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  1. You will have to wait for the release of the GPX6500D (Discrimination)
  2. A tappered pick handle doesn't have a wedge in it, the pick is mean't to stay on by friction once you hit it down on a hard surface a few times. Get a wood rasp and take off all the high spots till you get a snug fit ALL around the handle in contact with the pick head. No oil to make it slippery.
  3. Social media, never been there and never will go there.
  4. Once you enter the ocean you become part of the food chain.
  5. The cheapest way out is to place a rubber washer under the GB knob.
  6. Phrunt, try a master reset to see if it makes any difference to the sensitivity.
  7. What you got there is rare Crystalline Gold. Worth more than it's weight value. Don"t dolly that up. A real collectors specimen. How big is it.
  8. This bloke does a test on nails at 11:12 in this video. with F2 update.
  9. I would soak it in sulphuric acid for 48 hours + to dissolve all the impurities and be rewarded with a masterpiece. Flush under a tap well when finished.
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