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  1. MrDingo21

    Cant Wait To Use My Detector

    Been awhile since I've posted but I have been busy with work and school. My wife got me a few things so I can hopefully find time to give this new hobby a try. Let me know what else would you suggest I buy? Also where should I begin to detect, I live in Reno, NV.
  2. So I've had my AT Gold for about a month now and have not been able to use it due to weather. I took a trip to the California bay area 2 weeks ago and got turned at Donner Pass. Luckily it was only for about an hour. I spent a day in San Francisco at Alcatraz then later at Pier 39. The next day a took a drive down to Santa Cruz in hopes of the weather clearing up but all it did was rain. My days off are during the week so it sucks everyone's working when I'm off lol. Now we are expecting another storm here in the Reno area so no hopes in using it this week either. So far I have the AT Gold detector and a pin pointer and just ordered a coil cover. Does anyone have any other items that they recommend that I will need?
  3. Thanks for all the input Steve I have read your link on the detectors for about a month over and over again and also have read others reviews as well. I am planning with going up to the rivers up in Auburn as well as others so with that said I think I will lean towards the Garrett AT Gold. I'm sure that it will do justice for now eventually when I make it to the big leagues like everyone else I will be able to invest in something else. Thanks for all the help. By the way Steve or anyone, how do I know where I can detect at in Rye Patch?
  4. I live in Reno, NV., I thought about going to Rye Patch, and also maybe about hitting other places here in Northern California. Nugget detecting sounds good especially since you can mix it in with some hiking. Some coin hunting and jewelry as well, but I think for these areas up here nugget hunting might be more optimal.
  5. Hello all I'm new to this forum and I'm interested in buying a metal detector. I was thinking about going with the Garret AT Gold. I know nothing about detecting but did some reading and this one just catches my eye, any thoughts? Thanks for your inputs in advance.