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  1. Here's mine that Pat did, attached to the coil lead, damn nice job !
  2. Hey Rick, if you want someone to do patch your lead for you, I can highly recommend Pat from SteelPhase. He did mine and I can not fault the service. Cost me $100 including return post of the GPZ14, and he also put a new plug on the GPZ14 so it can still be used. He apparently has done a few now. Cheers, Rick
  3. I was just sent the new Minelab Vanquish ad, what a total wank ! It tells you nothing about the machine, other than showing that it is a coin/ treasure machine ( as if we need another one of those ! ) I don't know who is doing Minelab's ads, but they need to be fired, IMHO ! https://www.minelab.com/vanquish Rick
  4. No worries Rick ! I cancelled my big coil order because 20 inch is not a big enough difference over 17 inch to justify the $$$$. Old mate in Russia wasn't happy with the performance of the 22x21 so has put them on the backburner. Cheers, Rick
  5. Here is a photo of the internals of a 17 inch super D X Coil. Two ferrites included in this coil. As you can see, vastly different to the Minelab coil ! Cheers, Rick
  6. My 22x21 must be leaving at the same time as yours, my 12" has hit Melbourne so will have it in a few days. Also bought 2 extra lower shafts from Lucky Strike in Geelong, ready to go when the Russian jobbies arrive. Cheers, Rick
  7. You nailed it Steve. We alter things every day, such as the diesel tuning chip and modified suspension that I have added to my Triton. We are not making fake copies of the GPZ, just altering it slightly to allow another brand of coil to run. The thing is, despite all the protestations, these Russian jobbies work, and they work well. I have already pulled numerous bits from my " dead " patches just with the 17 inch. I have had none of the " problems " that are supposed to plague these coils. We now have choices, and that is what makes us all happy ! ? Can't wait to see what the " big bertha " 22x21 can do, when it arrives " from Russia with love " !! ? Cheers, Rick
  8. Found another nice bit in one of my flogged spots today, beside a little patch in State forest. Went 3.6 grams. Also got an 0.2 gram crumb. Rough reef gold, as were all the bits from here. Only out for a couple of hours today, going to put a full day in tomorrow ! How well do these new Russian coils go ! Still had none of the problems that JP was talking about, and it balanced fine over the ferrite ! Ground here is bloody noisy in patches, but was still able to run Normal HY over most of it, which I could NEVER do with the GPZ14 or GPZ19. Rick
  9. Got to agree with you Norvic. I thought when the ZED first came out that the chip was in the coil, but learned later it was actually in the plug. If they had have put the chip in the coil, we would all be stuffed ! Probably a mistake on their behalf, because now there is nothing they can do to stop the flow of aftermarket coils. Rick
  10. Likewise Norvic, I have found I can use normal a lot more now. Stability is great, as is EMI resistance. In addition to my awesome 17 X coil, I have a 12 round and a 22 x 21 coming. Can't wait to see how well the big " Russian jobbie " goes on some deep ground ! The way these coils are performing, I can see Minelab taking a big hit to sales of their GPZ19. Cheers, Rick
  11. Fred, that's exactly what I and a few others did, but we were labelled " knockers " ( per jrbeatty above ), and far worse ! All we did was point out it's shortcomings in WA, and copped a whole lot of sh#t for our troubles ! Simon, I don't think you will have many problems at all in NZ with your crazily mild mineralisation, but I can assure you that that is not the " experience and observations " of a number of us who were trying to use it in WA, and at least one user from NSW ! Rick
  12. Anyone who pointed out anything negative about the QED was labelled a Minelab sycophant by the QED crew. As I said, they would rather attack the individuals than admit there was a problem. Most people were too afraid to publicly say anything negative, because of the public denigration they then received ! BTW, Howard has recently made an admission of sorts in regards to the problems I highlighted, by stating things he is trying to add to or fix on the QED. From AEGP forum : " 1: Better GB ie ability to handle higher intensity ground variability without constant re Ground Balancing. " " 2: Ground Tracking. " Rick
  13. And the bolded section was also my findings, and those of at least 4 others, in Western Australia, when I tried to use the QED for patch hunting in heavily mineralised and variable ground. It needed to be re-ground balanced every two feet or so, making it unusable for the job ! Hot rocks also gave it hell. Not that the QED sycophants will listen to these people about these problems, they would rather attack and denigrate the user, than admit that there is a problem ! Rick
  14. Gidday Jasong, Thanks. I finally have a good video camera, and it has a plug in microphone that I have covered with some sponge to dull the wind noise. The stock built in microphones are terrible when it comes to windy days ! Cheers, Rick
  15. All the reports from people who have these new coils are good, and from what I have seen in a week so far they are impressive, much better than the stock coil. I would like to do comparisons, but I hunt alone, and it was hard enough carting a video camera with small tripod around with me, let alone a stock coil as well ! Not to mention having to swap the coils around, which is not as quick and easy as swapping GPX coils, plus I don't want to be changing too often as I don't want to possibly damage the adapter lead. Cheers, Rick
  16. Got out today for a few hours in between showers and managed to get one nice little 1.5 grammer in an area I have carefully gridded with stringlines. Was detecting in HY Normal, sensitivity 18 and no smoothing. 17 inch X coil. Ground was damp and normal moaned a bit, but the targets still yelled out. Normal general ran noticeably quieter that normal HY. Filmed in 4K with a new dedicated video camera, hope you enjoy. The X coil is dynamite, and I can see many more nuggets coming ! ? Cheers, Rick
  17. My bullshit meter has just blown up !! Some people must be really gullible ! Cheers, Rick
  18. All good thanks JP, no offence taken at all. Cheers, Rick
  19. Gidday Jin, I've been using picks made by " bluejeansronald " for a long time, they are great. Contact him through Prospecting Australia Forum, he also has them on eBay from time to time. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=15914&p=1 Pictures of them by Mbasko down the first page a bit. Cheers, Rick
  20. JP, I understand the theory behind the ferrite. I use semi auto, and as you know, the machine "learns" the ground and compensates as it goes. As I said, I have found no positive difference in using the ferrite, after many tests of in ground targets, which is why I stopped using it. In fact, if anything, I found the the ferrite can actually over compensate for the ground, especially if you are in quieter ground. Just my findings, yours may be different. I use no audio smoothing, my machine runs just fine without it. Sensitivity at least 16, usually 18, and often 20 when night detecting. Threshold 25, volume 18, threshold pitch 37 and volume limit 16. As you know JP, ground noise is a delicate balancing act. I always try to use normal, but when ground noise gets too much you have to go to difficult, with the corresponding loss of depth ! Deciding the point where ground noise is negating the benefit of normal is the $64K question ! Cheers, Rick
  21. Gidday JP, Did not even bother with the ferrrite, haven't for about a year now. To be honest, I have not seen any improvement / difference between using the ferrite or not, when testing over buried targets, or general prospecting. I was using HY Normal for most of the time, just to see how much ground feedback I got. The ground where I was varies from medium to nasty, with lots of hot rocks and hot pockets of clay. A bit of ground noise where I got the 2 targets, but the two targets still jumped out ! Other areas the ground was too noisy to run normal, so went to difficult and HY. Tried a number of different settings, including general difficult, which is generally my go to for raw prospecting. No bump sensitivity at all. Same with general / extra deep. These coils have excellent build quality ! The coil is a super D similar to Minelab, not spiral wound. EMI was also good too, considering the wet and windy weather we have at the moment. Cheers, Rick
  22. Gidday All, Managed to get two hours in today before rain chased me home with the 17 inch Russian X coil. Blew me away just how good this coil is ! I purposely picked a small area of State forest that I have flogged for the last 10 years, with all 3 different GPX detectors, with coils from 11-25 inches, the SDC, and even a QED. This spot has yielded many ounces of gold to me from 0.05g up to 33g. I had declared it " dead ", as my last 10 or so efforts with the standard GPZ14 and GPZ19 have yielded nothing more. 2 hours in today, nearly back to the car, and I get an obvious signal. This was slightly downhill from a small patch of small reef gold, in an area that I have literally smashed. Coil was about 2 inches above the ground because of sticks and clumpy grass. Removed said obstacles and signal firmer. 4 inches in and I am in nice gravel, target now screaming, out pops what turns out to be buck shot. Bugger, but this is from a spot that I have NEVER managed to get a target in ! Moved about 10m along and same thing, another obvious target, once again coil 2 inches over the ground. Dug in and same again, 4 inches down in nice gravel, target screaming louder than the buckshot, out pops what turns out to be an 0.65 gram bit of reef gold ! I'll be buggered, I thought ! Rain then chased me home. Coil was very sensitive, being able to pick up my 0.11g test piece at 2 inches. I tried knocking the coil against a tree a few times and no bump sensitivity. 17 round weighs the same as the GPZ14. All in all, a fantastic coil. Don't know what the Russians have done differently, but Minelab need to have a good hard look ! Further testing to come when our shitty weather finally breaks. Cheers, Rick
  23. That would be the Minelab SDC2300 " blue vacuum ", a machine that works really well in WA, unlike another, that shall remain nameless. Well done on the gold Dave, looking forward to testing my new GPZ17 this week, if the rain will go away ! All the best for the rest of your trip, wish I was over there too ! Cheers, Rick
  24. The GPZ is already OVER 4 years old, got mine first week of March 2015. Cheers, Rick
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