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  1. Well done Phonix. Is has been a while since i went detecting in Aussieland. Was keen for a long long time. Finally back in Australia for Easter and had a great trip with you.Always cheerish our trips together and i am amazed what you do with that 7000. Sure you are not leaving much behind it. Its a great nugget and great detecting skills to get it. I was not into it mentally yesterday but day before had a nugget and specie so happy with it. Wish you great gold hunting trips and until next time take care and stay safe. Thanks for another great trip and lunch in the Best Bush setting in the world. Dig everything. GoldEN
  2. Hi Dave Well done.Nice to see you are still finding these little specimens. I will be back in Aussiland soon so pie in Dunoolly in the morning, detect few hours, dinner in Maryborough and enjoying your company.Looking forward to get few little ones. GoldEN
  3. Well done.Detector is as good as a person who uses it. I agree - its great detector and I love it.little slack to learn most of it but happy how it performs. Thanks for sharing. GoldEN
  4. Hi I also have one and use it to look for really small coins in area I already detected with 11 and 15.(small mean very very little and thin silver and roman coins.) All coils have place and purpose to use. It respond to smallest targets great. Plenty fun and lot of targets. Not your every day detecing coil but for me good to have. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  5. Unfortunatelly Kevin is lo longer with us but I had a pleasure to hear the story from him personally. And what story it was.It was in Clunes on our Yearly Miners and Prospecting association meeting few years back.On end of his story he told us when you leave the room I left tool boox next to the exit door.it has 27 kilos.Try to lift it. We are so blessed to be able to detect in Australia and to hear and meet so many great characters and legends of this hobby of ours. Thankyou for your stories, passion and advises on all forums you give us. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  6. Hi BigSkyGuy, Just me preparing for that trip and thinking loud: As its relic hunting if any possibilities I take treasure hunting detector. Its great opportunity to go after many years to a site with potential so I would try to make most of it. I used Gpx5000 many years in Australia for gold detecting.I tried Bogene settings with and without power lines close.Didnt have much success.Did detect close to power lines and had lot of problems with EMI.even 30-50 meters far it was hard or near impossible to detect.One thing which I noticed helped was to put frequency very low.So try to do manually lower until you can detect or get to the level you can put up with it. Putting in cancel practically you dont have much depth and target has to be quite large.As Fred suggested DD coils are one of better options. I used 10x5 DD coil and it was great but smaller coil smaller area to cover and shallow. Hope you have fun. If you are treasure hunter buy or try equinox and you will be a very happy treaure hunter. Just my personal preference (I have 2 of them). Wish you luck. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  7. Well done Dave.Good to see you still have fun.Miss our trips and talks about gold.Hope there is little bit more gold left for you there. Take care, stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  8. Hi Dale Welcome to the forum. I went overseas in 2017 and I am still here.Bought Equinox and Garret AT Pro and enjoy going detecting. I am detecting in your neighbourhood when you come in Europe if you want to catch up for detect socially let me know.(send me a message if you prefer as I speak local languages as I was born here).Your mate Dave met me couple times and we got together in Cairns for a dinner and little chat. I enjoy it as a hobby and its first time I use this type of detecting.Come across some very interesting things and some coins. It a hobby and I donate my finds to museums.Its a trill of find which doest it for me. Still I miss gold detecting in Australia. Good luck and look forward to see yours new videos. GoldEN
  9. Hej Dave Times must be though. Nice to see you getting 2300 in action. They might be small but its feeling when you get a piece of gold which matters. Nice nuggets.They look good to me. GoldEN
  10. Hi Dave Hope all is well. I like your species and that bigger one makes me laugh every time I see.itooks great but funny only that tiny bit of gold there. Hope you find some full of it. Take care hope to see you soon. GoldEn
  11. Good luck with it. I had it for a couple months and I am very happy with it.As I am at the moment in Europe I can not talk about gold nuggets finds but its fantastic on coins/gold in the sea and coins on land. Easy to set up and use. I am sure you will find a few nuggets with it. Stay safe and dig all. GoldEN
  12. Found with Garett AT Pro in olives fields. Golden
  13. Hungary-Austrian Empire Garett AT PRO GoldEN
  14. Think turkish empire but not sure. If someone can identify would be great. Garett AT PRO couple inches deep. GoldEN
  15. Nice little silver coin detected by Garett AT Pro in couple inches of soil. Keep safe and dig everything. GoldEN
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