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  1. Hi Billdean Equinox 800 for me does the job.Waterproof , light and easy to use. Stay safe and dig everything GoldEN
  2. Hi all Mine was 36 grams so i joined an ounce club with it. Found with 4500gpx and 14 inch mono terracotta coil from Coiltek (John Gladdis personally set up my detector). Found in Golden triangle cca 60 cm deep. Found by fate.That day Me and PhOenix were waiting for Lucky Phill to go detecting together.As he was not there on time instead of waiting in front of the car we decided to detect until he shows up. After 15 minutes i come across the nugget.Lucky Phill never showed up. Thanks for your contribution with your finds.Fantastic finds and may you all find many more. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  3. Great looking one. Well done.Hope there is more for you. Keep digging GoldEN
  4. Look good.Looking forward to see a gold bar. Keep digging GoldEN
  5. Gold and EN as first letters of my name. Digg all and stay safe GOLDEN
  6. Looks great. Well done. Hope is more there for you. Stay safe and dig all. Golden
  7. Came up really good Phoenix. Love species.Keep up and get some more. GoldEN
  8. Good one Phoenix. Nice nugget. Seems taking wife more often does the trick.? Well done. GoldEN
  9. Nice one Phoenix Hmmm next time i am Down Under might offer we do spring clean of the house.Bet there will be few nuggets and species around. Looking nice.Good luck there. Stay safe and take care. and you know my saying.... Dig everything ? GoldEN
  10. Well done Phonix. Is has been a while since i went detecting in Aussieland. Was keen for a long long time. Finally back in Australia for Easter and had a great trip with you.Always cheerish our trips together and i am amazed what you do with that 7000. Sure you are not leaving much behind it. Its a great nugget and great detecting skills to get it. I was not into it mentally yesterday but day before had a nugget and specie so happy with it. Wish you great gold hunting trips and until next time take care and stay safe. Thanks for another great trip and lunch in the Best Bush setting in the world. Dig everything. GoldEN
  11. Hi Dave Well done.Nice to see you are still finding these little specimens. I will be back in Aussiland soon so pie in Dunoolly in the morning, detect few hours, dinner in Maryborough and enjoying your company.Looking forward to get few little ones. GoldEN
  12. Well done.Detector is as good as a person who uses it. I agree - its great detector and I love it.little slack to learn most of it but happy how it performs. Thanks for sharing. GoldEN
  13. Hi I also have one and use it to look for really small coins in area I already detected with 11 and 15.(small mean very very little and thin silver and roman coins.) All coils have place and purpose to use. It respond to smallest targets great. Plenty fun and lot of targets. Not your every day detecing coil but for me good to have. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  14. Unfortunatelly Kevin is lo longer with us but I had a pleasure to hear the story from him personally. And what story it was.It was in Clunes on our Yearly Miners and Prospecting association meeting few years back.On end of his story he told us when you leave the room I left tool boox next to the exit door.it has 27 kilos.Try to lift it. We are so blessed to be able to detect in Australia and to hear and meet so many great characters and legends of this hobby of ours. Thankyou for your stories, passion and advises on all forums you give us. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  15. Hi BigSkyGuy, Just me preparing for that trip and thinking loud: As its relic hunting if any possibilities I take treasure hunting detector. Its great opportunity to go after many years to a site with potential so I would try to make most of it. I used Gpx5000 many years in Australia for gold detecting.I tried Bogene settings with and without power lines close.Didnt have much success.Did detect close to power lines and had lot of problems with EMI.even 30-50 meters far it was hard or near impossible to detect.One thing which I noticed helped was to put frequency very low.So try to do manually lower until you can detect or get to the level you can put up with it. Putting in cancel practically you dont have much depth and target has to be quite large.As Fred suggested DD coils are one of better options. I used 10x5 DD coil and it was great but smaller coil smaller area to cover and shallow. Hope you have fun. If you are treasure hunter buy or try equinox and you will be a very happy treaure hunter. Just my personal preference (I have 2 of them). Wish you luck. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
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