first gold stud earring in the water. Cliff
  8. Dan, the Pa facility isn't doing the Equinox repairs just yet. Minelab in Naperville? is doing the first few months to ensure they capture any problems/concerns with the machine while the Pa facility gears up to take over after a few months. The Pa. facility is doing a great job with all other repairs and I wouldn't expect that to change when they take over repairs on the Equinox. Also since the unit is sealed, I would assume most "repairs" would be replacements. Cliff
  9. Thanks, that sounds promising. I plan on doing some testing tonight to verify. Cliff
  10. Don't use foam to insulate (unless closed cell) if you are using them underwater, you won't like the smell after a period of time. Applying silicon to the inside of the ear cups will help and not stay wet when out of the water. Taping over the vent and drain holes helps some too, just remove the tape IF using them underwater. Cliff
  11. Steve, thanks for that input ….. but..... I'm in Florida, on the Gulf coast with really mild conditions.....I can hunt all day in the water without the overload coming in UNLESS I have my coil near a beer can OR put my scoop next to the coil for a longer period of time (haven't tried big iron yet). That is when the overload comes in and does not clear.....so …..conditions do go away but it doesn't reset when in the water... My main concern is IF transmit power is reduced does transmit power stay reduced IF the symbol is still showing on the display? Cliff
  12. Well, I tested my 800 in the garage and it will reset after approximately 10 seconds, however, when in the saltwater it will not reset on its own. Once the overload is in, it stays in until you turn the machine on and off OR use the user profile button on then off to make the symbol clear. Cliff
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