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  1. Top shaft is 800mm or 32 inches and bottom shaft is 610mm or 24 inches. Rowdy
  2. Well done Dave, if you use the foot of that echidna on that 5 cent coin as a guide that nugget is about 4 foot long, LOL Rowdy
  3. Maybe solder off an old timers bully beef tin that has been subjected to a camp fire or bushfire years ago. Rowdy
  4. Hi Dave, In late October I decided that I also needed a change in the way I was searching and went to open areas and used a bigger coil for ground coverage and immediately had a change in luck. In two outings I had found many times the weight that I had found in the 10 months previously. I still had a bad year as far as gold goes but I think next year will be better. Below is the first bit I found about 9 inches down and it screamed well before I had the coil over it. Rowdy
  5. Hi Dave congratulations, I might send you my 20 inch GPX coil for you to train it to find nuggets for me. Rowdy
  6. Madtuna, either you've got too much time on your hands or you have been away from civilization for too long. It would be interesting to see some of the "other" wildlife rarely seen out your waythat you may be able to photograph. Rowdy
  7. I'd like to find enough gold to cover the cost of all my prospecting gear. I wouldn't mind if there was a bit left over as a bonus. Rowdy
  8. You will probably find that each one of those 12 axles on the trailer are steered independantly by hydraulics to help it get around corners and they can just bolt in a few more sections one at a time if they need to carry more weight. Rowdy.
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