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  1. The ideal situation would be to somehow get the smart boys from the East into Australia to build their coils here. Not only would that reduce the freight costs which can currently be exhortative, but they would have access to the soil types that cause problems for many coils.

    Just imagine the possibilities if they were to team up with Minelab.

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  2. I still have an old QED prototype and although it is a bit difficult to tune and can be tricky on variable ground it works reasonably well. 

    It is not up to the top of the range Minelab machines but has good signal response and works well where other detectors may struggle. Granted the QED will not have the depth of top of the range detectors but it is a cheap introduction to pulse induction.

    It was promised that the latest PL4 version would have Auto Ground Tracking, and although tracking is printed on the control box there is no such function. This was supposed to be added at no extra cost but to this date this has not come to fruition. The builder when questioned about this situation simply states that it will happen when he gets time.

    Reading between the lines it seems that AGT is not feasible with the QED technology or patents prohibit its use.

    The QED was a detector that showed much promise but this seems to have vanished like 'straw in the wind'.

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  3. What's all this rubbish I read about young Steve thinking he's getting old? Still wet behind the ears!

    When I was a young bloke I used to be able to pee over a six foot fence. Now I have trouble avoiding my boots, but, I can still swing a coil. An all terrain mobility scooter to tow a coil might be on the drawing board for the future. It could be a project for Beatty and me. All we need then is some young buck to dig the signals.

    Let's not hear any more of this getting old crap. Remember, you are only as old as what you're feeling. (think about it)

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  4. I think it might have been P. T. Barnham who said "You'll never go broke by underestimating the taste of the public". (or was it the "intelligence" of the public?)

    "Never give a sucker an even break" was another of his snippets of wisdom.

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  5. I have heard many complaints of 6000s being noisy and prone to EMI problems, but have found mine to be not so. Unless I can compare my machine to another that is claimed to be noisy I have no idea if they are different. All I can say is that my 6000 is a delight to use and has better depth than I was expecting. The more I use it the better I like it.

    I do not use the speaker nor the Bluetooth, but use the Quest Mate WiFi system in conjunction with N/C headphones or ear buds. Whether this makes any difference I cannot tell.

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