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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your quick reply. Yep I realize that a vlf won't be anywhere as good in that regard, but it would be good if the Equnox would perform a bit better than what is out there at the moment. Anyway not long now and I guess we will find out once they hit the market here and we get some reports coming in from the fields. I'm sure they will go well , a lot of interested people waiting. Malco1.
  2. Hi, how do you think it will preform when working in highly mineralized ground? The Gold fields here in FNQ (Australia ) sorts out most coin and relic detectors , mostly for the worst. They just can't handle it good enough. What I want to do is to be able to detect in high trashy areas on the gold fields ( old camps and townships ) that are littered with all sorts of junk. A lot of these detectors, although advertised to be able to work well in these conditions , in reality are pretty much a waste of time and money. I use a GPX500 and a SDC 2300 ,perfect for noisy grou
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