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  1. Joe, as Dew stated, I am now using the TE's on the AQ. The stock phones I needed full volume and had the threshold up around 7, now I can run the volume where ever I want (normally 5-6) and the threshold can be lowered (for my hearing) to 4-5. I'd rather have some adjustment to make rather then run wide open as with the stock phones that came with my AQ.... I didn't however open the cups up to see if I have the dual piezos or not... I agree the TE's have a very clean audio which has helped me determine what I think is under the coil....I'm still digging the targets to verify my hunches.
  2. I was just asking because of the above post Steve...... Cliff
  3. Coil cover a special order ? Got my machine about 2 weeks ago and didn't get one. Cliff
  4. " Set knobs to presets except volume (full); threshold was at 4 and hunted all metal. A thanks again to Clive, the edges are easier to hear than previous hunt, but I don't think I'm anywhere near as tuned in yet as I got with the HHPulse." Glad to see you are tuning yourself in on the sounds of the AQ. I'm back out there today (water conditions permitting) along with Dewcon with hopes of checking live targets to compare with the MDT. I spent so much time out there yesterday putzing with the knobs I can't realistically say what settings I was on so today is a concerted effort to "lea
  5. Almost to the minute Joe. Dont think I want one to last longer.
  6. I have to qualify that title, 90% of the bottle caps were found in the dry sand along with one plated ring. This is not a dry sand coin shooting machine...but I knew that going into it. Lots to learn yet on the machine, wanted to do some testing against the MDT today but unfortunately, the battery died prior to us testing. Most of the water hunting was done in All Metal, 10,5us due to choppy water, sensitivity was just under 4. Gold ring #2 for the AQ 10k, 2.15 grams with CZ's. No doubt in my mind that any other water machine would have got this one IF you got your coil over it.
  7. Good report, it appears you were near a machine shop.....lathe scraps? I'll be interested in hearing what threshold you end up with on a windy day, i too have the volume maxed out but with wind, needed the thresbold near 6 to hear. I've got tinnitus in both ears so am already hearing a constant threshold in my head.... Cliff
  8. Wow, you did have a bunch of silver......outstanding ! Cliff
  9. WTG, another nice old class ring. To bad the silver gets eaten up so bad, you'd have a heck of a collection of silver coins. Cliff
  10. Not in melt value BUT, here it is with its retail value..... I'm shocked at the price to be honest. https://www.macys.com/shop/product/mens-diamond-cluster-ring-2-ct.-t.w.-in-10k-gold?ID=6209252&CategoryID=21176 To bad all hunts don't have results like that! Cliff
  11. My tester is an older GemOro. I really need to replace it with a newer one although it still works and is pretty reliable. I normally cross check it on a known good diamond.
  12. Approximately 3 hour hunt (one battery), about 2 hours in the water in the Gulf. Water was almost flat with a slight current, bottom was rippled. This particular beach doesn't get many tourists and is somewhat out of the way, I didn't expect a lot of targets. Since I still have loads to learn on the machine, I didn't spend a whole lot of time with any specific setting as I was trying to see what adjustments did what. Hunted in all metal the entire hunt. I found you really need to hunt slow to avoid any rising threshold due to swinging into deeper water. Sensitivity adjustments and delay
  13. I'm quite sure Fisher would like to see that battery and hear all the details you have/noticed. Sorry to hear/see for sure and I will keep an eye on mine.....when it gets here. Thanks for the post and photos. Cliff
  14. Definitely! and, I'll probably do the same to learn the "language" of the AQ. Cliff
  15. Almost enough to scare me away from the AQ until I saw you were mostly in the dry. Interesting though the bottle caps, from my quick count, about 1/3 of the caps were Corona's.......the average for Corona would be very similar down here in Florida at my beaches. Good luck on your next hunt. Cliff
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