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  1. GoldEn

    Hi From Australia

    Hi Dale Welcome to the forum. I went overseas in 2017 and I am still here.Bought Equinox and Garret AT Pro and enjoy going detecting. I am detecting in your neighbourhood when you come in Europe if you want to catch up for detect socially let me know.(send me a message if you prefer as I speak local languages as I was born here).Your mate Dave met me couple times and we got together in Cairns for a dinner and little chat. I enjoy it as a hobby and its first time I use this type of detecting.Come across some very interesting things and some coins. It a hobby and I donate my finds to museums.Its a trill of find which doest it for me. Still I miss gold detecting in Australia. Good luck and look forward to see yours new videos. GoldEN
  2. GoldEn

    Some 2300 Littlies

    Hej Dave Times must be though. Nice to see you getting 2300 in action. They might be small but its feeling when you get a piece of gold which matters. Nice nuggets.They look good to me. GoldEN
  3. Hi Dave Hope all is well. I like your species and that bigger one makes me laugh every time I see.itooks great but funny only that tiny bit of gold there. Hope you find some full of it. Take care hope to see you soon. GoldEn
  4. Good luck with it. I had it for a couple months and I am very happy with it.As I am at the moment in Europe I can not talk about gold nuggets finds but its fantastic on coins/gold in the sea and coins on land. Easy to set up and use. I am sure you will find a few nuggets with it. Stay safe and dig all. GoldEN
  5. Found with Garett AT Pro in olives fields. Golden
  6. Hungary-Austrian Empire Garett AT PRO GoldEN
  7. Think turkish empire but not sure. If someone can identify would be great. Garett AT PRO couple inches deep. GoldEN
  8. Nice little silver coin detected by Garett AT Pro in couple inches of soil. Keep safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  9. GoldEn

    Finally Got Out For A Detect

    Hi JW, Great pictures and great concert. Was lucky enough to get some VIP tickets couple years ago in Split/Croatia. Seems he loves the country: https://www.croatiaweek.com/pink-floyd-legend-roger-waters-to-play-croatia-show/ Great detecting.Amazing you can hear that little nuggets so deep.I was always amazed how Phoenix ( my detecting mate) can hear them. Well done. Anyway i miss to go detecting in Australia ( as i have been traveling around Europe for last 9 months.) Ordered Minelab Equinox 800 so cant wait to have little trip here with it. Its different type of detecting finds here but is equally satisfying.(been using mate Garett AT PRO.) Hope heat is not deterring you much and wish gold god be kind to you all. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  10. GoldEn

    GPZ Vs GPX On Coins & Relics

    Welcome to the forum. I agree with Phoenix.(gpx is better choice with DD coil) As in gold detecting many detectors and coils are suited better and perform better( depend of many factors in goldfields.) Last few months (being in Europe) i have been detecting with a few different detectors. I am used to operate with gpx detectors. In Europe i prefer treasure detectors.( have few: ctx3030, garett AT pro, BLISSTOOL,. I prefer to use treasure detectors due to their discrimination capability. Using gpx in ok but you are going to dig all day. Have fun and stay away from archaeological sites :) GoldEN
  11. GoldEn

    My New Detecting Vehicle

    Good luck with your new toy Steve. Still in Europe enjoying life.(visited Aussieland for 2 weeks in October). Stay safe GoldEN
  12. GoldEn

    Repairing / Modifying My Picks

    They look much better and sharper than before. Hope they dig few nuggets. GoldEN
  13. Thank you very much for your detailed input. Much appreciated. GoldEN
  14. GoldEn

    Well The 7000 Still Works

    Well done Dave. Hope you are well. Great to hear Zed is working as it should be. Great nuggets.Keep up. GoldEN
  15. Hi All, Relatively new in coin detecting. Heard about this detector. Anyone using it so i can get some advise please? Thanks GoldEN