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  1. Yes I have a roll of Nylon/Graphite filament but have not used it yet, however, I have printed Nylon and ABS parts. The hot end on this printer can go as high as 300C and the bed can go 100C. I have made some minor mods to bring the interior temp to 110 C so I can print PEEK.
  2. That would be a great question for Carl Moreland at GeoTech.
  3. Same here, out in the Mojave Desert, south of Joshua Tree. Parked my RV and took out my 20 X 80 Binoculars mounted on a tripod. Views were incredible and as always Milky Way looked spectacular.
  4. My favorite and the only detector I have found gold with is the GMT chest mounted. I also own as noted on my side bar a TDI SL I have modified with the higher voltage Li Io battery pack. So far no luck but then again, not hitting the right places. My next detector will most likely be a Nox 800 or Garrett Apex. I am waiting for the jury to be out on that comparison. Best luck so far, relics!
  5. I have been 3D printing for the last 4 or 5 yrs and have printer many parts for my "home built" PI's. Most of these designs are modifications from Carl's GeoTech Forum or other schematics floating around the Internet, some good most bad, One place anyone can download an STL file is here; https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=metal+detector&type=things&sort=relevant another source is Github where some have uploaded PI detector designs and STL files to go with the design. My 3d unit
  6. That's what happened in their "Black Hills" of South Dakota in 1874. By 1875, over 2000 miners had moved in the Sioux Reservation promised to them by the Great Father in the White house. That my friends, is a fact of life and I agree 100% with Hard Prospector
  7. As a rule, I never go out into the wilderness empty handed. I usually carry my Colt single action 44-40 in a shoulder holster. Five years ago, I had a near fatal encounter with a bear and her cubs. I was caught by surprise but fortunately for both of us, I was able to back away without an incident.
  8. I'm very sad to see them stop operations. My first real detector was also a White Coin Master back in 1975. I just bought a TDI SL two weeks ago with the intention of doing some modifications. I got tired of building PI's so I figured I needed something to start with. Hope they can come back some day and hire some real talent moving forward.
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