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  1. lkyphl

    I Know This Is Off Topic But...

    Dave, perhaps more time spent with the 23 might yield better results at depth ? My mate up in Holbrook was recently called upon to try and locate an accidently buried ripper off the back or a dozer which had just finished pushing a dam wall , and his 23 picked it up at three METRES ! Mind you, it weighed a couple of hundred kilos Phil
  2. lkyphl

    A Site For Resizing Your Gold Photos

    Dave, we'd all be happier if you could find a site similar to your topic heading without the last word, Phil
  3. lkyphl

    A Nice 2 Grammer

    Well done Dave, Eight months for your first piece this year with the 19" ; can't say you're not persistent ! Phil
  4. lkyphl

    Some Pieces Found Today

    You're on a roll, Dave ! Phil
  5. lkyphl

    Melbourne Aust To West Aust

    G'day Tuna, I'm departing Melbourne May 1 and arriving in Kal May 7, Leonara May 9 ; PM me the address in Melb and I'll pick it up and bring it over for you. edit : there is one for sale in Kal, but it looks like it's had a fair bit of use : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/south-kalgoorlie/miscellaneous-goods/minelab-gpz19-coil/1145398813 Phil
  6. lkyphl

    Love This Little Nugget

    An extraordinary little nugget, JW. How many stories and plots can you see in that ?! Phil
  7. Beautiful lump of gold, Jen. Obviously you and Mike taught the "young bloke" well, Phil