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  1. the one thing I have noticed with the Simplex and the Legend when connecting the coil cable to the control pod get the connector lined up then start to tighten a little at a time, tighten then push in on the cable at the control housing connector then tighten a little more then push in the cable a little more keep doing this and it will eventually be completely seated into the connector at the control pod if you do not do this you will get the coil warning every time
  2. Sorry I did not know that Geotech thanks for the info, I would have swore in the little pamphlet it said there was three levels of vibration and volume now I am scratching my head well either I am imagining it but it did seem to get louder and the vibrate stronger
  3. batteries were checked got it fixed per phrunt's reply thanks for the reply
  4. I thought all the F pulse pin pointers have three different volume setting thanks for the reply
  5. just did what you said and it seem to be louder now also vibration seems stronger thank you phrunt
  6. Does anyone else have an issue with their F Pulse pin pointer not being able to hear it at the loudest setting also the vibration mode is very weak on it so I was just curious if this is common with the F Pulse
  7. The first updater tool they had was a pain in the butt when I received my legend it was in the first shipment to hit the U.S all those Legends had 1.04 then they came out with 1.05 it took me 17 hours to get the install of 1.05 to go and when it finally did go there was no rhyme or reason as to why the 1.05 finally installed,the next update was 1.06 it installed with in seconds then 1.07 came out to all of us and again it took hours to get it to finally install the 1.08 software went fairly smooth and then within a few days they came out with 1.09 and a new installer tool shortly after, and then just recently updated the installer tool from V1-5 and to what is now the V1-6, 1.05, 1.07 and 1.09 is in that one install tool, not that I can tell you how to get to the 1.07 or 1.05 versions firmware in that updater tool because every time I have re installed the 1.09 update the 1.09 is showing in the tool to do the update The one thing I have discovered is if you try to update the firmware you want to do it using a windows 10 PC be it a lap top or a desktop because it will not work using a windows 11 PC anything and I do not know why, at least it has not worked for me using a windows 11, I do not own a Mac so I have never tried on one of them the other thing you want to shut down your firewalls and anti virus when you are doing the installs because if you do not it does not seem to want to let them install I set both to come back on when I restart my PC and when I am finished doing the install of a new version I restart my PC so as to not forget to turn my firewalls and anti virus back on
  8. Guess I am safe then LOL even though I venture into other sites this is the site I come to, to see what level headed posters and knowledgeable detectorist post up, I love this site because of all the knowledgeable posters
  9. the factory reset is only available once you install the 1.09 in the Legend and it is a very simple process I also recommend going to the Nokta/Macro site and downloading the new Manual as the manuals that came with 1.04, 1.05 and 1.07 will not have any of the info for the 1.09 like factory resetting the legend , iron filter settings stability settings and other things The Legend User Manual (EN) View Download
  10. yep what simon posted is the current new updater tool V1-6 is the version of the update tool the 1.09 software is inside that V1-6 tool
  11. we are all like fisherman when we first get a fish on the line it is 6 inches until we get home then it some how grew to 20 inches LOL
  12. what you just stated is what kept me from jumping on a nox I just could not get past the build quality issues and they are why I jumped on the Legend band wagon I have no regrets in my decision in going with the Legend, I do not believe a single frequency detector will ever be obsolete or Mine Lab, Nokta/Macro and XP would not have made it possible to switch to single frequencies, the Legend, Equinox and Deus2 just gives you several detectors in one
  13. happy thanksgiving to all my metal detecting brethren, may the metal detecting gods help you find that 2 pound nugget
  14. Anyone happen to have a 4x6 coil that will work on the Garrett 24K that they want to sell, if someone does let me know please, also does anyone have coil covers for the 6x10 coil that comes with the 24K looking to purchase one of those also Thanks for reading
  15. the way I look at this is it will be here when it gets here and rushing Nokta/Macro does nothing but gets them to hurry the coil out the door which I personally do not want, I want it to be rite when it is released with no issues look at the Legend they rushed it to appease all the hurry up and wait group and then had to quickly throw out updates to us, when if people would have been patient that might not have happened, yes the Legend is a great detector, and I feel the 9.5x5 inch coil will be a great coil for the Legend I know it is on the Simplex but if we rush them it may not come out good I use the 6 inch coil all the time its also a great coil on the Legend for a 6 inch coil it has unbelievable depth, and in trash is fantastic, yes it is a bit small but not UN usable, I sure would not want to detect a beach or wide open field with it but for getting in tight spots it is great under and around rocks and under bushes it is great and I can live with it until they do release the 9.5x5 coil
  16. I have just recently started swinging the Garrett's 24 K and I will say I have had zero issues with it being knock sensitive and I scrub the ground and bump the coil into some pretty serious rocks while trying to get in and around them, my GM 1000 was not that way it sounded off with the slightest of bumps into obstacles. the 24 K is a real pleasure to swing where I detect
  17. to do the factory reset = while the legend is booted up click the power button once it opens the first sub menu then move over to the little man that is user profiles once on the little man do not push the up arrow instead hold down on the pin point reject button you will see some lines start going around the screen keep holding the pin point reject until you see FD on the screen then release the pen point reject button, you have now performed a factory reset of the Legend holding the power button down for 30 seconds has never been recommended by Delik or Nokta/macro in fact Delik has stated several times to not do that procedure to try and do a reset.
  18. JCR if you go into the user profile that is the setting to set up a user profile you just move over to the little man but do not push the up arrow once on the little man hold down on the pin point reject button and you will see some lines going around the screen keep holding the pin point reject button until you see FD on the legend screen then release the pin point reject button, you have now done a factory reset, this is the only factory reset that Nokta/Macro and Delik recommends, the holding of the power button they have never recommended Delik even stated such on a video she put up
  19. I did mine with a gold paint pen, and I did my wife's in Orange paint pen the Orange really makes them pop, and makes the buttons even easier to see then the gold color, Initially i did mine with white and did not really care for the looks of white so I painted over the white with gold
  20. you can do this to the buttons to make them easier for you to see makes a huge difference used a paint pen, purchased a whole set of like 20 different colors on amazon for less then $10
  21. wait are you saying the Garrett 24 K can use wireless headphones that can be purchased or do you have to run a Bluetooth transmitter to allow you to use wireless headphones, which is what I am doing
  22. on the Legend its not really a variance in the headphones it is something with the Legend because all the earbuds and the wireless Nokta/Macro headphones I tried worked with a Bluetooth transmitter that I purchased to use with the 24K all of them worked flawlessly with the wireless transmitter, the wireless headphones that came with the Legend does the same thing as the wireless earbuds just the Nokta/Macro wireless headphone work a little better then the earbuds with the Legend
  23. here is an email I just sent to Andy at We dig OK Andy as you requested and discussed on the Phone without the Bluetooth activated in the Legend the threshold seems to work fine the below findings are with the Bluetooth activated in the Legend control pod using various wireless earbuds and the supplied wireless headphones from Nokta/Macro using a set of Black Shark T4 earbuds they are low latency at35 Ms here is what I found with these there is no threshold sound until you set the threshold at a setting of 9-30 the volume has to be at 6 in the control pod at a volume setting of 5-1 there is no sound it was the same with several other brands of low latency earbuds with the Nokta/Macro supplied wireless headphones my findings below volume of 2 on control pod there is no threshold sound until the legend is set at a threshold of 6 at a threshold setting of 1-5 there is no threshold sound At a volume of 3 on the control pod there is no threshold sound until you are at a setting of 4 on the threshold settings no threshold sound below a setting of 4 with volume set at 4 there is no threshold sound until at a threshold setting of 3 volume level at 5 it is the same as volume level 4 no threshold sound until a threshold setting of 3 at a volume setting of 6 on the control pod you can hear the threshold sound at a setting of 2 -30, but at a threshold setting of 1 again there is no threshold sound at a 1 setting I hope this all makes since and yes I think Nokta/Macro looks into this or at the vary least informs Legend users of my findings Thanks Andy for taking the time to read this and informing Nokta/Macro the last thing I will say the issue is not with the Earbuds or the supplied Nokta/Macro wireless headphones because all the earbuds I tested and the supplied wireless headphones that came with the Legend works flawlessly when I connect them to a wireless Bluetooth transmitter that I use with my Garret 24K it is something in the Bluetooth in the Legend, I believe
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