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  1. Oh, and that string you see is how the coil was adjusted for level use. The tensioning device at the coil really, really sucks.
  2. Just found out that I need to spend $540 for a new coil because a plastic pin holds the coil to the shaft. Unit was dropped from waist level and snapped this polystyrene pin. "Showing the picture to our Technician unfortunately the broken pin in it is not reparable, never seen the happened before in 10 years the detector came out You will need to buy a new coil." 10" x 12" (25 x 31 cm) DD Open Searchcoil PN: 2234600.....$529.95 Yep, 10" x 12" coil held to the shaft with a plastic pin that is non-reparable and worth $530. Will repair and sale the unit. Done with Garrett...
  3. Another consideration is the mismarking / id of areas on old maps. In my area complete watersheds were mislabeled on maps so "strikes" or reports on mines were completely wrong.
  4. The wife and I did the same a couple of weeks ago, tired of the skunk that was following us out at Rye Patch we headed North to return to the Eugenes. We like the view and it's a new area to explore. We arrived early in the morning and in just under two hours the wife has her first Nevada nugget. 3.3g with nice chevrons. Waiting for a break in the heat to head back over.
  5. I've always wondered why someone couldn't make a device that would take the audio signal, like from a Gold Bug 2, and have it "listen" for the tones for you. I can tell the difference between lead and gold on my GB 2. Seems like a device could do this better.
  6. It can be disassembled. Steve has that somewhere on this site.
  7. Wife found this with the GB2. Yep, that is the head of a pin.
  8. Mox, Sorry we couldn't hook up on Sunday. I was pushin dirt all day. I've had my GB2 a couple of years now and still learning. Dial down your Sensitivity knob to about 5 to quiet it down some in noisy areas. Old iron will chirp on Iron Disc., take some lead to drop on the ground once you ground balance for an area to get a tone for it. I used to epoxy a split shot weight on the end of a chop stick with 1" marks on it. You could push it in the ground to see what sensitivity depth you have based on the dirt you are standing on.
  9. Hey Mox, if you head to gold country, I'm between Hwy 50 and 80 in the foothills and have both the GB 2 and ATX if you would like to have some free training. Also have good ground to train on. Pm me if interested.
  10. Steve, could you put part numbers and website information on this kit? I have the Garrett ATX and would love to set it up differently and possibly add a smaller coil to it. Rick
  11. Yeah, saw a couple of Gopher Snakes, Geckos and Horny Toads. Steve, just not needed right now, another detector to augment the GB2 is still in the works but I am concentrating on current work area which doesn't need the PI. Desert hunting we will stick with bedrock where and when we can find it and get the small pickers. The ATX is a great detector.
  12. Ray, Thanks for putting this together. Although we got skunked, we had a great time and really enjoyed the desert. The view was great. Headed home via Imlay Rd. We headed out early as we didn't bring our snake chaps. Rick and Con
  13. We'll be rolling up tomorrow morning. Driving up to Winnemucca tonight. See you all there.
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