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  1. The new battery compartment/cap assembly is a huge improvement to the machine even though I've never had a leaking problem from many hours of use in the salt water with the original cap. Love the MDT! Good video Aaron. Cliff
  2. Not sure, may have been one of Harold's prior to getting my Eisenhower phones.... over two years ago and you want me to remember the phones I used...... Ha Ha.... I'm lucky I can remember any minor details anymore. I forgot about the music I had heard until it was posted which jarred my brain cells.... Changing the phones could be the reason since it hasn't happened again.... I just can't be sure. Cliff
  3. Huh, music through the headphones.... I had a similar problem when I first got my MDT and even mentioned it to Tom D. sheepishly cause I thought I was hearing things. It happened in one particular spot at one beach where there were a few towers nearby. I've never had it happen again and even tried to "make" it happen again. I kept looking around to figure out where the person was with the loud music until I realized it was in my headphones..... but again, it hasn't happened since and I just love this machine. Cliff
  4. Good hunt, great results and so glad you are back at it Joe! Cliff
  5. I find my arm and wrist problems after a 5-6 hour hunt are a thing of the past now with Steve's 2 piece shaft on the Tarsacci. Amazing how much of a difference the smaller diameter does make..... Cliff
  6. I found out to late myself, I would have made the trip up just to say hi....again.
  7. Speedy recovery Joe, hypothermia is nothing to play around with.... Cliff
  8. Hmm, about 30 machines out there, 3 or 4 reported broken (lower shaft) and a redesigned replacement is available.... I'm betting Fisher has all of our addresses on file..... Cliff
  9. Just checked mine and found it functional but sounded/felt a bit gritty inside. After a few times cycling it back and forth, it sounds better and feels better. Cliff
  10. I haven't tried adjusting my shaft but will say the spring button is rusting. Yes I do rinse off after every hunt. Kind of the norm for spring buttons Cliff
  11. Joe, as Dew stated, I am now using the TE's on the AQ. The stock phones I needed full volume and had the threshold up around 7, now I can run the volume where ever I want (normally 5-6) and the threshold can be lowered (for my hearing) to 4-5. I'd rather have some adjustment to make rather then run wide open as with the stock phones that came with my AQ.... I didn't however open the cups up to see if I have the dual piezos or not... I agree the TE's have a very clean audio which has helped me determine what I think is under the coil....I'm still digging the targets to verify my hunches. Still learning the machine but it is coming along. Cliff
  12. Coil cover a special order ? Got my machine about 2 weeks ago and didn't get one. Cliff
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